Exchange Your Optimum Points For PC Plus Points! *Check Your Emails*


Here is some news that will be exciting to some people. Not too far back there was talk of a survey that asked people what they thought of the idea of being able to exchange their Shoppers Optimum points for PC Plus points. Some people thought it would be a fantastic option, and others had mixed feelings. For some of you, this option will now be a reality.

We have heard that people are currently receiving emails inviting them to exchange their Shoppers Optimum points for PC Plus points. I know very few details at the moment, as I myself have not received the email, nor has anyone that I have asked. However, I do know that the conversion rate is 40 PC Plus points for every 70 Shoppers Optimum points. So to put this simply, if you normally redeem 8000 points for $10 at Shoppers Drug Mart, that same 8000 points converted to PC Plus points would become approximately 4,560 points, worth $4.56.

Even though there is far more selection in terms of redeeming points PC Plus versus Optimum, that loss in value of points would prevent me from exchanging them! Would you be interested in exchanging your points?

24 responses to “Exchange Your Optimum Points For PC Plus Points! *Check Your Emails*”

  1. Amira says:

    Nope! Not interested in this conversion! I would rather redeem my 8000 optimum pts for $10 on 2 jugs of milk and one carton of eggs at sdm. Worth $10!
    But converting 8000 optimum pts for $4.56 pcplus points means only 1 jug of milk at rcss. Nope! This conversion is not for me.

  2. Scarecrow says:

    Wow, not worth it at all. The amount I have in Opt pts would be worth about 1/3 in PC pts dollar wise.

  3. syndi says:

    losing more than 50 % of the value would certainly deter me.

  4. miche says:

    I would guess this is the first step in them merging the two programs. And converting people to the less costly PC Plus program.
    I hope not cause I love shoppers points.

  5. Denise says:

    Sounded great…until I saw the conversion rate. That sucks! Even though SDM is overpriced, you can always find something on sale for a decent price. Exchange is a rip off.

  6. karen Doiron says:

    No not me .I’ll just use my points at shoppers. Lose to much money when to trade them for pc points.

  7. Natalka says:

    Not going to happen here, either.

  8. Jonathan says:

    EPIC FAIL for this conversion. I’ll save my Optimum points for the Mega Bonus Redemption Weekend and get even more value/

  9. Jake says:

    It’s a tough call. I’ve got more than enough Optimum points to hit the 95,000 points = $170 redemption level. If I were to convert that to PC Plus it would be worth about $54, which is a significant loss in value. That having been said, I hit 95,000 points a long time ago and I’m still struggling to redeem it.

    • maya says:

      hi Jake, just redeem in smaller amts – 38k – $60; so you can buy some nice cosmetics, or even food, the card is not meant to be a ‘savings account” …:)

  10. JM says:

    It might work for me; I have about 500$ in points and I don’t need much at Shoppers anymore, but I do need groceries (I mostly buy fresh produce,etc), and free groceries are better than stuff I don’t really need. If the conversion rate was point for point, that would be amazing for me.

  11. M says:

    I used to spend hundreds at the SDM before PC’s took over. Now I very rarely spend my $ at SDM. This PC points conversion is a real rip off. Not to mention the “Mega” Optimum points redemption now really sucks.

  12. Eman says:

    In a Bonus Redemption day I can redeem 50,000 points for $100 instead of transferring my points to $22.8 in PC .Of course, I would choose to never transfer my points to PC and I would rather pay the $22.8 dollars from my money instead of wasting my valuable Optimum points. Even if I have a huge amount of Optimum points, I would use them to stock up on a month or even a year supply of items on sales at Shoppers drug Mart.

    • Eman says:

      Sorry for the miscalculation. Actually 50,000 Optimum Points will equal $28.5 in PC point, but I will still keep my Optimum points to use them at Shoppers Drug Mart.

  13. Mida says:

    Rip off. I seldom visit SDM after PC’s took over. Optimum points “bonus redemption” is non-existance.

  14. Mitch Lacelle says:

    welllllllllllllllllllllllll guess what ,,,, we have a bonus redemption weekend for shoppers drugmart feb 13-14 where 50,000 points worth $100 normally $85……and 95,000 points worth $200 normally worth $170,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you do the math guys,,,, shoppers points out does pc points by a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge amount

    • Mida says:

      Last year it was 80k points for $200 for the beauty redemption. PC keeps shrinking SDM “bonus” redemption values. The “mega” redemption used to be 95k points for $250.

  15. Steffa says:

    The exchange is on the dollar value redeemed. 38,000 optimum pts ($60) for 60,000 pc points ($60)

    it’s worth it because you can buy gift cards with PC points, free money to use at any store they sell cards for – amazon, bestbuy, etc. bonus redemption is great but you’re limited to what SDM sells and actually has in stock, which is extremely inconsistent.

  16. Jake says:

    Is this actually happening? I haven’t received a single email about it.

  17. Tammy says:

    I’ve been collecting points for years (don’t shop at SDM often) and have never even thought of using my points another way other than redeeming them for in-store purchases. Can I buy pre-paid Visa cards with optimum points? I’d like to use them toward my Disney vacations.

  18. Bernie Lemieux says:

    I don’t know where you people get your information but I got the email with a limited time offer to transfer my Optimum Points to PC Points. I took advantage of it because I hardly ever shop at Shoppers. The transfer option was 8000 Optimum point ($10) which converted into 10000 PC Points ($10). So I transferred 16000 Optimum Points and I got 20000 PC Points. Nothing wrong with this deal.

  19. CC says:

    So, I got the offer. They don’t do a point to point value. It’s by dollar value. So you’re not losing anything. Depends on what you want to use it for. The way it worked was to transfer $170 either way (so 170,000 PC points = 95,000 Optimum – in case you’re not familiar, both of these levels allows you to redeem $170 worth). I prefer PC because you can redeem for gift cards.

  20. Lana King says:

    I was wondering if there would be another opportunity to exchange Optimum points for PC plus points?


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