Stamps are going up, but you can still get them for .54 at Staples!


While doing my boxing day shopping at staples I noticed a sign saying that although the price of stamps is going up .03 cents in January, you can still get stamps for .54 at staples!! So no need to go stock up on stamps! I didnt get a chance to see if the offer has an expiry or anything due to all the insane boxing day shoppers screaming and pushing. 😛

26 responses to “Stamps are going up, but you can still get them for .54 at Staples!”

  1. SK_Lady says:

    Costco has a roll of 100 stamps still for 51.99!

  2. HS says:

    Actually – Costco rolls are 52.50 (in the GTA area). It’s always been 1.5c less than the actual stamp value.

  3. isitme? says:

    or does that look like a penis in the middle of that flower??

  4. Moom says:

    Costco’s 100 stamp rolls are $51.99 in Calgary.

  5. Cheap says:

    When is Canada Post going to stop raising the price of stamps? Every year the cost goes up!

  6. Nat says:

    Even though we purchase them at the lower price, we’ll still have to add the extra cent or two steps on the envie, making the cost the same as the new, higher price.. Are we not? .. I believe that’s what happened before..?

  7. FCL says:

    Nat: As long as you buy the P or permanent stamps you will not have to add any extra postage.

  8. CSLT says:

    Does anyone know if the US and international stamps are going up as well and by how much?

  9. g says:

    You don’t have to go to staples, just buy it at your post office @ 54 cents + tax.

    Don’t buy 54 cent stamps, that won’t help you when the price increases, get the PERMANENT (P) stamps, you can use them in 10 years when the price goes to $6.49 to mail a letter in Canada

  10. Sara says:

    Fifty-six cents is pretty dang cheap to have a letter mailed across the country to your friend’s door, when you give it some thought…

  11. GTV090 says:

    For CSLT, yes the International and US stamps are going up as well, it’s usually the same increased, about 2 cents but best to check.

  12. Celine says:

    Cheap: does the gas for your car go up? does your bread go up? does your milk go up? Does your salary go up? Well same thing for Canada Post… everything goes up. And like “Sara” said, 0.57$ is pretty cheap to send a letter to someone across Canada. And another reason why stamps price goes up….95% of the population pays bills with direct internet banking, they send letters to friends by e-mails. Go buy a rool of (P) stamps, it will cost you 0.54$ each and you’ll be able to use it on your regular mailing without having to add a few cents every year. It’s a permanent stamp…good untill you have none left.

  13. wakeforsoul says:

    The price change for stamps happens on the 1st of January every year (almost). There is also a grace period that most ppl don’t know about, I haven’t been in retail with CP for awhile but I believe it is 4-6 weeks.

  14. improperganda says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know they were going up!

  15. mlongboat says:

    lol isitme!!!

  16. eva says:

    hey, there are lots of people using the mail, I’ve never send so many letters in my life as I am doing now with smartcanucks and rebates!

  17. cheapskate101 says:

    these are p stamps, they arnt .54 stamps

  18. Ciel says:

    Price increase takes effect on January 11, 2010. In Toronto, some pharmacies sell rolls of 100 stamps for a price lower than $54 at the checkouts. Check flyers as sometimes those rolls will be advertised. Of course, you can buy 10 pk Olympic theme stamps at the Staples checkout but the clerk has to unlock that acrylic case first…give yourself extra time while shopping at Staples.

    Look for news of the 2011 price increase in the business pages of your major daily in late June or check Canada Post’s media release page around June 26. Has been that way for about 5-6 years now.

    Permanent stamps (for domestic use) went with letter P so that the stamp can be used whether or not the price changes, thus being more prudent with printing-no need to buy extra small postage denominations to add on.

  19. Vivi says:

    I just went into the Canada Post office in town and bought two books of the commemorative Montreal Canadiens (best hockey team ever) permanent stamps. At least this way I don’t need to seek out those penny stamps to add to the non-permanent stamps plus I get to pay tribute to my beloved Canadiens!!!!!

  20. Idnamy says:

    I believe that CP is no longer making penny stamps. They cost more to make, then they are worth. This is why they switched to the P stamp.

  21. bhlombardy says:

    P stamps are also ‘stackable’ and CAN be used for international mail. I have confirmed this with Canada Post (and triple re-checked to ensure I wasnt being given false info).

    What that means is this: Since a ‘P’ stamp is worth whatever the current letter postage is in Canada at the time you mail it (not what you paid for it), it holds that same value if you stack EXTRA postage on it to meet US or overseas rates… or to match over-weight mail rates.

    So if you mail outside of the country often, stocking up on P stamps is still a good plan. Just buy smaller denominations to stack next to the P when you mail to the US or overseas.

    As I’ve said, I have confirmed this on several occasions with Canada Post.

    Idnamy… re: Penny stamps. This is false. CP is STILL making penny stamps. They have to continue to sell them to accomodate for other mailings, such as US add-on, international, or over-weight postage. In fact, I just bought two sheets of them and also confirmed they arent discontinued.

  22. komodork says:

    You guys know that stamps are also considered cash value. Canada post would buy them back if you have many…
    Buy 100 stamps x 0.54 = $54
    after jan 11th, return them
    100 stamps x 0.57 = $57
    You would get back $3! do this in large scale if you have the money = $$$$$$!!!

  23. Sten says:

    Where the heck did you get that information: CP buys back stamps? The last time I checked, CP was not into the stamp dealing industry?

  24. TJ says:

    Pharma Plus has a sale every couple of months where you can buy them for 10 % off the retail price…however usually there is a limit of 2 booklets you can buy…eack booklet usually has 6 , 8 or 10 stamps in it .

    Yes the US and International stamps are also going UP on JAN 11 , 2010 .

    By Jan. 11, the price for domestic stamps will increase by three cents to 57 cents and stamps on mail to the U.S. will go up two cents to $1.

    Stamps on international mail go from $1.65 to $1.70.

    Domestic : 0.54 to 0.57

    USA : 0.98 to $ 1.00

    International : $ 1.65 to $ 1.70 .

  25. Connie says:

    Wow I remember back in 1997, I think, they were around .47 cents a stamp. I could be wrong but wow I mean the difference to what you compare it to is crazy like a bread of loaf where I live it’s around 2 dollars, back in ’97 it was less than a buck!


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