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We have identified a supplier manufacturing defect involving TASSIMO Espresso Drink T DISCs sold in the US and Canada. This defect involves the way the T DISCs were assembled during a limited timeframe. In a relatively few cases, this has caused them to become clogged or burst during or after brewing, posing a burn hazard. We’re working with regulatory authorities to determine appropriate next steps. In the meantime, we’ve asked retailers to take these select Espresso Drink T DISCs off shelves (see below), and are also recommending consumers stop using these T DISCs. If you have affected Espresso Drink T DISCs, please hold on to them. By the end of next week, we hope to confirm how you will be reimbursed.

Please note there is no concern if you have already consumed a TASSIMO Espresso Drink as this does not impact the beverages themselves.

This issue only applies to TASSIMO products containing Espresso Drink T DISCs. Our consumers’ safety and satisfaction with our products are our highest priorities, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll be quick to offer updates as more information becomes available.
The Espresso Drink T DISCs that we’re asking retailers in Canada to withdraw were sold alone (8 or 16 per package), in a variety pack or with milk T DISCs as part of Cappuccino, Latte, and Skinny Latte (8 Espresso T DISCs per package). Only TASSIMO Espresso T DISCs that have code information ending between 11213 and 12020 are affected. The code information is printed on the foil lid of every Espresso T DISC and on a side panel of the foil package.

Product Name:
■TASSIMO GEVALIA Decaf Cappuccino
■TASSIMO GEVALIA Skinny Cappuccino
■TASSIMO Nabob Latte
■TASSIMO Nabob Cappuccino
■TASSIMO Nabob Espresso
■TASSIMO Nabob Skinny Latte
■TASSIMO Nabob Decaf Cappuccino
■TASSIMO Nabob Variety Pack

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*There are further recalls even on machines.  Click here for more details.

39 responses to “Tassimo Canada Recall On Specific Espresso Discs”

  1. mickpalace says:

    Got the machine for Christmas, love the drinks… Had problems with the milk from the skinny lattes not draining completely, called customer service and the customer service is HORRIBLE…… Anyone else have problems with Tassimo?

  2. juicy says:

    This happened to me! The coffee grounds spilled all over and the hot water just leaked out. It was a mess.

  3. Buzz says:

    There is no X in Espresso.

  4. jthompso says:

    Thanks for the info – I just happen to have a pack that falls between those numbers – I have only made 1 so far and I will be putting the rest aside until we know what the outcome is.

  5. Sheri says:

    I had several that exploded. My husband & I just about got scalded. Tassimo says to keep the defective discs for reimbursement. I don’t keep the used discs.

  6. Brian says:

    These coffee makers are THE WORST for the environment. How many millions of plastic discs are going in the garbage every day for the sake of “convenience”. The plastic discs will NEVER go away. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade and even if we somehow recycle them they still have a limited life span and will ultimately end up as waste. We’re polluting our earth and our oceans just to make a cup of coffee? And it tastes like cardboard, so why not go back to a regular drip coffee maker or a single cup with built-in filter? This one is really good: http://www.blackanddeckerappliances.com/p-17-brew-n-go-personal.aspx Or better yet try this for an authentic italian style coffee: http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/8/KitchenBath/2/Appliances/CoffeeMakers/PRDOVR~0420381P/Espresso+Maker%2C+6-cup.jsp?locale=en

  7. anon says:

    @mickpalace: I find that if I shake the milk discs well, I don’t get that problem!

  8. Julia says:

    Tassimo Customer service sucks, we called them with a problem with out machine on Nov 27/11 and they said they would send us out a new one. We had to call 6 times and then eventually called Bosch , who in turn sent us out our new machine on Jan 20/12. which turned out to be the wrong model , they really lack in customer service but there product rocks , love the machine and the discs. Anyone else had a problem

  9. Kelsey Foschini says:

    i just checked mine. and none of them have this code. so i guess i am safe. i love my tassimo and would not give it up for no one. just wish they would have more flavours like the keruig does!!!! come on tassimo get with the program….we pay good money for this product and you cannot expand your flavours!!!!

  10. Shanna says:

    my only regret is I bought a tassimo last year we bought my dad the Hamilton beach “the scoop” this year it is awesome and no plastic disks..and you can use any coffee in it. I also didn’t know that you could buy a special cup for keurig and use any coffee in it. Oh well at least we aren’t at Timmies anymore and I am not cleaning a disgusting coffee pot

  11. Diana Aubrecht says:

    All I can say is that I had a problem with my first Tassamo Machine and I called the company and got immediate service. They asked me to describe the machine I had, had to give serial #, etc., describe the problem and they sent me another machine immediately. They even sent me the courier slips so I could send back the old machine to them. I am extremely pleased with their service. I have also had a problem with the coffee grounds spilling over also a few weeks back, and I just chucked it up to the way the discs were packaged. It was right after then came out with their new packing design. Have not had anything since. I also wish they had more flavors like keruig, but I love my machine also and would not give it up.

  12. stephanie says:

    the same thing happen to me the water went ever where i shut it off right fast has i didnt want to get burned and This happened to me The coffee grounds spilled all over and the hot water just leaked out it was very messey

  13. thumpersmom says:

    I thought their story earlier was some sort of cleaning fluid had gotten into the pods. Or is that a different kind?

  14. Raedeen says:

    I have to say there customer service sucks…my machine has not been able to make any of the drinks with milk no matter what i do… I have called they told me to descale my machine but it did not fix the problem… I love my tassimo but I dont wanna buy a new one

  15. Alyssa says:

    Brian, I agree!

  16. izzy says:

    this was happening to me it makes such a mess I guess b4 they knew it was the pods they actualy sent me a new mashine and i sent the old one back. Before that i had a problem with one i had for 4 years and they replaced that one also with a new model .

  17. Gwaiju says:

    i have been using mine for over two years now and not a problem at all… love it !!!

  18. molbiomom says:

    I’ve used mine for 2 years and love it – tastes better than Keurig, as K cups don’t have espresso drinks – we recycle our plastic discs – yes a better solution would be not to have the waste at all. sorry Brian.

  19. Bubber says:

    I own both the Tassimo, and two Keurig machines.

    The problem with the exploding Tassimo disks has happened to me while making Espresso…. coffee and water everywhere. I look forward to seeing how Tassimo will resolve this. (HATE the fact that the disks cannot be reused or recycled, by the way.)

    I much prefer the Keurig, which has much more variety in K-cups, has the “My K-cup” option for using your own coffee, and (thanks to the Internet) have learned a way to re-use the pre-bought cups. Keurig is also working on making Cappucino and Lattes (and there are some early versions now available in the U.S.), so that should seal the deal.

  20. COCOBURR says:

    I have also been having problems with the milk T DISCs emptying all the way. Is this the machine?

  21. Alex says:

    Amen Brian!

  22. Sally says:

    Theres worse things I could be doing then throwing out a tdsic a few times a week.

    I love my Tassimo.

  23. Lora says:

    I actually just had this happen to me this morning… except it was with a french vanilla T-disc. Disc looked like it exploded, coffee grains everywhere, hot water everywhere… yup.

  24. Melissa says:

    Try Terracycle website, they will send you a shipping label to return your used T Discs and they recycle them. I have registered with them but have not saved up enough (min 150 they asked for at a time) to send yet.

  25. AC says:

    T-disc is recyclable, you can take the beans out for compo then recycle the discs. Or send the whole discs to Terracycle.

    Keurig is excellent single serve coffee machine, I actually have both. But it cannot brew Latte or Cappucino since it is only a drip brewer. If it has Latte or Cappucino, it probably use powders, yuck. So if you only need coffee, go for Keurig. If you want Latte or some foams on the coffee, Tassimo is the way to go.

    k-cup is not recyclable, although Keurig is working on that… Also My k-cup filter is not BPA free, although there are other BPA-free filter from other sources.

  26. La says:

    Their “customer service” is the absolute WORST of any company we have EVER had need to contact. Have to write them tens of times to get only a response that says: if we have any concerns, contact customer service. Yes, seriously. Their parent company is Kraft, so I encourage you to contact them directly.

    As for the discs, we empty the grinds for the garden, and recycle the pods. However, per the last few comments, we are saving now for the Terracycle program. (Though not sure how long saving 150 is going to take…)

  27. Natalie says:

    Yes Customer service is bad, I contacted them to find out were to buy the descaling disc and they told me they are not sold in Canada, you have to buy them online, and the shipping is crazy!!!! How can you sell a product in canada but not sell the descaling?? All they said was SORRY.

  28. Pete says:

    I had the same issue with T discs exploding and leaking in our new Bosch machine with filter…. That never happened in the Braun machine it replaced. Add to that, the fact that Kraft and Starbucks parted ways, there were no longer any coffees that were worth the added expense of “T-Discs”, so the machine is in its original carton, like new, in our attic. Our new Keurig Platinum machine, though not as pretty as the Bosch Tassimo it replaces makes a far better cup of coffee, and the varieties are literally astounding. I have had this machine less than a year, and I have tried dozens of varieties. Hundreds are available!

  29. John says:

    Tassimo descaler is availavle at Reliable parts branches throughout Canada
    1-800-663-6060,,item number 310967 $13.95

  30. Paula says:

    I have to admit I was really impressed with the customer service! I got a brewer for Christmas and the bar code reader only works intermittently… some days it works, some days it won’t come off standby. The reader can’t get any cleaner.

    I called, they walked me through the troubleshooting, and sent me a replacement brewer. Got it within a week. Wrong model, so I called back, and am getting the next one. Shipping label was provided so no big deal for me. I thought the staff on the phone were friendly and helpful. No hassle whatsoever.

    I love my machine. Haven’t had a t-disk explode, but I’ll note the numbers since I LOVE having a cappucino or latte after supper.

    Problems with products occur, but as long as it’s handled well and I keep getting good service when I call, I’ll be a Tassimo owner for a long, long time!

  31. William van Ginkel says:

    Old Braun worked like a charm for years. New Tassimo was gift on August 2011. The model that lights up like a X-Mass tree. Takes longer than old model. Espresso lacks required foam while the Capucino lacks the volume. The + add feature just add water and lessens the taste.
    The new model lacked the part that holds the T-Disk. Customer service directed me to Sears who replaced it with the last one in stock. In my case I feel the new model highly over rated. Never received the advertised free Disks. Now use my drip coffee maker.

  32. Rie McK says:

    Bought my Tassimo Jan, 2011 and have had no problems, but bought it because it had Starbucks coffee. Do not like the other brands and Starbucks no longer available.

  33. Mario M says:

    Has your Tassimo coffee machine malfunctioned? Or do you feel like your product is no longer worth what you paid for it? For all the concerned consumers on this website who feel that Tassimo have not done enough to remedy this situation, please contact me directly at 416-481-0718, ext. 333 or [email protected]. We will fight for your rights.

  34. AC says:

    Rie Mck, did you try Gevalia?

  35. linda says:

    Someone had good luck with customer service??? Try it now… no-one is home! Can anyone direct me as to an e-mail address or number for Kraft or Tassimo where we can return the machine?? We have no guarantees that this replacement disc will work and I don’t want a malfunctioning product!

  36. jerryfrost says:

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  37. AC says:

    linda, see http://www.tassimosafetyrecall.com/ FAQ section for detail instruction. You don’t need to call, just fill out the form.

  38. Jackercise says:

    As I read all of these comments it is clear to me that
    A. Most everyone likes their Tassimo
    B. Customer service sucks
    C. Nobody knows what to do about the recall and there is no clear fix date.
    I agree with all the above and am now trying to find an alternative machine and responsible company that really has a customer service department that is not often used. In the meantime it looks like back to the pricey coffee shops while the Tassimo sits inactive. Also has anyone noticed the blah taste of their regular coffee.

  39. Cherry says:

    I am not happy with the recall precess. I sent out my recalled T-disc mail through UPS on March 7, 2012. I was told by the letter of TASSIMO Company that I should expect to receive my refund in four to six weeks. Now it is May 14, 2012, about 9 weeks since I sent out my claim mail. I called recall hotline 18669188763, the service lady asked all my personal information, then told me that she did not know anything about the status of my recall claim, and told me that I could have to wait another four to six weeks, may be…. It seems really no sense to call the hotline, because there is no any help you car get, you just feel you did not making a call after you did make a call.


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