Tropicana Gets a New Look too!

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Tropicana has gotten a new look! Tropicana is part of Pepsi Co. so it seems like Pepsi is rebranding all of its products.

Here are rendered images of Tropicana’s new look [source]:

Tropicana Canada

Although I found Tropicana’s old design to be slightly dull, it was very unique and easy to locate on shelves. I find the new design’s too cheap and feels like a no name brand.

Brandnew blogger has an interesting comment on the caps:  “And I really want to believe that the screw-cap will not be an orange-colored boobie as in the rendering above.”

Here’s the old design:


What do you think of that new Tropicana design?

31 responses to “Tropicana Gets a New Look too!”

  1. SARA says:

    i like the old look better

  2. N says:

    I like the bright colours of the new design; however, I like the old design better! A combination of old design and brighter colours might be nice : P The new one DOES look like a no name brand (so do their new Pepsi looks)! Maybe all labels are moving towards the…what do you call it…minimalist design?!

    lol…Boobie? Maybe they were going for something more like “half-an-orange”?

  3. mememe says:

    you TOTALLY called it there. it looks like a noname brand

  4. meenapapu says:

    Old look is way better….looks liks some cheap stuff. I would have bypassed it w/o buying had I not known

  5. Kelly says:

    Reminds me of compliments brand…..

  6. benji says:

    I like the old look better too…I think the straw in the orange is great marketing, too.

  7. nsangel says:

    the new design looks exactly like a no-name brand 🙁

  8. nsangel says:

    omg, did i just read orange-colored boobie????


  9. baggypants says:

    I like it….looks like a big glass of orange juice and it contains all the info and none of the junk…

  10. TaraF says:

    The old design was way better. And wow, did you ever nail it right when you said it looks like a no name brand *coughs* with an orange boobie lol

  11. willowsprite says:

    Yes, the old definately is better…what were they thinking?

  12. honeydoo says:

    weird. yep. i was JUST gonna write it looks no-name. at least it’s clean looking….

  13. Ally says:

    lol @ orange-coloured boobie.
    But I agree it does look like a no-name brand. The old design looks so much better.

  14. Kate says:

    I have to disagree with everyone and say I LOVE the new design! I love the font, but then I have always loved that font. The whole design is so modern and fresh. Though the “orange-coloured boobie” is maybe a little too fresh…

  15. Jenn says:

    I’m a big fan of packaging and advertising, so I give this a big thumbs up. It’s clean, modern, and fresh. I think it will be a bit of a shock to Traditionalists and people who don’t like change, but everything needs an update now and again! Remember, Cottonelle went to Cashmere, Electrosal is going to Finish… it’s just a change in packaging and I embrace it with open arms!

  16. Stephen says:

    Before reading the post and the comments the very first thing that popped into my mind, like many others, is that it now looks like a cheap no-name brand of OJ. Being modern is fine … looking like no-name … not so fine.

  17. MissScrooge says:

    lol @ Kate and the “orange-coloured booble” being too fresh. Maybe that’s the point. If you look at it from another perspective, the orange cap acts as though half an orange is being squeezed into the carton when you twist it off. Can’t get any fresher than that. 😉

  18. Sally says:

    I’m tired of ”modern” dont change a good thing!

  19. seapotato says:

    ew i like the old look better!

  20. annie says:

    i like the old.. there are too many varieties so this will totally get me confused in the supermarket .. the old one had BIG FONTS for the blue one I drink.. the +calcium type..
    and the orange boobie.

  21. Koala says:

    Boobie…LMAO!!! Maybe this will be a new type of comfort food.

  22. travelgeek says:

    And you’ll be paying more for the new design…. they’ve also shrunk the container, which means you’ll be getting less OJ. Instead of 64 oz, it’s going to be 59 oz, about half a glass less.

  23. nsangel says:

    travel: they had to make room for the booby some how.

  24. Irf says:

    The new look is promoting what they feel is more important: 100% orange juice

  25. Sylvia says:

    Totally agree – the new design looks like no name

  26. Dean says:

    New look is totally “no name”. If anyone here teaches “Advertisng” as a course, here’s a good lesson in what not to do. Bring back the old easy to spot container.
    Hopefully the investment on THIS change cost less than our last (Canadian) election….

  27. says:

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  28. Nash says:

    is not that bad, but i think that Tropicana should keep the old design, an try this new one on a different product besides its original orange juice

  29. L.A. Bateman says:

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  30. Hazel says:

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