Did You Watch TLC’s Extreme Couponing? Join The Discussion Canada!


Did you happen to catch TLC’s Extreme Couponing special?

A lot of our forum members did and their discussion can be found here.  I didn’t catch the show but I know I’m not an extreme couponer, in fact I’m a poor excuse of a couponer.  I kind of let that part of my savings slip over the past year.  Don’t get me wrong I do love high value coupons and free ones, but I’ve found since our Zehrs went to a coupon board there isn’t much that I can find thats worthwhile for me to use.

Do you use coupons? What was your “favourite” of the year?

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  1. Larry G says:

    it was awesome repeat at 7:00 PM Eastern time on TLC it’s a must to see

  2. Larry G says:

    woops 7PM Eastern Jan 4th

  3. mama jill says:

    I wish we could do that in Canada, but I don’t think we get the same kind of coupons as they do. I could never stock pile like that, however it would be a nice contribution to a food bank or a woman’s shelter. LOVED THE SHOW THOUGH!!!!Must be cool getting all that stuff for so cheap…I could see myself getting addicted to doing it.

  4. Sandra says:

    I did see the episode and was amazed at how much these individuals saved on their grocery bills. (example total before coupons $650 and after coupons $5.) It was astonomical. Although, many times I’ve tried to use more than one coupon and I’ve been told that 1 coupon per customer per transaction. These people were using hundreds of coupons. It seemed a little far fetched to me.

  5. Nelles says:

    Not worth digging through garbage bins every day. Or missing family events because of a good sale.

    A lot of it is gluttony or obsessive behaviour, and a more organized version of hoarding, I think. It’s one thing to stock pile enough tooth brushes for maybe a year, but for 40+ years?

    I wonder what the expiry dates are on some of the stuff and how much goes to waste.

    I have to admit though, that I feel that thrill when I score big with coupons. So, I can see where it can become an addiction. But to these people it’s like gambling!

    Wait til the IRS finds a way to put an income tax on coupons, wouldn’t that suck.

  6. tinkerbella23 says:

    I am so jealous of the coupon system in the states. There has to be certain stores that are better than others tho.(like london drugs in canada) The amount they use is CRAZY! I would hop into a dumpster as weel if it meant i wouldnt have to buy cereal for a year lol.


  7. couponfreak says:

    I think the show was good. I am happy that it has showed people that it can be done (not quite to that extreme here saying that I did spend 36 on $120 (actually higher maybe I will figure out regular prices to se what the real savings were saved 120 on sale prices)today myself)in Canada. My mother in law joined smartcanucks last night because of it the show and I just spent about an hour on the phone explaining which sites to go to etc. I actually think more people will get excited and curious about coupons because of it and those are the kind of questions I prefer to answer instead of the stares coupon users usually get

  8. greenbear says:

    It was interesting to see what can be done with coupons in the states. They may be saving hundreds but it seems like a full time job. I don’t think I could do it, I feel bad if I have more than 4 or 5.
    I don’t understand the need for stock piling that much stuff. I don’t like buying large bottles of shampoo because they last too long.

  9. kerry says:

    This kind of couponing could lead to stores or manufactures to changing the rules on how coupons should be used.I know we had double coupons here back in the 80’s,then suddenly it was gone.With alot of coupons the clerks get flustered and the lineup gets very anxious,as I remember from my double coupon days.I usually give coupons away if I have enough of the product,on hand.

  10. Jenniepoo says:

    I watched the show that night and I agree with people who say that here in Canada we can use only 1 coupon per order. I could become like one of those people (but not tp the extreem) if we were able to do the same as the USA.
    However.. I will continue to clip my coupons and save when there is a sale when I can ;P

  11. luvadeal says:

    I was so amazed by that show !!! I wish we could do that in Canada. I would dig through a garbage bin too if I could get deals like that. I was a little dissapointed that only 1 person gave to the food bank. Given the economics in the states you would think they would share. Honestly …how much TP does one family need?? I do worry about the kids…I’m sure we will see them on the show hoarders in 20 years !

  12. CheapFloozie says:

    I have never seen a ‘double coupon day’ here in Ontario in my adult life BUT I can tell you that I refer to getting a great price on dog food AND getting five bucks off that price with a coupon as “my crack”, lol.

    I have three big dogs so it’s a bit of a big deal for us….

    My best ‘coupon’ deal this year HAS to be the three hundred dollars we saved from Expedia on our trip to Vegas. I only wish I had thought ahead to try booking the tickets individually – turns out you could and we would’ve saved 600 bucks – the trip would’ve cost about 200 for air and hotel…..le sigh ….. oh well, live and learn……

  13. Nelles says:

    luvadeal, well if you saw the show that came on right after Extreme Couponing about weird addictions and about the one lady who was addicted to eating toilet paper then you might have your answer to”…how much TP does one family need?” LOL Couldn’t resist. 🙂

    One of the extreme couponers said she shopped for other people so she is at least helping others.

    Don’t they recyle in the States? These people were sorting through garbage bins looking for coupons, not recycling boxes.

  14. Nelles says:

    I forgot to say that quite often I use more than one coupon for the same product and there has never been a problem with them taking them. I shop mainly at Sobey’s, Zehrs, SDM, and sometimes Walmart.

  15. Minou says:

    It bothered me that the one woman kept her stockpile in the garage. Seems like things would get dirty and that there could be problems with insects or contamination. Heat and humidity could also cause problems with the stored products. She was storing the cardboard boxes of pasta near to the cement garage floor.

    Some people were paying clipping services for the products they were buying. Sure, the one woman got $1000 worth of coupons for $70, but if she was buying stuff she’d never be able to use before its expiration, it seems like a waste to spend $70 for things that won’t be used. I wonder how long her husband will be willing to live like that? The behaviour is obsessive. She feels good about getting all the pasta, but it gets stored in his space. I wonder what the psychological toll is on him?

    I can see couponing like that if you’re trying to do all you can to help out family and friends who have fallen on hard times, or if you’re really committed to helping clients of a foodbank. But just stockpiling things that will go bad before you use them is a waste.

    (Now if I had Alberto coupons and a good sale to use them at, I’d definitely pick up 50 tubes of hair gel. It’d last my husband less than a year!)

  16. L6941 says:

    I’ll have to download that show because I missed it! To answer your question, my favorite coupon for this year was the $5 off Oral-B Vitality rechargeable toothbrush. Shoppers had it for 20-something (?) then it was on sale for $17 and I had the $5 coupon so I got it for only $12!!! I can’t live without my electric toothbrush. I have given two of these as gifts, too bad the coupon is not available anymore! I forgot if it was save.ca or brandsaver… 🙂

  17. rumsmydrink says:

    The last guy on the show donated articles to the food bank and donated to charities also. Also said he helped his family and friends I volunteer at out community center helping seniors, low income, single moms etc. I donate coupons to them for diapers if any of you care to help go to your local community center………

  18. Kaldirris says:

    I’ve recently moved to the States (Arizona), and I can tell you that those people are extreme examples. Most stores here will let you use 1 store coupon, and 1 manufacturer’s coupon, same as RCSS back home. My grocery store down here, Fry’s, used to take competitor store coupons, but they stopped doing that just this week. BOO! So, for a while, I was able to use 3 coupons on a single product. Now, it’s back to 2 coupons (1 store, 1 manufacturer) per item. However, my store DOES double coupons up to $1 total value, so combining that with a store coupon and a sale means some very cheap products. In fact, I’m going to the store tomorrow on the way to get the stepkids, and getting 3 boxes of Wonka Exceptionals chocolates for tax only. Usually $3.99, but because they’re in Christmas packaging, they’re reduced to $1 each. I have a store coupon (they load them onto their loyalty card) that’s $3 off WUB2. I checked with the manager already today (lol), he’ll run 3 boxes through for me tomorrow, so I can use the $3 coupon. They’re going to cost me 5c total.
    But I digress. Most couponers, even down here, don’t get insane deals like that … but I’m regularly getting $200 in products for around $50 myself. Personally, I’m stunned by the amount of coupons available to people down here … and the doubling of coupons? OMG, how great for a Canadian coupon addict! LOL
    As to recycling … here in AZ, for instance, they have a big push to recycle, but the apartment complex I live in – 50 or more units – has NO recycling bins anywhere!!! Not one. So, DH & I try to recycle, but we have no room to store all the recyclables, and no time to drive across town (Phoenix is HUGE, BTW – 4 million people here) to drop the stuff off. And you have to pay them at the depot to have them let you drop it off. So, most times, we drop our recyclables in the garbage too. Kills me, but what do you do?

  19. I also watched the show with envy that in the US the stores seem so open to the use of coupons. Where I live the stores RESENT the use of coupons and will NOT allow doubling of any kind. The stores have even reduced/stopped the placement of manufacturers coupons on their shelves. I thought this was an attempt to discourage the use of coupons BUT to my surprise I have found out that the larger stores charge an enormous fee (thousands of dollars) to companies for the priviledge of placing their coupons for the product, on the shelves. So not only do the companies have to redeem the amount of the coupon (and the handling fee) but they have to pay a huge amount for the honor of doing this. AND who loses out? The customer of course!

  20. Abby1 says:

    Wanted to see this, but couldn’t, so definitely going to catch the repeat!

    My favourite coupons were the $5 and $9 WUB Gillette ones. Someone is stocked up on shaving cream 😉

  21. SavingMentor says:

    My aunt just gave almost every member of her family an 8 cubic foot box full of stuff that she got for free or nearly free as Christmas presents. I’d classify her as an extreme couponer. You should see her coupon binder … it is SO organized!

    I can’t imagine how well she would do if she lives in the States.

  22. glowworm2k says:

    I will be watching the repeat as I missed it. As the child of a hoarder, these things always make me feel so sad – what makes people think that they need so much stuff?!?!? Really, these are quantities that one or two – or even five – people would be hard pressed to get through before they expire.

    I do love my coupons, but only use ones for products I would usually buy. As I try to avoid processed foods, I don’t get as much use out of them as I might otherwise. If there are items I can get for less than $1 or free that I wouldn’t normally buy, I might use them and then put the products in the food bank donation bin at the store.

    Fave coupons for 2010
    *Bulk Barn – $3 off $10 online all year means BIG savings for me as I don’t get the flyer at home but am a Bulk Barn junkie 🙂
    *Egg creations (got about $10 worth of this stuff free this year at Food Basics with $1 off coupons)
    *Silk soymilk – there were $1 off coupons circulating, then my local grocery store closed for a week (renovation) and had everything perishable marked down to 50% off – that day, I got $65 worth of groceries – including a lot of fresh produce (!!!) – for about $15 using coupons and the 50% off deals.

  23. melsprag says:

    I loved the show, I am so excited for the next episode.
    I know that it was extreme but Kudos to the cashiers for their patience!

  24. melsprag says:

    It’s not far fetched, I have seen extreme coupons use when i shop in the States.
    Their registers scan the coupons which make it much easier and they are allowed to double coupon. I print coupons all the time when I go to Plattsburgh, I save tons of money, their prices are way cheaper than here.

  25. Candice says:

    i watched it and thought about this site! lol

    i did think he was a bit OCD with it, but i like how he said he’d donate to the food bank.

    i could never do that to, too much work

  26. Linda says:

    It was fun to watch the show. Do agree with donating items to help others. Why keep stuff that is going to expire which someone can use. Sales are very different in the USA for sure. I shop many times on a 48 hour spree every couple of months and take a vacation in Orlando once a year for the past couple of years. I gather as many printables before my trips to take advantage and get amazing deals while down there. Take advantage of store loyal programs too. CVS is very good. It’s alot of works but it keeps my budget in check.

    What other ways can us Canadians get coupons? If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them.

    This is how I gather them:

    Sign up for company newsletters
    Call or email companies asking for them
    Join differnt coupon trains
    Go to consumer trade shows
    Internet-FB, Save.ca, Websaver.ca
    Ask friends to save them from papers
    Grab any while I’m in a store or instore sampling
    Sign up for sample & most of the time coupons come with them

  27. mle says:

    I didn’t manage to catch that special but I did see some other users on the forum mention it. If Canada had a coupon system like in the U.S. (stacking, doubling etc.), I imagine a lot of Canadians would take advantage of it.

    As for coupons this year, I really liked the busy bone coupon (it’s $3 off a dog treat that’s normally priced at $3 and change), and the $1 dove soap coupon that’s no longer available. The P&G buy 2 save $5 and buy 3 save $9 were great as well. I hope there will be some great new coupons & sample opportunities this year 🙂 Couponing & general money saving is turning into a hobby for me 😛

  28. eh_trac says:

    I don’t see it listed on my Roger’s guide for any of the dates suggested for the repeat. Anyone else see it listed?

  29. coupon girl says:

    i loved the 3.00 busy bone for my dog too- buy 3 save 5.00 was awesome too

  30. Linda says:

    It repeats on TLC Jan 4 at 10pm and Jan 5 at 1am.

  31. Nelles says:

    I have to tell you about the great coupon deal I scored yesterday at Shopper’s DM.

    I was wandering through the discounted Christmas candy isle, (like I “need” more chocolate? lol) and came across Nestle Milk Chocolate Bars two bars per pack. The orginal price was %5.99 (so, $3 per bar, no big deal) But they were marked down to $2.99 ($1.50 per bar, better deal but do I really need more chocolate?” )

    I picked one up to read the calorie/fat content (which is usually a good deterent for me) and underneath the one I picked up was a box with a sticker on it that said “Save $3 on this purchase now!” (or something like that). I’m thinking hmmm free chocolate! So calories be damned! 🙂 I scooped up all the boxes that had that sticker (7 boxes in total, which 2 per box = 14 bars)

    I went to the cash and gave them the choco bars first. The clerk peeled back the lable to discover that the sale expired 2 days before. I think she was a manager because she said, “Well, we haven’t sent our copouns in yet for this month, so what the heck.” and she rang them all in.

    The bottom line is, I actually MADE 7 cents on the chocolate bars! LOL Everyone in line clapped! And I took a bow while thinking I better get out of here before they discover I took all the bars with the sticker. lol

    So that “thrill” of getting free stuff is highly satisfying. I can’t imagine getting a whole grocery cart full of stuff for free.

    I took the bars home and threw them in the freezer that’s in the basement. I hate going down to get stuff from the freezer (don’t know why, just do) so it’s highly unlikely that I will get into them. I’m hoping to give them on Valentines Day. Provided I don’t start loving going to the basement freezer, that is! 🙂

    I have, in the past, donated any free stuff to the local woman’s shelter, the food bank, single / teenage moms group, and a few other non-profit “helping” organizations. I get just as big of thrill doing that. If I buy something online (and it’s usually a fantastic deal) and it doesn’t fit, I give it too our local Goodwill store. The donations pay the wages of the people they hire and the people they hire are usually people who have been down and out themselves. In my mind, it helps keep people employed, someone will get an excellent deal and I don’t have to go through the hassle of returning things.

    I get a kick out of seeing some of my purchases turned donations around town, and of course it’s my own little secret. And i think, wow that looks way better on her than it did on me! 🙂

  32. Rachelb says:

    I watched the extreme couponing show the other night and it absolutely BLEW me away! It started up a whole discussion in my household haha I’m wondering do they have hundreds of coupons for the same item? (i.e when they get like 100 toothbrushes) I have my own little stockpile of coupons but I find it hard to accumulate a lot here in canada, at least in comparison to the states..if anyone wants to give me a few tips that would be awesome!

  33. NewBee says:

    i would love to go “shopping” in my own stock room!!!

    what i didn’t like is that they talk about them like mental cases, wen they are very organize and smart people… they do exaggerate but i would do the same… and i don’t feel crazy at all xD …. i would share it with my family…with a nice gift basket

  34. Lynn says:

    I think it’s a great idea! It would be beneficial on so many levels! What are the best websites to use in Canada and are their any other sources in Canada that are available for us to use? You would have to have to have great organization skills.I found the people in the show amazing, but I think I would draw the line at going into a dumpster!

  35. kerry says:

    I have to admit I have grabbed a few Stouffer’s UPC’s,Cereal premiums,and coupons from my apartment complex blue upright plastic paper bin,but would never go into a dumpster.

  36. Christi says:

    Couponing has changed the way I think about shopping…In British Columbia, you can stack at London Drugs, as long as you have a different UPC code. I actually went to a class on this. I use a coupon for almost every single thing I purchase. And honestly, it doesn’t take that much time. If it means I get a free night away with my husband, then heck, its worth it!

  37. Oxana says:

    Love the show. Obsessive Couponing Disorder 🙂 I like that disease! Have been down with it for many years already. No cure is found. Even if I won the lottery, I would still search, clip/print and save.

    Keep some US coupons on hand too. When you go shopping across the border, you can stock up on groceries 🙂

  38. ArielSkye says:

    I’ve had couponing fever before and I learned stockpiling makes no sense if you’re not using the products. For me, you have to take a break in shopping to actually SAVE money. Also, only BUY THINGS YOU NEED and USE.

    I wonder if they use their stockpiles…Whenever I have too much of something like snacks/cereal, I grow tired of eating it e.g. Honey Bunches of Oats, Nature Valley granola bars. I donated a lot of brand new Glade candles and other products have never been touched.

  39. Horrible Hank says:

    was amazed and awed by show. I think a little bit of hoarding is good may be 1 year to year and and half supply of dry should take the excess of every thing else and trade barter or donate . THese are interesting times we live in high debt loads unsure job markets . I thought i was good at saving money…. then I saw this show….I know nothing. what and where can i learn about canadian coupon system and how best to take advantage of it

  40. Charm says:

    I was really intrigued after watching this show and I couldn’t sleep all night that night lol I was planning in my head how I could go about doing this. When I got up the next morning I went straight to my computer to get it all started and make my ‘plan’. I got searching around the web to only be let down by finding out this only worked in the states 🙁 But being the stubborn person I am, I still wasn’t going to give up,( there had to be a way) I did a lot of coupon ordering(from web) and calling different companies to ask to be put on their mailing list for promotions and coupons etc. Before I knew it, within days, the coupons starting pouring in through the mail! Then I did my asking around at different stores for their policies etc. And I found out that by shopping at Safeway ( where I do most of my shopping anyways) I could almost pull this off!!! Not quite as good of savings as in the Sates but close enough! It just takes a while before your cupboards can be filled with everything you need (stockpiled). The rules at Safeway (in my town at least) is: you can only use 1 coupon per item per day, and you can use a coupon on top of their in-store specials (with your Safeway card). They always have lots of 2 for 1 deals so say (just an example) Miracle whip is regular 4.99, but because they are 2 for 1 you are basically paying 2.50 for each 1 and I have coupons for a $1 off miracle whip, so I can use 2 coupons (one for each product of miracle whip) Which brings each one down to 1.50 each! That is a total of $3 for two jars of miracle whip Which, without coupons or in-store special, to buy 2 would normally cost $9.98 so that’s a total savings of Almost $7! I tried it out today on only Sale items that I had coupons for and I saved myself a total of 69% off my final bill!!!! If I keep doing that with Just sale items that stay good for a long time and stock up on them While maintaining my regular Groceries before you know it ill have to buy less and less regular priced items because Safeway changes their in-store promotions every week and at one time or another almost every product goes on sale. And to top it off, every second Tuesday they give you an additional 10% off your total bill as well.

  41. latte says:

    I loved the program and I would love if Canada would honor the double coupon days again. Tried to print coupons after the show and not too many out there for Canada. Plus do Canadian store accept internet coupons? I would hate to be in line with all the products and then the do not honor the coupons. Only way to find out I guess is to ask!

    Happy coupon cutting!!

  42. kat says:

    Hey all, enjoyed reading your posts on TLC’s extreme couponing … ;o)

    I was enticed by the show, but knew this wasn’t possible in Toron’o, or I would have known about it, I can’t say I didn’t hope for such insightful news to be true, hence my being here now —Althou’ it was kinda reminiscent of all TLC’s shows rolled into one, Hoarders, Intervention, and Strange Addictions —–> tune in for the update on couponers

    “First Couple, now Bingers, ate everything in one week”

    “Same Couple, now largest man and women on earth, having gastric by-pass surgery” only on TLC!

    Geezes Effen … if you’re flushed face sweating, breathless, with a shifty diabolical grin at the grocery store counter, chances are there’s something terribly wrong-seek help immediatly! … I wasn’t sure if she was having a stroke, or feeling euphorically orgasmic from all the deals she was gettin’ , either way, I want what she’s having lol — where does TLC draw the line between invasive extremism, and moderate people trying to save money ?

    what’s next … ?

    “drug addicted, what not to wear fearing, binging, strange sex, toilet paper eating, clean and very organized hoarders who can’t get out of their homes, cuzz there’s too much food” …?

    I mean if that women isn’t booked in therapy already, then no one loves her… she truely needs help, not ridicule like I’m doing hehe ;o)

    … and to her poor husband —-> RUN! – apparently you can catch this infliction, unless however, by some freek accident, these two found eachother sheerly by some star aligning coincidence … in that case they deserve eachother – ahem

    Ack, we can only hope the first couple didn’t have children, buried and neglected under all them boxes of pasta … the second couple, I understood their eccentricities, lost jobs, lost home, children to feed etc, do I think these food hoarders are completely healthy in mind body and soul? dunno, I think the first women needs some serious couselling, and to exploit her addiction/hoarding symptoms is almost ‘freak show’ cruel … TLC giving the impression this behaviour is just a normal couple trying to save a few buck, yeah … no

    Btw, the only reason the cashier was ‘nice’ was because the camera was up in their faces – I’ve been in line with 10 coupons, only to hear the people in the lineup huff their displeasure – I am Canadian, we’re always sorry … I already feel badly about holding the line up for 5 extra seconds, so I’ll be damned if some cashier chica half my age is going to roll her eyes at me displeased, yeah, no … besides, you can’t trust what a bitchy 40 something women might do to you … we’re unpredictable …;o)

    I have no problem asking for the store manager, as I did last week when I picked up 6 beverage cases, the cashier informed me that sometimes you should look at the cashier before taking the heavier items to her … *gulp* … did I miss the memo on this ? k, either there’s a village missing their idiot, or Walmart has been hiring the weak noodle arm people for cashier jobs (I rarely support the american giant (walmart) but being a single parent of 5 kids … I couldn’t pass up the water deal …when I called her out on her comment, she excused it with, sorry I have a cold … wha ? to late sista, and off I went to nark her out, I couldn’t be a nicer person when in public, but I will never be made to feel ‘badly’ for anything I have a given right to … btw, I went back to her with a smile and said, “your manager has been informed of your weak arms, I mentioned that pushings carts may help you build up those much needed muscles …;o)

    I came online with the hopes of saving more than a buck on my next grocery bill, but at what cost? living like frik and frak on gatorade and chocolate bars ? Geezes … yikes

    life is about moderation, and I think she would appear less ‘mad’ … if she shared even a little her good fortune with food banks, womens shelters/needy children in schools etc, I have a feeling no one knew she had her own mini-grocery store, as I’m sure the neighbours will want to borrow more than a cup of sugar now … ;o)-

    being a single Mum of 5 kids, I’m envious that they have opportunities, not afforded to us Canucks — double coupon days ? wha ? why don’t Canadians have such privilages ? – I use coupons on anything I can, I print, order online, cut and rip out all coupons that are applicable to my family, ma’ kids are all in uni/college (they scarf back quite a bit a food) so when I watch a couple never paying for groceries, I want to know how I can save even a few more effen bucks on my next shop, unfortunately, as with Cars, books and most other products, the great deals are “Only in America” …go figure – I thought it seemed to good to be true … bummer, ack … need a poutine, n’ a timmy`s double double now … ;o)

  43. Amber says:

    I would really like it if we could do this in Canada. There certainly would be less humger if most peoople would donate much of the free stuff they get. I certainly would stockpile the foodbank! Our governments should step in and allow this kind of `sharing` between customer stores and the communities. If someone knows how to do this kind of thing in Canada, please let us all know! I live in a small town and not in a big city, but it would be neat if stores like sobeys or safeway or sav-on, would just agree to do this for their communities. Their sales would definately go up…and it is the companies whose products would be moving and i think eventually everyone would win! It makes me wonder why, in Canada, we do not have these wonderful deals? Is it that we, as Canadians, are too laid back to demand better deals?

  44. Carrie says:

    I’ve lived in various states in the US and must say they have a great couponing system and you can save more than half of your bill on products you will actually use! I recently moved to Ontario and haven’t found a single store that doubles a coupon, in addition, the coupons are very small – $0.35 to $0.75 off a product, whereas in the states these same coupons are taken off but doubled off the face value (sometimes restricted for coupons up to one dollar) throughout the country. Of course some stores will limit your usage for example, only allowed to use 5 of the same coupons (but no limit as to how many total coupons) so as to let other consumers buy the product and use coupons. You can also buy the Sunday edition of the paper (usually costs about $1.75 where you will get 2-3 various flyers of coupons). On top of it, there are some states that every few weeks or so will TRIPLE off your coupon up to $2.00! Many stores also offer several buy one get one free deals (B1G1) so you save big in many ways. Too bad they have no such offers here in Canada and everything is so expensive!! There’s such a huge demand and usage of coupons in the States that I don’t think they will ever get rid of the system, now only if they would implement such offerings here! I go back to the US and stock up on items that are just too expensive here and on top of that, taxed at such a high rate. I too wouldn’t hoard any of the items but certain things that don’t go bad (toothbrushes for example) have no expiration and if they’re free, why not, plus there would be plenty to give away to the food banks and shelters, win win for all! 🙂

  45. Mayumi says:


  46. Susan says:

    My thoughts…

    – how much toothpaste or deodorant and bodywash does any human need.
    – many of the families seem to be overweight. Unfortunately coupons usually only apply to packaged foods. Fresh food (fruits/veggies/meat) seldom on sale
    – in the US they can deduct donations based on their own estimate. So donations of clothing and goods to goodwill etc. are deductible there which are not deductible here. So they can get the stuff for free and then donate and take the tax deduction.
    – it seems like stay at home moms are more prevalent in the southern states. I listen to Dave Ramsey and there are a lot of calls where the wife doesn’t work. So the job of the stay at home wife becomes home economics and saving money. If you work, you don’t have time.


  47. Lori says:

    I wish I could even find coupons here in Canada, very hard to come by. I would shop like that in a heart beat and share share share if I could get for free and as cheep as this family did. What a great idea! How can we do that here in Canada

  48. jennifer says:

    I wish charities would tap into this and hire a volunteer to manage food costs this way. Food banks could get so much food from the monetary donations they get. Craziness! For a charity to be able to get $1800.00 of food for under $100.00. Come on people… volunteer your skills for charity!!!!!

  49. Gwen says:

    I agree with Jennifer 110% My exact thought when I watched was that it would be amazing if the food banks and other charities could use these methods.

  50. dealfinder says:

    surely a lot of the foods and items expire before using. (ie: cereal will taste stale)

  51. Lee says:

    ok so why dont we satart a petition or letter writting campaing to grocery store companies and ask for beter coupon acceptance? too laid back? what about asking the makers of your favourite brand of product for more cupons more often in canada? If enough people ask results would be good.

    I agree that there is a point that becomes having too much, buy only what you know you will use before it expires and store it safely and if you can get a great deal to donate then go for it – what goes around comes around. I agree this would be great benefit for food banks and others in need. I wouldnt dumpster dive for coupons – just couldnt bring myself to do it btw.

    ALSO What about starting a coupon sharing group in your own neightbourhood – trade what you dont want for another thing you do. What sites are out there for canadian couponers and wannabes? Is anyone willing to list and share?

  52. Tangentred says:

    newspapers should be pushing for more coupons in the Saturday paper!! The are crazy not to be pushing the grocers not to offer coupons, especially with this being such a huge thing in the US and now the show on TLC. Why are we always late on getting any savings in Canada? Are we so lame we can’t ask for a better deal? crazy!

  53. Kerry says:

    It saddens me that with the economy the way it is only Americans can shop this way. We as Canadians pay double sometimes for grocery products and get burned by not being allowed to use coupons like that. Only 1 is allowed per person per purchase and they have expiry dates of a month or less. Double and triple coupon days also do not exist in Canada.

    Food also has expiry dates..50% of the hoarded stockpile that these women create will be wasted which annoys me as well since there are so many people who can’t afford to buy food and can’t use coupons the way they do. The food products that do not expire are processed food with no nutritional value, which is unhealthy to feed your children with.

  54. Meg says:

    What a disturbing show. Honestly it is a sickness, use your time for useful, like working out or your family! Only in the states can you be 24 and look 54, so disgusting. Losers

  55. Angela says:

    I am apalled by this show – the waste of food/products is absolutely staggering….and shocking. Why don’t some of these people donate to local food banks and/or relief organizations. This just makes me sick.

    400 bottles of mustard?
    1000 sticks of deoderant?
    An entire shelf of salad dressing?

    There is absolutely no way they can use all these items they are “stockpiling” yet they keep shopping. These people are hoarders and need help. That is just disturbing!

  56. Dalyce says:

    I am going to tell you that I printed up some coupons from the Febreeze site and got some coupons for the flickering light with scented shade (regular price was $17.00) and I had a $5.00 off coupon so I had purchased two as I had two coupons. No problem as these were glossy manufacturers coupons. I also printed off a coupon for a different Febreeze candle for buy one get one free. These candles were regular price $9.00 each. The site only lets you print off one coupon as they send to your inbox. Walmart refused to accept the one printed off my computer. I had to fight with management etc to get them to accept the coupon. I had to threaten to get in touch with the manufacturer and telling them that Walmart will not accept a coupon for an item they stock.
    So I would be careful with printed off coupons. But hey, doesn’t hurt to try.

    Also I agree with some of the other comments regarding these people being hoarders. I agree. Who needs 119 bottles of Excedrin sleep eze medication? What about other people who go to the store when this product was on sale for $1.99 from $5.98 and when they get there realize that someone and I do mean some ONE (person) took them all because they had coupons that paid them 50cents to take them out of the store.


    As is almost every “reality” show coming on TV, you have to take what you see with a grain of salt as leaving out certain information or padding data just plain makes for good viewing.

    Happy viewing, and still try to save a buck when you can.

  57. tyneil says:

    Couponing in Canada is most definitely tricker that others think. It comes down to use needing to share our deals to make the best of it! There is not as much coupons in Canadian but I have a great idea I would like to find a women in Tornto area only age 21 and up with a working car or van and vaild passpart that is willing to go to Buffalo NYC are to shoping for food and clothing
    [email protected]

  58. tara says:

    I LOVE this show! Iam so excited for season 2!


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