Talize Canada: 50% off Monday, January 31 (ON & BC)


If you’re like me and are sick of Value Village’s prices getting higher and higher and their quality getting worse and worse you should definitely check out your nearest TALIZE store. With just a few locations they are very selective on which merchandise they sell and have many current and modern brands of clothing like H&M, GAP, Old Navy, designer brands and more. As well they carry everything you could need to dress up your outfit, home, bookshelf or kids play room!

Check out their 50% off sale On Monday, January 31st starting at 7am.

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20 responses to “Talize Canada: 50% off Monday, January 31 (ON & BC)”

  1. mama jill says:

    Yup I agree it is a way better store than V.V. The prices are cheaper and the selection is much better. However I have been to their 50% off sales and they are crazy. Go early and expect huge line ups at the changing rooms. I usually wear tights and a t shirt with a tank top under and try stuff on in a corner of the store that isn’t busy. You may also want to leave your purse at home and just tuck a credit card or money in your bra, less to have to lug around especially if you dont get one of the coveted buggies. Good luck, all in all it is worth the hassle.

  2. caracollects says:

    I can’t disagree with you both more. Out of curiousity, I stopped in at the Talize on Dixie road today. Jan.23,2010. Yes prices have gone up substantially at VV but Talize prices are double of VV. Especially house wares, although posted at $0.49 a mug – same as VV regular corning mugs tagged at$2.99 each? (comeon), broken lamp shades at $3.99 (insulting) Jeans ranging from $9.99 to $22.99? Dear Lord! You can get NEW Jeans cheaper at the factory outlets on Orfus road. The biggest shock was a 3 piece Pyrex casserole $29.99 WTH? NO sane person would spend 30 bucks plus HST on a USED, dirty, casserole. I think Talize is preying on poor new immigrants that think they are getting a deal on used and dirty stuff. There should be more of a retail watch-dog on ALL of these for profit thrift shops. It’s a multi-billion dollar biz and not regulated under the consumer protection act.

  3. itsjustmebub says:

    wow i am shocked at that. the Talize in my area is seriously 1/2 the price of VV and all excellent quality.

  4. rachel says:

    I do agree with both opinion I have seen things that are crazy cheap at talize but on the other hand I have seen jeans for 17.99, but at the same time if you disagree with their pricing on things and you think it is over priced you can talk to a manager and they can give you a discount of some sort, that is what the owner of talize has said. It is especially great for kids clothes, they grow out of them so fast!!

  5. cheapcanuck says:

    would love to hear more from anyone who has been to the mississauga store. I live in Toronto and that’s the closest one but I’m not sure if it’s worth the trek. Thanks.

  6. larissa says:

    I think they sell new items as well, not everything is Thrift.

  7. mrsamyweber says:

    I was there at 7am today – got some good deals on things I needed, but I do agree, even Talize’s reg prices aren’t terribly cheap – the jeans I got were reg $17.99 – I would never have paid that for them, but $9 for Santana jeans isn’t bad at all, and they look new

  8. Talize! says:

    Hi all,
    I took a trip to the Talize in Brampton today and i have to say that i definitely think that the Brampton store prices seem a bit more responsible. They also have a lot of name brand stuff . It was the 50% off sale today and i purchased a lightly used Armani coat for 7.49 with the 50% , would have been 14.99 without the 50% , i came home and Googled Armani coats and there it was 300 dollar coat !!!!! geeeeze no need to wait for the sale dates for me , 14.99 is better then 300. !!!!!!!!! I recommend Talize Brampton!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. itsjustmebub says:

    wow, what a score!!

  10. London shopper says:

    I’m just glad the sale was on ALL types of merchandise, Value Village sales apply only to clothes lately and even then, sometimes for only seasonal clothes. What’s wrong with putting electronics, or books, or housewares, or anything else on sale once in a while?
    I missed today’s sale, but I don’t mind, I would have gotten to it late and everything would have been picked over. Besides, I picked up the most amazing Private Member jeans the last time I was there, and for only $8.00! Super comfortable and they look great…at least that’s what I’ve been told, LOL! Would have been lucky to get them for less than $30.00 at Winners. And with redeemable points I accumulate from my Talize card, plus a $5.00 coupon if I bring in a donation, I’ll be visting there more often.

  11. JadeSpade says:

    I missed this sale… 🙁

    I hope they have these more often. I’ve never been to their store, and it looks likee Delta, BC is the only location here. If anyone has been to that location, let me know how that place is.

  12. nursingmom2010 says:

    Hi jade, went to Talize delta earlier. got a few items for my kid. I don’t really think Talize is better than VV– selection-wise. There were a lot of stuff to choose from in that store but some of them were pretty old. I still find VV worth shopping for. Selections were better.

  13. anon says:

    I pass by the store when I am going to Freshco (the one on Dixie Road) never went in Talize. Always wondered what that store wss. Is it similar to Value Village, Goodwill and Sal. Army? Is it also selling stuff to raise money for to charity? Just curious.

  14. JadeSpade says:

    Thanks NursingMom. Good to know. I would probably end up getting stuff for my kid as well. I’ll have to check it out one day.

  15. frenchys says:

    No offense but…really? Value Village better than Talize? I frequent a certain location at least twice a week and some of my best buys to date have been …a calf hair & leather purse by Cole Haan for $12.99 retails for $600(google it), a boys NorthFace jacket for $14.99 retails for $200, designer jeans by Paper Cloth Denim $9.99 that retail for $165, not to mention all the Gap, Old Navy, Lacoste, Levis, and quality European brands I have been lucky enough to find there (especially on 50% off days).All items purchased were in pristine condition, I love that store, it has saved me soooo much money…..

  16. Thrifty says:

    Which location was that Frenchy’s?

  17. Mindarella says:

    Frenchys as in the frenchys thrift store? Lol love those down east

  18. frenchy's says:

    Yes Mindarella Frenchy’s down home(nova scotia that is)…still going to Talize, it’s like my second home, i’m so addicted i now shop for family, friends & one lucky co-worker..if you’re into brand names and you know value for money this store CANNOT be beat. Favourite scores since i last posted almost a year ago are: Northface 700 fill down jacket(19.99)for myself, two Orage ski jackets(14.99 each), 3 pairs of Paige premium denim jeans(7.99 each), michael kors handbag(12.99),Abercrombie, Roxy, Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY winter coats(all less than 19.99)for others and much much more. The key is to go often and be very selective, the pieces i buy have to be just like new without tags…

  19. Janice says:

    Honestly, the Talize stores are clean and have nice product but this small business of six stores is not where you want to shop. There is huge management turnover and employees are not treated fairly. The top level is leadership by Intimidation and that’s what you will see shopping there. I am not supporting these stores and will shop vintage boutique. Let the dealer get what they need to stock their boutiques. That’s what Talzie is about.

  20. Jenn says:

    I was at the Peterborough store today and got a great deal on a bike for my daughter but on the other hand I saw flip flops from the dollar store there for 5 bucks..not everyone who prices knows what they are doing..but you should go in often and shop around there are deals to be had. And here in our store there are different days they make different sections to 50 % off
    Happy shopping


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