Cineplex Canada Join The Mystery Shopper Program For $50


Cineplex Canada is now accepting more members to their exclusive mystery shoppers program.  For $50 (retail of over $120) you will receive 2 movie passes and concession vouchers at least 4 times a year.  This is a decent offer for those of us who frequent the movies quite often.

Below is an explanation and FAQ of the offer:
What is the Mystery Shopper Club?
The Mystery Shopper Club is an en exclusive group of Cineplex Entertainment customers who evaluate our
theatres. For an annual membership fee of $50 +applicable taxes we provide this exclusive group with two movie passes for admission and gift cards for concession purchases at least four times a year (over $120 value)

How am I supposed to evaluate the theatres?
That’s the easy part! For each ‘shop’ we mail you a set of passes, gift cards, and a two page evaluation form. Just go to the theatre, enjoy the movie, and then afterwards, fill out the evaluation form. (Your comments are VERY important) Place the completed form in the postage paid envelope and return it by mail.
Please remember that we cannot get a true evaluation of the theatre if the staff knows you are there to evaluate them. You must be discreet!

How do I join this club?
There is an annual enrollment fee of $50 + applicable taxes. Simply fill in the online request form and a representative of our Guest Services department will be contacting you in the near future to advise of theatre availability and the membership enrollment process.

What a deal! After one shop, you have already been reimbursed for the majority of your membership fee. For each shop, (remember – at least four shops per year are guaranteed) you receive two passes and $10 in gift certificates. So bring a friend!

Can I participate more than 4 times per year?
Depending on the number of shoppers we have in your area, you may be able to participate more frequently. Our goal is to have each of our theatres shopped approximately once a week, so if there is a shortage of shoppers in your area, you may be asked to repeat a visit.

Can I see any movie I’d like?
Yes. You can shop the theatre any day of the week for any regularly scheduled show.

Can I shop the theatre of my choice?
In most cases, yes! You will be asked to select up to three theatres that you would like to ‘shop’. The theatre assigned to you will be based on availability.

Am I under any kind of obligation?
The only obligation you have is to complete and mail back the evaluation form in a timely manner. If we do not receive a completed evaluation form within three weeks of the assigned ‘shop by’ date on the confirmation sheet, you will lose any remaining show visits, without a refund of your $50.

Click here to take advantage of this offer

Thanks Maddie2008 for posting this great offer on our forum.

61 responses to “Cineplex Canada Join The Mystery Shopper Program For $50”

  1. puddin57 says:

    Sounds interesting – and a great night out….I’m game!!

    • SorryNO says:

      This program is essentially a scam they can remove you from mystery shopper for the simplest infractions such as not checking a sign out sheet from the washrooms, make sure you are able and willing to go to these movies on a timely 3 month interval even if nothing decent is playing, this entire program is not well advertised and not well compensated. You need to also use the gift cards for meals in their main concession stand if they do not offer kids meals the cheapest meal is generally 14 bucks meaning you will PAY out of Pocket!, becareful and be ware! I would avoid this ponzi scheme and just go with regular coupons or on tuesdays.

  2. Michelle says:

    Me too, I signed up as well. It pays for itself the first time almost so seems like a good deal to me 🙂

  3. Grace says:

    I hate that they make you pay to mystery shop their locations. Usually you get paid to mystery shop.

  4. Michelina says:

    Thats horrible that they make you pay to go mystery shop. They should be paying you for this.

  5. sniperc151 says:

    smart business decision on their part though, and most consumers are willing to do a little work for a great deal.

  6. SuperM says:

    I have done several mystery shops for restaurants and they didn’t ‘pay me’ but covered the cost of dinner. Great deal for this.

    • J says:

      They didn’t pay you but they “covered the cost of dinner” Cineplex makes you pay money. Did the restaurant charge you to do work most places pay people to do. This is disgusting.

  7. Siobhan says:

    I’m so sad that after talking to my hubby about signing up I filled out all the info only to see no theatres anywhere near us.

  8. mama jill says:

    So let me get this straight….they want me to go to a movie, answer a 2 page questionaire and I have to pay 60 bucks to do it. (Taxes)lets face it,it is a good deal for them not me. I get approx. 2 movie nights for free, and the 10 dollar gift cert, wont pay for a drink in those overpriced popcorn pushers. And to top it all off, I have to spy on these poor kids that are getting paid minimum wage to work. No Thanks.

  9. dealsniffer says:

    it sounds fine to me-but is it legit? any time someone ask for money first for something, I get suspicious. I would end up paying the amount anyways to see the movies so in my mind it is worth it as long as it’s legit.

  10. Sally says:

    Its from Cineplex, of course its legit. Its not a no name company, its Cineplex.

  11. thepixie says:

    This is great, thanks Sally!

  12. Natalka says:

    This is just so wrong…

  13. Sally says:

    Mamajill you didn’t read this right at all, you get at least 8 free movie tickets and concession vouchers each time for only $50. If you go to the movies all the time anways its an awesome deal.

  14. Heidi P says:

    I for one can say it is legitimate. I did this program for one year a few years back and found it worth it. I got to see 4 movies with hubby (my choice & my day) done quarterly for each movie, popcorn & a drink. One can upsize the popcorn and drink which was great for 50c. The report it straightforward and quite simple to fill out, then just send in your receipts & report once done.

    I also did this as a mystery shopper but the report was much, much more detailed, more to report on and the pay was very minimal…so for those that want to give it a try…I would say go ahead.

  15. mhk says:

    Thanks Maddie2008, but I have to put in my two cents worth – No offence to anyone ok. It may be a good deal for those who want to go for it, and I have no say in that.


    I hate to work. I hate to pay to work even more. ‘nuf said? I think not!

    You would think Cineplex would not charge “membership fees” so that someone will work for them and fill out a two page questionnaire after each movie!!!

    The movie would cost you a minimum of $6.25 ($50/8 movies)plus tax, so in Alberta, $6.56 including GST. God forbid if you should not be able to submit your two page report within the specified time, (or if it gets lost in the mail or something, they “eat” up the rest of your $50 even if you have only watched 2 movies). Factor in the price of a stamp – say 0.60 cents (0.57cents for a local stamp + 5%GST) $6.56 + 0.60/2= $6.86 (0.60 cents divided by 2 because you only have to mail 4 times, not 8 times).

    The total cost of the each movie would be $6.86. I get my tickets from a contact for $8.00, but I realise that for people who buy tickets at the box office, they are $12.50 except on Tuesdays, when they are $7.50. Also most cities may have “cheap movie theatres” – we have at least two in Edmonton where movies (a little older than the latest, but not yet on DVD) are shown for $3.50 or so, and they have cheaper matinee shows too.

    As a sidenote, AMA (CAA) was selling packages of 4 movies for $36 = $9 – This package had over $70 in coupons from Toys are Us, Chapters/Indigo, etc. including a free popcorn, and some bogo concessions.
    If they are sold out of the package by now, they sell the tickets for $9 all year round.

    For me, this is not the best deal, because for a saving of $1.14, I get to watch a movie, then fill out a report and mail it to Cineplex. Granted, I would not get the “concessions” that they are offering, but I can do without those! The maximum value of what Cineplex gives you is only $120, so there must not be much in the way of “free” concessions. Perhaps a small pop and small popcorn or candy?

    Cineplex should offer the deal free to people who are willing to register and do the work for them. Its free for them to have a person sit in the theatre when a movie is running anyway. One or two people for free in a theatre full of paying customers should not be a big loss to these giants.

    Sorry for venting – I am a pretty laid back person most of the time – but it just makes me mad when these mega companies try to make a buck off of people! Grr!!
    Thanks for reading – 🙂

  16. mhk says:

    Also, if anyone is interested, let me know if you want to buy the tickets for $8 – I can ask my contact if they would let me have the tickets for $8, and I can mail them to you via registered post. So it would cost you $8 plus postage per ticket. Plus I guess the GST 5%.

  17. Kelly says:

    Obviously some people (e.g. mhk) did not read the post. For one thing, they provide you with a postage paid envelope, so I don’t know why you are trying to calculate the postage price.

    I think this is a great deal! I’m not sure why people are complaining about filling out a questionnaire that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Saves a lot of money in the end if you were planning on seeing a couple of movies a year anyways! Plus I like how it is flexible in that you can choose the day of the week to your convenience and the movie that you wish to see. Thanks Sally for posting!

  18. doodlesmom says:

    only problem i see is that any movie i’d be interested in seeing ALWAYS says “no passes” … will this program allow entry to those movies?

    • Alison says:

      Yes it does allow it, as well as if it’s in 3D, ALL of it is covered, 1000% paid for, for the admission. I’ve used it no problems.

  19. Sunday says:

    Doodlesmom: No Passes means Be Our Guest passes. It’s has nothing to do with tickets still available, gift cards or Admit One tickets.

  20. misskitty_79 says:

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  21. cjunk says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I took advantage of several mail in rebates for free movie passes last year, plus the Stella Artois club movie passes, plus getting an oil change for my car at Mr. Lube and getting movie passes….I seem to be doing well enough buying things I would normally buy and getting FREE movie passes without doing much work if at all. Perhaps 2011 may be more challenging but I STILL have 4 unused passes in my wallet from last year’s stash earned so I think I will pass!

  22. samantha says:

    wow, that is quite the marketing concept they have come up with!

  23. dealsniffer says:

    Sally I am sorry if I said the wrong thing. Yes lately I do get suspicious alot because I got burned recently and have seen on the news how sometimes something looks like it’s from a legit company and it actually isn’t. sorry I asked-it wasn’t anything against you or anything. I just wanted to make sure it was legit. thanks for posting all of the great deals on here! it’s much appreciated!

  24. lisa says:

    I think it’s a good deal considering you only pay $ 50.00 and they give you 2 passes 4 x during the year plus concession which in my area admission is usually $ 12 each

  25. Lari says:

    I used to Mystery Shop for retail stores and I was paid for it. I suppose that this is a good business decision for them though as people will most likely take part in this offer to get the discounts.

  26. Sally says:

    I try really hard dealsniffer not to post fake deals, but dont worry I wasnt offended lol!

  27. dealsniffer says:

    good to hear Sally! Hey I was wondering-they probably charge $50 because people pay it-what would happen if people would not want to pay the $50 and there would not be anyone else in the area wanting to sign up? do you think they would consider waiving the cost? technically if you do this then you are working for them and when you work for someone you get paid and you don’t pay them. in this case they should pay with free movies but it isn’t completely free. I just have been thinking about it. I am thinking it would be a great deal if it wasn’t for a mystery shopping program and actually just a deal. but that is my opinion. I can see both sides here. I am not sure where I stand on it yet.

  28. Litesandsirens911 says:

    well if I had the money right now for “extras” I know I would definately do it..DH and I might go to a movie once every 2 years or so because it’s so expensive, it costs us just about 40.00 to go to a movie with snacks ONCE…so to be able to go 4 times to me is very worth it, I don’t know what movie theaters charge elsewhere in Canada, but for one adult ticket here its 11.25, a popcorn is 8.00 and a regular size drink is almost 6.00…

  29. Vicky says:

    Anyone know how/when they contact you (phone or email etc)

  30. mhk says:

    RE Kelly’s post “Obviously some people (e.g. mhk) did not read the post. For one thing, they provide you with a postage paid envelope, so I don’t know why you are trying to calculate the postage price.”

    Thanks for pointing that out – I am sure you are a very nice person, but there is no need to call me “some people” then name me as an example. That certainly does not show SC spirit. This is a blog, and people post their ideas. As I said at the beginning of my post,

    – “No offence to anyone ok. It may be a good deal for those who want to go for it, and I have no say in that.”

    ‘nuf said!

  31. K says:

    If you’re already paying ridiculous Cineplex prices to see movies, then it’s probably a good deal.

    But if you have access to a “cheap” theatre or can get free Cineplex passes through icoke and other promotions, it’s not worth the money or extra effort.

  32. kathy says:

    No mystery shopping company will ask you to pay to do the job…. they should pay you!!! No membership fee…. it’s a contract between you and them… I’ve been mystery shopping for years… and all of them are free to sign up.

  33. benji says:

    I’ve been a Mystery Shopper with Cineplex for about 3 or 4 years now… this is legit, and the program isn’t new.

    It’s hardly “work”. You take note of the nametags at the Box Office, at Concessions and at the entry (the person that rips your ticket). You go to the bathroom at least once and make sure it’s clean and that the checklist has been checked off on the back of the door. Then you sit and watch your movie. The survey takes a whole 5 minutes to fill out.

    The survey is now online too, so it’s pain-free, and no postage required. 🙂

    So if that means I get $40 worth of food, and $80 of movie tickets for $50, then that’s totally worth it for me!

    For those of you who don’t want to do it…then don’t! It’s that simple! It’s not for everyone, I guess. For me, I’m going to the movie anyways, so it’s an awesome deal for me!

    For those that ARE interested, it’s not guaranteed anyways. There was a waiting list when I originally went to sign up, and it was about 6 months later when the contacted me. The busier/more popular theatres will have a longer waitlist. You gotta wait for someone to quit, I guess, in order to get in!

    Good luck to those interested! I think it’s totally worth it! 🙂

    • Alison says:

      I can see that, I listed at least 3 locations, they gave me my 3rd choice, I was the only secret shopper for that one for almost 2 years (the cheap theatre, $3 to get in, plus I go 6 times instead of 4). Hardly anyone wanted that one.

  34. Amanda says:

    Probably the reason they are charging a $50 fee is to ensure that you hold up your end of the bargain and they are not just sending you movie tickets and concession vouchers for free without you doing any of the work. I don’t understand how this translates to them not paying you, as you would get your money back and then some as long as you do what they ask. They also give you three weeks to give the form back, so as long as you don’t wait until the last possible moment, I can’t see it being an issue. For me, anyways it is worth it. Around here it is I think $12 per ticket, so $24 just for me and hubby to go see one movie…so if I pay them $50 and even if I only got the 8 movie tickets and concession vouchers, I’d be saving $50 alone just on the tickets.

  35. Kelly says:

    Re mhk: Sorry I didn’t intend to be rude to you. I just get annoyed when people post a response or opinion but don’t read the original post to get the facts first.

  36. mhk says:

    Re kelly – 2nd post. Thanks. Oversights do happen, and I guess it is your writing style that is a little agressive. Try meditation when you get annoyed. It works!!

  37. Sunday says:

    I think a lot of people are getting hung up on the “Mystery Shopper” name. If they named it differently would there be no fuss? If it were advertised as Buy 4 Tickets and 2 GC’s then Get 4 Tickets and 2 GC’s Free after you fill out 4 surveys. Would that be considered a deal?

    All I know is, Smartcanucks is about great deals. For me, going to see a movie is expensive. If I were to invest 50 dollars upfront to get to see 4 movies this year with someone else plus get a concession voucher then I say that’s a great deal. Even if I do have to fill out a short survey about my experience. I fill out the Old Navy survey when I get it for 15% off, surely I have time for this one too.

  38. benji says:

    It’s really quite a short survey too. It’s one page, online, and you click “yes” or “no” for each question (except where you type in the name of the employees). Now that it’s online, it’s even faster, and took me about 1-2 minutes. Hardly “work”.

  39. SuperTech says:

    I think it’s a pretty good deal because if you break it down, you get 8 movie tickets @ $7-13/each, $40 in gift certificates which equals a minimum of $96.

    So what, practice your writing and use your brain to fill in some feedback forms. Without feedback, they cannot improve the theaters and the movie experience.

  40. Ally says:

    Couple of questions to those that have done this in the past:

    Do you pay the $50 outright? If there is a waitlist, do you wait until you finally get accepted and then pay the $50?

    What happens if you don’t get to watch any or only 1 movie because there are a lot of other members in your area?

    I did read the FAQ on their site, but didn’t see these answered. And I figure I’d get a faster answer here than calling their guest services.

  41. Michelle says:

    From what I have read and heard, you don’t pay the $50 until you have been accepted, and then you are guarenteed a minimum of 4 movies. I have a friend that does it in a small town and she was tickets every other week for a period of three months, trying to work out the kinks in a new theatre.

  42. puddin57 says:

    I signed up the first day, but no call yet

  43. Deb says:

    I’m still waiting to hear anything. Anyone hear back?

  44. SuzSaver says:

    Link gives error message: File not found

  45. Michelle says:

    Has anyone heard yet? I signed up the first day and haven’t heard anything.

  46. Presently a SHOPPER. Assignment ID: 1004516 Did not receive any forms nor can I find anywhere (site) to fill same. Please send information necessary to complete my task. Thank you. Sherry Allard

  47. Bena says:

    Do anyone know if you have to take someone with you? Also, if you are allowed to go single, can you save the second ticket for another time? Any info along this line would be appreciated.

  48. Kristin says:

    Just heard back this week! I am all signed up and ready to go!
    I think it is a good deal, movie tickets at $12 ea x 8 = $96 plus $40 in concession money…yay!
    Plus, now we (hubby and I) HAVE to go out! No excuses!

  49. Kristina says:

    I also just heard back from this program! Took a little over a year, but it’s at a great time because I don’t have extra money for movies! Thanks for posting this!

  50. Cate says:

    This is such a scam, it only benefits cineplex… I worked at cineplex and the kids that missed anything on the evaluation form would get written up, 3 or these would get you fired. So if you forgot to ask people to upsize, you could be fired for that. And some people purposely get the employees mad to give them a lower rating. We don’t make enough as it is at minimum wage and to have to deal with people spying on little things like if we asked to upsize or not? If you do it, at least give us decent ratings.

  51. Serena says:

    So when your accepted and you pay the $56 (includes hst), do they mail you everything upfront (8 tickets and concessions) or do they send everything individually at 4X a year?

  52. sunshine says:

    i think i registered for this program a year ago, and just got an email yesterday, stating I was selected. Seems ok.

  53. Emily says:

    I have never heard of a mystery shop program where you have to pay THEM to do the shops. I have worked for a variety of companies and there has never been a fee to sign up. The link no longer works so it appears that maybe the program is full or is no longer offered?

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    and I used to pay a quick visit this webpage everyday.

  55. susan jones says:

    how do you join and to be a mystery shopper

  56. AS says:

    Hubby found two applications when he was in getting prepurchased deadpool tickets a few weeks ago. We mailed both in (one each) and were accepted within days. We both got our first shops today.

  57. Karen says:

    I am currently a part of this, and I want to point out that you HAVE to order a small pop and a small popcorn at concession….it’s not $10 towards the purchase of whatever you want. As someone who doesn’t even like popcorn, this club is not the greatest deal. You can get a better deal buying movie passes at Costco!

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