Would you wear these pants?

elliott_gyal posted about these pants in the Beauty & Fashion Canada forum and they are very strange I had to get the blog readers’ opinion on this 😀

Would you wear these “pamts” or whatever you want to call them?



96 responses to “Would you wear these pants?”

  1. Lori says:

    People are comparing these to harem pants but they look like someone put their legs through the arms of their sweatshirt and thought “Hey, maybe I can wear these as pants!”.

  2. Zook says:

    All I can do is laugh…

  3. Figment says:

    Is that a Toblerone in your pocket?

  4. amy says:

    After looking at the picture for a while I thought with a long shirt it might look ok. However, I think I would feel the same way my baby does with one heck of a soggy diaper!

  5. honeydoo says:

    who made these?
    ..’coming to an american apparel near you’?

  6. Fritz says:

    This “leg man” is completely unmoved. NEXT!

  7. Brittany Van Doren says:

    HAHAHAHA I DARE someone to wear these…I will throw tomatoes at you!

  8. Joyce says:

    Didn’t MC Hammer wear something similar back in the day? I believe they were called “sh*t catchers” LOL!

  9. CarlyinCanada says:

    No way! LOL

  10. Lauren P. says:

    they are SUPER unflattering, it makes the legs look really short. not to mention the sagging crotch..LOL

  11. Babycakes says:

    One word….Gross!

  12. CanadianSmurf says:

    Not a flattering style at all, I wouldn’t be caught in them.

  13. Beth says:

    NO WAY!

  14. Mingly says:

    If I were buried in these, I would haunt my husband for all eternity!

  15. Melody113 says:

    Looks like something you got from a dumpster. I hope they catch on I’ll look fab in my cloths because they sure won’t.LOL

  16. Melody113 says:

    Another thing it has that look like the Moths have escaped from my pockets look and I’m way to cheap to buy pants that fit

  17. kate says:

    I’ll be honest, last August I was in Europe, and everybody seemed to be wearing them in Greece! I even had a moment of weakness and almost bought them. Now they have gone back to looking a little silly in my mind, but I am going to make a prediction that they’ll be ‘in’ around here before too long- don’t believe me? I have 2 words: skinny jeans! Nobody thought they would come back!

  18. Jonathan says:

    Listen up ladies, from my point of view (a guy’s view) those pants are exceptionally unattractive. If you’re looking for a man to notice you, these pants will give you the attention, but in the wrong way.

  19. Janine says:

    hell no

  20. evil.kitten says:

    Um……. I think not.

    Those are butt ugly.

    Why the hell would someone wear those? Looks like she’s got something hanging in there.

  21. Matty's Mom says:

    OH NO!!!!! Maybe I am dating myself here- but when did MC Hammer make a come back??? I had a pair of these- in the EIGHTIES. And I was 2!!! (Okay, maybe a bit older ;)) THe point here is that something should be left in the past. Especially those!!!!

  22. Lynn49 says:

    In a word?

    PUH-LEASE!!!! (insert barf icon)

  23. Natalie says:


  24. ahazaras says:

    I have enough of my own bumps, extras are not required.

  25. momoforever says:

    Why make a spandex worse than it already is…..

  26. Missy says:

    I remember a slightly different version of these in the eighties. As kids we referred to them as poo poo pants.

  27. Trey says:

    Those are realllllly hideous.

  28. amycanada77 says:

    I agreee with the above comments
    “saggy crothch”
    “poopy diaper”
    not sure if thats a look I’m confident enough to wear

  29. Juli says:

    They look like they’ve been hung on the clothes line funny so when you take it off the line it has those points on the sides.

    The saggy crotch looks like the pants can be pulled up to your armpits.

  30. SuperMel says:

    OMG this is hilarious! Totally made my morning 🙂

  31. oudette says:

    hell no!!! even if you pay me!

  32. veranova says:

    I don’t want these pamts even for FREE!!!

  33. Alexa19jm~ says:

    Oh my gosh! I just had to laugh out loud about these pants…

    You know how certain styles and looks look better on certain people or body types? These pants would look horrific on everyone!

    Would make for a good Halloween Costume!

  34. Krista says:

    Ya I was just in Holland last week and these are the height of fashion…they are everywhere and they all wear them! There were some nicer versions than this but definitely ridiculous ones as well! Was so close to buying one just for fun.

  35. Zay says:

    Yikes! scary just thinking about it!

  36. Stephania says:

    Yes…if the sides didn’t stick out!!!

  37. Jennifer says:

    These pants would be perfect for people who wear depends.

  38. Terry-Lyn says:

    Depends….soggy Depends

  39. Darby says:

    Good lord, no!

  40. Amanda says:

    I keep looking at them hoping that if I stare long enough, I will see the mysterious attraction. Nope, not happening. They look pretty hideous to me. Imagine the gold lame’ version!

    If anyone could show me a picture in which these actually look good, I’d love to see them.

  41. Steph (esbee) says:

    wtf 🙂

  42. greenbear says:

    firey, rubbing, chafing, burning thighs… no good can come of these pants

  43. A.A says:

    I would make good use of it by cutting holes on both of the pointed sides (for my arms), pull it up to my chest lenght and wear it as an inner garment for covering up the chest, stomach and thighs..

  44. PINKROSE says:

    I Would not be caught dead in these LOL.

    It almost looks like there is a clothes hanger stuck inside LOL.

  45. ScotchandBoots says:

    This is considered the height of fashion? Wow, it never fails to amaze me what outrageous things people are willing to wear as long as they are considered “fashionable” I mean, seriously! Any other time, these are the kinds of clothes that could get you beat up on the playground ’cause your mother dressed you kinda funny.

    I believe this is a conspiracy by the fashion industry. I think that somewhere in her NYC penthouse, Anna Wintour is keeled over laughing at our expense.

    Call this Reason # 452 why I will never be considered a Fashionista.

  46. Brooke says:

    My friend got a pair of these pants when she was somewhere in Europe a few years ago and I have had them for the past couple of years. They are black and have sequins down the sides. They are actually really comfortable but I would never wear them out! I don’t know why I still have them…I have issues when it comes to throwing away something that is perfectly fine.

  47. Mandolinatou says:

    I’d not wear them, if they look that bad on a model you don’t want to see me in them.

    They look like a seamstress accident.

    A couple of years ago I was at a banana republic clearance store in the states and they had these purple shoes that were wrinkly and damaged on the outside. I ended up seeing similar looking wrinkly shoes the next year and people pretended they were fashionable. I have no doubt it was some clever marketing ploy because of the damaged shoes….and i would not be surprised if thats what happened with these “pants”.

  48. seylz_gurl says:

    ‘member mc hammer wearing these in the 80s lol. i thought my sweatpants were the height of ‘shlumpadinka’ wear, but these top ’em.

  49. Moi says:

    U G L Y

    or as MC Hammer would say “Can’t touch this!”


  50. Doug says:

    Ok this ranks eight up there with the Skort, and having gone to highschool in the early 80’s this tops the stylish cutoff belly shirt for guys. I believe this is simply an april fools joke that is a couple of months late.

  51. Christina says:

    Anyone with any taste would say a big, fat NO to these.

  52. Phoebe says:

    It amazes me why the gay designers of these horrific outfits, expect that us girls will wear this junk? I’m conservative, and would never be caught dead wearing garbage like this. Please design something we will wear. Stop trying to be more and more outlandish every year. It’s not working. It’s ok for the shock factor of the runway models, but you won’t ever see anyone wearing this in public.

  53. chickendog says:

    These comments had me laughing so hard I was wheezing 😀

  54. seniora says:

    HELL NO…ewwwww…UGLY

  55. kris says:

    uh heck no!

  56. Joy says:

    Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding….

  57. Kait says:

    Personally, I wear pants to keep my upper thighs from touching… these would do nothing for me! Ha ha.

    So ugly.

  58. Koon says:

    looks like a diaper

  59. Koolaid says:

    My Garbage Can wouldn’t even wear these!!!

  60. CP says:

    Kind of looks like me without any pants on. PS I’m really old and I sag a lot.

  61. Paula says:


  62. Oxana says:

    Sorry…Very, very fugly!

  63. sarah says:

    lol all your comments about these funny looking pants are just what I needed from this day! Thanks!!!! lol

  64. AJ says:

    It hides your diapers well

  65. Angy says:

    what the F are they i will sure NOT wear this

  66. Kez says:

    I almost peed myself laughing at everyone’s posts! What a great way to end my day!! Thanks SCers!!!

  67. Mikey says:

    I remember wearing these in the 80s as well…what were we thinking then? To have them come back ‘in style’ is just WRONG!!!

  68. kathyo says:

    Glad I decided to read everyone else’s comments on these things! I enjoyed the laugh!! My sister was in Italy last summer and everyone was wearing them with open toe booties. Europeans can get away with most fashion statements and not get laughed at. Actually, they’d be great for smuggling things into the country..no need for a carry-on!

  69. Alex89 says:

    I saw similar pants at the Lululemon Lab last week. I don’t like them but then there are a lot of other styles I don’t like either.

    Having said that, they’re NOT the ugliest pants I’ve seen.

  70. Cindy says:

    Absolutely not! I have a habit of buying tights that are the wrong size for me. I’d buy a small (because all my requirements fit in that box) but really I’m a medium. The small is too short so although it fits, the crotch area ofthe nylons are 5 inches below my actual crotch and that is NOT something I want people to see! And these pants remind me exactly of it!

    Although these would be a great alternative to those guys who like to wear their jeans very low…at least these will stay on AND stay low!

  71. SmyleyBears says:

    WOW…who in their right mind would slap those on? If I wanted to wear a diaper I would borrow one of my daughters…No Way these are making it into my closet…NOT EVEN IF YOU PAID ME!…lol.

  72. Martha says:

    you can search for images on google with the words HAREM PANTS. I believe this is the correct name for these horrific things :S

  73. Clyde says:

    Only a straight person could have designed these. A gay designer would shoot himself before admitting he designed these.

  74. They look like Parachute Pants, with a slimmer line …like a Parachute Tight ….HORRID

  75. Debbie says:

    You gotta be kiddin’ me

  76. Pat says:

    no freaking way!

  77. Valerie says:

    If they are a dollar and you need fabric for some arts&crafts… buy them.

  78. Jen says:

    When I was in Europe last year they were all the rage there! I knew it was only a matter of time before they crossed the border…ewww!

  79. Sarah says:

    I will say that I’d never wear these, but then again, I’ve worn cloths that I said I would never wear! lol

  80. Andra says:

    Hurray!!!!!!!!!1 I’m in fashion!!!! The pants I wear for gardening and feeding the sheep are quite like this. The bumps at the side are caused by my gardening gloves in the pocket!! Who knew that I would be so in vogue in my back yard (where nobody can see me)?

  81. samantha says:

    no way! I guess if people are going to wear them there will be a sharp decline in camel toe!

  82. amy says:

    um i dont think theyre all that bad you could just roll the waist down to get rid of the saggyness and i think it would look alright. Plus guys you cant talk about how disgusting these look untill you learn how to pull up your own pants us ladies do not want to see you underwear……. it’s not cool!

  83. mary says:

    I’d wear them…..for a price….a really high price….they couldn’t afford to pay me that much but if they could…I’d totally wear them!!! 😉

  84. Tracy says:

    Can we say ugly! it looks like they put a shirt on their legs.

  85. SueK says:

    Thank you so much for the laugh of the day. I can’t believe anyone in any country would wear these. Kinda’ explains why it’s all going to crap in Europe if this is what people are spending their money on. I kept looking back at them trying to figure out their whole point. BTW – saggy pants on men – another BAD look (unless the point IS to look immensely overweight).

  86. Jaedan says:

    Ummm… exactly WHERE would you wear them? I can’t believe any designer would create something like that. Isn’t the whole point to make clothes that flatter the figure? Unless of course the model is actually that shape….. poor girl.

  87. Shannon says:

    I’m travelling to Europe in 3 weeks. Now I’m afraid I will be totally out of fashion. The locals will certainly be able to identify this tourist by the lack of parachute pants.

  88. Nicole says:

    This is a bad combo of mc hammer pant combined with some weird legging. Yuck. As gross as it might sound it looks like someone had an accident.

  89. Dee says:

    Who designed these? Were they having a bad day? Did the creative juices flow the wrong way or maybe not at all! Does someone actually sell them?

  90. mist_ynight says:

    lol they look like baggy long underwear to me. Who would ever wear these?

  91. Ditto says:

    I bet it’s uncomfortable to walk in… aside from all the weird looks you’d be getting.

  92. selina says:

    yes i would wear them..in fact i have a black one..and i have weared them so many times… itz a nic pant..if u know how to put make it a good outfit..

  93. selina says:

    people, people itz fashionable…now fashion is changing…

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