Wagjag Canada: $20 For $50 In Kraft Coupons Ontario Only


I stumbled across this Wagjag deal and ended up buying it for myself so I thought I would share it. For a few days (or until it sells out) Kraft has teamed up with Wagjag to offer $50 in Free Kraft Coupons for $20.  I had never bought with Wagjag before but I do know it’s just as good as Groupon. (I’m a Groupon girl myself)

Click here and search on the sidebar under your local Ontario city for this deal (I grabbed it under Toronto).  Remember this deal is only valid and redeemable for Ontario.

Here are a few details.

  • Expires November 30, 2011
  • Limit 1 per person
  • Limited quantities available
  • Valid only in Ontario
  • Includes tax. Voucher has no cash value. No cash back

KRAFT Mozza-Cheddar Light Shredded Cheese – 26% less fat than the regular KRAFT Mozza-Cheddar Shredded Cheese. Lighten up your favourite pizza or home-baked mac and cheese
CRACKER BARREL Old White Cheddar Cheese Snacks – great for snacking anytime, anywhere
CRACKER BARREL 400g Havarti – made with no artificial preservatives, and because it’s made from Canadian milk it contains no artificial growth hormones and no antibiotics.
PHILADELPHIA Dill cream cheese product – combines the smooth creamy pleasure of PHILLY with real dill!
PHILADELPHIA Dips – Ranch, Vegetable Ranch or Garlic are now new and improved
CHEEZ WHIZ Jalapeno Tex Mex cheese spread – now hotter than ever! Great on nachos
aMOOza! Twists Cheese Snacks – natural string cheese snacks the kids will enjoy because they’re aMOOzing!
KRAFT Parmesan, Romano and Asiago Shredded Cheese – a delicious cheese blend that’s great as a topper on pastas and salads.
Once you receive your coupons, you can redeem them at almost any Ontario local grocer. Limited quantities are available for this offer, so act fast before you miss out on this special first-time offer! Coupons are mailed out.

If you have a referral link for Wagjag please post it below (one time offer)

29 responses to “Wagjag Canada: $20 For $50 In Kraft Coupons Ontario Only”

  1. cherios says:

    I can’t decide if this is a good deal or not…

  2. VivienneDeals says:

    yeah i’m not sure if it’s a good deal…but i bought it anyway.

  3. Sally says:

    If you like cheese it is. Basically you get $30 in free stuff, even better if you have a wagjag credit. I had one but I think I deleted the code which really sucks. Oh well.

  4. julia says:


    is this what u mean by referral link? im sorry if not…. u can delete it

  5. Abby1 says:

    I second Sally! Good deal if you like cheese. I bought it for that & because I can use the dips with veggies during summer BBQs.

    If you participate in iCoke rewards, you can currently redeem points (8,023 for regular members or 6,418 for VIP members) for a $5 WagJag credit & get this deal for $15. Here’s the link for the iCoke offer: http://www.icoke.ca/buy/detail/wagjag
    Just apply the coupon code under gift certificates when checking out with WagJag.

    Just signed up for WagJag under another SC member, if anyone would like to sign up under me, here’s my referral link: http://www.wagjag.com/?wid=1de0721dffc099318952330c26831845

  6. Moi says:

    heheeheheeheeh LOL Viviennnnnnne! hehehehee

    Quote: “VivienneDeals says…yeah i’m not sure if it’s a good deal…but i bought it anyway”

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahhaaha 🙂

  7. Annatree says:

    i had 15 credit so only paid $5 and if you have icoke.ca points you can buy wagjag $ with ur points.

  8. Danielle says:

    thank you for anyone that clicks onn my referral its greatly apprechiated

  9. Jay says:

    Hi Sally, I’m not sure about wagjag being as good as groupon… since i’ve never had to get a refund at groupon. But I can tell you my experience trying to get a refund from wagjag – because a coupon I bought was not honoured at the store – was a pain in the @$$. They promised, delayed, and promised, delayed, and promised – probably hoping I would drop it – but they never came through with the refund!!
    It wasn’t until I actually had to threaten small claims court and better business bureau that they finally decided to cough up and honour their “satisfaction guaranteed” policy. Companies that have this kind of customer service really burn my butt!! If you do a search for “wagjag rip off” you’ll find lots and lots of folks in a similar situation as I was in. So… as usual, Caveat Emptor!!

  10. Sally says:

    Hmmn, a quick email to groupon has a refund or an investigation to the problem!

  11. olivercat says:

    If anyone would like to use my referal:

    (since I have never had anyone use this before–I hope I entered it right!)

  12. cherios says:

    I waited too long… sold out!

  13. Ashling says:

    Bummer! 10 mins ago it was available. By the time I registered, they were sold out 🙁

  14. RedEng says:

    Well I think you’re going to be a bunch of ‘Cheesy’ Ontarions.

    Signed Cheeseless in AB

  15. LovingMyCoupons says:

    LOL @ RedEng – from BC. 😉

  16. starbaby55 says:

    Hey Jay

    Thats odd about the refund thing. Ive gotten 3 different refunds from WJ and, as Sally said with Groupon, it was as simple as an emailing explaining why and the refund was received basically the next day. I even got a 5$ credit for the Licks promo where the WJ voucher said it was for the combo AND 1/2 price ice cream, but the store didnt honour the ice cream part so I emailed WJ and got a credit.

  17. Ronnie says:

    I agree with Jay, lots of people were ripped off due to the Butcher place in TO, lots of people out a lot of money and these dealers don’t back you. I have a bit of a problem believing Kraft is selling coupons. Maybe I’m wrong.

  18. mary walsh says:

    I’ve bought a lot of Wagjag coupons and have never had a problem yet. I find their buys better in the Niagara area than Groupon.( which I have also gotten) We have had pizza, golf, restaurants, ice cream, haircuts, lawn care — it can be quite addictive! Love to save money!

  19. TMS says:

    What happened regarding the Butcher place in T.O.? I took advantage of that WagJag, but haven’t redeemed yet. Just curious.

  20. Ronnie says:

    Its a disaster he sold to many, people not getting meat or money back. Huge mess. You can check out blogs to see. I managed to get 4 people money back,PM me if you want some help. Can’t guarantee I can but will try.

  21. Jeff Schwan says:

    I bought two of these deals before realizing they were only valid in Ontario. Blame it on being completely exhausted!

    If anyone would like to buy them, please email me. You can find me on the Smart Canucks forum and see that I have a great trade rating.

  22. April says:

    isn’t purchasing coupons illegal?

  23. helpit says:

    @ Jeff Schwan- wagjag refunds are usually really good and easy, email them asking for the refund, I’ve done this twice in the last 7 months and had no problems, (a bit of a wait, 2-3 wks) but, generally, no problems.

  24. macfsh says:

    This is my first time buying with wagjag. I got an email that it was ready. I got a voucher with a number that I printed but I’m not sure what to do next. I’m thinking I have to do nothing and they are going to mail me the coupons but I am confused. Can anyone clarify?


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