The One Month Spring Clean Plan

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We are not all domestic goddesses, and with a busy work life, kids and other stuff going on, a Spring Clean can seem like a bit much.

Follow these steps and spend 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week to get your house sparkling clean again. (I cheat and do all 5 on the weekend when I have more time). Put on some music, get the kids to help with smaller jobs and try not to hate cleaning.

Week 1 – Entry, hallways, living room & dining room
General Tidy – if it doesn’t belong, move it to where it is supposed to be. Replace fire/smoke detector etc batteries
Dust everything (that includes the ceiling fans, window sills, over doors, including front door (inside and out) and vacuum/dust all electronics, their fans will spit back out the dust
Polish all wood, wipe down all other surfaces with cleaner (TV, phones etc)
Clean windows, pictures, ornaments and anything else
Vacuum / sweep floors then mop floors

Week 2 – Kitchen (good time to check for expired food)
Empty & clean refrigerator (check expired food, wipe down all interior and exterior surfaces and put back food where it should be)
Empty pantry/cupboards (check expired food, wipe down all interior and exterior surfaces and put back food where it should be)
Clean all appliances, descale the kettle, empty the crumbs out of the toaster, give the blender that good clean you have been meaning to for weeks.
Deep clean the oven, while you have cleaner soaking on it, wipe down walls and light switches etc
Clean windows, sweep & mop floors

Week 3 – Bathrooms (good time to replace toothbrushes, check hair stylers for damage)
Sort all toiletries, throw out expired meds / almost used bottles that have been sitting there too long, clean any cabinets inside and out as you sort them.
Wash all rugs, towels, washcloths, shower curtain if fabric
Scrub toilet, glass shower door, tub, shower walls removing scum and water deposits
Dust, it can get stuck with the humidity in a bathroom & clean mirrors & windows
Vacuum & mop, clean light switches

Week 4 – Bedrooms
Sort clothes and children’s toys into piles for keep, garbage and donate (you may need 2 days for this) – Get rid of donation/garbage items before you change your mind!
Wash rugs, comforters and other bedding, curtains and any other linens, while they are in the wash, turn mattresses
Dust everything, wipe down or polish dresser tops, door tops, light switches – don’t forget any ceiling fans and the alarm clock
Sweep and vacuum floors

Final few days
Do a quick dust in all rooms, polishing furniture and wiping down other surfaces
Vacuum / sweep & mop all rooms
Final declutter & sit and enjoy your clean house

Click here for a printable version

10 responses to “The One Month Spring Clean Plan”

  1. Andie says:

    I did a super major clean out last fall that was similar to this – i went through every drawer, closet, shelf and cleaned everything.

    This list is great though, and i will definitely do it ! It is nice to have structure and know that you did something significant each week.


  2. adora says:

    It is a great list!
    I find it more manageable when I set out a chunk of time for cleaning rather than just the list of tasks. i.e. Instead of the goal of completing all areas, my implementation goal is to clean for 1.5 hours every day for a month.
    Because cleaning will never be finished. Limiting the amount of time keeps me sane!

  3. Ciel says:

    Hamiltonians, this week is the last 3-bag/container garbage collection week of the current calendar. Motivate yourselves to make family members responsible for the their own stuff and to clean out the stuff that has to go!

  4. Em says:

    Great list, thanks! I always forget about the little things like cleaning light switches or washing the shower curtain.

  5. La says:

    Relatively good list, however do NOT “throw out expired meds”!! Take them back to your pharmacy for them to PROPERLY dispose of the medications.

  6. La says:

    As for the almost used “beauty type containers”, check out TERRACYCLE for recycling of the packages and bottles as most municipal programs will simply put these types of products into the garbage.

  7. La says:

    No clue why the comment about not throwing medications into the garbage is awaiting moderation, so I’ll repeat: take your expired items to the pharmacy for PROPER and SAFE disposal.

  8. Making a list and following a strict plan is the way to do it. A great list can save you lots of time, effort and bring excellent results. Organization is as important as the cleaning process itself.

  9. Share the cleaning says:

    Many hands – easier work, share the home cleaning chores between family members, otherwise you have another full time job of cleaning, cooking etc…

  10. Great list, thanks! I always forget about the little things like cleaning light switches or washing the shower curtain.

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