Canadian Coupons-Coupon for FREE Glade Candle(Printable) **HOT**

AWESOME COUPON! Print this coupon and receive a FREE glade scented oil candle tin! Hurry though because i am sure this one will go fast!

CLICK HERE to print your coupon!

*Thanks gotagetitfree! Excellent find!

35 responses to “Canadian Coupons-Coupon for FREE Glade Candle(Printable) **HOT**”

  1. Fuzzy_Navel says:

    Oh I

  2. Fuzzy_Navel says:

    Oh I am so frustrated! My coupon never printed and now it won’t let me try again. Arrg! Does anyone know how to fix this?

  3. cheapskate101 says:

    try clearing your cookies 🙂

  4. jbrow says:

    OMG these print a coupon a page! I had to cancel them because I can’t waste that much ink, especially since i’ve never used printable coupons around here yet.

  5. Lil says:

    I printed and the coupons’ fine print is really grainy…almost unreadable.

    I can’t reprint because the site won’t let me, even with cookies cleared.

    Could somebody please scan a copy? Trying to get the printer to spit out a ledgible coupon is really frusturating… >:(

  6. Cmoody says:

    Yeah they printed a coupon per page here too!

  7. aussie says:

    Same here!!! printed a WHOLE page!!!!! wonder if they will accept it??

  8. cheapskate101 says:

    i think daphne will be uploading it to a pdf soon so they will be small 🙂 well at least i hope!

  9. lbal2006 says:

    it did print a page per item coupon

  10. Steph says:

    It says I have already printed them…oh well my Walmart doesnt take any printable coupons anyway.

  11. Fuzzy_Navel says:

    Thanks for the suggestion cheapskate but it didn’t work. I think they keep track of IP addy.

    I just sent SCJohnson an email explaining how I wasn’t able to print mine. I doubt they will do anything though.

    I also just messaged daphne, in hopes she can make a pdf of these.
    They had other great coupons, it wasn’t just the glade candle.

  12. nicjosemm says:

    Thanks, i printed mine.

  13. cheapskate101 says:

    i messaged her too LOL she’ll have a million messages from us scers haha

  14. MaricrisMas says:

    a whole page is such a waste…and it’s annoying that I can’t choose the “Fast Draft” option or “Print in Grayscale” :S

  15. jojos_n_kelowna says:

    I emailed SC Johnson to say their coupons are printing HUGE and that I cancelled my print job…I’m asking them to send me a link to normal sized coupons…who knows if I’ll hear back but I will advise the group.

  16. godvchaos says:

    do these make you use the coupon printer program??

  17. nis says:

    yay it worked
    but yeah, each ‘coupon’ is a full page document.

  18. moi says:

    As soon as a pop-up came ‘download to print’
    I canceled it
    NOT worth it
    and having a download on my computer I dont want:(

    THanks anyway:)

  19. Erica says:

    who cares if it prints the whole page. these candles definetly smell good.

  20. Natalka says:

    Nothing printed for me. ARGH!

  21. Natalka says:

    Ok, I fiddled, and it finally let me print. Would only work if selecting one coupon at a time, and the printer took a lot of time to ‘think’ – so I don’t know if that fault is the site, my computer, or my printer…

  22. abfab says:

    i accidentally sent to the wrong printer. i tried deleting cookies but that doesn’t work. i think the info is saved with my profile. i hope they respond to my email.

  23. spice_43 says:

    I can’t get them to print… It won’t bring up the prompt to install Active X…

  24. Purdee says:

    Does anyone had a PDF? I can’t print it at home ’cause I don’t own a printer and I can’t print it from Johnson website at work because it’s blocked. 🙁

  25. carlycanadian says:

    Great coupons! Can’t wait to print them! will wait until
    Daphne adds to her list!
    Someone posted the pdf’s on the current last page!

  26. carlycanadian says:

    Oops, sorry its the same link as above!

    Here is the thread with PDF’s! Thanks to BobSagget! scroll down

  27. Laura says:

    Ooo…I went into the store today after printing it out and got it totally free…and it was on sale for 3.99$…geeze so expensive for a small tin like that

  28. amandabou says:

    I posted this the other day.The coupon does print as 1 page but the stores do accept them.

  29. Marketing Guy says:

    Laura – you’re exactly right. I got my free one and it burned for about 2 hours. Definitely not worth $3.99, so good thing these are free at the moment. I’ll be stopping in to Zellers or Walmart whenever I drive by to get more freebies. A 4-hour tea-light would’ve performed better, or I’d recommend Febreeze scented candles – they last for ages and work more effectively as air fresheners.

  30. moxy says:

    So no one had problems redeeming these coupons? They look pretty fake

  31. Missy says:

    I had a bit of a problem at Jean Coutu in Montreal, it worked but the cashier told me after this they are no longer accepting coupons only in english.

  32. Crafty says:

    Walmart didn’t like the look of the coupon. They suspected it was not legit but let it go this time.

  33. Sandy says:

    Worked at superstore, the self check out. no problem.

  34. Jesse says:

    What a waste … it printed one per page and on top of that they have already expired! 🙁

  35. Danielle says:

    Where is the coupne that you print ???? Someon please help me email me at [email protected] and does anyone know the site or how u can use more then one coupon at once like the ppl on TLC ???how the hell do they get all those groercys for free??


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