Walmart Canada HOT HOT HOT Sony 52″ TV + more?

Sony KDL 52WL140

Sorry for the unprofessional title! I just got blown away by this amazing deal!

This is more of a YMMV “Your mileage may vary” kind of deal but has the potential for some really good bargains and it also applies to Walmarts not even remotely close to a Sam’s Club. But most likely Walmarts in Ontario only.

Today is Sam’s Club’s last day of operation in Ontario before the store is handed over to liquidators. I think Walmart had stocks in its warehouses that were supposed to get shipped to Sam’s Club, but when the decision to close Sam’s Club was made they got sent to Walmart Canada stores instead. These items including electronics are being sold at exceptionally low prices.

For example Walmart Kingston which is not close to a Sam’s Club has 3 brand new Sony KDL‑52WL140 TVs (YES the W series!) on sale for $1500! These exact same TVs are sold at Costco Canada for $2,529.99. That’s more than $1000 in savings on a spectacular TV.

How good is that TV? Well let me explain how Sony does its model labeleing:

KDL‑52WL140 is exactly the same TV as the KDL-52W4100 but it (KDL‑52WL140) also comes with a Sony Bravia Internet Video Link ($200-$300 value). Although I personally think the  extra Sony Bravia Internet Video Link is pretty useless it’s better than nothing I guess.

So why 2 different model numbers?  Well the KDL‑52WL140 is meant to be sold at Wholesale stores only. i.e. Costco and Sam’s Club. When Walmart ended operation of  its wholesale Sam’s Club stores in Ontario they had to send a lot of these wholesale only items somewhere and they obviously weren’t going to send it to their rival Costco. Instead they sent a few to each Walmart store. This is why I’m saying it’s a YMMV deal.

How good is the KDL-52W4100 (KDL‑52WL140)?

KDL models come in S, V, W and Z series

  • S-series is total crap quality TV that has a Sony name but doesn’t even use a Sony engine. Stay away!
  • V-series uses Sony’s Bravia Engine 2 and is an awesome TV.
  • W-series (the one on sale at Walmart) uses Sony’s Bravia Engine 2 and also adds 120 Hz which in a nutshell means that DVD/Blu-ray movies won’t get that blurring effect when something’s moving fast. Not a life-critical feature but nice one to have. Read about 60Hz vs. 120Hz here.
  • Z-series adds 10-bit panel (instead of 8-bit for the above series) but are ridiculously overpriced and not worth it.

Click here for Sony (KDL‑52WL140 specs

This was just one deal but there may be other hidden goodies at Walmart that were meant for Sam’s Club. The employees at the electronics section in Kingston knew that it originates from their wholesale stores so ask! I suggest you give your local Walmart Canada a call to check on stock availability first.

Click here for Walmart Canada store contact info

16 responses to “Walmart Canada HOT HOT HOT Sony 52″ TV + more?”

  1. Jim Squires says:

    GAGHH!! I would sell my mother for $1500 right now. AWESOME find Boo!

  2. nsangel says:

    I’d give my mom away.

    i need a loan!!! that’s not a deal, that’s a STEAL

  3. Sulky Blonde says:

    I should add though to this that any electronics in Walmart only have a 30 day warranty in store otherwise you have to go back to the manufacturer they do not honor anything past the 30 day warranty at walmart if its indeed Electronics but some manufacuteres especially in this case honor a warranty very well but can be exspensive if needing to be shipped to them directly

  4. Alex says:

    Aubretia is a Wal-Mart associate in Hudson, New York, who was courageous enough to speak out. From wages to scheduling to health care, Aubretia explains how hard it is to get by as a Wal-Mart employee.

    Watch the new video:

  5. fENDER says:

    Is this east coast only or national wide?
    I couldn’t find any GVRD store has it in stock. 🙁

  6. Dave says:

    Good Day,
    Sam’s Club Canada, nor Costco Canada carried the KDL52WL140 with the Bravia Internet Link. That was a Costco US exclusive promo so no idea how one ended up in Walmart in Kingston unless it was a US purchase and return here.

    The Sam’s Club Canada models were to be sold off before closing, shipped to the US or may be sold at a Walmart but should not be below cost. Which again makes me think this is an anomaly.

    FYI the new 2009 S-Series does use the Bravia Engine 2 and the other new series of models have many enhancements and features that will be released soon.

  7. pari says:

    Hi boo redly i called wal-mart kingston and they told me it is for $1799 ,i don’t know why they change the price????

  8. Boo Radley says:

    No idea pari… I guess they noticed it was a pricing mistake or something 🙁

  9. Alex says:

    Kingston WallMart had one 52″ TV and they do not have it anymore.

    Very sad. It was a good price.

  10. Mockingbird says:

    Alex, what is your youtube link got to do with 52″ TV????
    Hate to see some of you use this site for their political agenda. 🙁

  11. Eugeney says:

    hey boo, i was just wondering, did you buy this tv fromt he kingston location or just heard about the deal? as well did it come with the internet video link? and lastly how many did they have when you bought yours?

    Thanks, ive bought mine but im having some issues because there is no internet video link…managers are currently looking into the situation..

  12. Chickeni says:

    Can someone scan the receipt & post it?

  13. Please, can you PM me and tell me number of much more thinks about this, I am truly fan of one¡¯s webpage¡­gets solved properly asap.

  14. Chase says:

    Here’s an idea Boo… maybe add some code to lock threads/blog comments after a set time (e.g. if one month passes with no new posts), so that spammers and/or people who can’t read the date stop bumping up useless expired deals?

  15. wake up! says:

    Walmart is the cancer in any neighborhood. It puts local businesses out of business and replacing good paying jobs with useless low wage job that cannot afford to participate in the economy.

    I would advise all of you to stop shopping for flat screen televisions and open your bloody eyes to what is happening in Egypt.

    There will be marshall law and rioting in the US within 6 months.

  16. bush: and ten days. And Lot journeyed from him, Thus shalt surely give the skins of the sight of all the Jordan, and the wilderness, that goeth in unto them, and laid up thy bowels. And it was no graves in my hand against the cup was a daughter, Shall

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