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Tax season is coming up! Everyone has to do their taxes. How do you do yours?

I have used Ufile for the past few years and it’s very easy and quick to do. Plus, some people do qualify to get their taxes done online with Ufile for free, these include families who make below $20,000, post secondary students, and seniors can apparently take advantage of Free File Day on February 26, 2010.

Get it done early and perhaps you will get a big tax return!

Click here to do your taxes online with Ufile!

28 responses to “Ufile Canada: File your taxes for free”

  1. kristin says:

    not a bad program.Still a little confuseing for me though. i need how to do your taxes for dummys so i use quicktax,lol.

  2. Jason says:

    I’d been using QuickTax for quite a while, but a couple years ago I finally got annoyed enough with their greediness (reducing number of returns, etc) to look for alternatives.

    What I found was a little program called StudioTax. It’s 100% free, CCRA certified, and works great. The first year, I compared it against three other programs and all three came up with the same values.

    When it comes down to it, unless you’re getting into situations where you should be consulting an accountant, taxes aren’t exactly rocket science, and its great that there is a programmer who has figured out that you don’t have to charge ridiculous amounts to sell essentially the same program over and over again and still make a decent income.

    The author accepts donations, and each year I’ve felt that the value was good enough to contribute. If you’re getting tired of paying ridiculous amount to give the governent your money more efficiently, I’d strongly recommend checking out StudioTax.

  3. cmoody8107 says:

    I used the Future Tax download and then Efile… did both Hubby & I’s taxes on Tuesday!

  4. JeLLo2775 says:

    I had an old friend in the accounting business do ours the other day. I’m happy to say i’m getting refund of $206 and my hunny is getting $48…!!

  5. Rimma says:

    I work for H&R Block and yesterday I had a client who came in and said that he used UFile at home but is unsure whether he did everything right.

    At home he was getting a refund of about $200 whereas once I did his taxes his refund came to about $2,000… CRA will not notify you if you miscalculated your refund. If they owe you money you will never hear from them. Keep that in mind when you’re doing taxes at home.

  6. Theresa says:

    Yes but Rimma, you need to sell a kidney to afford H&R Block these days. The one and only time I was audited was when I had H&R Block do my taxes, and they were USELESS in helping me get the proper receipts (which they had) to prove to the government that my deductions were legit. It was a nightmare! I have never been back, and never had any problems since, a good 10 years later. Obviously you cannot be objective when you work there.

  7. Kim says:

    Some people can’t do math and people like that need places like H&R block to help them and others can do the taxes themselves just fine.
    I’d be amazed if H&R block could get me any more money back, but then I think doing taxes is fun 🙂

  8. j says:

    I use Quicktax and am pretty happy with it, and it’s pretty affordable compared to H&R Block. I went there once and wouldn’t go back, the lady wasn’t too knowledgeable and had never heard of ING Direct…or “Ing Direct” like the end of “playING” as she pronounced it.

  9. Catherine L says:

    My boyfriend used H&R Block a couple years ago and they caused him nothing but trouble. They did them wrong so he had trouble with Revenue Canada. He had to request the paperwork to refile for that year and go back and get his receipts again. Same as with Theresa, H&R Block were no help. As far as they were concerned they had filed the taxes even though they were completely screwed up and it wasn’t their problem anymore. My BF ended up refiling on his own and finally at tax time the next year got his refund from the year before. Now we both just use UFile. H&R Block is definitely not worth it in our opinion.

  10. 7mountains says:

    My husband and I went to H&R on Wednesday this week. We were so unimpressed with the young girl that did our taxes that we will NOT be a future customer of theirs. We have been doing taxes with them since the late 70’s (with the exception of the years we lived overseas). This young H&R thing did not know when the cut off for RRSP’s were. That should have been our cue to get up and leave befores she even began. And she’s in the business, that is one thing that she should know!!!!!

  11. kristin says:

    some options don’t seem to be availible yet on some versions so i am waiting. Like i can’t seem to find where to put in RESP contributions…unless they aren’t doing that this year? But i received a tax form from my bank for her GIC RESP,is it the same as a regular gic?? I just like quicktax cuz it has all the info right there in front of you about what everything means plus you don’t have to download software.But their standard version isn’t working right now n i also have to use the fitness tax credit so i need the standard one it says and it keeps saying error. i would have already efiled my taxes it it weren’t for this stuff!!

  12. savergirl123 says:

    I have done my taxes wrong in the past when I had done it by hand and had added the numbers wrong. When I got my refund I received MORE then what I had calculated so CRA will re-calculate and give you more money.
    I have done my income tax for 7 years now and I haven’t had a problem. I even got audited twice so I sent them my receipts and they send me notices that all was well.
    Doing income tax is not hard. The only time I would consider not doing it myself would be if I had my own business or if I had a lot of capital gains and losses. Some of the more complicated things.
    I like Ufile because it is easy to use, cheaper then quick tax, and it lets you do multiple returns which is nice because I do taxes for a few people in my family. I enjoy doing my own taxes.:-)

  13. Michelle says:

    I used UFile for a couple of years now and have had no problems at all. I used to use H&R Block but every year for 4 years I would get a reassessment saying that I owed them money back so I stopped using H&R Block. UFile is around $19 for those that make more than $20,000 I think, and its less for the second person (ie spouse).

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  15. sofia says:

    I’ve used ufile for more than 5 years and no problem.

  16. Eric says:

    I just use the online quicktax (free for the wife and I). It says I’d theoretically get about 1400 last year, which was also what H&R block said. Either way, the government has a lien on all tax returns and GST for repayment of my student loans. I went with quicktax, because I STILL would have had to pay H&R.

  17. margo says:

    I tried Quick Tax’s online because it was supposed to be free. We have really simple returns. After going through a ton of stupid interview questions I get told I have to pay. I don’t remember why. It was because we had something they did not think was normal.

    I won’t fall for that again this year!

  18. Johnster says:

    I cannot enter the information for the Relevé4 into UFile- i.e everything else was entered and the refund was calculated, but when I then entered the information from my Relevé 4 (real estate taxes for tenants), the system indicated an error with the information that I entered on teh appropraite page and wouldn’t calculate the refund. What do I do? Is there some information in the interview that has to be corrected? Thanks in advance for your response.

  19. Ruthanna says:

    I have a question about Ufile. I’ve been a Quebec resident for the past few years, and have been using Ufile to file my federal and provincial taxes in one step ever since I moved to Quebec. I was always able to do both my federal and provincial taxes within the program. This year, however, I noticed that Ufile doesn’t include my Releve information. Can anyone tell me, has Ufile changed? Do we have to file them with separate programs now? And if so, can anyone recommend a free and easy way to file my Quebec taxes?

    Thank you in advance!

  20. Kappi says:

    We used Taxfreeway.ca for the last 5 years. Great program. Only 9.95$ and you can do up to 20 returns. Never had a problem with it 😀

  21. linda says:

    We will not use H and R either. Anyone can take a “course” over a few weekends at various venues , and for about $350 you can be “taught” how to do tax returns. Then these people go off and open an office or get employed by H& R. They do the same as you do by filling in an on line application. If you get a T4 and T5 you have all the info to hand. These programmes prompt you for all relevant information, and do the calculations. If you are business, have complicated taxes or not computer literate, pay to see an accountant. Having said that. I have used U file for past two years, and every year, have had my return audited by the tax office, as U file calculations proved wrong according to Revenue Canada. This was to do with family returns and students in family. As they do not charge students to file taxes, it did not cost us anything.
    I will still use them, as our taxes have simplified this year.

  22. Brad says:

    I love ufile. Its quick and easy.

  23. RR says:

    Ufile. Great and economic software. I have used many programs over the years and TaxWiz was the best (for price and easiness). I find that all these programs are great at first; then they get greedy (not enough returns). I would suggest (even to Ufile) to raise the number for basic to 20 returns minimun, regardless of the over-or-below $20,000 income.
    I believe that is the way it was before greed.

  24. Luis says:

    Can I buy the Ufile 2011 and use the same program to do my taxes report for 2012-13-14…and so on?

  25. donna says:

    h&r very bad

  26. Valinda says:

    I’ve been using UFile for the last 3 years for hubby and I and are very satisfied with it. For $20 it does our taxes quickly, and I keep the following years on my computer, and when I buy the new one, it automatically fills in the stuff I need from previous years.
    The only time I used H&R was when we got married, as I didn’t know what deductions and stuff to use. After that I did all our taxes by hand as I love working with numbers and stuff and found it quite easy. Now I use Ufile for the speed.

  27. brenda says:

    Used u-file.Love it. Never a problem. Lots of problems with [email protected] NEVER EVER going back to them. To much money for to little.I messed up on U-File last year.Student loan etc. The govt. contacted me and they owed me money and I received a cheque in the mail. If the govt. owes you money, they will pay you. They paid me right away. I was shocked to see the cheque in the mail.

  28. Sheryl says:

    I can’t believe you can’t download a version of the software for Mac computers – why should I have to pay $ 17.99 per return to file on-line when Window users can download the program and do 8 returns for $19.99!!!


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