Walmart Canada Price Matching Policy Improved: Price match with ANY store across Canada



I have some very awesome news to share today! Walmart has updated their price match policy. Price matching now can include any store across Canada. The flyer you use to price match no longer has to be from a local competitor that get delivered to your home! Use flyers that you have printed, or even on your phone! Oh the convenience! You can price match ANY store at Walmart, aslong as they are in Canada! Exceptions are wholesale and warehouse prices. I believe right now this updated policy is only confirmed in Ontario, but doesn’t hurt to try in other locations! I will update this post as other provinces become confirmed, so if you are able to use this updated price match policy, please advise me. I know the Flyers section of SmartCanucks will be your best friend now 😉 Start flyer searching everyone! Save money!

15 responses to “Walmart Canada Price Matching Policy Improved: Price match with ANY store across Canada”

  1. A says:

    This is good news! Can wait to try.

  2. Emperor says:

    Got a list of confirmed competitors that are not allowed:

    1) Canada Computers (online retailer + various stores in Ontario)
    2) (online retailer + various stores in Ontario)
    3) Memory Express (online retailer + store out West)

  3. ashoo says:

    can someone plz provide a link to their price match policy

  4. WMCashier says:

    I’ve heard of people in the Maritimes have price matched flyers in Ontario. It is all at the discretion of the store manager, and will vary store to store.

    Also to remember, if the price online is an online price only (the retailer is offering that price to purchases made online only, not in their stores), then it cannot be price matched at Walmart.

  5. Miss Pickle says:

    Here is a link:
    I did use it about an hour ago at my local WalMart with no issue, showed them a flyer on my phone and voila. Price matched!

  6. Shirnette says:

    Wow….Walmart means business ….I’m game to extend my PM practices…

  7. Shelly says:

    The link to match policy above is for not Is there a copy/link to the policy that states they will match competitors across canada?

  8. Elishia says:

    Confirmed in Vernon bc! I price match weekly now!

  9. Nic C says:

    I ad match in Halifax all the time now, what a great policy!!!

  10. momx5 says:

    Walmarts in Ottawa (Orleans, rockland, Ottawa) do not PM on a National scale, only online if the retailer delivers. I have confirmed this. I think you’ve just gotten really lucky with uninformed cashiers.. koodos!

  11. jessabelle says:

    Has anybody tried anywhere in Manitoba specifically Winnipeg? and do they accept and price match any canadian retailer?

  12. Corey says:

    Walmart in St. John’s Newfoundland does it! We did it last night and used coupons with it. It’s awesome! Download the app flyerify to your smartphone and show them at the register. Simple as that! Love this!

  13. Amber says:

    Walmart in Kelowna got give notice from head office today NO MORE PROCE MATCHING ACROSS CANADA only local okanogan region 🙁 sad day for this price matcher

  14. Louise says:

    POLICY has not changed. See wording on back of flyer.

    Internal memo, that Walmart Canada does NOT share with the public, gives the stores the go ahead. However, it is up to the store managers whether or not to do it. Some have never begun it. A lot have allowed it. Problems have been cropping up (yes, there are incidences of fake flyers, fake prices, fake websites, you name it), even to the point of cashiers being harassed by customers, etc. So some stores doing it have either gone back to local only. Or to just competitors in the province in which the store is.

    Until you actually hear OFFICIAL word from Head Office, announced PUBLICLY to all of Canada, and the wording on the back of the flyer, and in the Pricing section on the Walmart Canada website changes, it is up to the store you are shopping at. So best to call to see if they are doing it. If they are, great. If not, do not bug, harass, complain, whine, etc. that they are not. Live with it.

  15. Diann says:

    what is the Walmart policy on scan code when the item is $ 4.98 if you buy 2 the price is $6

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