Canada’s the most expensive country to own a cell phone? You better believe it!

Have you ever made the face above after receiving your monthly cell phone bill? Well, I definitely have, but that ended a couple of years ago after I threatened to leave my dog-logo telecommunications company.

(It wasn’t an empty threat either because I did my homework, calling all the competitors, to do a price comparison. With this information, I told said company that I was able to get a deal elsewhere.)

After I said the magic words, “I’m leaving”, I was passed onto a supervisor and put on a special retention plan. 🙂

My old plan was $25 for 200 daytime minutes, free after 7pm, and on weekends. Not terribly bad per se, but after all the features were added + lovely taxes = over $30. And for what? Not much.

My new plan is $17 for 200 daytime minutes, free after 5pm, and on weekends. Plus since they screwed up a bill, they threw in 100 free text messages/month for a year.

Since I’m not much of a gabber, I don’t need more than my plan provides. HOWEVER, Call Display would be nice, but I’m not willing to pay $8/month (+ taxes) for that 1 feature. I’m also unwilling to spend $11/month (+ taxes) for the Call Display/Call Waiting/Voice mail package.

I find these charges to be highway robbery and Call Display, at least, should be free. An Aussie friend of mine told me that all those features are included in his monthly cell phone bill. I asked a couple of friends who live in Asia and they said that an average plan usually includes 300-500 free texts/month.

So when I heard a recent news story, similar to this one from the Toronto Sun, reporting that Canadians pays the highest cell phone bills, it wasn’t a surprise to me!

I’m sure that the majority of high school kids now have either an iPhone (4s) or at least some kind of Smartphone. And I don’t even want to know how much their plans are with Data, texting, and stuff like Facebook/Twitter.

Unless you run your own business, I don’t think it’s necessary to pay for a Data Plan. Sure, it’s convenient to have, but I don’t want to become one of those people who cross the street with their head tilted down, go to dinner while both my partner and myself are on our separate devices, &/or a customer who proceeds through the cash while snickering about something posted on Facebook.

So how much do you pay for your cell phone bill? Have you ever tried lowering your monthly bill by talking to your cell phone provider? And if the data on the news stories is correct, is there anything we can do as a country of cell phone users to LOWER our costs?

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  1. roseofblack25 says:

    I have a smart phone but am currently on pay as you go. Data doesn’t work since I don’t have a pricey plan. At first I didn’t think I would miss having it but I do.The one time I needed directions (and wanted to use google maps on my phone) was the day I discovered that the carrier lied to me and that data wasn’t “pay for what you use” unless you actually had a $50+ data plan. What a difference in answers you can get talking to two different people from the same company! I was originally told that I could remain a pay as you go customer and just pay per mb of data used. Then got the run around before finally being told oh you have a smart phone so to use everything you need to pay $50+ but we recommend the $65/month plan…bahaha yeah right seeing as I only use about $100 a year on my phone right now on pay as you go. I can get wifi pretty much anywhere so I don’t miss data unless I am traveling and forgot my map!

    I’m considering wind mobile, but I’m not sure if I am able to bring my phone over to that carrier. They seem to have the best smart phone deals and I don’t plan on having a house phone since I’m never home so I will be using my cell phone a lot more.

  2. amycanada77 says:

    HAHAHA that picture is so awesome – totally looks like my parents faces when they first saw my little sisters cell phone bill years ago!

  3. Irf says:

    The answer is very simple: Stop giving all your money to the Big Three (Rogers, Bell, Telus) and their phony sub-brands (Koodoo, Fido, Chattr, etc).

    These companies just keep getting fatter and fatter because Canadians refuse to shop around for a better value. RoBellUs keep raising their prices because people keep paying. Their prices are purposely set around the same level so that there is very little competition happening. They’re fat and happy with their oligopoly.

    There are other choices, like Wind Mobile, that provide far superior value. Since they are a smaller carrier, they are not suitable for everyone. But if you can switch, you should. It’s the only way to send a message to the Big 3 that it’s time for some competition.

    Wind has had some amazing specials over the last year. If you acted at the right time, you would have a grandfathered plan with unlimited local, unlimited long distance in canada, unlimited data, unlimited texting all for $40 a month, No contract.

    People need to wake up and stop falling for the anti-deals that Rogers keeps pushing (oh wow, free Xbox 360??? Great, but you have to commit to 3 years of paying them exorbitant rates. That’s a non-deal to fool people who can’t use logic and math.)

    There are better deals out there for telephone, internet, and cellular. People need to stop being lazy and shop around. Oh, and Wind needs to start building their LTE network so that they can finally support the next iPhone, that will be a game changer right there.

    Also, look at the iPad LTE data plans that RoBellUs offer. They are PATHETIC. Why not get a cheaper iPad with only WiFi and a Wind data hotspot? That way multiple wifi devices can use your unlimited data, and it’s way cheaper than paying for the same data usage with RoBellUs.

    Do the math, Canada. Cut your ties to the Big 3.

  4. anon says:

    A data plan is very handy, and not for being rude during social interactions…checking e-mail while commuting is one way of making productive what otherwise is a waste of time for one thing, whether you own your own business or not…when I’m travelling out of town it is also a great tool for finding maps, stores, etc. ‘on the go’ (without having to pre-plan every single moment ahead of time)…but cell phone bills are ridiculously expensive. My current voice+data is $75 a month, my contract expires this month so I’m hoping to get a better deal somehow. I’ve noticed Rogers and Bell plans classify evening talking as 9pm or later now, what happened to 6pm! I’m sure most people talk before 9, another way to get more money, grr!!!

  5. Carla says:

    Just paid an $83 bill for two phones, our plan is really basic and a retention plan and yet it is time to get rid of one, because it’s just too expensive and we really only have them for emergencies, we can make do sharing.

  6. Alexa222 says:

    I pay $120/month for my cell phone alone, it’s an absolute joke considering I use maybe 100 minute max of talking time a month. My plan has to be that high though so I can have enough data on my phone that I don’t go over. I have recieved $400 bills because I’ve over used my data which I think is ridicoulous.. Why even have a smart phone if this is the case. I don’t own a computer & therefore don’t have to pay for Internet, my original logic was that I was saving money by just using my phone however the bills I recieve are 3 or more x more than what an Internet bill would be. So I think it’s time to give up on the smartphone, it’s a fantastic piece of technology but the fact that I can’t get a plan under $50/month with my company makes it hard to justify.

  7. Adora says:

    The low population density of Canada makes the overhead very expensive for many businesses. Hong Kong, with extremely high density, is always very cheap with cellphones. Fewer infrastructure is needed to offer the services.
    It sucks, but that’s Canada. Some part of the US (Native American settlements) don’t even get internet, you know.

  8. masid says:

    40 bucks a month for unlimited CANADA WIDE talk, text, data, email EVERYTHING and not a penny more. I switched to a new company just over 2 years ago when they launched in canada and love love love love them. No more crazy 300 dollar bills for ummm? roaming? random fee? from Rogers… i loathe rogers.

  9. masid says:

    oh and i have voicemail, call display and call waiting

  10. Stephanie says:

    At one time husband and I were paying over $200 a month for our shared cell phone plan. Mind you, hubby spends almost all waking hours a day with his iPhone at his ear …

  11. I have a cell phone paid for by my employer – its on the WIND network. Unlimited minutes and unlimited data plus unlimited US and Canadian long distance for $50 per month. Not sure if anyone can beat that, but they are only in a few cities.

    Only downside to WIND is if you use your phone in one of the areas they don’t cover (example – if I travelled to US) I would pay 25 cents per minute.

  12. Mel says:

    easy, go with prepaid! 🙂 I’m a teen and I only spend 100$ per YEAR compared to friends who spend 4-5 times that much!

  13. matrix82 says:

    -100 daytime minutes (including canada wide long distance)
    -50 text messages
    -voicemail, caller id, call display etc
    -unlimited after 7 including canadawide long distance

    That is with Koodo. It works for me considering that I work during the day, so I don’t need a lot of daytime minutes. I love having long distance as I use that instead of having a long distance plan on my home phone.

  14. mamajules says:

    my husband pays $25/month FLAT for unlimited calling & text (ingoing and outgoing) its the best plan for us since we have no use for data while we are out even though we have facebook and check emails constantly in my opinion data is a waste of money, just look or check for whatever you want when you get home this plan is with WIND and since joining them i will never join anyone else because its a waste of money, he also gets call display and call waiting, the only thing he doesnt have is voicemail but the way we think about it is: if its THAT important they will call back, also if he misses a call (i.e. his phone is off or just plain missed it) he gets a text message saying that said person tried to call him anyways! wind is worth it! $25 A MONTH awesome awesome awesome lol

  15. Andrew says:

    “Unless you run your own business, I don’t think it’s necessary to pay for a Data Plan”


  16. Emily says:

    im not sure what this has to do with freebies or good deals… seems a little out of place to me

  17. Laura says:

    I was paying around $25 for Rogers my5 (unlimited text and call to 5 people) but it really wasn’t convenient at all, so when we went to cancel, they lowered it to around $12!! After the contract ended with that phone, I got an android with Bell and they lowered the price from $25 to $20. I now have unlimited text and not sure how many minutes, but I have never gone over. I also have access to the internet when in a WiFi zone (that’s all I need since the mall, mcdonalds, etc. all have WiFi!), so it’s technically a smartphone, but without the crazy price 🙂

  18. christine says:

    How’s the reception on Wind Mobile? Canada-wise?

  19. parent says:

    am with WIND and don’t recommend anyone to switch to it, very unreliable and week phone lines keep cutting off ,very annoying ,and their tech support don’t know anything!

  20. ilovegratis says:

    I am currently with one one of the bigger companies on their City Plan, for $35 plus tax and an extra $9 to get voice mail, call display etc. I dont get data (which sucks) and I hate being on a contract.

    Luckily my contract is about to expire and I am planning to switch to Wind. If I end up not liking Wind the good thing is that I will not be on a contract and can go somewhere else. I will be paying the just about the same amount but will get unlimited data, so that is my bonus.

    @parent, I have heard different stories about Wind and I am sure as they grow they will end up getting better. I used to hear the same problems way back in the day with Telus.

  21. jay says:

    I pay $20 a month on pay as you go fido. this includes 100MB data a month, unlimited texting, call display, voice mail, and call waiting. Also i pay 30 cents a minute to talk on the phone, which I only use about 20 minutes a month. So its about $27-$28 a month total with taxes and i get 10% back in fido dollars 🙂 I love making fun of the people who sign 3 year contracts and pay $60-$80 a month lol

  22. Trish says:

    I pay $50 per month, my husband pays $150. Both of us use our phones lots. We have limited service providers in rural alberta, very frustrating.

  23. Eric says:

    Though I had a pay-as-you-go back in 2000 for a little while, it wasn’t until I worked for said “dog-logo” company that I got a cell phone for real use. Since we were a call center and not an actual Fido location, no discount :(. Either way, I got the minimalist plan of 50 mins / 50 texts for $15. Never have I gone over, it’s just used for quick calls and emergencies.

  24. maryse says:

    I don’t have a cell phone… if I need to call from outside home, I use a public phone with my Videotron card that charge my call on my land phone bill.

  25. JennAnn says:

    My monthly cell bill with one of the big 3 – Robellus – was about $75 +tax a month, if I curtailed my phone use and did not make any long distance calls. I now pay $40+ tax for unlimited calling, texting, data, long distance, free voice mail, call waiting, call display, call forwarding. On the very rare occasions when I am outside the GTA, Hamilon, Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph/Cambridge, it may add a couple of dollars to my total.

    Last week my internet went down for a whole day. I turned my cell phone into a portable hot spot, and used my laptop all day to surf, chat, email, do banking, play games, etc, as if I was on my home network. This will not affect my cell phone bill at all.

    I don’t understand why so many people let themselves get ripped off by Robellus, when they could dramatically cut their cell phone bills by moving to Wind Mobile. There is no contract. You can get a free phone on your Wind Tab, and each month 10% of your invoice will be applied to reduce your Wind Tab balance. If you decide to leave Wind, just pay the balance owing on your phone. Any balance after 36 months will be erased. There are no penalties for leaving at any time.

    The highest my Wind Mobile cell phone bill has ever been is $46, as I was on vacation in the States that month, and used my cellphone to stay in touch with family in Canada. If I am out in a park with my WiFi iPad,I can give it an internet connection through my Wind smartphone. No need to pay for a separate data plan for my iPad. I love being able to use my cell phone wherever and whenever I want. This is total freedom ! This is liberating!

    The voice quality is the best I have ever had from any cell phone company. I have had no problems at all with Wind. I would not be surprised if some representatives of Robellus have posted bogus negative reports about Wind Mobile, as they are not only losing customers to Wind, but if Wind continues to grow and prosper, Robellus will be forced to lower their rates to compete.

    If Canadians just wake up and switch to Wind Mobile, Robellus will have to lower their rates. Come on people, wake up !

  26. Brenda says:

    I switched from Telus prepaid flip phone to a Koodo Android phone and only pay $5 more per month.For $20 a month (plus tax) I get 50 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited text messages, and some other stuff I don’t worry about. Me and my boyfriend bought our phones at the same time, on the same bill so we have unlimited Canada-wide calling to each other which is awesome since he’s the only one I call anyways. I use wifi for all my online stuff so I don’t have data. Been really happy with service and call quality too.

    Ps. Koodo is owned by Telus so if you’re trying to get away from the big 3 its not happening. I find it strange that the same company can have such a price range.

  27. Me says:

    I pay $11.50/month for my phone – I don’t bother with a plan, & I put a $10 phone card on it every month.
    You can do 90% of things through the internet, so there’s no point in having a phone other than for emergencies (I also don’t have a home phone either)

  28. Me says:

    Oh, & I also get call display for free, along with voicemail (only 3, but it’s all I need)

  29. jason says:

    Well we like new gadgets and we will pay anything to have it and be cool . I just use my phone for texting and emergencies . I paid $50 for my phone and pay $12.50 a month for unlimited texting and about 5-7 mins a month to talk for emergencies. i dont need those new expensive phones. Also canada is known for taking it up the you know what because we like it

  30. Jonathan says:

    Telus + AllDayTalk. No contract, unlimited anytime incoming/outgoing calls, unlimited long distance to most major Canadian cities, voicemail, caller Id. Costs $15/month plus tax. I’ve been doing this for 2 years now.

  31. melis84 says:

    I used to live in the UK and I paid 10 pounds (~$20) every 6 weeks for unlimited texting, and I forget how many minutes of calling. 6 cents a minute to Canada, 23 cents a minute in UK after my limit. I can not BEAR to pay for cell phone plans in Canads and so I don’t have a cell phone.

  32. Alyssa says:

    The reception on Wind and the non-big 3s are terrible and not worth the price. A friend of mine couldn’t get reception in his own house. I would hate to be in an emergency and not be able to connect to anyone.

    “Unless you run your own business, I don’t think it’s necessary to pay for a Data Plan”


    ^ I agree. I text over 2000 messages a month, and the way my family keeps in touch is through BBM for free. BBM would be impossible without a data plan.

  33. roseofblack25 says:

    Does anyone know if the wind 25 plan will work with smartphones? I’m seriously considering that plan since it’s the cheapest I have found so far and I don’t need a ton of data.

  34. KK7 says:

    I only pay 20.00 per month for unlimted talking amongst other users(my mom, my kids and me) for free, unlimted texting and not sure about the min don’t do much calling

  35. mysteryshopr says:

    Mobilicity. 40 a month, unlimited voice, text, data, north american long distance

    Good phone selection(no iphone though)

    Tend to lose signal when leaving highrise for a few minutes, which can be frustrating, but overall a pleased customer. Switched from rogers, cause after the old man died(Ted Rogers) their company and customer service went down hill. big time.

  36. Marina says:

    I pay $12/month -Mobilicity. The coverage is not everywhere and quality is not good, but it’s the cheapest price.

  37. pink_panda says:

    i have a retention plan from company “woof woof”.

    it’s $45 plus tax:

    200 daytime min.
    unlimited incoming
    1000 evenings and weekends
    unlimited text and picture messaging
    caller id
    visual voicemail

    now my plan is not the CHEAPEST (i want it to be a bit lower), however, it’s very good compare to new customers. i have a $10 discount on my plan.

    i would say, if you’re with one of the Big 3’s call them up and see if they can give you discounts/retention plan (example, free caller id for one year. that’s about $100 of savings).

  38. C says:

    Honestly, Wind has been great. Yeah, sometimes the service is spotty, but it’s getting better every day. For $40 unlimited Canada, US, talk, text and data it can’t be beat- plus you’re not locked in to a contract. Also, I’ve had great experiences with their CSRs in the store, so all in all, no complaints. If you live in a WIND zone and rarely use your cell out of one then I honestly think they’re the way to go!

  39. missxhillary says:

    im with telus and have a blackberry with 1 gb of data, day time minutes, free after 6 and on weekends, call display and all the little perks i need. i pay for it though, my cell phone bill each month is roughly 82$ which im completely happy with considering when i was with rogers, i was robbed blind and my first bill was 900$ due to one of there sales personel’s mistakes, after months of trying to pay that off, i said enoughs enough, left rogers..

  40. Carla says:

    If you are like me and don’t care about getting a fancy new phone, and don’t mind the contract, when your contract is up you can forgo the new phone and use that to get a lower rate.

  41. Mandy465 says:

    If your with Rogers the value packs with call display and voicemail are 50 percent off for the rest of your contract if you add it soon. So 6.40 a month for call display, name display and voicemaill. You have to call and ask for the value pack for 50 percent off. The deal was suppose to expire but they continued it because it was so popular! My friend works for Rogers call centre

  42. Angie says:

    My husband and I pay $120/month for our two smart phones with data plans; we are with Bell. I feel like I’m getting raped up the a$$ every time the bill comes!

  43. Gazpache says:

    I only pay $10 a month for mine, but then I’m a pay as you go. I couldn’t justify spending a minimum of $30 a month on a cell phone that might get used 2-3 times a month. I get laughed at because of my phone too cause it’s so old. It’s from 2004.. and I have no plans to upgrade because there’s nothing wrong with my phone. It makes calls which is all I need it to do!

  44. Rene says:

    I play about $35 a month with Koodo on a non-smart phone plan. Thinking of switching to the iphone, but on a 3-year term, it’s $65 a month, most of which I won’t use. Hopefully iPhones get some deals going!

  45. Rene says:

    Er…pay! hahaha

  46. kim says:

    Ah!!!I was leaving in mexico for 8 years,and there cell phone are really expensive!!Also,if you call to a cell phone from your house phone,they charge you!!!!

  47. tester says:

    big 3 is the worst… but honestly you were being ripped off with your old plan stephania, at 17 your plan is better but next time you are up for renewal ask for more (like caller id, call waiting, etc).

    i switched over to mobilicity just recently – big 3 could not match this so there was nothing they could do.

    25 – unlimited talk, text, data and 25 credit for porting my number over, plus when i bought the phone they gave me 70 visa gift card.

    i’m on the border of Mississauga and have had no problem with reception thus far.

  48. mastersaver says:

    You are doing yourself a real disservice if you dont call you phone company and try to get a retention plan. I get $30 off regular price with my retention plan. ~45 month, 1 gb data, unlm evening 500 wkday mins, cid, vm unlmt incoming., unlmt rogers 2 rogers was going to switch but they offered me this and an $750 phone so that kinda made it worth it to me. I travel for work alot in rural areas where im sure id have no wind coverage.
    I never thought I wanted data until I got it and now i dont know how i ever lived without it!

  49. mastersaver says:

    CRTC is letting us get screwed on cell plans. In US and most other countries there are not allowed to have 3 yr contracts, were banned in UK last year. Friend told me in hong kong they get a new phone every year. Internet and cell phone, canadians pay the most for in the world… thanks CRTC really looking out for us

  50. Michelle says:

    $100/year on prepaid with a smartphone. Wifi’s pretty common now, so I don’t need data.

    1 cent evenings and weekends for calls, 39 cents otherwise, but I mostly text ($5 for 250/month as an add-on), so that’s not an issue. Caller ID is included.

  51. farah says:

    with mobilicity $25 unlimited talk text and data with caller id:D never been happier!!!

  52. ann says:

    I pay $17 a month from FIDO.
    200 minutes
    unlimited incoming call
    caller ID
    50 text
    unlimited evenings and weekends as well.
    dont have any data plan even though i have samsung galaxy. i use internet often when im hone =).. i think i do have a great deal with that. give fido a call tell them your going to switch your provider and they will offer you great cheap prices.thats what i did. i used to pay 52 a month with the same smart CANADA.dont waste your money. ACT FAST.=)

  53. I told you says:

    Get rid of the CRTC and foreign ownership rules….that’s how Canada can lower our bills.

  54. slide says:

    Me and wifey’s shared cel plan, $54 + tax

    700 shared outgoing minutes
    1000 incoming minutes each
    unlimited nights/weekends 6pm-7am
    100 minutes Canadian long distance each
    unlimited text
    Caller ID, voicemail
    free calls to wifey
    No Data – we’re usually in a wifi zone

    Cel plans are expensive.

  55. Rk86 says:

    I’m with rogers pay as you go, $5/mo for text msg plan, if i need internet i think its $5/week oe $1 for a day, and a bit in calls. Usually use up $80-120 a year. no need for an expensive plan

  56. Missy says:

    i have a retention plan with bell. its $49.95 plus tax. i get 200 daytime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends that start at 6, unlimited text with pictures and videos, my ten national (those ten are unlimited calls, text etc and i probably call less than 10 people), voicemail, call forwarding and 1g of data. not bad.

  57. francine1985 says:

    we pay about 200$ a month for 2 cell phones (both including data and extra text messages), high speed internet, home phone (which we are going to cancel since we don’t use it anymore), and cable (one of the bigger packages with the movie networks and a few individual channels added on as well). although dh works for the company so we get 50% off our bill.

  58. FARHEE says:


  59. joline says:

    All I can say is I wish that there was some sort of mandate on the cell phone providers. Every month I get the email that my cell bill is ready to be viewed, I vomit a bit in my mouth. I have tried every way but backwards to get a lower bill. I’ve been with the big R company for 12 years – yep, I’ve had the same cell number for 12 YEARS and they don’t offer any sort of loyalty program….at least they claim they don’t when I call them asking to talk to their loyalty program. We pay $165 each and every month for an iphone with data and a blackberry with data. We try to use landlines as much as we can and we still end up somehow going over our minutes every month – I hate Rogers, and when our contract is up, we are gone! Accept, I don’t know where to go. I hate Telus more – don’t even get me started on these guys. I’ve been with Rogers for as long as I have been because of my hatred for Telus.
    My parents have had the absolute worst experience with Bell, and their horror stories lead me away from that company. I won’t deal with Fido…I might as well stay with Rogers. I might try Wind Mobile, but my husband uses his phone for business, so he has to be reachable no matter where he is, so if they don’t have adequate reception as of yet, we cannot go with them yet.

  60. misskitty_79 says:

    I’m w/ Fido right now & get 150 daytime minutes, unlimited evenings (after 5pm), weekends & texts, call display, call answer & voice mail. All for $25+tx/month.
    I’m planning on upgrading to an iPhone sometime soon though, which means I’ll have to start looking at getting a data plan. I might have to switch to Public Mobile in order to be able to afford it…

  61. Emma says:

    Canada’s prepaid plans are laughable. When I was in the US, prepaid means you only pay on the days you use plus the time.

    In Canada, it doesn’t matter how many days you used you have to pay everyday which is more expensive than the budget monthly service.

    Mind bloggling!!

  62. Kevlar says:

    I am with Koodo and pay $25/month for my plan which gives me 50 minutes per month and that’s it. However, I also pay an additional $10/month for unlimited texting, call display and voice mail (which I don’t even use). Call display alone would have been $8, which I refuse to pay, but without it, I’d go over the 50 minutes/month because of all the friggin’ wrong numbers. For data, it was an additional $5/month for up to 5MB… you can use 5MB for one download so I shut data off and cancelled the data plan.. that is the biggest rip off, aside from texting charges, that cell providers charge you for. Friends in the states pay less than what I pay a month for basic and texting and they get unlimited data. You think we get screwed in Canada.. you bet!!!!
    Previous to Koodo, I was with Rogers and I’ll NEVER deal with them (or Bell who is was with before Rogers) ever again. When I decided to leave both companies, they didn’t even try to keep me as a customer so that tells you something about them!

  63. Andreas says:

    Speakout from 7-Eleven. Everything can e done online now so there’s no need for a local store. Multiple plans.

  64. Candy says:

    Irf, you have some great suggestions, however, WIND isn’t available to everyone yet. I’m in a rural area, and it doesn’t cover me.

    Prior to Rogers, I was with a different (non-big 3 or its subsidiaries) which wasn’t half bad, HOWEVER, as a mom who is on the road A LOT, the majority of my locations were considered long distance, so I was using up double and triple minutes (some of my calls were routed over an hour away before being sent back to my home town, only 10 minutes away). This was unacceptable.

    So, in a search to try to find a better rates and a better service provider, I found that my non-smartphone was actually going to cost me MORE money than a 3-year term with one of the big 3, AND I actually have a smartphone now, not a “half to press a button 3 times to get a letter” phone.

    I have had some concerns about the free features that are included in my plan, and when I have called, my new provider has been more than happy to oblige and reduce my rates for me.

    As for me, I’m sticking with one of the big-3. They have been reliable, friendly, helpful, and have made every effort possible to accommodate my requests.

  65. Carlotta says:

    “If Canadians just wake up and switch to Wind Mobile, Robellus will have to lower their rates. Come on people, wake up !”

    You might think that the GTA is the center of the universe, but not everyone has access to Wind Mobile. And since the BIG 3 are the only companies that can provide coverage in the majority of places in Canada, the majority of us are stuck with them.

    “I agree. I text over 2000 messages a month, and the way my family keeps in touch is through BBM for free. BBM would be impossible without a data plan.”

    You are wrong about this. I just cancelled my Data Plan and still have unlimited text AND unlimited BBM. It also has MY10 (unlimited local and long distance to 10 numbers), 200 daytime minutes and unlimited weekend minutes after 6 p.m. It costs me $30/month. I’m not sure HOW I still have BBM without a data plan, but believe me… I do! It was a Rogers promotion last month and when I called about it, even the CSR argued with me until I read the promotional offer word for word to him over the phone.

  66. Lisa says:

    I was with Rogers and finally after 3 years cancelled and now with Wind with NO CONTRACT, unlimited talk text and data for $40 a month!!! Also I get free long distance in Canada!!!! How cool is that? I will NEVER go back to Rogers or Telus again! Why would I?? I haven’t had any problems with the reception and it’s been wonderful! YAY! MONEY IN MY POCKET! :):):)

  67. Tj says:

    Wind Mobile , Mobilicity and Public Mobile re the way to go . Their pre-paid plans are the exact same as their post paid plans , so you never get a shock when your bill comes. Their plans are also much cheaper than the big 3 .

  68. Aatlaantis says:

    “You might think that the GTA is the center of the universe, but not everyone has access to Wind Mobile”

    SO TRUE!

  69. RD says:

    I’m in agreement with Andreas. I switched to Speakout and only pay $20/month for what I need. Haven’t looked back since.

  70. Canmore mom says:

    I don’t live in a major city so I can’t do wind mobile….although I would love to! I am with Rogers only because I bought a friends’ phone and assumed his plan, which was an emergency type of $10 month. Once the contract was up I got a new upgraded phone and I asked for the my5 plan. Spend over 2 hrs over 2 calls for them to try and get the plan….by the end of the call they couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t give it to me. In the end, I went to retention, they gave me 250 daytime, 1000 long distance, 150 in/100 outgoing texts plus CD and VM….all for $10/month plus tax and fees! I have now cancelled my stupid home phone and will see if I go over on my cell plan….can’t imagine that I will.

  71. worldgirl says:

    I also love Speakout. I spend a fraction of what I used to.

  72. Mary in Michigan says:

    I live in Michigan, USA. I have 5 Samsung Replenish cell phones through Sprint. Sprint currently has a great offer until I believe May 12th. If you get the same phone on a 2 year plan, it’s FREE and will include the free everything data plan. Sure, it’s not an iPhone but with 5 phones with data, getting it free saves a ton of cash. I do carry insurance at $8.00 per line since 3 phones are owned by my kids. I pay about $240.00 a month total which is not too bad considering I’ll never pay for any overages.

  73. Kluv says:

    a great website I’ve used many times is compare cellular dot com – you can tell it where you live, and it filters what’s available for your area, then you can look at plans and then hardware too… Sometimes there are recently announced specials it doesn’t yet know about, but it’s been very helpful to narrow down the options which are aplenty. Try paying for 2 teens and 2 adults who all “need” the latest technology and lots of texts and data etc. etc….. it is amazing technology as long as you don’t get hit with roaming charges.

  74. wilson1643 says:

    There is talk here in Nova Scotia of trying to get rid of the high cancellations fees and impose a 50.00 cap, I hope it goes through and I’m sure if it does it will spread Canada wide. I am with R for another 17 months or until this law comes into effect:)

  75. Lisa says:

    I did a lot of research into cell phone plans before upgrading to a smartphone. If you’re savvy and don’t mind jumping through a few hoops, you can do it pretty cheap. I have an entry android smartphone – which I rooted (legal) and therefore I can manage my space and add far more to the phone that I would have been able to do otherwise. I am with Virgin pay-as-you-go. I pay $.30 a minute for calls since I’ve been with them for a while now. I have caller id and voicemail included, which also converts to text for me so I don’t have to pay to ring up voicemail to see who called. I try not to make any calls through Virgin, but rather, I have a $10.00 plan for 100MB of data. I will use Skype – either using wifi or data and it costs about three cents a minute for calls to a landline or mobile without Skype. Free if the receiver is also using Skype. I text free using TextMe app – and no, all your friends don’t have to be using it for it to work.

    I make most of my calls from home. Much as I don’t love Bell, I would never be without a landline after needing it during a power outage, where cell phones didn’t work because of tower overload. I like not being easily accessible when I’m out and about. Hardly ever is there anything that “can’t wait,” or can’t be handled simply through a text or two.

    This way enables me to use my smartphone when I’m out to check email, use the GPS when necessary, look up phone numbers, address, etc., have a phone for emergency use, while still making some calls all within a great monthly budget. At home on wifi, it costs nothing!

  76. Tavis Xavier says:

    I’m with Wind.

    Unlimited calling in Canada/USA
    Unlimited global text messaging
    Unlimited data
    Caller ID

    Only $45.00 a month.

  77. roseofblack25 says:

    @Lisa I have to say you are amazing! I’m on Virgin as well pay as you go with a smartphone (that I won through them). I have been told once by a rep that I could get a data add on then told twice by two other reps that I couldn’t. You just confirmed that I should be able to get the $10 a month one like I have been trying to get since December!

    I also have the free texting apps because I text a lot and am on wifi when I am at home so it works. The times that I am gone and don’t have wifi or data is when I pay to text. The only thing I don’t like is if I am gone for long periods of time without wifi I can’t retrieve messages from those free apps currently because of the no data thing.

  78. Jane says:

    I’m with the dog company as well, and I switched from prepaid to monthly a year ago. I got a pretty good plan of $25 including 200 minutes, unlimited incoming, unlimited after 5pm, unlimited world wide texting, caller id and voicemail. I also have a smartphone but I don’t have a data plan since I am either at a place with wi-fi or in the subway.

  79. Malixy says:

    I was with rogers for years and got sick of opening my phone bill and finding it to be 30$ over pretty much every time. And I already had an expensive plan to begin with. I left as soon as my horrid 3 year contract expired. They were rather rude to me on the phone when I told them I’m not interested that I have no interest in paying them any more money for horrible plans. They seemed pretty certain I would come back when I told them I plan to get a service with Wind, and even went so far as to tell me a few things about the company that in my experience weren’t true. I haven’t had any problems with their customer service (not any more then Rogers anyway). I’m currently paying 32$ a month (taxes included) for a plan that includes unlimited anytime minutes, unlimited text msging and data plan. I’ve had this service with wind since August and so far I am much happier with the price and service then rogers. Never had an extra charge on my phone bill, easy payment system. The phone selection they have isnt amazing but I have Nokia 7, the touchscreen one, and I’ve had a problem with it twice, when the screen got stuck, and I couldn’t answer the phone until i restarted it. But other then that, no issues.

  80. Lisa says:

    @roseofblack25 I signed up for the $10.00 data plan online with Virgin. When you sign on and you’re in your account area, there is a tab that says “services.” From here you can do text, data, and long distance add-ons. It takes effects within hours. Of course you need to call them to cancel the plan, but it’s as simple as that to add it on. Hope this helps! Lisa

  81. roseofblack25 says:

    Thank you Lisa I just checked it out and it shows there for me 🙂

    I can’t figure out why none of the reps I talked to would even tell me about this! I guess it’s their way of trying to get you on the $50/month plans ugh!

  82. Andrea says:

    I decided I would go with “pay as you go” which with Rogers is really a pile of BS as their definition means that a $20 prepaid expires at the end of each month…not really pay as you go…more like pay as Rogers wants you to pay. Then I found out that their $100 prepaid card is valid for a year. So far I estimate that I am paying roughly $14/mth which includes virtually free evening/weekends (0.01$) and call display. Texts are 0.20$ each. Fine for me. But then I am not someone who feels they have to be on the phone talking/texting every waking moment.

  83. Michiemee says:

    I’m with Mobilicity and have been since September 2011. It’s been great so far. $45 for an unlimited plan that includes unlimited incoming, outgoing as well as data, BBM and free Canada wide and US long distance. I talk with my sister in Florida for hours every few days and it does not cost anything extra. I text my family in the Caribbean and no extra charge there either. My only complaint is the weak signal is solid concrete buildings sometimes, but other than that it’s great. I live in Scarborough and don’t go out of the GTA much so it’s great for me and reception is excellent at home. I was with “Thief-us” for 4 years and paying over $120 for a family plan with limited add-ons…I would never go back to one of the big-3.

  84. Ashley says:

    I personally am with Telus and I’ve never had a problem. When ever I have had issues (we’re talking 3/4 in the past 5 years) it’s always been fixed. I pay 50/month and have pretty much unlimited everything and not being on rentention plan or anything. Big companies aren’t necessarily evil… well unless it’s Bell (horrible reception & prices) or Rogers (paying out the you know what). Some people just don’t know how to work around cell companies and/or have phones they can’t work and complain of being ripped off.

  85. I have an iPhone on a Pay as You Go phone. I have the data disabled on the phone, so it only connects to the internet where there is WiFi.

    I pay $20 a month total, for a Rogers My 5 plan with unlimited calls and texts to those 5 people, who are really all I ever call anyway. Those are any day/time unlimited. Other calls and texts I don’t know what I pay, because I don’t have many, so it is usually less than another $5.

    Rogers keeps calling me to get me to change my plan, to one with data for $50 or $60, but this plan is all I need.

  86. Oh, and I have call display included for that $20 a month.

  87. Yifan Zhang says:

    I’m with Rogers, on a Pay as you Go Plan.
    Socialite 20:
    unlimited text messages
    unlimited calling between 3-6pm daily
    100mb of data

    I bought an iPhone, so I can iMessage with other iPhones (which 80% of my friends have), meaning unlimited video and picture messaging too. For some reason they only charge me $15 a month for a $20 plan (???), but hey, I’m not complaining. I think it’s a pretty stellar plan, and it has everything I need.

  88. Ciel says:

    Sorry, I’m not using a cellphone. The prepaid long distance cards for landlines/public phones work for me when I want daytime long distance calls. The Bell First Rate plan has jumped the shark long ago as it does not offer US coverage with the monthly allotment of minutes.

    Walmart, PC, and Bell cards are about 4-5 cents per minutes for Canadian long distance. The service provider for all three brands is from Bell…

  89. Marie says:

    I used to pay $72 + tax for unlimited texts/unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and voicemail/caller ID. I decided to switch to Rogers because they had the student plan ( I was just going into my second year of post-sec) – $50 + 12 for the voicemail/caller ID package. The Rogers store manager said that I could call Rogers and get the $12 free because I’m a student. Anyway, it took literally an hour and a half to discuss and receive my $12 off! They finally did give it for free after also threatening to switch phone companies, BUT I still have to call at least 6 months to a year to update them that I am still a student to receive my $12 off! It’s quite ridiculous how we all have to pay so much for a phone!!

  90. John Newton says:

    The Canadian government works side by side with big business to screw Canadians out of every dollar they can. We pay government to protect us and yet Walmart now introduced a new credit card at 29%, it should never be allowed by government. Here in Costa Rica even eight year old children have cell phones, which are available for less than $8. per month and can be used counrty wide with no long distance charges.

  91. JAmes says:

    My cell costs $30 a month and I get unlimited text and an hour and a half of talk time a month. I do not find this excessive but I don’t use the text much anymore and rarely talk on the damn thing these days.

    I have no contract but there is an inferred contract says Bell and if I want to get rid of the phone I have to do it on the anniversary of my original contract.
    I have no interest in blowing $600.00 on an iohone or anything like it.
    I think I will go back to a pay as you go deal were it costs me $10.00 plus tax a month to have a working cellphone.


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