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There were a lot of questions on the forums and in reply to our post on the news of Target closing its Canadians stores so we got some answers for you:

Store closings: First, do not expect sales right away.  They expect the liquidation process to take 16-20 weeks in total with actual sales starting in 2-3 weeks (once they get a court approval for a liquidation firm).  While they are in the process of cancelling orders made for Canadian stock, they have warehouses with items and agreements for orders in place so stores will be getting that stock in the coming weeks.  Some stores will be closing sooner than others, once we get a list of store closings, we will share it!

Gift cards:  Target Canada will continue to accept gift cards through the liquidation period.

Returns: Target stores will continue to accept returns of merchandise purchased at Target Canada stores, according to pre-existing policies. Once Target Canada begins the liquidation process, all previously purchased items as well as those purchased during the liquidation process will be final sale and will be marked as such.

Protection plans or warranties:  Guests should call the company that issued the warranty for additional questions.

Red Cards: Will be honoured until the close of stores and you must pay all balances by the date listed on the final purchase.

Pharmacies and your information: Target Canada pharmacies are operated by franchised pharmacists. Target Canada is not responsible for the custody and control of patient files. Guests should contact their pharmacy franchisee for additional information. Note that pharmacy staff are often not Target staff and will not be getting the severance package mentioned before, a few forum members have said that this is the same for other staff in Target, such as wireless experts and Starbucks staff.  Since the pharmacies are independently operated, they may close earlier than stores, so it is worth checking now to move your information to another pharmacy.

If you have any specific questions, you can contact Target’s customer relations team at 1.800.440.0680 or [email protected] – note that they have not been answering any questions on social media, so contacting directly is the only way to get answers.

17 responses to “Target Closing: Answers To Your Questions”

  1. Cambmom says:

    Thanks for your post. Just one thing to add. Pharmacies are independently owned and have worked very hard to establish a customer base. !PLEASE! call the pharmacy first before rushing to transfer your prescriptions.

    Some Pharmacies are currently scouting out new locations to operate from, under a different name of course.


  2. Target.employee says:

    We are not getting severance but rather are guaranteed 16 weeks pay whether we continue to work through liquidation or are let go. If we leave we don’t get anything. We do not get anything extra at the end of the 16 week period. This is the same for Starbucks staff and security but not mobile or pharmacy staff.

    • mars says:

      If that is the case, you are not getting any severance package. If you work the entire 16 weeks, legally, they are still required to pay you severance on top of the 16 weeks.

      This is Canada…you have a right to be treated fairly.

      Do not sign/accept any work conditions without talking with a lawyer.

      • FallenPixels says:

        The info does say 16 weeks for those not required to stay on for the full wind down, but they would still be eligible for legal severance (which is much less than the 16 weeks offered since Target has not been in business that long)

  3. Erin says:

    What does the Red Card statement mean when it says “balances by date listed on final purchase”? Are the entire balances going to be due all at once?

    • FallenPixels says:

      Typically when store credit cards are closed, the CC company (in this case RBC) just offers to roll them into one of their other credit cards, since RBC hold the liability and not Target. I think the info was just for the debit card where the money is not taken immediately so you have to make sure there are funds

  4. Kirsten says:

    When you say “Red Card” do you mean the RBC Target Mastercard as well in there?
    Any idea what will be happening with that?

    • Erin says:

      This is what I am interested in too Kirsten. Looks like someone said above maybe the balance will be transferred to a straight RBC credit card. I guess I will wait until they contact me.

      • Kirsten says:

        I sent and email to RBC…

        Here’s what they said:

        “You can continue to use your Target MasterCard in the usual manner including both Canadian and U.S. Target stores. The card can continue to be used everywhere that MasterCard is accepted worldwide as well. Therefore the account will not be closed or switched to another RBC credit card.”

  5. Helen says:

    If they need court approval for liquidation, how come I’m hearing ads on the radio that it’s up to 70 percent off at target right now and they called it a liquidation? That’s where I’m confused. So much mixed information.

    • FallenPixels says:

      Target already had sales of up to 70% this week, mostly toys, makeup and clothing
      I have not heard the ads, but even their court filing info says the liquidation process will start in 2-3 weeks so it seems to be correct. The ad may just be playing on the liquidation to get people in the door as people think Target is overpriced and therefore SALE doesn’t get people in the door

  6. torontogal12 says:

    @Helen are you in Quebec? “Liquidation” seems to be a common word for “clearance sale” there, if I remember correctly

  7. Astrogal says:

    Went to the Target in Barrie, ON yesterday. Looked like they were already in clearance mode. Nearly all of the accessories (hats, scarves, mittens, etc.) were gone, literally only a handful left. Yellow clearance signs everywhere. Looks like they are planning on closing next week, not in a couple of months (though I know that’s not the case, that’s just what it looks like). Heard this one will be closed by the summer. So sad…it just opened to great fanfare and hype barely 6 months ago and already packing it in.

  8. torontogal12 says:

    @Astrogal do you go to that Target often? The stores I’ve been to generally have a lot of great clearance. That might’ve been the case there. Would be interesting to hear if it looked different from the last time you went.

  9. Miranda says:

    I feel like I’ve lost a good friend with Target leaving Canada. I have shopped there at least once every week since they opened (best price matching policy, best clearance deals, best coupon policy and RedCard 5% cannot be beat). Is there any chance at all that they will leave at least some of the stores open?

    • FallenPixels says:

      @Miranda, all of the information says they will close all stores and looked into keeping some open but it was not profitable

  10. Barbara Williamson says:

    My grandson still has a $40.00 gift card. When I was shopping at Target USA I was told to check into this problem from Canada. So far I have been unable to get any response. Please help. Thanks Barbara.


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