Target Announces First Zellers Canada Stores That Will Be Converted!


Target announced today what stores will be the first of the Target launch in Canada!  There will be 105 stores spanning across most provinces.

• Shoppers Mall, Brandon
• Grant Park, Winnipeg
• Kildonan Place Shopping Centre, Winnipeg
• Polo Park Shopping Centre, Winnipeg
• Southdale Centre, Winnipeg

New Brunswick
• McAllister Place, Saint John

Newfoundland and Labrador
• Corner Brook, Corner Brook
• Cabot Square, St. John,s

• Northgate Mall, Regina
• The Centre, Saskatoon

• Chinook Centre, Calgary
• Forest Lawn Shopping Centre, Calgary
• Market Mall, Calgary
• Shoppes at Shawnessy, Calgary
• Signal Hill Centre, Calgary
• Sunridge Mall, Calgary
• Bonnie Doon, Edmonton
• Kingsway Garden Mall, Edmonton
• Mill Woods Town Centre, Edmonton
• Prairie Mall, Grande Prairie
• Bower Place, Red Deer
• St. Albert Centre, St. Albert
• Sherwood Park Mall, Sherwood Park

Nova Scotia
• Bedford Place, Bedford
• Mic Mac Mall, Dartmouth

• Durham Centre, Ajax
• Aurora Shopping Centre, Aurora
• Bramalea City Centre, Brampton
• Shoppers World Brampton, Brampton
• Trinity Common, Brampton
• Burlington Mall, Burlington
• Millcroft Centre, Burlington
• Cambridge Centre, Cambridge
• Woodbine Centre, Etobicoke
• Gates of Fergus, Fergus
• 175 Stone Road W., Guelph
• Centre Mall, Hamilton
• South Hamilton Square, Hamilton
• Hazeldean Mall, Kanata
• Cataraqui Town Centre, Kingston
• Lindsay Square Mall, Lindsay
• Masonville Place, London
• Westmount Shopping Centre, London
• Milton Mall Shopping Centre, Milton
• Erin Mills Town Centre, Mississauga
• Square One, Mississauga
• Meadowlands Shopping Centre, Nepean
• Upper Canada Mall, Newmarket
• 1899 Algonquin Ave., North Bay
• Centerpoint Mall, North York
• Orillia Square Mall, Orillia
• Place D,Orleans, Orleans
• Five Points Mall, Oshawa
• Bayshore Shopping Centre, Ottawa
• Billings Bridge Plaza, Ottawa
• RioCan St. Laurent, Ottawa
• Hillcrest Mall, Richmond Hill
• Bridlewood Mall, Scarborough
• County Fair Mall, Smiths Falls
• Niagara Pen Centre, St. Catharines
• Stratford Mall, Stratford
• Sudbury Supermall, Sudbury
• Intercity Shopping Centre, Thunder Bay
• Cloverdale Mall, Toronto
• Shoppers World Danforth, Toronto
• East York Town Centre, Toronto
• Flamborough Power Centre, Waterdown
• Conestoga Mall, Waterloo
• Taunton Gardens Power Centre, Whitby
• Devonshire Mall, Windsor

Prince Edward Island
• Charlottetown Mall, Charlottetown

• Galeries d,Anjou, Anjou
• Faubourg Boisbriand, Boisbriand
• Carrefour Angrignon, Lasalle
• Mega Centre Notre-Dame, Laval
• Galeries Chagnon , Levis
• Place Longueuil, Longueuil
• Place Alexis Nihon, Montreal
• Place Vertu, Montreal
• Terrarium Shopping Centre, Pointe Claire
• Les Galeries De La Capitale, Quebec City
• Place Fleur De Lys, Quebec City
• Place Laurier, Quebec
• Le Carrefour Rimouski, Rimouski
• Promenades Saint-Bruno, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville
• Carrefour Saint-Georges, Saint-Georges
• Carrefour Richelieu, Saint- Jean sur-Richelieu
• Carrefour du Nord, Saint Jerome
• Carrefour de L,Estrie, Sherbrooke
• Les Rivieres Shopping Centre, Trois Rivieres

British Columbia
• Abbotsford Power Centre, Abbotsford
• Metropolis at Metrotown, Burnaby
• Discovery Harbour Shopping Centre, Campbell River
• Cottonwood Mall, Chilliwack
• Coquitlam Centre, Coquitlam
• Driftwood Mall, Courtenay
• Tamarack Mall, Cranbrook
• Scottsdale Mall, Delta
• Willowbrook Shopping Centre, Langley
• Haney Place Mall, Maple Ridge
• Nanaimo North Town Centre, Nanaimo
• Pine Centre, Prince George
• Oakridge Shopping Centre, Vancouver
• Village Green Mall, Vernon
• Tillicum Mall, Victoria

Are you looking forward to the change?

93 responses to “Target Announces First Zellers Canada Stores That Will Be Converted!”

  1. slide says:

    I like going to the Target stores in the US so hopefully the converted ones will look good. The Zellers we (used to) go to here in BC looked dreary and… lifeless.

  2. happymomy says:

    bummer, nothing closer than 1.5 hours away from me. Love the picture of the target dog. I have 2 dogs that look just like that!!

  3. K says:

    OMGOSH! I’m so excited! Especially cause there is only only 5 minutes away from me. The mall is fairly small so I was pleasantly surprised when the name came up! I didn’t think that store would change only because it doesn’t have that many customers and so I thought Target would convert stores for a larger customer base. Anyways, this is good news. Now, just to wait to see when it opens…

  4. noname says:

    Awesome news….1 store opening down the street from my work…1 opening on my way home and another in my parents neighborhood !!

  5. noname says:

    and that means awesome clearance sales to come…woo hoo

  6. yuki says:

    this is great!! 🙂 cant wait for this to happen. zellers is sorta run-down and target is definitely better. hopefully they will have adequate training (more than zellers i hope) for the employees!

  7. Ranae says:

    Oh, that is so exciting! I can’t wait until Target gets here!

  8. Michelle says:

    One just down the street from me in Delta, hope its not just Zellers with the Target name plastered on it. I love Target in Bellingham but as we have seen with other US stores that move north, they aren’t the same.

  9. Jess says:

    Great news. 1 store is near my home within 5 min driving.

    But still need to wait for a long while…
    On Target website, the first Canada store will be open in 2013.

  10. kim says:

    Yeahhh!!!Its gonna be one at 5 min from my house!!!I happy because i dont really like zelllers!!

  11. Melody Halls says:

    I think this is great. I just hope they addopt a new coupon policy as Zellers policy sucks!

  12. Cheapnik says:

    Yipee! I boycotted going to Zellers until its converted to Target and my Store is on the list! I hate Zellers due to crappy dirty stores and hasles no matter when I go (even if free I refuse until they are gone). I Love Love Love Target and go every time I am in the USA.

  13. Christine says:

    I will miss Zellers, just like I missed Kmart, but look forward to the change. I am thrilled to see that all 3 zellers in my vicinity are converting. I hope the “dollar bins” and “childrens dept” live up to their US conterparts.

  14. FatB says:

    Wow, every one of our Zellers here are turning into Targets. I really hope the transition is worth it as I haven’t bought from Zellers in ages.

  15. islandmommy says:

    I’m so excited.

  16. mia says:

    Mine is not included in the list:(
    What Target have more than Zellers btw???

  17. Skippy says:

    Excellent! The shwa is getting one!

  18. evil.kitten says:

    Yay the lindsay ont store is being converted! sweet. =) That zellers blows for deals and sales and items.. .. and staff lol they always run away. anywho…. .. YAY so excited target is awesome.

  19. Brenda says:

    Darn it. We’re not getting one here in Fredericton. So, what’s going to become of our Zellers stores?

    As far as missing them…I go there a few times a year, and it’s never that great of an experience. The stores are dirty and gloomy. I will miss them being there, just because they have been forever, but I won’t miss shopping there very much. I still miss Kmart.

    Guess that just leaves Walmart.

  20. Jackie says:

    None in Richmond, BC…a…disappointed.

  21. Theresa says:

    What the heck, Barrie doesn’t get one but North Bay does??!!! Poop!

  22. Casey says:

    Well my Zellers will not be converting to a Target in the first round, and I don’t know if it will ever be converted. Guess this means I’m going to be out of job soon 🙁 oh poo.

  23. Ashley says:

    I’m surprised Barrie isn’t on the list ….and Moncton for that matter!

    Oh well…wait and see how it turns out!!

  24. Maxime says:

    Great, it’s like having a second Wal-Mart, as disrespectul to the environment, workers, unions and the life of workers in third-world countries. Yay, way to go Canada……….

  25. Scarecrow says:

    what about my HBC points? will Target take over that?

  26. Rob says:

    most of the zellers in my town are old, run down and low lit, with the best and newest one, that is actually nice (haven been in for years) not on the list, hopefully its in the 2nd round of renovtion. hopefully i actually find a reason to go there.

  27. stacy says:

    TARGET!!! About time.We in Lindsay,Ontario have the most disgusting zellers.It’s dirty,no selection,rundown and poor service.Thanks Target.

  28. TARGET?? says:

    Whats the big deal.

    I have been to target in Queens,NY and Buffalo. Been three years now

    I found No Major difference between Zellers and Target. They sell the same store brands (the one i remember at the time was Cherokee)
    I personally dont shop at Zellers anymore dont find anything worthwhile..

    But The Trinity Mall/ Bramlea City Centre (brampton) Zellers actually looked nicer I guess because these ones are bigger and newer.

    You’ll notice no difference. garbage sales, very little stock on sale items (when you go in for a actual good sale price they have one small shelf of the item..

    LOL.. ZELLERS IS A JOKE OF A STORE. but clearance items are good *end of season items.

  29. TARGET?? says:

    O yea..

    The funniest thing I find is all the people who hate on Zellers, Their policies and employees.

    Did you know Target has owned somewhere between 18-20% of HBC for some time now..

    I guess they finally got a little more share of HBC and now will put their name on top of Zellers.

    In essence the current policy is that of Target, they have had influence on zellers for years.

    Dont expect anything great.

  30. Sheeny says:

    Really one store in NB seems a little unfair how is it everything goes to Saint John when Fredericton is the Capital city and there are 2 Zellers stores in the city what will they be doing with those?

  31. PrincessCoupon says:

    oh EFF YEAH!!! I’m moving in a month, there’s a Zellers across the street from the new place and it’s on the list. WHOOP WHOOP!

    wonder what the time line is!!!!

  32. Nancy says:

    Hmmm…I wonder if the SPC card will work with Target then? Currently SPC holders can get 10% at Zellers. If it doesn’t that would suck 🙁

  33. L To the A says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!

  34. Stacy says:

    Haney Place Mall, Maple Ridge ==== MINE!!!!!
    Please please please clean up the store & make it look like the lovely Targets stateside. Thanks!!!

  35. Jen M says:

    Argh, not the one that’s close to me 🙁 Still excited though! I love Target. But don’t see how in Canada they would have same low prices.

  36. Megan (LovexDance) says:

    I wasn’t ever really a fan of Zellers so yea I’m excited for Target since I recently went for a vacation over to Florida, Orlando they had a Target and I really liked it so I’m hoping it’s close to the same. Also (lost my train of thought) I go to the mall that around here alot with my friends! 🙂

  37. Amy says:

    Used to live in the US. Target, how I miss you so! I have only fond memories!

    Really hoping to see the Designer for Target clothing line like in Australia! The US selection is nice too, but Australians get Karl Lagerfield and Stella MacCartney designs!

    And I miss the fast food area. It’s more casual than the diner at Zellers. Kinda like the cafe at Ikea. People often drop off their husband and kids there and go about shopping.

  38. bec says:

    awww 2013!
    hope the prices will still be good?
    bye Zellers! it’s about time but you did give me some great deals these past few years

  39. joline says:

    So excited! I love going to Target when we visit our neighbors to the south….and they are opening up 2 within a short driving distance to me…and both stores NEED to b converted to something else.

  40. CA says:

    Really, all you people would rather spend your money and line the pockets of an AMERICAN company.. No wonder we will have nothing CANADIAN left. It is sad. I have sucessfully not supported a WalMart store, I could usually find what I was looking for at Zellers. Have none of you noticed that all the American invasion stores that come up here do not offer the same coveted deals to Canadians, in Canada, that they offer in their American stores… It is really another sad day for the Canadian based companies.. But the majority of consumers are getting what they want. The American stores are only coming up here to put our Canadian companies out of business and because they have sapped all opportunities on their home soil. 🙁

  41. Eric says:

    Brenda, I agree, the Fredericton stores really should be converted. Though I do hope they keep SOME of the staff.

  42. GiGi says:

    I like (or liked) Zellers because they have SPC and price matching, so I’ll miss that when they’re gone. Hopefully Target will develop similar promotional policies.

  43. AT says:

    hopefully their online website would enable shipping to Canada too *crosses fingers*

  44. Brenda says:

    Um, CA. Is it really your place to tell us when and how we should support Canada? Zellers is a poor excuse for a retail chain. I mean, really. Is it that difficult to put in a light bulb and clean your washrooms? I’ll take a sanitary, well-stocked, value-priced American store over a dirty, outdated, ridiculously-priced Canadian store any day.

    Oh, and $10+ for a couple of low-quality “mystery fish” triangles and a few fries? They could have brought in more customers just with a better restaurant.

    We can’t be blamed for not “supporting” a bad business model. I’ve always wished Zellers would get its act together, but it has been going downhill since the 90s. I would say, when my daughter was born in 1995, I was probably doing half of my shopping at Zellers. I’ve always liked variety.

    And what happened to Zeddy? I liked Zeddy.

  45. Paige says:

    Wow can’t wait for all those savings at Zellers as they close down!!!

  46. Hilda says:

    For those who thought they were supporting a Canadian company by shopping at Zellers you should know that HBC was sold to an American company July 2008. Actually in this article I read an American bought it all in 2006 so yeah not a Canadian company.

    Zellers is a disorganized, dirty store and it is great that there is another store coming in with from what is seen in the States has higher standards. Glad to see my Zellers is going bye bye.

  47. mochalattecrafts says:

    I am happy to have the best of both worlds. My local Zellers will remain, but at least I won’t have to cross the border to go to Target. I do agree that alot of the Zellers stores need an overhaul and maybe the introduction of the new Targets will help boost the management of the Zellers stores to improve.

  48. Ruby says:

    Haney Place Mall Maple Ridge BC.

    I’m very glad for the change,I shop at Target in Bellingham,I hope they keep the staff .Thanks

  49. Kahlan says:

    Zeller was the store I shopped at in the 80s the first retailer to offer points to my knowlege back then, it was a buzz (Zeddy Points). When Walmart moved in KMart and Woolworth closed. Zellers has gone down but I still shop their for deals and its clean. The states have been taking over us silently for yrs. The super highway from Mexico to Canada has not been competed but is to this day being worked on. Yup North America no borders. Till then will still have to pay 25% more then Americans for products.I just hope this creates more jobs.

  50. Jeanna says:

    Yes I am looking forward to it — if it is anything like the one in Bellingham. Zellers had grumpy staff that you could never find to help you.. And when you did find someone, they’re rude and not helpful! I can’t wait.

  51. Erin says:

    I am so excited!! I do like Zellers .. specifically for their easy HBC Rewards points – that’s the only thing I’ll be missing from Zellers.

  52. squiggles says:

    “Did you know Target has owned somewhere between 18-20% of HBC for some time now..”


    Target has never and will never own any part of HBC or zellers. They bought LEASES only, nothing else

  53. Natalka says:

    Glad that the Saskatoon location nearest me is changing.
    It’s going to be a long wait, though!

  54. SUE says:

    Gotta agree with the “what’s the big deal” crowd. We too lived in the States for a number of years and the only reason I got excited at Target was because it made me homesick for Canada by reminding me of Zellers! Same store brand and branding, same layout, same colour schemes and same over-pricing for low-quality merchandise and brand-name products. Stores weren’t any nicer than our Zellers unless it was a newer store. Even when we *gasp* cross-border shop in Port Huron, we avoid Target because there’s no deals there.

  55. Yeah for Tarjay! says:

    My only concern is that my teenage (fussh, picky, etc) daughter will NOT wear any clothes from a “discount chain” (Walmart, Zellers, Giant Tiger …) except for Target. Now Target is coming to Canada, she won’t want to shop there. Boo hoo. Other than that, I love Target. I just hope they have the variety of products as they do in the US. Target has some great weekly coupons that are offered on their website. They take the weekly coupons along with any manufacture coupons, just sweetening the deal even more. 🙂

    I agree with opinions about Zellers not being “all that”. I get frustrated when I go there (and I always try to go there before Walmart) and so many times walk out with nothing. Maybe it’s just certain Zellers? My sister-in-law who lives in a bigger urban centre loves Walmart and scores some pretty great deals. So maybe it’s got to do with who runs the store and where it is?

    I hope Canadian Tire always stays. It’s one of the last Canadian stores. Sad, but I have noticed that their service has improved and so has their inventory. It use to be that Cdn Tire would have a great sale on something but when you get to the store there is only one in stock and it was sold. I find it much better now.

  56. Stahr says:

    Hey guys,

    At a Zellers meeting yesterday the employees were told that this is a list of stores that Target has assumed the leases for. Some will become Targets and some will be sold off to other retailers.Still no word yet which ones will actually become Targets for sure….

  57. KouponKamelyon says:

    SO, basically every store in Ontario… At least all the ones I know of in the GTA! Goodbye, Zellers! You did what you could for your Canadian market and have shown that the American companies can and always will over ride our economy!

  58. SUE says:

    There’s still Rona. Let’s work together to bring painters pants back in style. And I think a well drapped drop cloth does wonders for the figure. And instead of dishes, we can eat off tiles. Square plates are “in” after all! Yep. It’s getting harder and harder to shop at a Canadian retailer. (We won’t dare discuss the products sold and where they’re from!) 🙂

  59. minimusiclover says:

    Can’t wait until the change happens!

  60. Colleen says:

    I really hope they upgrade the store a lot, and not just slap a new sign out front. The Zellers I shop (Calgary – Shawnessy) at is terrible. Super run down, dirty, customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen. I like the deals and kids stuff/clothes, so hopefully it will be a nicer place to shop.

  61. SUE says:

    My favourite Zellers was on Portland Street in Dartmouth. AWESOME people there. The prettier one at MicMac Mall – the staff could have cared less. Not helpful at all. Don’t have a favourite one anymore.

  62. Robbi says:

    I am really sad to see my favourite Zellers store become a Target, am not sure why everyone luvs Target so much, the pricing isn’t going to be USA pricing. I think the quality and look of clothing has improved greatly, nice selection of produce and groceries and the overall look of my Zeller’s store is new and shiny. I will greatly miss my local Zellers, not over crowded like Walmart, good customer service, the same cashiers have been there for many years. And no more Zellers points…. Signed HBC point collector from Winnipeg

  63. Heather Eakins says:

    The store in Chicoutimi Quebec should be converterted soon! The favourite passtime in this region is shopping! Can’t wait for the change!

  64. newhere says:

    Lived in US for 7 years and after moving to Canada the only thing I missed from US was Target!! SUPER EXCITED!! 😀

  65. L6941 says:

    I LOVE TARGET!!!!!!111!!!!1 Im going to have a heart attack. And Missoni is teaming up with Target for Fall 2011. Be still my aching heart! They should also open Trader Joe’s here in Cana-nada … my life will be complete. 🙂

  66. Meg says:

    I won’t miss Zellers at all. It just gives me an icky feeling everytime I walk into the store. About time to have Tarjay here in Canada! Although I doubt pricing will be the same as the US. Well better than nothing!! Woohoo!

  67. Josh says:

    YESSSSS!!!! Even though I don’t live in Canada, when ever I visit Zellers, I say to myself “What a bunch of bull$hit!” lol

  68. GraciousMe says:

    When exactly is this happening?

  69. Cigale says:

    Loved shopping at Target when we lived in the USA.

    Had to start shopping at Walmart when we moved back to Canada as the 3 Zellers in Aurora/Newmarket are not that great.

    Mommies need to be able to find many things (and the washrooms) in a convenient shop when they are out with small children, and maybe a quick bite (Costco and The Real Canadian Super Store are on to something).

    I was so disappointed that they had no Target in Hawai when we went… but they now have one.

  70. Stahr says:

    PLEASE READ EVERYONE!!! Just want to clear some things up

    I don’t think anyone really noticed my last post so I will try again. Please Don’t get your hopes up about ALL of these stores becoming a Target. ZELLERS had meetings with their employees last week to update them on the situation as media in the states and Canada is portraying things INCORRECTLY.

    Heres the deal right now- The list of stores mentioned above is a list of stores that Target has bought the leases for. Nothing more. Employees will find out 6 months in advance(sometime in 2012) what will be happening to these stores. Yes, some will become Targets but not all. Many of the leases will be sold off to other companies. Also, get ready for any stores that become a Target to close for 6-9 months for a real serious reno.

    The other thing I would like point out is that Target will be DOUBLING staff size at any Zellers they do take over =)

  71. Enyd says:


  72. Jade says:

    YES! I’m so excited to have a Target in Billings Bridge!

  73. kay says:

    it saddens me to hear so many people getting joy out of several people losing their jobs. Yes they will be able to apply at Target but some people have put in several years of service only to start back at the bottom again. All I ask people is to look at it from all angles before judging. I have watched a great company struggle for the last several years to redefine itself because finally realized that taking things back no questions asked, no receipt and you would get a full refund even though no other company offered this was not a good business practice. As for staff not being friendly, trust me it’s not intentional but when you’re being asked to do 4 peoples jobs you don’t always have the energy to smile. Stop blaming the people in the stores and taking it out on them.

  74. Nadeem Athar says:

    As a resident in New Brunswick I noticed above that the Zellers in Saint John will be converted into a Target but my question is won’t either or both Zellers in Fredericton(my current hometown) eventually be converted into a Target? Also does anyone know what will eventually or ever become of the Bathurst Zellers?(why I’m inquisitive about Bathurst is because it’s my birthplace and former hometown.)

    Finally when Target opens in Canada I hope its cafeteria(s) will sell popcorn like the Target cafeterias do in the States.How I know is because on a recent trip to the U.S. there were times I didn’t shop at Target but instead treated myself to buttered popcorn and Pepsi which evidently enough was a tasty treat so therefore I hope that will “apply” to a Canadian Target store(s).

  75. Nadeem Athar says:

    As a resident in New Brunswick I noticed above that the Zellers in Saint John will be converted into a Target but my question is won’t either or both Zellers in Fredericton(my current hometown) eventually be converted into a Target? Also does anyone know what will eventually or ever become of the Bathurst Zellers?(why I’m inquisitive about Bathurst is because it’s my birthplace and former hometown.)

    Finally when Target opens in Canada I hope its cafeteria(s) will sell popcorn like the Target cafeterias do in the States.How I know is because on a recent trip to the U.S. there were times I didn’t shop at Target but instead treated myself to buttered popcorn and Pepsi which evidently enough was a tasty treat and therefore an “occasional” incentive to head to Target so therefore I hope I’m fortunate to enjoy the same “incentive” in a Canadian Target store(s).

  76. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my site thus i came to “return the favor”.I am attempting to find things to improve my site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  77. dizzyb says:

    Not that I want to see the demise of Zellers, but I would love to see it undergo some serious restructuring. The location closest to me (a 5 minute walk) is messy and uninviting, with unimpressive pricing. Not many reasons to shop there, except that it’s very close by. Don’t know if Target would be an improvement or not.

  78. Nadeem Athar says:

    For Target lovers who don’t reside in the Saint John area I recently discovered an article in the Telegraph Journal which states that the Zellers located in the Fredericton Uptown Center( if I’m correct about its name)which is located in the south side of Fredericton is scheduled (though the year hasn’t been specified) to be converted into Target which is somewhat and personally a bit of a relief. However I’m uncertain on the fate of the other Zellers located in Fredericton’s north side (Brookside Mall) since the article didn’t mention anything about north side Zellers being converted to Target.The only advantage would be that it be the nearest Target to shop and/or visit. After all the Brookside Mall is within walking distance.

  79. Nadeem Athar says:

    For Target lovers who don’t reside in the Saint John area I recently discovered an article in the Telegraph Journal which states that the Zellers located in the Fredericton Uptown Center( if I’m correct about its name)which is located in the south side of Fredericton is scheduled (though the year hasn’t been specified) to be converted into Target which is somewhat and personally a bit of a relief. However I’m uncertain on the fate of the other Zellers located in Fredericton’s north side (Brookside Mall) since the article didn’t mention anything about north side Zellers being converted to Target.The only advantage would be that it be the nearest Target to shop and/or visit. After all the Brookside Mall is within walking distance from my place of residence.

  80. asharon says:

    I am so glad Zellers is going>>>WHEN??? We still have the store Zellers here? Nothing personal against the floor staff but the customer service and financial keeping of that store is absolutely terrible, so unorganized and way to many tragic mistakes made with no responsibility admitted for their accounting error, the burden is completely on the customer…wrong, wrong, wrong… I have not stepped foot in a Zellers store since 2004 and never will again!!!! So glad it’s changing to Target and will shop there only if there is no affiliation between the two!!!!

  81. Nadeem Athar says:

    Just to update if I can but recently and upon entering Fredericton’s south side Zellers I stumbled upon a notice placed on the store’s sliding door where I read the “fine” print stating that this Zellers location may ( the key word which was underlined) convert into Target. What can I say? Either it’s back to “square one” or it’s not a “done deal” so therefore I’m trying to remain optimistic about this Zellers location being converted into Target.

    Also,I like to add by saying that I was informed by a cashier at the north side Zellers that that Zellers location will or may remain as is. So therefore I’m positive or not surprised that north side Zellers is not likely to convert into a Target store.

  82. Celeste says:

    Darned! Our Zellers store at Northumberland Mall in Cobourg, Ontario isn’t on the list of stores to be converted. What’s up with that? I don’t want another Wal-Mart store here. I don’t shop at the Wal-Mart store that we’ve already got.

  83. Sharon says:

    I am happy to hear Target is coming to Winnipeg–but we thousands of seniors who live at seniors corner–Henderson Hwy winnipeg–Chief Peguis Trail area–HAVE NOTHING–I moved here because it was close to a K-Mart–then it closed–and Zellers took over–then it was torn down and now all we have is a high priced Safeway Store. Why doesn’t Target buy up the land along Chief Pequis Trail that is owned by the city and build a Target Shopping Mall which will service our area and we seniors will have a wonderful place to shop once again.This area is very highly populated too–including elmwood–east kildonana–north kildonan and west across the river along North and South Main St, and now with the extension of Chief Pequis Trail–Transcona is included in the fast commute.–Thanks for allowing me to vent–but please give us some shopping malls in our area too.

  84. Sharon says:

    Sorry –but I neglected to say that it is not only seniors who live in the area but younger families as well–and there are more of that population than us seniors–we all need a shopping mall in this area

  85. daleks says:

    how live on west
    coast of vancouver island.lots to do
    here.please continue to target and buy
    cheap chinese junk.garbage,really.pathetic.

  86. Mistigri says:

    Pathetic or not, for some like me, who has spécial need kid that can wear 3-4 outfit per day cause she has trouble holding ustensiles or carrying the focus to not drop paint on her….and not a top notch salary… I cannot afford to go to a Canadian business where 1 item Will cost me 40$ or more… I buy cheap.. She can destroy 4 shirts bought at a “american store” for the price of 1 at a Canadian one.

    For spécial occasion, I Will buy Canadian… But I cannot afford to only buy Canadian.. I wish I could. But it is really not doable for me.

  87. Robert says:

    You guys are in for a big disapointment with Target. They are the hardest US retailer to make returns with. Also, they are just an overpriced K Mart!

  88. Sonja says:

    It is disappointing to see that neither of the Muskoka Zellers have been selected for conversion. The Bracebridge location needs some work but it is the only alternative to Wal-Mart. The Huntsville location is wonderful but, it is in a dying mall. The management of the mall insists on charging ridiculous lease costs and so many of the stores there have had to close their doors. Looks like we will not have any options down the road!

  89. Sharon says:

    I’m actually kind of angry about this situation, we have a Zellers in our town of Kenora… and it will be gone because of target not choosing Kenora as a location to put a Target, don’t get me wrong, I love Target, but, Kenora only has very few stores like Zellers, it leaves us with a wal-mart that isn’t even a super center and in order for us Kenora people to get better goods,we have to drive at least 3 hours to get to a bigger city, the company should have thought about the money they would have made in Kenora. Another thing is that Kenora is a major tourist town, we get tourists from all over North America, Kenora’s web site even states this “Kenora’s population during the summer swells from 15,000+/- permanent residents to thousands more as the influx of summer cottagers, anglers from every Province in Canada, State of the United States and countries around the world return to or visit for the first time our spectacular wilderness area we call home, Kenora Ontario Canada and there are those who are pleased to welcome you again” think about that instead of giving Toronto or some big city 10 stores, they can make do without. Shame on you.

  90. corrine says:

    i will miss zellers i thought they always had good deals ours here in brampton on i did think were run down or dirty as some people have thought i even worked there when i was younger although i was not treated well as an employee i do welcome target to canada but a store i grew up with will be missed

  91. Unnamed says:

    VERY sorry to see Zellers go. It has been a part of the Canadian landscape forever! Unexpected bargains, variety, quality brands especially in kids’ clothing, bed/bath, housewares and Christmas deco will be missed.
    I’ve only been in two Targets (Kentucky and Maine) and that was twice too many. Target is Very highly priced, has no variety and is almost clinical in appearance.
    Admittedly, Zellers is untidy, but the stores are big and hold a lot of stock. As for being old and tired-looking, that’s probably because the buildings ARE old! Every store was new, bright and clean once.
    And I wouldn’t get too used to Target, anyway; once the honeymoon is over with these US retailers, they just pack up, close up and move back from whence they come. When the bottom dollar ceases to please, they have no ties to us, the Canadian customers, or to their Canadian employees.

  92. cecilia brophy says:

    after working for zellers 39 years …retired in 2000,always loved working for them and did,t mind going to work each and every day, we were a medium size store had good relationship with each and every staff member (had a lot of k-mart staff after it closed and we all got along,we were a large family and worked together)also customers ,i can say for most staff went out of their way to please our customers.things did change in early 90,s to much to go into heart is so heavy that we are losing our zellers stores…here on the miramichi we now only have the walmart …we have to leave to shop for clothes,so our business goes elswere not miramichi ,that is sad.i guess it,s like jobs.meeting a customer on the street saying how much they will miss zellers.we had great staff and great customers .


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