Threadless $3 coupon code, restock

Remember that Threadless Annual Holiday Sale with the $5 t-shirts we posted about last week?

Well it’s still going on, and there’s four fantastic bits of good news for those of you still looking for more shirts;

  1. They’ve restocked all their sizes
  2. They’ve dropped the prices on more shirts
  3. We have a coupon code that’ll save you $3 – holiday08
  4. They’re now giving discounts to large orders — $5 off 50, $10 off $75, $15 off $100

I just placed an order on some of the restocked shirts this morning, so I can confirm the coupon code works.  The cheapest shipping offers 1-3 weeks delivery, so there’s still time for Christmas!  Thanks to our readers for letting us know about the coupon code.

Visit the Threadless $5 Holiday Sale here.

21 responses to “Threadless $3 coupon code, restock”

  1. Boo Radley says:


    Thanks Jim 😀

  2. tofuu says:

    thank you thank you!!!! this is SO SO awesome!!!!!

  3. fallsage says:

    last week,i bought $102 tees and i paid $22 for shipping.then i paid $35.67 for customs fee. :(en…the tees are so great~~~

  4. tofuu says:

    Ok. I just placed an order for 16 t-shirts (2 being $10/each)

    Item(s) cost: $100.00
    Shipping cost: $25.40 (cheapest rate)
    Subtotal: $125.40
    -$15.00 (Happy Holidays!)
    -$3.00 (Coupon: holiday08)
    Total cost: $107.40

    so sweet! Everything is for holiday gifts so definitely a plus for original tee’s & savings! yay

  5. hm says:

    customs?? i’ve never had to. you shouldn’t have to, as you’ve already paid the canadian tax on your order! where are you located, fallsage? you might want to inquire about that.

  6. SHASHI says:


  7. tofuu says:

    You put it in on the “BILLING INFO” page SHASHI. Looks like this at the top:

    Billing information

    Apply gift certificate and/or coupon code
    Use gift certificate(s)/store credit
    _________________________________ APPLY
    Use coupon code
    _________________________________ APPLY

  8. haya says:

    there wasn’t anywhere for me to pay tax! it looks like the customs charge is an inconsistent thing. i am keeping my fingers crossed that i won’t have to pay it.

    anyone else have experience?

  9. There are 2 working Threadless coupon codes that can be used with the sale.
    take a look at my URL for more info 😉 The blog need some Threadless fans 🙂

  10. Ditto says:

    hm: when I ordered there was no Canadian tax charge…

    haya: The first time I ordered was in 2006, and at that time they didn’t have a “customs fee” at checkout, so I had to pay customs at the door when it came. The second time I ordered from Threadless they had a “customs fee” charge at checkout and so it came in my mailbox. This time they didn’t have it at checkout so I did 2 orders… just in case…

    For those who ordered above $20CDN in one transaction, can you please tell me if you were charged customs fees when you get it? Thanks!

  11. Yuma says:

    Can someone tell me how they send your pkg? Via United States postal service, Fedex, UPS?? I find you’re most likely to not get charged customs fees if pkg is sent USPS and value is not too high…

  12. hm says:

    I’ve ordered from Threadless at least 15 (up to a roughly 80$ purchase) times and I’ve never paid customs once. They used to not charge CDN tax, now they do. Too strange. Their shipping method used to be USPS, then it changed to DHL I believe. It may be something different again now, as the price for S&H has gone up. Try checking the Threadless forums!

  13. Dono says:

    The “customs fee” is a rip off that all of the courier companies participate in. 90% of that charge is NOT going to the government. The only way to avoid this ripoff, is to see if a store will send the items via their regular United States Postal Service (USPS, not UPS). Canada Post will deliver it on this end, and only charge you $5 instead of the % rate that UPS and FedEx do. Customs fees apply when the item is over $20. There is a class action lawsuit in progress on this…

    I $%$%$% hate UPS & FedEx for taking advantage of people this way – there is no way around it if the seller will not use USPS. If you do have to, keep in mind that using the next day service will also cover the customs fees, so it might not be so much more expensive at all.

  14. fallsage says:

    hm,i’m in montreal.I chose UPS for shipping.:(they shipped the tees to new york then to quebec.
    i emailed them.this is the reply
    Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with the customs fees. The third step of the checkout process states that all international orders may incur a customs fee by your local customs authorities. The shipping cost we charge combines the handling fee for your package by our fulfillment team as well as the postage necessary to send your order. The fee you are being charged is from your government, not We apologize for any inconvenience, but we have no control over the customs authorities in your country or any other.

    To find out how to avoid customs fees in the future, please contact your local customs office.

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. haya says:

    80+ dollar order this week, had to pay $28 in customs when the ups guy came to my door. i got my stuff in 4 days though.

  16. spevia says:

    I just received my package from Threadless….and i was floored when UPS delivered and told me there was a COD charge of $22.00 to be paid!!!! When I ordered i wasn’t given the option of USPS…..I called UPS to ask why the charges were so much, and they told me that there were NO brokerage charges included in that $22, just duty, gst and pst…….i order a lot of the states and NEVER have I had to pay such high duty and taxes!!!!

  17. spevia says:

    Also….i forgot….i ordered the shirt sizes exactly according to their sizing chart and they are too small….so now my dilemma is, do i exchange them and repay the shipping costs or do i keep something that’s not wearable…..aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh I hate that

  18. fallsage says:

    spevia,maybe you could choose always charges the customer fee:(
    when i ordered the tees,the ups cost about $22,the usps cost about $’s so wired.
    or send the tees to your friends:)

  19. spotthecat says:

    Yikes – last time I’m ordering Threadless!

    Ordered around $100 worth of T’s.
    Paid $25 shipping at checkout.
    (selected UPS saver option)

    UPS just showed up at my door – $42!
    That’s $21 duty AND $21 GST.

    I’ve ordered from this place before but never used UPS -and never had a ‘DUTY’ charge in the past.

    Be forewarned!

  20. Michelle says:

    Is it “duty” or brokerage fees? I deal with shipping from the states alot and UPS always tries to charge a “brokerage” fee for anything shipped from the states.From experience if it is broker fees you can “broker” your own shipments…just a pain in the butt to go down to UPS to do it.Worth inquirng about though.

  21. I know! I ordered $125 worth of tshirts, then paid 37.85 for duties and then it came up to 150 for 6 tshirts, my wife gave me a talking to, but the shirts are cool.

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