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I’m neither from the West Coast nor a hockey fan, but last night, I came across this ironic and interesting story.

Apparently, as of yesterday, 62 Boston Pizzas in BC have temporarily changed their name to “Vancouver Pizza” in honour of their home team making it to the finals. Talk about pressure!

The irony is that Boston Pizza is neither from Boston nor Vancouver, as stated in this article, but the company actually started in Edmonton, AB as per the company’s website!

I guess “Edmonton Pizza” just doesn’t have the same ring to it?

28 responses to “Vancouver…Pizza?”

  1. Kookie says:

    Ha! This is so cool! I’m from TO but a big Penguins fan 🙂 GO Canucks Go!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bekki says:

    It’s more than just because the Canucks made it to the finals. It’s because the Canucks are playing against the Boston Bruins. And “Boston” Pizza is a sponsor of the Canucks and is even in Rogers Arena where they play. We want to have as few references to Boston as possible — they are the enemy!!


  3. glowworm2k says:

    It’s great to see the company have some fun with their name and jump on the bandwagon with all the Vancouver Fans! Go Canucks!

  4. Julie Smith says:

    It’s also a very smart marketing move. Look at all the free publicity they are getting!

  5. Mee Young says:

    It’s wonderful that a Canadian team is in the finals!! Go Canucks Go!! Canadians are serious about their hockey (unlike most Americans where it barely registers on their collective awareness). We want the cup and we’ll cheer any Canadian team that will bring it HOME!

  6. chloe says:

    Haha yeah, so exciting, we haven’t made the finals in 17 years! I was watching the winning game 5 of the last series downtown and it was absolutely crazy after we won on the streets for hours, just like the Olympics. Love it! They did this when Boston played Montreal too for the first round!

  7. Mischa says:

    Some other companies that “rebranded” during the Canucks run were Predator Ridge golf course changed their name (and even answered their phones as!) Canuck Ridge throughout the Nashville series.
    And then then the Nucks played San Jose, local bar chain the Shark Club rebranded as the Vancouver Club (they are one block from the arena).
    Lots of great support for the Canucks in BC – and glad to hear there are other rooting for us across the country! GO CANUCKS GO!

    And Boston Pizza rebranded as Montreal Pizza when the Canadiens played Boston earlier in the playoffs – but I guess it didn’t have the same impact as it does now. Very smart marketing folks over there at “Vancouver” Pizza! They host Canuck Tweet-up events for away games so I’m sure they knew they would get flack for NOT changing it!

    Again – GO CANUCKS GO!!!

  8. Canadian Coupons says:

    most definetly GO CANUCKS GO! then September comes around again and it becomes GO LEAFS GO! lol

  9. Jen M says:

    Love it!!! Don’t like Boston Pizza, but I’ll give them props for support of the local team.
    Go Canucks Go!

  10. anisa says:

    lots of companies have done it. great to have you on the bandwagon vancouver pizza 😉

  11. benji says:

    Love it! Hilarious!!!!

  12. Jen says:

    I love it! Way to go Vancouver Pizza! Go Canucks go!!

  13. shirley says:

    Mmmm Boston Brute… Go Boston Go!

  14. kingy says:

    boston pizza did this during the first round too when they were playing montreal. all the stores in quebec changed their name to montreal pizza.

    bring the cup home to canada! go nucks.

  15. Bytown says:

    I’m routing for the best Canadian team…I guess that would be Boston since they have more Canadians on their team than the Canadian team from Vancouver. D’oh!!!

  16. I am having issues getting to your forum… I get this message :

    As a courtesy, your ISP provided this page because “” does not exist or is unavailable.
    Did you mean: forum smart canucks

  17. Zay says:

    Canucks Rule! Go Canucks Go! I am in TO but a big Vancouver fan and a Vancouver girl at heart. Boston sucks.

  18. GoLeafsGo says:

    Same thing happened in Montreal earlier in the playoffs when they were playing the Bruins. Gotta love Canadian hockey fans!! Go Canucks Go!!

  19. boxedlullaby says:

    So stoked! FROM VANCOUVER AND I’ve heard about this and it’s SO fantastic! We have a place called the Shark club and when we were playing the San Jose sharks they renamed it the Vancouver club 😉–shark-club-re-brands-for-playoffs

  20. Scarecrow says:

    That’s an awesome and smart way to promote the finals in BC, good for them.

  21. Scarecrow says:

    Nucks and Bruins are my 2nd and 3rd fave teams so i’ll be happy no matter who wins.

  22. mhk says:

    I wonder if they will lower the prices or raise them further even. BP has always been expensive – IMHO!

  23. Megan (LovexDance) says:

    Ahaha that’s a funny thing to do!It’s kind of a cool idea if u think about it! 🙂

  24. Natalka says:

    I’m glad they went through with it, cool!

  25. KR says:

    I’m all about cheering for Canadian players in the finals. Which is why I’ll be cheering for Boston.

  26. DIANE says:

    Should be:
    Boston Pizza
    Vancover CUP!

  27. happy2 says:


  28. Mee Young says:

    Might be more Canadian players in Boston team, but owns the team? Who are they playing for? Face it, they’re Canadians but they are also guns for hire! -Mercenaries! (Not to knock the players, but get a grip!)


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