Spring Trend ’11: COLOUR BLOCKING!

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Not that Katy Perry is the fashion plate for the masses, but a major trend for this Spring, as seen on the March cover of Elle is colour…finally!  I’m sick of seeing a sea of black, puffy coats walkin’ ’round.

(Personally, I really try to steer clear of wearing all black…unless of course, I’m at a funeral or work! 🙁 )

In addition to the colour trend is the way it’s worn which is known as colour blocking.  Basically, it’s wearing blocks of colour in order to make a fashion statement.  There doesn’t seem to be any quick and hard rules to this trend so you can pair rich jewel tones, as pictured above, or even do a monochromatic palette, i.e. different shades of the same colour.

Colour blocking can also be incorporated within a clothing item, for example a dress that is purple on the top and orange on the bottom.  The key to colour blocking is boldness, so a top with microscopic stripes doesn’t count!

Warning:  This trend is definitely not for the shy, wallflower types!  In fact, colour blocking is a much bolder look from the Springs of yesteryear, re:  black and white, pastels, wash-out-beige, and other muted tones.

If you want to try out colour blocking this Spring, but aren’t as bold as Katy, take baby steps.  Try mixing a bold coloured skirt – corals are also a HUGE trend this season! – with a taupe top or vice-versa.  (I find taupe fresher than khaki!)  Take some chances this season by wearing some colour!

8 responses to “Spring Trend ’11: COLOUR BLOCKING!”

  1. Natalka says:

    Love that pic on the mag – I would have worn a bright pink camisole under.

    Well, glad the ’80s, and this trend reborn from the ’60s, has come back.
    Colour, please!

    I’ve never been afraid of colour, but I get so sad when I see others dressed in blacks and beiges… ew… they aren’t ‘hiding’ anything!

  2. dealsniffer says:

    hmm interesting. thanks for sharing that. the only thing I would add is that for some, black looks good on them. not all black of course but some black. I sometimes like to wear a coloured cami under a black hoodie type shirt and I get compliments. or a black cami under a coloured shirt. if you do it right-you can incorporate black into what you are wearing and not look depressing. right? or not? I don’t know. I sort of stick to what I get compliments on. lol

  3. Stephania says:

    Yeah, Natalka! The streets need more people like you ’cause all I see are people who are afraid of colour and it’s DEPRESSING!

  4. dealsniffer says:

    sorry but a question for any who know about fashion. if someone would wear the tops like what Katy is wearing but with like blue jeans to kind of dress it down a bit-would that look good? I am a jeans kinda girl. lol the pants Katy is wearing are too bold for me but I like the idea of colour blocking with my tops.

  5. Natalka says:

    For some people, sure, wear black but WITH some colour, please!
    I only own one black long skirt, and that’s for very formal wear. One black dressy top which I never wear.
    I do have a black boa….. !!!
    Husband refuses to wear black as well… and he doesn’t like to see me in black.
    Funny little story: last weekend, there were two washed loads of my clothes in baskets in the living room before I took them to the bedroom. My son pointed out – one basket looked all Easter Egg colours, and the others like jewels. Aw!

  6. abbasgirl says:

    Just a little reminder for those of you who really like to wear black. At night, you are NOT visible. So if you insist on jaywalking with your black outfit on, don’t expect drivers to be able to see you.
    Sorry! Just had to say that! Colour blocking sounds good! 🙂

  7. honeydoo says:

    i saw the magazine instore, the cover caught my eye. looks good, i love colour! esp those jewel tones. yay spring!

  8. vibrantflame says:

    I like the look, although I think it’s a bit bold for me to try and pull off. I used to like wearing a lot of “neutrals” (beige, gray, black, etc.) just because then I could mix and match very easily. Now I do wear colors, most all of my tops are colored and then I wear jeans or whatever. I like though this more vibrant look.


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