FDA finds Nestle Good Start Infant Formula lacks required nutritional value

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If you have a bottle-fed baby at home, take note: according to the FDA, Nestle Good Start infant formula’s nutritional content doesn’t match up with what’s promised on the label. What’s more is that the amount of calcium and phosphorous doesn’t meet minimum FDA requirements for infant formula sold in the US. The FDA came to these conclusions after an inspection of a Nestle facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The full letter from the FDA to Nestle is available here. Nestle has yet to comment on the findings, but this isn’t the first strike they’ve had against them regarding infant formula. The Infant Feeding Action Coalition of Canada (INFACT) has long been involved in a boycott of Nestle products due to purported abuses relating to similar products. For more information regarding past claims of poor behaviour on the part of Nestle, you can check out the INFACT Nestle boycott updates here.

199 responses to “FDA finds Nestle Good Start Infant Formula lacks required nutritional value”

  1. Khristopher says:

    Who cares what the FDA thinks? They’re from the US. This is Canada.

  2. Julie says:

    That is just terrible!
    What does this mean for all the infants who have been fed Nestle Good Start from the beginning? Will their growth and development be affected? What impact does this have?

  3. domesticgoddess says:

    Very interesting. Sucks its the only formula my little guy can tolerate.

    Of course, my DD (who is now 2) was a GoodStart baby…and shes as bright as a whip (and skinny as a beanpole). I still recommend it over all other formulas (as far as tolerance goes)…bad bad me, I know!

  4. Becca says:

    Well I was a goodstart baby as was my brother we turned out ok, and Im feeding it to my son who like “domesticgoddess”s lil guy, will only eat Nestle good start with the omega3 and 6. I think hell be fine cause like they said thats the american stuff.

  5. Meliss says:

    So what should we do … My lil grrl will only drink this formula … Everything else makes her super constipated .. will she be ok .. im so confussed now ..

  6. Mark says:

    OK…so my almost 2 1/2 year old was raised on good start….let’s see….2 1/2….knows the entire alphabet, can count to 25, and can right his own name….damn…could you imagine how intelligent he would be if we put him on another folmula????


    Who wrote this crap…a Competitor?????

  7. TONYA says:


  8. Erin says:

    Why would we be able to buy it if it wasn’t good for babies? All of these formulas need to be given an OK before they can be sold…

  9. shandadee says:

    I have no babies on formula right now, my kids were on good start from about 4-12 months.
    If I did have a baby on this formula NOW, I would take this information into consideration. There are many available brands, with a broad price range, and a full line of products for babies with sensitivitys.
    Personally, if it were me, I would shop around.
    better safe then sorry.

  10. April says:

    All babies should be breast-fed anyhow so this shouldn’t affect anyone except uncaring selfish mothers.

  11. Tamara says:

    Why would you even CONSIDER giving your babies formula? Is going out with your friends and drinking and being irresponsible and stupid and selfish more important than your child’s health and well-being?

  12. Kate says:

    As a pediatrician, I have some replies to some of the post-ers. First, no one should be concerned if they’ve been feeding their baby Good Start–your baby will be just fine. The “deficiencies” were very minimal. Read the FDA notice that’s linked in the blog. Example: The FDA requires 30 mg (per 100 calories) of Phosphorus and Good Start contained 29.4 mg in their sample. Obviously not enough of a “deficiency” to hurt a baby, but the fact is that the FDA in the US requires certain minimum standards and they fell a little short. They’ll need to fix the problem, but no baby will have been harmed in the meantime. Second, no “competitor” had anything to do with this report, although I’m sure that Nestle’s competitors were secretly pleased by the news! This was strictly an FDA/US governmental inspection. Thirdly, to the blogger who accused moms who feed their babies formula as choosing “partying” over wanting to breastfeed: please don’t be so judgmental. 5% of women have lactation failure and I am one of them. As a pediatrician, no mom was more motivated to breastfeed than me and it was heartbreaking to “fail”, not once but with both my daughters. I underwent blood tests for hormone levels, consulted with the world’s greatest breastfeeding expert (who happens to be an M.D. in Canada!), and tried every known treatment for the problem. The good news is that if I had had my babies 150 years ago (before there was formula) they would have died. Formula saved my daughters and they’re both straight-A students who are slender and healthy. Fortunately for my patients, other moms in the same boat know they have a doctor who will help them dry their tears and not make them feel like failures for having a physical condition that, though invisible, prevents them from lactating.

  13. Carrie says:

    To April and Tamara,
    Your ignorance, judgemental and biased attitude towards others, especially moms who choose to feed their kids formula, will have a much more negative effect on YOUR children than any formula will have on mine.
    I feel sorry for your kids.

  14. Nicole says:

    Right with you Carrie!

  15. Jessica says:

    Thank you to the other ladies expressing what I was immediately thinking. Nice to know I’m not alone. I was completely devastated when my milk would not come in after recently giving birth to my third baby. After trying everything imaginable and consulting with every professional I had access to I spent days crying and gave up. My baby is over two months old and he is yet to be out of sight for any period of time, and no…….I don’t party with him! Your ignorance is hateful and your comments extremely hurtful.

  16. Timothy S. Anderson says:

    My wife exclusively breast-fed so this doesnt affect us. However, as a Pediatrician for 24 years I discourage formula. Stop being so lazy, ladies. Don’t give up so easily! Formula is for lazy moms. And u all dont deserve children.

  17. Olena says:

    Breastfeed or formula is a very hot topic and both sides will argue with the passion so we need to be respectfull of each other.

    My friend was not able to brestfeed for more then a month even with pills and electric pump; she was made feel increadibly guilty although she put all her effort into it.

    I breastfed my twins for 4 months and with NO help just could not continue. Trust me, parties or being lazy did not cross my mind once.

    Nestle was the only formula my premies would tolerate as both were colicy babies and cried every night for about a month. I salute woman who exclusively brestfeed and wish I will be able to do it one day but lets not judge too quickly why some of us do use formula.

    Mother of seventeen months old twins.

  18. Kirsten says:

    Choosing formula is NOT necessarily a lazy decision. It is what works best for the mother and child. For some mothers, breastfeeding does not work, or is difficult for other reasons. I do think that Mothers should try breastfeeding, but I recognize it isn’t easy, and not possible for some. My little guy is 17 months old, and breastfed. I did start him on Nestle Good Start at about 10 months to supplement, while still breastfeeding as well. Nestle was the only formula he was interested in!

    I do hope that April, Tamara, and Timothy can try to understand that breastfeeding DOESN’T always work. Many mothers feel terrible guilt because they cannot breastfeed. Maybe try to respect other people’s decisions – they are not bad mothers beacuse they chose formuls.

    What counts is love!

  19. Tricia says:

    I cannot believe some people out there would consider it ‘lazy’ for a mother not to breastfeed. I breastfed my son for a few months, until he all of a sudden showed no interest in it at around 6 months. For a whole month I tried, (supplementingformula) this was the only formula he would drink, and he’s healthy, smart, happy, and perfect!

  20. Jackie Graham says:

    In response to Dr. Anderson.

    Please let me know where you practice so that I can make sure that no one I know becomes a patient of yours.

    Your view is very closed minded. Please realize that not everyone can breastfeed, and even for those that can, there are situations where supplementing is ideal. I for one am one of those moms. When my DS was 8.5 months old I conceived my second child. Even before the pregnancy test was positive I knew that I was pregnant because my my milk supply plummeted. With many weeks of attempting to bring my once amply supply back, I realized that it wasn’t going to happen.

    I’d be curious as to what you would have thought would have been the non “lazy” answer to this situation.

    Open your eyes….

  21. tpowers says:

    My wife had kidney failure due to HUS postpartum. Kinda hard to breast feed when you’re on dialysis, plasma exchange, 3 different drugs to control blood pressure and one to mitigate seizures.

    I called her lazy and unfit, but it did no good. I even contemplated taking her out back, euthanizing her and finding another lactating mate who could help take care of my child the right way. No luck.

    So I guess its formula for my baby. Thank goodness there are many government programs available to take care of the sickly, mentally challenged child that formula feeding will no doubt create.

    Many women are on medications through no fault of their own that make breast feeding impossible. There are woman who have lost a breast or two to cancer, woman who cannot make enough milk no mater how hard they try, etc…

    There are many perfectly valid situations that call for formula feeding.

    Give it a rest!!!!

  22. Cathy says:

    Well obviously if a mother can’t produce enough milk to breast feed her child, the baby should just go hungry right? All that matters is that the child is fed, healthy and happy. My niece is on Good Start formula, her doctor actually recommended it.

  23. Tricia says:

    I am disgusted with these people who think it’s lazy and unfit for a mother to breast-feed. I was in an accident when my son was 7 months old and was told i needed to go on medication for the pain i endured. i continued to try and breast-feed and NOT take the pain medicine until the pain was so severe and i was forced to put my son on it. yeah i did feel bad but you know what? he’s happy, healthy, and wonderful and i thank god every single day for this formula for saving both our lives when it comes down to it, formula is what saved him from starving and what let me take the medication the doctor advised me to take.

  24. HANA MALKO says:

    What is now my baby is 2 months he was breast feeding for first month when my breast milk start to dryout, the only solution doctor recomended is to start GOOD START. I was hopless when i’m hearing my baby crying from hunger for no enough milk. I wished not to be facing this issue, what i should feed my baby know.

  25. Gabe says:

    I’m a new father and concerned about my little girl who is 6 weeks old. She is colicky when given breastmilk and not when given formula. She settles down quickly and just seems like a happier baby when given formula.

    When given 3-4 oz breastmilk, my daughter grunts, cries, yells, and takes about two hours to settle down. Mom has given up all allergenic foods like dairy, nuts, etc. to no effect for over 2 weeks. We’ve have tried everything to calm her colic like swaddling, white noise, dancing, gas exercises, different holds, suckling, etc… We’ve also consulted with lactation experts and our pediatrician.

    So what should we do? Give up breastmilk and all the benefits for a happier baby that is not colicky? We are definitely siding with substituting formula because she is not colicky and much happier. It seems logical to me that a happier baby has more time to do all the things to stimulate her little brain instead of cry 8-10 hours a day.

  26. J. Peters says:

    I think it’s really sad that so many people feel they have to provide an explanation for why they are not breastfeeding. Be confident in yourselves moms! Your babies love you and that is all that matters!

  27. Jessica says:

    Im reading some reply’s. calling all formula feeding mothers selfish….. Sweetheart i wish i could breastfeed. because it is whats best for baby.. I think you need to rethink your wording. Because some mom’s like me have a medical reason why they cannot breastfeed.I breastfead my other 4 children. but due to a surgery i had 4 years ago. I still get breastmilk it Just dose not come out. it dries up.. so I cant breastfeed my son. I just think you should rethink your wording … thanks

  28. Jessica says:

    tim- That is a horrid thing to say you have no idea how bad it feels not to be able to breastfeed your child. when you clearly know that is whats best.So your wife could brestfeed and did well good for her.. But you shouldent call people who dont or CAnt unfit mothers.

  29. LByrne says:

    Wow hot topic is right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion that’s why these places exist.

    I find it disturbing that there are people ignorant and arrogant enough to assume they know you, your baby and situation enough to judge you based on if you feed your baby formula or not.

    It’s a medically necessary choice for some and a lifestyle choice for others. I decided to feed my baby formula from the beginning (he was 11lbs 9oz)because I had a c-section and I decided it was the best thing for us at the time. My child has grown in to a very tall, strong, healthy boy now 19 months. No ear infections, colds are other health problems which are typically associated with not breast feeding. He has a wonderful disposition and eats a healthy balanced diet. I am expecting our second child this week. I plan to formula feed him as well.

    Remember research is based on generalities and assumptions are made. With formula, you can monitor the amount your child eats, you have a known content of the product and a consistant product each time. Having big hungry babies who eat 5 oz as soon as their born and 8 oz/3hr by 3 weeks I can tell you that formula is a godsend.

    For those of you who want to judge go ahead. I’m a great mom with a happy, healthy beautiful son and another one soon to arrive!

  30. Courtney says:

    I had the same issue, and my son at 2 months was allergic to my mile. We put him on formula and he has been great since.

  31. Lisa says:

    To Everyone,
    I only breastfed my baby for a month because, personally, woman who exclusively breastfed, I bet they have nasty and dirty houses :)). No, I am not lazy, but I refuse to be a mom that is constantly with a baby on her breast and that is it. It is hard to attend to other family members and your household when you breastfeed.

    so proud to use formula,

  32. Melanie says:

    I breastfed my daughter for a few weeks and I chose to stop because I couldn’t keep up with her appetite seeing that she was 10Lbs 14oz she needed a good amount of food. She was so aggressive because she wasn’t getting all the food she needed that she made my nipples bleed. Plus I was taking blood pressure medication, I really didn’t feel comfortable taking them and breastfeeding even though the doctor said it was ok. So after that I chose to give her formula even though people made me feel guilty all I was concerned about was making sure my daughter was getting the amount of food she needed. She was on enfamil but it didn’t agree with her so the doctor recommended good start and my daughter loves it and is growing strong and healthy. I am so thankful that good start is easier to digest. Everybody has their own opinions but it’s really up to you as a mother to know what’s best for your child.

  33. Lisa says:

    HAHAHAHAHA what a joke this is. Is this the “breastfeed until baby is 3” club? Women for years have been doing just fine with formula and so have their babies. So to those of you who think that having a 3 yr old asking for your nipple is healthy – give your head a shake. Sickos, trying to fulfill their own emotional needs.

  34. christina says:

    my son was put on soy formula from good start at 8 weeks old due to a lactose issues. i breastfeed the first two days he was born but he had problems latching on so we had to stop. before the switch to soy he was on three different types of formula before trying no milk or lactose formula. he is know much happer baby.

  35. Sarah says:

    I can’t believe the ignorance of some people. I breastfed my son until he was 6 weeks old and then had to switch him to formula because I had to go back on my medication because I have lupus. The doctor’s told me it was safe to breastfeed while on the medication but I chose to formula feed because the longterm effects of the medication are unknown, but I do know that formula fed babies grow up happy and healthy and just as smart as any breastfed baby. Although I would have liked to continue breastfeeding, atleast I know my son will be healthy. Those of you who think the moms who only formula feed are lazy should wake up and not be so ignorant, there are many reasons why babies are formula fed.

  36. Stevie says:

    First, to Timothy, who claims to be a pediatrician, use of the letter ‘u’ instead of the whole word is for lazy typers. It’s hard to make your point when you act so ignorant.

    I don’t think a lot of mothers try hard enough when it comes to breast feeding, I sometimes don’t think I did, but a lot of it is a result of outdated advice given by doctors (like when the ones in NICU told me not to let her nurse longer than 10 minutes at a time, effectively sabatoging me…not that it would have mattered since I got put on Celexa by the time she was 4 months, which is not safe while breast feeding)
    And, just because some women don’t try hard enough doesn’t mean that all formula feeding mothers are bad ones. There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to bf, even among the supposively educated, and a lot of times their just doing what they think is bad for their baby. Do I advocate breast feeding? Absolutely. But I won’t group all women together any more than I am willing to say that all Catholics are evil because Hitler was Catholic, all Iraqis are bad because extremists are attacking our soldiers (one being my husband), or all Texans are stupid because Bush is 😉
    My point being, even if they didn’t breast feed at first, it could be as much the fault of society since we don’t advocate or educate about it enough. As a supposed pediatrician, how many of your children are in disposable diapers, despite the fact that the chemicals used in them cause cancer, infertility, asthma, eczema, and toxic shock syndrome?
    Formula doesn’t cause any of those things, yet we are more likely to look down upon a person who uses it FAR more than if we see a child who isn’t cloth diapered.
    Maybe you need to think about where your priorities are.

  37. Gina says:

    Sorry, that some of you are so closed minded to formula feeding. Some people not only have a hard time producing breast milk or the dozens of other reasons. This is something that is an individual choice. Has anyone considered that some people work and just don’t have the time to pump or sit at home and breast feed. I am disappointed in the narrow minded people that have been replying to this subject.
    By the way to the first reply,(Khristopher), I am an American and I would never say who cares they’re Canadian. People are the same everywhere. Get a grip and grow up!

  38. KAY says:





  39. BJ says:

    Kay, you are my hero! Finally someone that has things in perspective.


  40. MT says:

    My son is 6 months this week… for months now, I have been breast feeding him every 2-3 hours… he has never slept through the night and he has always seemed to be such an unhappy baby. I decided to start weaning him 3 weeks ago in anticipation of a new job and my absolute exhaustion… he absolutely would not take any of the formulas I bought him and refused to eat anything but those damn boobies… so out of desperation, I talked to my 3 yr old’s daycare provider and she was willing to take him for a few days to try and get him to try the Good Start my daughter had loved soo much… well, after his first full week in daycare, there has been a 100% turn around in his personality… he almost never cries, he’s smiling and laughing… turns out he was under weight and just not getting enough milk from me… had I suplemented him from the beginning and not been so determined to exclusively breastfeed, I can only imagine how much happier the two of us could have been. Last night I slept 4 hours in a row for the first time in 6 months. GOOD START YOU ARE MY SAVIOUR…maybe I will get to start my new job with at least half a brain!

  41. MJ says:

    I am so thankful there is a healthy formula option for those of us who are not able to breastfeed. Like so many of you, I tried very hard to breastfeed, consulted Lacatation specialists, used every device to try and improve lactation, and even pumped my milk and fed it in a bottle. I did not “give up,” but rather went to the extremes to keep going. I was initially undiagnosed with a condition that made my breast milk nutritionally deficient. Thank God my milk dried up and I was forced to switch to formula. My lethargic and sickly baby woke up and started to grow and thrive remarkably quickly. At age 3, she has finally caught up and is a bright and aspiring little girl. It is so easy to criticize and judge others when you have not had to face their challenges. I am very happy for the ones who are blessed with great lactation skills and equipment. I hope you will be enlightened by all of the mom’s who took the time to respond with their experiences that lead them to ACCEPT formula feeding as the best choice for their baby. If you think formula feeding is a lazy choice, then consider that we FF mom’s have to buy, clean, sterilize, and tote all those bottles. Formula is expensive as well. For those of you who think we FF mom’s are party animals, well, consider that we still have to prepare the formula and feed it to our babies at all hours of the day and night. I think most of us would agree we are too tired to party. But, for those resilient well-rested FF mom’s who do party–hey, thanks for having the good smarts to not breastfeed and expose your child to alcohol and drugs. We need to support all mom’s and not make women feel guilty if they are unable (not failures) to breastfeed.

  42. Laura says:

    Recent studies actually show that there is no additional nutritional value to breastfeed your baby after they are six months of age. I breastfed until my baby was six months and he is now on formula and there is a lot of nutrition to be gained in formula. The “doctors” are constantly changing their views on when to start cereal and now to introduce meat first, they’ll probably get off the breastfeeding obession soon when a new study comes out saying that mom’s don’t have enough nutrients in their bodies to produce valuable milk.

    To all of you granola breastfeeding nazis, get a grip….. why would you even care what anyone else feeds their children?

  43. lihairden says:

    hey Tim, the day you have the ability to breastfeed is the day you have the right to say anything. The other two purists are just brainwashed, holier than thou people who have to make others feel bad so they can feel good. I guess you three would rather babies starve than be fed a healthy alternative to breast milk.

    Go find a debate board and leave this place for actual questions.

  44. Sarah says:

    At the age of 16 I asked my mom if I could get a breast reduction (I was larger than an E and weighed 135, 5’8) The doctor who was going to preform the surgery said to me “you will not be able to breast feed”. And I remeber thinking… okay?! He was telling me, a 16 year old, that was the last thing on my mind! Then because of complications, I have to have another breast reduction surgery at the age of 21. Obviously, I would never be able to breast feed! It wasn’t until I was 30 that I became pregnant with our daughter, then panick set in! OMG, I won’t be able to braest feed!!!! I bought every book ‘Breast feeding after breast reduction’, I saw a latation consultant and went online to try to prepare myself for when she was born. I had to supliment with Nestle Goodstart (w/Omega’s) because only drops were coming out. After 2 months, she outright refused to latch on at all. It is so harsh, I didn’t realize how much a mother is judged for not breast feeding! So many times I have heard snarky remarks, and I stop short of telling them my whole medical history…how dare they!!! Rude and ignorant! I would give anything to be able to breast feed. I recently had my son, who is also taking Good start and I haven’t looked back! It is supposed to be one of the best formulas and both of my children are happy healthy and my daughter is as smart as a whip. PS thanks MJ, you summed it up!

  45. jh says:

    I have a three week old little girl and I breast fed her up until last week, because all she was doing was throwing it up after she fed. Like me, when I was a baby, she has an intolerence to breast milk and she began to lose weight not to much though because it was caught in time. So to the people who think that the moms of formula fed babies are lazy or don’t care about their child needs their heads checked. I love my little girl with all my heart and watching her cry because she is not satisfied or because she has the runs and is in pain from it, is not something I am willing to do just so that I can get satisfaction out of knowng I am breastfeeding her, she is much happier now on formula.

  46. sally says:

    Wow I was shocked to read some of the comments on here about only mothers being selfish not breastfeeding.

    What rock do you live under?

    I contacted nestle when my son was on this forumla and they said there was no need for us to worry.

    This would be pulled from the shelves if it were not adequate,

    a lot of people dont breastfeed and that is totally up to them.

  47. LMacDonald says:

    I like many others tried to breast feed my little girl. She wasn’t latching properly and one breast just wouldn’t produce at all. This left one breast for her to feed on, and with it trying to compensate for the defunct breast, she wasn’t getting much hindmilk and I was constantly getting breast infections from the milk. Also she wasn’t sleeping at all on my breast milk, and had major digestion problems on it that it caused her to scream in gas pain. Not something you ever want to hear from your 4 week old baby. To top it all off, I had to go back on my meds for Bi-polar, disorder which my doctor reassured me wouldn’t affect my daughter through breast milk…wrong, she was wired. After weeks of pumping to get one breast to work (it never did) weeks of pain, frustration and an unhappy baby…with many tears on my part I switched my daughter at 6 weeks to goodstart with omega, only one she will take. The improvement was immediate, I was happier, my baby was happier, and she had 6 weeks of breastmilk and antibodies from it. I tried, with lactation specialists who actually discouraged any formula at all. I would breastfeed if I could but ultimately it was better for my daughter to go to formula, now she’s 4 months, healthy, happy and growing like a weed.

  48. MARIA says:

    Idiots I say to those that talk negatively about women who formula feed their babies. You have been lucky enough to be able to breast feed, have you asked why they are not breast feeding? If you did, I’m sure you would get a GOOD logical answer.

  49. Majick says:

    wow, apparently I am a stupid, lazy ass, selfish mother who doesn’t deserve her daughter because she switched her baby to good start because she could not tolerate watching her baby kick and scream in continual pain from gas, heartburn and colick from my breast milk for the first 5 weeks of her babys life, You try nursing when all your baby does is that! and have the cycle start over again every 2 hours because eating makes it worse!

    To all you ignorant people out there who are trying to guilt trip us for doing whats best for our babies, grow up! if it weren’t for formula alot of babies would DIE from starvation! Lucky you for having a baby that can tolerate the boob for so long, lucky you for having a baby that willingly accepts the boob! lucky you for not having any problems while or after nursing, lucky you for having a body capable of producing quality milk that wont starve your baby! Congradufreakenlations! that doesn’t give you bragging rights! get over yourself!

    We are good people, and we are good mothers! You have no right to tell us that we don’t deserve our children because you think your better than us for having such good circumstances when it comes to breastfeeding.

    I may only be 22, but I am a good mother, with a happy, strong, and healthy formula fed baby girl.

  50. debi says:

    I can not believe the nasty hurtful things I have read here. Raising children is hard enough without being judged and critisized by other people. Part of parenting is doing the best you can with the resources you have. I have breastfed five children, partially because I AM A LAZY MOTHER. Washing and sterilizing bottles, boiling water making formula, keeping it cold, warming it up, taking it out with me, not having enough with me, etc. That seems like a lot of work to me, something done by a mother who loves her baby. Just like breastfeeding. I have friends who breastfeed and friends who bottlefeed. Each person has their own personal reasons for the choice they made, and I respect that choice. Every one of my children weaned themselves at a different age, but every one of them was weaned to Goodstart. Mitchell at 6mos, Jacob at 18mos, Jaxon at 11 mos, Lukas and Lliam at 12 mos. My first and third children were very easy to nurse, my second had a milk intolerance which went undiagnosed for two months of screaming and required a complete withdrawl of milk products from my diet(even foods with milk products in the ingredients like potato chips would make him scream), but the children I had the most problems with nursing were the last two who were full term twins. They developed jaundice and we were sent to a different hospital with AMAZING NURSES and a lactation consultant, this made all the difference in my being able to breastfeed my babies. So every baby is different and everyone has different experiences. Please have some compassion because you don’t know other peoples circumstances they may have wanted to breastfeed and can’t or they may have choosen to bottlefeed or they may breastfeed because they can’t afford formula. Maybe those people who are so pro breastfeeding should work on starting and supplying a breastmilk bank so that every child can have breastmilk.

  51. sally says:

    Dont even feel you have to justify yourself.

    Theres so many more things in the world to worry about bf or bff.


    How about the ones bashing and being so mean take that energy and go deal with dead beat parents.

    thanks :):)

  52. paula says:

    I am the mother of 2 children…I have a very healhty 5yr old girl, who is quite tall for her age and very bright(reading and writing on her own) she was formula fed from day one as a result of surgery that I had had. When my son who is 3 months old would not latch on I tried pumping for a month. My supply diminished very quickly unfortunately and I had absolutely no problem switching him to formula.
    To the people out there that are preaching about breastfeeding, they obviously had no problems, and have no idea the guilt that a mother feels when they can not breastfeed their child. I know I felt like it was a natural thing to do and struggled tremendously when I had to give up.
    “Dr.Tim” if you can call yourself a Dr, I feel very sorry for anyone that has to take their child to you!

  53. martha says:

    OMG lets not bring up adopted babies then!! How ever will they survive if not breastfed???
    I know it’s very possible to induce lactation and breastfeed an adopted baby…..BUT what if that baby has been in an orphanage, has had no close contact and completely rejects breastfeeding?
    Lots of Doctors (with brains unlike Tim) have recommended Good Start.
    I’m not at all worried about giving the little guy in my care Good Start. I may not be his bio mom, but I love him just the same!!

  54. Sue says:

    Well said majick, I guess I am a stupid, lazy ass, selfish mother who doesn’t deserve her sons, either!! I am not going to give my reasons why or when I switched to formula because it doesn’t matter. All babies have to be fed either with the boob or the bottle. It’s not like you get off scott-free if you feed them formula. You still have to get up in the middle of the night for feedings, you still have to feed them throughout the day, play with them, love them, burp them, teach them right from wrong, etc….. you still have to be a MOM!!!

    Timothy S. Anderson…… maybe you should take up a different profession because a good pediatrician would give sound advice and not, “don`t be lazy”`. You are mearly stating your opinion where it doesn`t belong. April and Tamara……I will pray that your children don`t end up like you.

    This website is about “fda-finding-nestle-good-start-infant-formula-lacks-required-nutritional-value” and not how one feeds their infants. Personally, I like Good Start Omega`s. The only problem that I have with it (and I am sure that other brands have the same problem) is that sometimes the powder doesn`t mix completely and you are left with powder chunks. I found that this doesn`t happen if you are able to let it sit for a few minutes before for feeding it to your child.

  55. Heidi says:

    uncaring? selfish? irresponsible? stupid? lazy? do not deserve to have children? These illogical accusations are absolutely outrageous. To think that all this can be interpreted from simply knowing you have a formula fed baby is ridiculous! According to statistics in the US alone there are 7 out of 10 moms who end up choosing to feed their baby formula instead of breastfeeding the 1st yr. while being fully aware that breast milk is greatest so I think it’s pretty obvious there are many other factors and reasons people end up using formula and none of which are in connection with being bad people or more specifically bad parents for that matter. Whatever compelled these people to convey such hatred and ignorance through the above comments disgusts me.

  56. Trisha says:

    Don’t deserve to have children? Well, you don’t deserve to be in practice (if you really even are.

  57. Diane says:

    I breastfed both kids for the first 3 days in hospital, then expressed milk (without a pump…wish I had one!) into bottles for 2 additional days at home to give then the natural colostrum. But I have flat or slightly inverted nipples which 20% of women have. Baby had difficulty latching on and became tired too soon so nursing was long and arduous…up to 20 minutes every 3 1/2 hrs. While in the hospital, the nurse stayed with me; she helped by hand to latch the Baby on and keep the Baby latched on. I cringed every time Baby was brought to me in the hospital because I was in pain (and not allowed aspirins or anything). Maybe my anxiety was hurtful to the babies. When I arrived home, I had enough milk but became engorged; and it became difficult to express the milk, more pain, so after 5 days, I took the dry-up pills and switched them to formula. My first boy wouldn’t keep down milk formula and the doctor switched him to soy formula which worked wonderfully for him. My second one did great on milk formula. They both were so contented with bottle nipples and I slept better too between feedings. The doctor wouldn’t recommend I give formula with iron fortification ever. Yes I felt a little guilty that I wasn’t breastfeeding and frustrated when I couldn’t, but when I saw the boys so bright and not crying, I got over it ok.

  58. SJoeMoe says:

    I have not read through the entire section of comments… however, I believe that formula feeding is nothing to do with Laziness (as well as the other VERY important points mentioned above). With formula, you have to wash, and sterilize bottles, prepare the formula, store it for particular lengths of time. Breast feeding is a simple latch, and you are done. Tell me how breast feeding is more work?!

    My wife has tried to breast feed…even with medication, production is EXTREMELY low. What we can extract from a hospital grade machine is put into the formula (add that to the extra work of sterilizing the pieces for the pump, assembling, and sitting down and pumping… tell me that we are lazy!)

    Any way… ignorant comments that were made near the beginning of this post should be ignored. What sort of a “pediatrician” would even make comments such as those. Like someone else said… I hope your practice loses out in the end with such arcane credence.

  59. Leany says:

    The reason why I stopped breastfeeding wasn’t medical at all. I tried to breastfeed…didn’t really like doing it and found it painful. When I tried to pump, all I thought about was how I felt like a cow during milking time! (grew up on a dairy farm) It just wasn’t for me and it was the best decision ever to stop. My husband LOVED feeding our daughter and I will be formula feeding our son when he is born in a couple weeks. My husband is already looking forward to being involved again. I was the only one out of all my friends who didn’t breastfeed and my daughter was the least sick of them all. I have no regrets and I proudly tell other new moms that I formula fed and do what works for them.

  60. Debbie says:

    To all of those nay-sayers out there, I have a beautiful 11 month old baby girl who went on to good start at 4 months of age, before that she was breast feed. At 4 months of age I dryed up. I walked around for 9 days with no shirt on and doing nothing other than breast feeding trying everything I could to increase my milk production to no evail. I neglected my house, my husband and my 10 year old son to try and do this.
    I wanted so much to be able to breast feed longer, to bond with my daughter and to know that I was doing everything with in my power to provide the best for her.
    There are many people who will sit and judge with closed minds and withered hearts. Do you not see that you are only adding insult to injury for many of these women?? These women who are all heros in my mind for putting their babies first and fore most.
    These women like me had to give up one of the most wonderful things that we as women can do (beyond child birth) feed your young!!
    It is a beautiful and special bond that links a mother and child for ever and you negative people dare to look down on a person for having lost that. Shame on you

  61. Rebecca says:

    This is going to raise even more controversy as far as the breastfeeding topic goes but as a teenage mom, breastfeeding wouldn’t have been very practical for me. Yes, I did try it but it couldn’t do it. So as far as “lazyness” goes, you can throw that thought right out the window. My son wouldn’t latch on and electric pumps wouldn’t work for me.

    I am a full time student that will be graduating early. I come home and i’m a full time. Somewheres in my schedule I have to find time for my studies, laundry, and any other chores that I need to do. I’m sorry but I don’t find that I am lazy and irresponsible just because I formula fed my baby. I am just as good of a mother as any adult mom or breastfeeding mom. Just because I am young doesn’t mean I care for my child any less than anyone else. And just because I formula feed my son, doesn’t mean I go out partying and out with friends. Even if I was breastfeeding and I was that concerned with partying, I could still pump it and go out so that statement is completely irrelavant!

  62. Rebecca says:

    Also, what kind of a pediatrician would make a statement like that? That is completely unacceptable. Thanks for giving us your name, i’m sure anybody that read that will not have their children anywheres near you!

  63. Lavonne says:

    Asm many other parents here, i agree that Carnation (Nestle) is the one and only formula that i could find that did not severely constipate my son. The Infimil the hospitals start the infants on (i’ve heard) has the poor reputation of giving many infants issues with their bowels and gas. Jacob was my 4th child all of which were rasied on Goodstart. My oldest is now graduating highscholl and ALL of them are very healthy intelectuals that continue to grow and thrive today. Hate to say it but it takes more than formula for an infant to develope..What about love and affection? All of these things i believe contribute to your childs developement.

  64. Jrich says:

    Hi I have tried to breastfeed my son. He was born with yellow jaundice I tried to get hem to lack but he was to sleepy they gave me nipple sheld to help as well. I treid to exspess milk but it wouldn’t come out fast even with breast pumps. I have small ducts on my nipples so I have to breast feed my baby. Sometimes breastfeed just dosn’t work. I put him on nestle I never had a problem with it. My son is know 3 and he is very smart.

  65. Peter says:

    RE: Mark’s comment

    your baby can “right” his own name eh? let me guess, were you also fed nestle good start? lol

  66. ashley mead says:

    I think this debate over breast or formula feeding is sooo stupid! I am the mother of two children, two years and six months. I had an incredibly easy pregnancy with my daughter, Amadea, followed by 18 hours of induced childbirth (they should ban Pit drips) and 10 weeks of sitting on a donut and soaking my rear end in a sitz bath for my stiches. I tried breastfeeding with Amadea for six weeks, and it was six weeks of throbbing boobs, one breast producing milk and the other one only drops and fighting with her for a proper latch. It was her developing severe jaundice that required treatment under the bili-lights at the hospital for me to switch her to Parent’s Choice formnula and never look back. Now, she is a healthy and happy 2 year old that chatters nonstop. Wiuth my son, it was the same thing, only I only made it a week. I did the lactation consultant and the herbal medicines, and the massage and the top-of-the line breast pump all to no avail. Caleb was born a hungry little bug right from the start and he still is. He weighs 15 lbs. at six months and is on Parent’s Choice and thriving. So, for all you out there who criticise those who don’t breast feed, look closer. What is more important is your child being happy and healthy, not if you are a Gold Star mother for breastfeeeding or not.

  67. Brenna says:

    Lisa,You have a big problem,you can tell yourself what ever you want,but breastfeeding IS the best for any baby,it is a fact.I would hate to think I wasn’t giving of myself enough to breastfeed my child.My daughter is 12 months and still nurses 3 times a day.I have no intention of having “a 3 year old hanging on my nipple” but we both enjoy it and it is the healthiest for her.Furthermore I do not have a filthy,dirty house.Oh, and for everyone out there who thinks that nursing mothers,have some kind of sexual connection attached to it,you are sick and really need help.One more thing,I realize some women can’t nurse,and those of you who truly can’t,you have my sincere sympathies,but most of you don’t want to do it,because it hurts like he!! when you first start and it is inconvenient for you.

  68. Kristin says:

    I can tell you first hand that as someone that WAS formula fed I have suffered from it. I have 2 graduate degrees from University (clearly the formula made me stupid), have gotten the flu once in my entrie life (and I DO NOT even get the flu shot), and resent my mother PLEASE!!! I have a 7 week old son who I have recently had to start supplementing with Good Start formula as I have a low milk supply. I currently take 18, yes 18 herbal pills a day to try and increse my production, and also use a double hospital pump as well. With all of this, my production is still low. I will continue to breast feed as long as I have milk, but ultimately realize I will likely have to go to formula. So, if I can no longer breastfeed, it does make sense that I should let my child starve instead of giving him the poison also known as formula. So for all of you against formula I would like to ask you, do you smoke, or did you ever? Is there anyone in your house who smokes? What is your diet like? Do you use chemical cleaners in your home? All of these pollutants are in your breastmilk. So if YOU were not so damn lazy you would elimate all of these things from your life in order to ensure your baby has the best quality breastmilk. Instead of focusing so much on how the baby is fed, why don’t we celebrate that we have the option. We are so damn lucky. There are babies starving and dying all over the world. If they could hear us having this debate, they would probably say “I wish I had the option to debate food”. For all of you who CAN breastfeed, good for you, maybe donate some of your milk for a mother who would choose that option. Focus your energy on how you can help, not what you can do to make others feel as failures.

  69. Kristin says:

    And Brenna, what is incovenient is having to wash all the bottles, sterilizing the bottles, and preparing formula. As someone who is doing mixed feeding, breastfeeding is MUCH MUCH easier and convenient than formula feeding!

  70. crissynfld says:

    umm i thought this bog was about nesle good start not having the required nutrients set out by the fda? not a debate on breatfeeding, if you breatfed great good for you, dont go stroking your ego and putting down people who didnt though.

  71. crissynfld says:

    Some people decide that breastfeeding is not for them and there is nothing wrong that, people shouldn’t have to defend themselves because someone thinks they are better because they breastfed!! how arrogant is that? and yes everyone knows breast is best, but im sure that formula fed babies will measure up just fine!! the studies show “very very small” differences in iq and development.
    I had a very traumatic birth with my son which resulted in blood transfusions and a section among many other complications, so I did not breastfeed, as I was in the hospital recovering for a month, and i dont feel as though my son missed out on anything, im more worried about the effects of second hand smoke, pollution, falls cuts and bruises then i am with that little bit of extra nutrients that he lost, from me being such an “unfit selfish person!!!”
    thank you for this post though as i will not be using nestle good start for my child who is due any day now, and probably wont be breastfed either.

  72. Heather says:

    WOW! How insensitive and self-righteous of some people! I breast-fed my daughter but will be unable to do so with my this baby due to meds that I must take! To call me selfish and uncaring just adds to my own frustration at having to make such a decision. I came to this site for some helpful advice and had to read that garbage. Thanks to the rest of you who don’t lump people into one category!

  73. Kelley says:

    WOW! My son is 3 years old now and has been having seizures since he was 4 months old. These seizures are completely unexplained. Coincidence or not, he began having these seizures right after he was switched to Nestle GoodStart.

  74. Ripley says:

    I wish more people would learn to own their emotions–no one can “make” you feel guilty. I think the truth here is that a lot of formula feeding moms really didn’t try that hard, make up “I couldn’t do it” excuses, but still can’t escape the fact (and it is a FACT) that they are giving their children a substandard product.

    Formula feeders may not be lazy, but a lot of them are selfish. It literally makes me ill to hear a woman say she quit nursing because SHE didn’t like it, or because her poor nipples hurt, or beacuase she just couldn’t sleep/drink/clean/whatever else. Seriously, you would sacrifice your baby’s health for your own good? Sickening!

    Then you have people who can’t… I really do feel for people who can’t. I think most women who claim they don’t make enough are just throwing the first possible excuse out there, but if you really aren’t that’s too bad. On that note, if you’re worried you don’t make enough because your baby eats every hour, that’s normal. The reason they last longer on formula is because it’s abnormal and difficult for their poor little systems to digest. I also feel for women who are truly on medications that can not be taken in conjunction with nursing, however most medications cross over in extremely minute amounts. Check before giving up, as these tiny bits of medication are still usually better than all of the risks of formula. Since I do feel for both of these examples, and any similar, I do my part to help them–I donate all of my pumped milk, for only the cost of freezer bags and shipping, to mothers in need. I’d like to know how many moms actually look into milk sharing programs, and how many don’t bother and just give formula, like it’s normal and healthy.

    It’s a real shame how easily so many mothers end thier breast feeding relationship. Yes, there are times when formula really is the better option, but it’s very rare that the risks are worth it. Obviously, formula would be better in the case of a true breast milk intolerence or if a mother who really doesn’t produce enough can’t find donor milk, but it’s incredibly rare that a mother can’t feed her baby.

    Finally you have people who can’t get donor milk, or babies who have an honest reaction to breast milk. These babies NEED formula. This is the reason formula exists–to provide adequate nutrition to babies who can’t get it from the optimal source. There’s quite a difference between adequate and optimal. Yes, in this instance the baby’s need to eat outweighs the risk of formula, BUT it doesn’t mean the risks somehow went away. All it means is that it’s necessary to use a risky product to keep your baby alive. It’s the right thing to do, but you should still know what you’re up against.

    In either case, I feel sorry for babies who recieve formula. You can argue all you want, but when babies are offered their mother’s breast milk, a donor mother’s breast milk, and formula, they choose in that order. How sad that babies are deprived, be it by a heart breaking kick by mother nature, or simply one’s own selfish mother, of the specific product designed for them to eat. How could I not feel sorry for them?

  75. highlyirritated says:

    What I think is sickening here is the obvious fact you haven’t been around mothers and women very much…. clearly. Given the garbage of your post.

  76. Eri says:

    thank you for speaking on behalf of all infants everywhere! god bless you

  77. Ripley says:

    Actually, I AM a mother. That’s why this issue is so important to me.

    I simply don’t understand why every mother wouldn’t want her baby to get the best start possible. Sometimes, in cases of allergies or real milk deficiencies (with no access to donor milk, of course) formula is the best start, as I said previously. That doesn’t mean formula isn’t risky, it’s just less risky than giving your baby an allergen or starving it, thus, in those instances, the best start.

    It is not the best start (or the close second so many believe it to be) in the case of selfish women, women who don’t feel like it, women who whine about it hurting, or not getting enough sleep. Suck it up–it may not be the most convenient for you, but it’s what RIGHT for your baby.

    As a mother, it’s only natural for me to feel sorry for those poor babies whose mothers CHOOSE (re: not the ones who are forced) to use a substandard product.

  78. sick of arrogance. says:

    thats great that you breastfed and you didn’t encounter any problems, but does your ego need stroking that badly to go call people who choose not selfish? formula is not that horrible and just because you made a commitment and nobody is stroking your poor little ego about it, doesn’t give the right to to call others selfish, arrogance is a horrible thing. this post was supposed to be about the nestles good start not measuring to the fda requirements, not about who feels they are better parents because they breastfed.

  79. sick of arrogance. says:

    and many have FULL TIME JOBS and cannot dedicate all of thier time to breastfeeding, different priorities that you dont understand shoud not be judged, formula is not harming babies so get over it! I hope you dont pass your arrogance on to your children.

  80. Sara says:

    I don’t understand why women continue to insult and subjugate other women. The breast milk vs. formula debate is simply another way to have women attack one another. Instead of wasting time insulting each other perhaps we would be better served to do things to improve the world for our children. There are far more important issues out there and far more important things that affect the health and welfare of our children. As a teacher, I see all too many children whose parents don’t provide adequate nutrition, seasonally appropriate clothing (ie. snowsuits) and who don’t spend any time reading or doing homework with their children. These to me are important issues not formula vs. breastfeed. Parenting with loving, respect and values are what is important. Parents who are judgemental and intolerant are doing something far worse than formula feeding – they are teaching their children not to respect other’s differences and opinions as well as breeding contempt. Children learn what they live. We all have the right to choose what is best for ourselves and our families – this is an idea I wish to pass on to my children. I live by the Golden Rule “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” and I don’t believe any one of us wishes to be judged and thus we should not judge anyone. To those that judge, if you are so concerned with your child’s welfare – I suggest you also be concerned with their moral development!!

  81. wendy says:

    very well said sara, I believe intolerance and peoples quickness to judge others is half of whats wrong with this world. breast is best, but every mother makes her own decision, and it is not one bit selfish to do that and you shouldnt have to listen to other people putting you down because they feel there children had a better start and they feel bad for your children, I know formula increases your risk for many things, but in this world that is growing more concerned with convenience, that is just something you cant escape. If you did look up the risks of formula feeding you would find that it simply is not as awful as you think, and I just dont understand why anyone would call someone an unfit parent just because they chose that breatsfeeding wasnt for them for whatever reason, it is there own.

  82. KK says:

    Well I am one of the “horrible” mothers who formula feeds my daughter, for more than one reason. First of all, I had a bad delivery and was not able to breastfeed my baby after she was born as I was not even conscious! She had a preference for a bottle from the first time she ate. Still, I tried for 3 weeks to get her to latch on, but she just never would. In between I would pump and feed her with a bottle. After 3 weeks, I decided to exclusively pump and let go of the actual nursing. I was pumping nonstop and completely exhausted trying to take care of my extremely fussy baby. She was spitting up everything I gave her! It turns out she has a bad case of reflux and I was needing to add rice to make it thicker. It got much better, but she was still spitting up A LOT! So at her 2 month appt, the pediatrician recommended supplementing. I started feeding her formula and she wasnt spitting up anymore! So I sadly had to give up breast feeding all together. I truly was sad. Yes, my life is much easier now that I am formula feeding, and yes, it is easy, but guess what, that doesnt matter! What matters is that my little girl is growing! She is now 5 months old. When she was 2 1/2 months she had only gained 1 lb from her birthweight. Since changing to formula she has now doubled her weight!! I am so grateful that there is something out there that can keep my child nourished and keep her tummy feeling good! I am currently using Good Start.

  83. MP says:

    To the ignorant ladies who wrote mothers who choose formula are selfish, lazy, party, etc… If you have a particular problem or jealousy issue with a certain friend in your life…. do not feel everyone the same. Not only is bottle feeding more time consuming and expensive: but lazy; NO, you need to sterilize, wash, rinse, store at certain temperatures, have boiled water, etc.. There is more work involved… Have the ignorant ladies also had twins or triplets, where there was not enough milk coming in, or have the ladies been hospitalized themselves for surgery shortly after birth, which caused them to stay in hospital on IV for weeks, and the spouse had to deal and learn with formula after the child’s first week of life. I am amazed how stupid people are, and feel sorry for your children for being so closed minded… Your children will probably fees such pressure: and fail !

  84. John says:

    In response to Marks reply below: I hope that your son, who you proudly claim was brought up on Goodstart, can spell better than you!

    “Right” is spelt “WRITE”, in the context you are referring to. Obviously you must have missed a few feeds when you were younger!

  85. Eri says:

    Sara, I love you. And John I hope you feel intellectually superior. God bless you too!!

  86. Breast Feeding Mom says:

    Ripley, I must respond to your post. First let me say I have a 3 month old son that I do breast feed, with tremendous difficulty. I have struggled with a low milk supply (due to breast surgery), but have chosen to take several medications to increase my supply, and pump as often as possible to further stimulate production. These 3 months have been exhausting for me as I continue to work at being able to breast feed my son. I do this, because I do believe that breast feeding is the best thing for his health. With that being said, I think it is incredibly selfish of YOU to judge any woman who chooses to formula feed her child. Being a mother is very difficult, and if a woman chooses to formula feed because it may be easier for her, then that woman needs to do what is best for her family. The only thing that I would hope, is that all mothers try to give their baby the colostrum, that really is what is most important. If you can breast feed that is great, and if you can’t or even don’t want to, that is your choice!!

  87. kathy says:

    i’ve just had my 3rd child and have run out of milk with the first 2 children at 4 and 5 weeks old. I have tried lactation pills, herbal remedies, pumping (6 times a day) holding my baby close, feeding all the time and nothing worked for me. Now that I have had my 3rd child I was pleased to surpass the 5 week point and thouht that i may be safe from losing my milk this time. I had plenty of milk for the first 2 weeks than my baby started getting really cranky, I thought that it may be colic but after 5 weeks and several doctors visits that didnt help, I gave him formula he slept for 5 hours straight. The solution to the problem FEED THE BABY, HE’S HUNGRY.
    I still breast feed as much as possible and give him formula when i feel he needs it. But every mother has the right to choose, and i feel that anyone who says that a mother is selfish, or lazy especially over such a hot topic is ignorant and hurtfull themselves. As a mother you have the moral responsibility to teach your children compassion and understanding, and with comments like that, lets hope your children dont turn out to be rascists as well!!

  88. Amy says:

    I had my daughter on Nestle Good Start when she was born. It was half breast milk, half formula. I wanted to exclusively breastfeed but my milk would not stabalize properly.. Some days I would make way more than enough, others not as much. When it finally settled to a certain amount, I never made more than 2 oz a feeding! Which was fine for the first month and a half, but once she jumped up to 3 oz and hit her first growth spurt, my milk depleated.. to little more than drops. I had milk reserved in the freezer and I used that up hoping that after this little growth spurt it would come up more, and I pumped like crazy! (I couldn’t actually breastfeed, because my nipples are flat and inverted.. we tried the nippleshield and my daughter wouldn’t take it at all.. this was due to having bottles introduced at the hospital…don’t want to get into that it was not my idea!) nothing came though, and I tried everything and it just wasn’t happening. Formula saved me, indefinatetly. I had wanted to breastfeed so badly, and when I found out I couldn’t after hoping for so long, mix that with pp hormones and I was just a wreck.

    I would never use the Nestle formula again. Even though it’s lacking only minimal amounts of certain things, It was more money than the similac or enfamil here which are top leading brands, that have been used for years without any negative feedback from the FDA, which means they’re doing everything properly. It can leave a good whole in your pocket buying expensive formula, but if you can’t/chose not to breastfeed, why not go for the next best thing?

  89. Val says:

    Thats bull, my little had nestle from the day he was born and he’s as smart as a brestfeed baby, he’s not a year old yet and already walking and doing things that i didn’t think his age should be doing..

  90. Kyrsten says:

    I am a mom who has been trying so so so hard to bf my baby, who is now 3 months. I have struggled with a low milk supply, and all the medications and pumping have not helped. Every time I see a mother bf her child I am devestated at my failure. I won’t even formula feed my child in public because I’m so afraid of the reactions I may recieve. So, to all of you who make such hurtful comments to those of us who use formula, save it,there is NOTHING you could say that I already don’t say to myself.

  91. Sara says:

    Krysten, I don’t think you should feel any guilt. I think you are doing what is best for your child. The important thing is that you obviously love your child so much that you are willing to do anything for your baby. I know the guilt and pressure you feel from others can be tremendous. I went through the same thing. My son (7 months) has nasal stenosis making breastfeeding impossible so I pumped for months. My son has difficulties breathing because his ariway is so small and I spent at least half of the first 4 months in and out of the hospital. Anyways, everytime I arrived at the hospital I would get the inevitable breastfeeding lecture despite the fact I was pumping and he was only getting breastmilk!! I pumped every 2 hours and because of his condition – we had to feed every 1 1/2 to 2 hours so I spent all day feeding, pumping and giving him his meds.They even managed to make me feel guilty and like a terrible mother (between his stopping breathing and numerous surgeries – I think I had enough on my plate without adding more guilt.) At nearly 4 months, he only weighed 9 1/2 pounds. Finally a doctor and nutritionist suggested I try formula. He is 7 months now and weighs 16 1/2 pounds. He is starting to outgrow the condition now that he is putting on weight – this never could have happened with the breastmilk.

    So to all the superior feeling breastfeeding mothers, I say shame on you!! Had I let your opinions and guilt continue to rule me, my son would still be battling for his life. It makes me very sad that people need to judge each other. As I said previously, we have far greater issues to worry about than breastfeeding vs. formula. In my opinion, the judgmental mothers are the ones who should be harrassed not the formula feeding ones. Babies will stop receiving formula but the other babies will never stop hearing and feeling you pass judgement on others and eventually themselves. God forbid, your children ever need or chose to use formula with their children. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Any woman who uses formula obviously loves their child a great deal because not only is it more expensive and takes more time (unless your pumping – that takes the most time in my experience, you have to suffer the arrogance and condemnation of other women.

    So Krysten, I say good for you. I think you’re a great mother and don’t let anyone make you feel any differently. Remember any woman who would dare say anything to you about your feeding, clearly isn’t half the mother you are because they are teaching their children hatred, judgement and scorn.

  92. Elizabeth says:

    I am 21 years old, I got married @ 18 years old. I have a 3 1/2 month old that has been on formula steady now for 2 weeks.I had my baby, i didn’t give it for adoption or abortion (It never crossed my mind too) What makes ME an unfit mother????? This is a sore subject for me because I lost two prior to my little guy. So how am i selfish if i wanted to have children to care for????? I’m Confused as to what is a fit mother in your eyes’s Jessica, tamara and timithy??????? I honostly want to know.

  93. Glen says:

    What the heck is going on?

  94. Shannon Nagaj says:

    I too am a teacher. I have three children. Breastfeeding for me was not easy at all in the beginning as it was for some women. I was determined, but had many ups and downs. I had no medical condition, that I know of. I stayed with it for six, eight, and so far three months respectively. I actually got opposite feedback from some family. When I was a baby, breastfeeding was not looked at as it is now and I was a formula fed baby. Therefore, support for me to breastfeed came from my husband mostly. For the most part, all of my family said that I should do what is best for me and they will support MY DECISION. This is how it should be. No other person can make you feel guilty. Especially some stranger who doesn’t know you or your situation. Do what is right for you. If formula feeding is right for you listen to your pediatrician for their recommended brand. My children’s pediatrician has recommended Good Start Soy…my 21 month is allergic to eggs, milk, and peanuts. My 3 month old could be the same, but until he can be tested I supplent with Good Start Soy. In addition, as a nursing mom, I have adapted my diet to reflect his possible allergy. I do not ingest any cow’s milk. This includes everything made with cow’s milk, including casin, found in many processed foods. AGAIN, LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD’S PEDIATRICIAN. IF HE OR SHE SAYS GOOD START IS THE BEST THAN IT IS…OR DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS TO ALL THE MOMS WHO ARE DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM AND THEIR CHILD.

  95. Vanessa says:

    Timothy, April and Tamara; Get your heads out of your asses. You’re obviously a bunch of uneducated, opinionated, self-righteous busy bodies and no one wants to hear from you unless they’re as ignorant as you are so please piss off!!

  96. Nathan says:

    Seeing as it has been OVER A YEAR since Timothy, April, and Tamara first posted…

    I think it is safe to say they HAVE pissed off.

    Can we move on now?

  97. Vanessa says:

    Apparently we haven’t all pissed off have we?

  98. abc says:

    I had to go on medication so I HAD TO STOP breastfeeding although I thoroughly enjoyed it. My children turned out just fine, one is in the upper third percentile for intelligence- he has an extremely high IQ and is deemed “gifted”, the other is 11 and has ‘above average’ intelligence based on IQ testing. I realize these are not the only measures of intelligence however, they are the ones that aociety deems the most reflective indicators of “future potential’, so don’t listen to these rants, bottle-feeding moms out there.

  99. abc says:

    sorry, I meant to say “society” not “aociety”, obviously I’m not as intelligent as my children… but then I was breastfed!!!

  100. Vanessa says:

    Now that’s the kind of info that needs to be put out there! I have 6 children and all were breastfed but I feel for the women who don’t always have that choice and to make matters worse they have all of these ignorant people belittling them for it.

  101. kristin says:

    let’s not forget that American moms get 6 weeks mat leave… another serious road block. I’m not saying that there are no mothers that skip breast-feeding as the easy way out but I do want to say that there are lots of mothers that have really good reasons not to that go far beyond convenience.

  102. mar says:

    I have read a lot of people’s comments on breastfeeding vs formula. Breastfeeding is the best for your child! I understand that people have medical problems that interfere with their ability to breastfeed, but others choose not to breastfeed because of their lack of education. Any literature will tell you that it’s the best for your baby, even the formula companies recommend it as the best for your infant. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my 11 month old and my older daughter was breastfed until 15 months and that is because I had to return to work. The people who are having trouble and say their nipples are cracking (incorrect latch). Or say the baby is constantly hungry (not getting hind milk (higher in fat composition). My girls were both sleeping through the night at 9 weeks old and my second at 11 weeks. That is because I did my research and informed myself to the best of my ability before I had my first child. I knew what to do. I cannot believe that there are mothers out there who are given the most perfect compostion of nutrition for your infant and choose not to use it. Rather give your infant a man made substance. Again for the medically compromised mothers I understand. For those of you who choose formula over breast milk is your choice but it is only because you are not well informed and choose not to make that commitment for your infant. I know many people who were completing capable of breastfeeding and chose not to, for no real reason.

  103. Eileen says:

    For the ladies leaving their comment on breast-feeding, this is not even part of the comment, first of all and second it was probably the same person since their post were posted 1 minute apart. Every mother is different and while some do not want to go through the hassle others just can not breastfeed and that is something that is up to the mother and it should be respected and not even discussed . No one is a better mom for breast feeding their children. Those are just the way ignorant people think.

  104. Kim says:

    Give it a break – women it is your own prerogative breastfeed if you can or formula – the majority of mothers will naturally chose what is best for their child for their own situation. I had gestational diabetes and was diagnosed with hypo thyroid but I will still try and probably have limited milk supply and have to supplement. But i am okay with it – I know that I am a GREAT mother…

  105. D says:

    I can’t believe how judgemental people are!! I think it is up to the mother on how she wants to feed her baby, I have a 3 month old daughter and she is formula fed, and she is doing just fine, my son was breastfed and formula fed too and he is fine, I was upset at first I couldn’t breastfeed my daughter, she didn’t take to it like my son did and it was very painful for me, so people just becuase you could breastfeed till your kids were whatever age, don’t be so quick to judge saying they are bad moms or “partyers”, you don’t know everyone’s story behind it!!! and to the men out there….you shouldn’t even be allowed to say anything!!! your a man, you have no idea what its like to be a woman

  106. D says:

    the Lord is my judge, not men anyways

  107. Alicia says:

    My son is 2 now, but back when he was on Good Start, I used to have to sift the powder. There was waht looked like saw-dust particles in it. And I never heard about a recall for it.

    My son is a smart boy, but he definatle seems to be making much more progress now that he is on real food.

  108. N says:

    My son was born with paralized vocal chords. Because of this, he was unable to take the breast and therefore did not stimulate them and no milk came. It broke my heart. If I had not given him formula, he would have starved. People who judge others, just have no idea what others go through.

  109. sonja says:

    I’m sad to read some of the comments about mothers who formula feed or supplement with formula. My daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate. I started breast feeding in the hospital and also giving her formula. Breast feeding a cleft baby is difficult and most can’t do it. I had to supplement her or she would have starved. I’m still breastfeeding as much as I can. So do you consider me lazy or uncaring? Everyone has a reason to do it or not, no one should judge.

  110. stacey says:

    i dont think anyone should judge anyone else because until you have a child who requires special formula thats high in calories to keep him alive it doesnt really matter the brand most because most are the same.be thankful that you have children that are not disabled and will require 24 hour care the rest of there life and i am one of those people that did everything the doctor told me to do.thank god for what you have you are all blessed.My blessing is my angel manuel he is my heart and soul

  111. Me says:

    Half of you assholes that claim breastfeeding is the best are eating a bag of oreos and a can of pop…wow you are giving your baby the absolute best aren’t you…unless you can claim to eat all of the nutrients everyday that are found in formula shut the hell up. I breastfed the first time but after losing my breasts to cancer a year before our second child was born, I didn’t have a choice…so I formula fed my second son and guess what our second son tested in the top 2% of the school board and is now in a gifted class and our first son who is amazing in his own right…didn’t!!! So was it all the nutrients in formula who knows but it sure didn’t hurt him!!!

  112. Tara says:

    Wow, people need to lose the judgement on all sides of this issue. I am a mother who was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed for two years and I am also a nursing student. There is no disputing “breast is best”, you can find that statement on any formula’s web-site. Most countries paediatric societies reccomend breastfeeding until 2 and beyond.

    With that said there are many reasons women don’t or can’t breastfeed and we have no right to cast judgement on them. What we need is good support for new mothers, so that more are able to breastfeed and continue breastfeeding for longer. It is heart breaking for many women, when they have to switch to formula because of a medical or psycological reason, or if their milk dries up. Walk a mile in their shoes before you judge them.

    Also for those who are judging mothers who breastfeed beyond a certain time shame on you! Women do not breastfeed for any selfish, sexual or gratifying reason. It is called infant nutrition, and until our culture sexualized the breast was no big deal! The longer one is able to breastfeed the healthier to the child and mother(in most cases) This does not mean formula fed babies are unhealthy! Formula companies try very hard to replicate the natural nourishment provided by breastmilk. It’s not perfect but it’s the next best thing.

  113. busymom says:

    I honestly was interested in hearing information on this recall when I visited the site. Having said that, curiousity got the best of me and I spent the last hour or so reading every post on here including the jibberish towards the end – not sure what that was…Anyhow, I was lucky enough to be able to exclusively breastfeed all 3 of my children, and my house is pretty clean I have to say and I do work full time and am recently a single mom so I think I’m busy not lazy – lol. Where I live breastfeeding doesn’t get much support. Sure your doctor tells you it’s best and they hand out information at the hospital but with formula coupons because everyone just assumes you’re going to end up bottle feeding. I did start my first 2 children on Goodstart when I went back to work (11 months and 15 months) but still nursed in the evenings and mornings. Like a lot of people, I just couldn’t seem to pump and yes I’m sure someone will reply saying “did you really try” and maybe I could have tried harder but the fact is I didn’t. I really didn’t worry that my children weren’t getting the proper amount of nutrition from the formula because I figured it had to go through numerous tests and be deemed safe before it could be sold here. I was the only one of my friends that breastfeed more than a couple days in the hospital – not that any of them were partyers – who really has the time with a newborn anyway? Still, I wish there was more support out there for both choices. I am naturally a quiet person and opposed to any conflict (I don’t want my children exposed to that this early) so when I visited my parents or friends and I was discretly left alone whenever my babies were hungry I just feed them, then rejoined the group, and I don’t usually bring up the fact that I nursed any of children but I am happy that I was able too. It wasn’t easy with breast shield, breast infections, blisters and cracks, but (and this is the important part) it was right for me and my babies. And that is the bottom line – you are making the best choice for you and your baby and we need companies to produce the finest products for us if and when we need/choose to use them. At the end of the day if your baby is happy, healthy and growing as expected and you are happy and healthy too – then you made the best choice and you are a GREAT parent!

  114. Sally says:

    Busymom. Amazing post!! I am clapping for you! You sound like a wonderful person!

  115. alicat says:

    Timothy S. Anderson does not exist as a paediatrician. I know this because I have complete access to any licensed paediatrician, as does the general public, and his name is not on any lists I’ve come across in Canada. Not sure why anyone would lie about a profession, maybe because he figures it will give him more credit to his ignorance. Someone with such a lack of compassion shouldn’t be in that career field anyway.

  116. busymom says:

    Sally, looks like someone beat me to thanking you, but I do appreciate the support! 🙂

  117. Kelly says:

    (Shakes head at the ignorance).
    I supposed when I had my double masectomy in my 20’s, and SURVIVED cancer, I should have told them to take my ovaries out while they are at it, after all – what a horrible lazy mother I would become.
    BTW: I have a 3 year old Good Start formula fed boy, who spells 3 letter words, points on a world map to Canada, US, Mexico, Denmark, Macedonia, Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, can count to 100 and know lyrics to over 50 songs.
    Poor thing, he’s so deprived!

  118. Shannan says:

    Wow it’s amazing how hot this topic really is. There are many reasons why someone might not breast feed. In my case We adopted a new born, rare but thankfully a birth mom approached us. Though it is possible to breast feed an adopted child it is very difficult and almost always the adoptive mother would have to supplement anyway. When I figured that I could possibly breast feed it was too close to his due date to prepare. We are not able to have children so should we not adopt or should we try and kidnap the birth mom so he can be breast fed. So what if she does drugs as long as he gets that precious breast milk. Never mind that the drugs go into his system that can’t be as bad as not getting breast milk can it? Like many have said here there are many reasons why people cannot breast feed. Think before you put both feet in your mouth. You’ll be much happier for it. The world would be a much better place if we would stop and try to understand each other before we pass judgment on one another.

  119. Chris says:

    I am glad I read this.
    My wife has been trying to breastfeed with her inverted nipples with little success. I can see its frustrating for her and the baby, its just breaking her heart. The little breast milk pumped out has made my baby colic. I told her I dont mind if we feed him formula. It actually bothers me more to see a four year old sucking on mommies boobs.

    I agree with Lisa, mothers who exclusivly breast feed are filthy women with dirty homes. And their husbands have small penises. Take that timothy anderson pedeatrician of 25 years. haha. my babies dirty diaper has more to say then you. Exclusively haha. who are you trying to impress.

  120. Chris says:

    Thank you gabe and courtney.
    when I showed my wife your comments. it made her feel much better about her decision to not breast feed. My baby too was more then colic when fed breast milk and is a happy when on formula. I will love my baby no matter what but its alot easier when im not wearing ear plugs.

    I find it more disturbing seeing a four year old on mommies boob then a selfish party animal who loves her child enough to know her breast milk isnt any good.

    come on. and guess what timothy. my house is clean.

  121. Chris says:

    Blah blah blah i doubt if timothy aprial or whatever her name is even exsists. all in all im glad i read this, so i know lots of other mothers are just as heart broken as my wife is that shes not able to breast feed.

    oh and kelley your child has seizures because the devil is in her. not because you switched ot good start. Dont be so ignorant.

  122. Heartburn Home Remedy says:

    I read your blog for quite a long time and should tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.

  123. Joy says:

    Ok this has gotten way out of hand. These post originally started 2 years ago. The point is that everyone has an opinion about breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding.

    It seems that everyone has an opinion and for a “supposed” pediatrician to have such negative comments towards women who are physically unable to breast feed thier baby (as if knowing that isn’t traumatic enough for them) is insensitive and appalling.

    I recently read in the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Fit Pregnancy Mom and Baby magazine that infants will need daily supplements of Vitamin D if they are breastfed. Whereas bottle fed babies will receive sufficient Vitamin D from the formula. The vitamin is known to keep babies’ bones strong, but research now indicates that it may also reduce future risks for cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

    Now I am NOT going to say that one is better than the other because there are definate benefits to both. In the end, the important thing is that our children are well fed, well looked after and us as parents are truly doing the best that we can to make sure that our children are taken care of.

    When it comes right down to it, there is no actual proof that a breast fed baby is any smarter than a formula fed baby. And I don’t believe for a second that any one formula is going to make your child smarter or develope faster than another formula. The truth be told, I bottle fed my first child. By 3 months old, he was starting to crawl. By 10 months old he was walking. I don’t believe that had anything to do with the type of formula he was on. I used what the hospital he was born in used at the time. The fact is that EVERY child is different. Every child is going to advance developmentally at different paces.

    As for the information given about Nestle Good Start formula, I thank the first pediatrician who made her comment about how this formula is NOT NOT NOT going to affect babies. If you are truly concerned and want to know which brand of formula to use, then the only answer you are looking for will have to be answered by your doctor or pediatrician.

  124. Frosty says:

    I am appauled while reading these messages on mothers who should breastfeed only. I had 2 beautiful healthy happy girls whom I tried to breastfeed after a c-section. Due to the pain and the fact that I have a medical condition I chose to give my children formula, both girls were on Good Start (13 years ago). My daughters have no bad effects from the formula and do very well in school. I am also a foster parent and have put every baby I look after on Good Start or Follow up formulas and have had very successful results on every baby. All my little ones have done very well despite other problems (fetal alcohol etc.)
    I give praise to the Good Start company I praise their formula and wouldn’t think of using another formula (although I have tried sometimes) I always go back to Good Start. I think what you have to consider is what is best for YOU and YOUR baby!!!!! Not what Joe Q Public says.

  125. Shelly says:

    Read the title, Its not about are you a bad mom or a good mom!!!UnF’n real grow up

  126. Sarah M says:

    Surprising how people on this site call themselves mothers and parents and go around with such a nasty attitude towards others. It’s none of your business whether I breastfeed or formula feed, I won’t even tell you which one I do. But what I WILL say is that it is very disappointing that you are supposed to be role models who will be teaching our next generation about respecting the rights of other people to choose what they will and will not do. Do not call people lazy, accuse them of partying or telling others what they should be doing. It shows your own immaturity, ignorance and disrespectful nature. You are no better than anyone else in how you feed your babies, but you are rude. Shame on you for not being better people or knowing how to respect others. Were YOU breastfed? Maybe you would have been better off with the bottle!

  127. Cec says:

    As a mom of three, who bf’d/supplemented #1 until she was 8 months then bottlefed, #2 until she was 9 months, then bottlefed and am currently nursing/supplementing #3 who is 3 months old…
    I “get” that it isn’t easy for many many women out there. Whatever your reasons. And we all have our reasons for what we are doing.

    My thoughts to both sides of the fence on BFing:

    To the JUDGEMENTAL exclusive BF:ers who have never encountered any difficulties: We all secretly know you are high maintenance moms who think you are raising the next Einstein. LOL!
    Keep your opinions to yourselves, please. EVERY normal mother wants the very best for their baby. Each specific situation dictates what that means in terms of feeding.

    Offended bottlefeeders: Stop justifying yourselves. You do what you gotta do as a mom!

    Both sides:

    *Whether you BF or bottlefeed -own your own decision whether you choose/can BF or not. And stop feeling so guilty about it!

    *Stop assuming you know what influenced others’ decisions.

    *Live and let live.

    Breast feeding is such a guilt laced issue for women. Why do we have to beat eachother with this also?

    Besides, there is SO MUCH more to parenting than whether you breastfeed or not. My guess is that maybe some of the hardcore BFer have learned that since this thread started…now that they have older children. 😉

  128. Sonia says:

    Hmmm… from a discussion about the merits of Good Start and the lack of nutrients in it, to the very hot topic of Breastfeeding vs Bottle feeding… All I can say, you do what works for you – and if you do bottle feed… just check everything out… I did use good start with my first – but had issues with it…. EVERY box of ready made or concentrate I purchased was ‘guaranteed’ to have a minimum of 1/3 of the cans dented. I took the chance with my second – hoping things at Nestle had improved… NOPE. Anyone looking to use Good Start – take into consideration that if you use the canned stuff…. be ready to return cans on a regular basis, and keep your receipts. I was so disgusted the last time around – when I complained to Nestle – they recommended I return the cans to point of purchase…. like a new mother/parent has time to do that! And for my trouble of contacting them with my complaint… they sent me a coupon (with a very short expiry date) for 1 (yes… one) dollar. When the canned stuff is $40…. so folks – take note. I’ve switched my second one to the competitors, and generally refuse now to purchase any Nestle products.

  129. Lindsey says:

    Ok I am comming into this a few years late now but I don’t believe that that asshole man is a doctor of any kind, and as for bottle feeding being the “lazy choice” what about all the extra time and work involved in sterilizing bottles and nipples and water as well as preparing the bottles. Plus the cost of formula! I bottle feed because I can’t breat feed. I tried my best and it wasn’t working out, rather then risk my baby starving to death I decided to bottle feed. He is very healthy and growing well. It’s a personal choice and people who leave stupid comments are ignorant and shouldn’t be acknowledged!

  130. faye says:

    This is a crap of BS..The FDA doesn’t recommend Good Start because almost all members of the FDA also have shares in the Pharmacitcal companies. They want you to use similac & enfalac which they own. We have used it on our children & they are great. It has omega 3& 6 which is awesome (although this is healthy for you doesn’t put money in the pharmacitical companies pockets)It is kinda like saying “don’t eat healthy because you won’t need drugs then won’t make us money”…enjoy Good Start…your baby will love it.

  131. Nicole says:

    April, and all you other bashers of formula fed babies. I have twins, and tried so hard to breastfeed, and because of a surgery I had to have was unable to produce any milk. I am a stay at home mom, and my twins are my entire life…So to get on here and make such rude, nieve comments is not for you to do. Some people have legit reasons as to why they cant breastfeed…So take a hike, and dont make comments until you have walked in someones elses shoes.

  132. Danielle says:

    I both breastfed and use formula together. Some babies cannot do that..lucky for me , mine can! And @ a month old my child has been ‘sleeping through the night’ (ie. wakes to feed goes right back to sleep , while breastfeeding) and then is awake longer during the day, where I do both breast and formula 🙂 I feel this is a happy medium for us and both my children are healthy and happy…along with a far more rested and healthy , happy Mommy to go with! Nothing is wrong with formula, unless YOU are against it personally. Life is 99% attitude. In both cases of formula vs non ..its what you are comfortable with that works. The formulas do vary, but I found that the Good Start with B Cultures is the best so far formula wise. (this article I believe is based one without)
    Good luck to ALL Moms that are breastfeeding or formula feeding or both! We are most definitely not lazy…as we are doing the most important job in the world! We’ve already brought forth life..and are now not only sustaining it..but helping it grow and become and amazing individual on the planet! It would figure that a man would be the one to post the comment on a formula feeding Mother being lazy…dr or not. Dr’s are people too…they too came into this world the same way we all did! It would be interesting to find out how many of them were formula vs breast infants 🙂

  133. Travis says:

    My girlfriend and I have no choice but to feed our son formula as she had breast cancer 5 years ago and had bilateral mastectomy surgery which removed her milk ducts completely.

    We have fed our son Nestle Good Start since the day he was born — fabulous results after one month of use, he’s not colicky in the least and sleeps quite well.

    His stool is a little fragrant, that’s about it.

  134. NEW MOM says:

    That Doc Anderson should have his license to practic revoke for lack of compassion!

  135. I agree with the above post. Personally I cannot understand why you would not want to make an effort in this regard anyway. Only the other day, at work we had exactly the same conversation and came to a similar conclusion

  136. Looking after your listening has to be one of the most critical matters you can do. Take it from me, somebody who sufferred listening damager early on. As a result, I in reality like taking care hearing and whilst I do agree with the above poster and I really hope I do not get shot down for stating this, but I guess it is essential to take all things in moderation.

  137. Erik says:

    Doc andderson is ficntional.
    Just another troll looking to start fights on the internet.

  138. Mocha says:

    April & Tamara,

    Both of you are incredibly ignorant women. I wanted to breastfeed very badly, because I knew it was best for my baby and because everyone told me what an important bonding experience it was. Well unfortunately I was not physically able to. I’m a single mom with absolutely no help and pumped 4 hours a day for over a month, attempting to breastfeed at each feeding, consulting with three lactation specialists… it was that important to me. Finally I realized that it wasn’t much of a bonding experience when it resulted only in him crying and becoming frustrated and myself feeling like a failure to him. Spending 4 hours a day pumping when you’re caring for a baby alone isn’t very realistic, either, and it was killing me. To call me lazy when I have to hand-wash and sterilize a shitload of bottles every day, boil/sterilize water and mix up formula for each feeding whereas those who breastfeed get to just whip out a tit is hilarious. And incidentally I haven’t gone out once, or out drinking, nor do I plan to anytime soon (lol, wtf was that about?)… I’m completely dedicated to my son.

  139. Neda Lerew says:

    Very interesting blog post thanks for writing it I have added your blog to my bookmarks and will check back 🙂 By the way this is a little off topic but I really like your sites layout.

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  144. I enjoy Dr. Laura but I don’t think she should have said what she did on the air.

  145. Adam S. says:

    The breastfeeding Nazi’s out there are sickos.

    My wife could not produce milk after an emergency c-section and major complications post-partum. She tried pumping, drugs, consultations, etc. And you clowns call her lazy? Pathetic fools.

    Our baby was literally starving and formula has kept her alive, growing and healthy.

    Please provide me with PROOF that all breastmilk is better than formula?

    How many breastfeeding women submit their milk samples to the FDA to see if it meets the nutritional guidelines for infants? None.

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  147. deadymom12000 says:

    My kids were fed good start and are fine.My friends also use dthis for there kids and they were all chunky babies.

  148. Thanks for sharing your blog with all of us, really informative

  149. Gabrielle says:

    There is negative about everything out there, if you decide to believe everything you hear that’s your choice. BUT, my daughter has been on Nestle Good Start Omega 3:6, she is now almost five and extremely healthy and active. My son has been on it since birth and has never had any issues.

    If it was so bad for our little angels, our doctors would not recomend it, it’s not like they make money off of it.

    Talk to your family doctor before making assumptions on what ppl think they know.

  150. Amanda says:

    Both my kids were too young to latch, so i ended up pumping for them both and feeding them through a bottle. Sometimes i would have to give them formula a few times until i could get a good supply of milk for them to eat. Kids are the most precious gift in this world. My 3 year old is happy and healthy, with energy galore. Knew her ABC’s by 2 1/2, knew nursery rhymes, counted to 10 and a whole lot more. Sure there IS a difference from formula to milk and milk is best, BUT Some people can’t breastfeed, it’s not their fault (although i know with some they would rather jsut give up) as long as the child doesn’t go hungry, that’s the main thing in my opinion. I pumped for 4 1/2 months for my daughter, and then she was on formula full time, but she never went hungry, or needed to want for more food. My son is starting to do the same, he is only 2 weeks old, and while he is getting milk, i have to suppllement with formula to make sure he gets enough, and as long as he is happy and content, to hell with what some people think!

  151. Hilario Fuhr says:

    definitely have to state you help make a number of very good facts and may put up a small amount of recommendations to add shortly after a day or two.

  152. jody jody says:

    Clearly this Dr. Andreson, isnt a doctor, no doctor would make such comments, he would know formula has nothing to do with lazy moms…. Considering it takes so much more time and prep to prepare formula rather than putting your baby to a breast..DUH!!! Second of all he would also know not every woman is capable of breast feeding! A woman who has her breast removed cannot breast feed, a womanwith a birth defect affecting her breasts cannot breast feed ( and I do know a woman with such a reason) I am a motherof three formula fed babies….. As I discovered having my first baby I CANNOT physically breast feed * yes i tried*
    My oldest daughter was on enfamil my younger two was have been on goodstart…. and as a mom * who cherishes and cares for children properly* I would tell anyone to try goodstart before any other formula!!!!!

  153. Melissa says:

    For those of you who have sat there and bashed formula feeding moms, maybe you should think about those of us moms who physically cant breastfeed. I cannot breast feed because I dont produce the hind milk that the baby needs…and yes this has been proven. All of my kids have been formula fed and are quite healthy! and even if a mom just chooses to formula feed that is their choice and you dont need to put people down for it.I feel sorry for your kids who have to grow up with judgemental parents like yourselfs!!

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  156. sweet n sexy says:

    i guess the world is full of some really ignorant women who really dont know much about anything. their heads are full of so much air so only crap an come out of thier mouths. i had my first baby girl and i expected to breast feed for over 6 months to a year and after 2 months my breast milk just stopped coming i tried pumping it after and not even a drip came out so then i have to give my baby formula coz i couldnt have her sucking and not getting any milk. dumbasses!!! u know ur selves

  157. cindy says:

    exactly…..i do know that there are some moms outthere who dont want to breastfeed coz thier worried about having hangy boobs after…the ones that think like that are losers and also people have a right to make thier decisions on whether or not they want to breastfeed coz its simply their choice to make but i say give the baby all the breast milk you can and if there no more after then you give them formula

  158. Stacey says:

    I live in Canada & am currently feeding my baby Nestle Good Start with B. lactis & Omega 3 & 6. I initially chose this formula because they sold it at the supermarket close to my home. They also had Enfamil Low Iron, but then I read that Iron is essential for an infants growth. I’m considering changing over to Enfamil with probiotics & Omega 3 & 6, but wanted to research how good or bad Nestle was first. I was shocked to see that in America, in fell short, as I am an American. But after reading on, I found that it’s not as bad as they make it sound & other parents swear by it. As far as people insulting those that breastfeed, that is ridiculous & unnecessary. I tried HARD to breastfeed. My baby picked up thrush from the hospital & transferred it to my breast, making it very painful to breastfeed. But I fought through the tears & did it anyway. I tried Gentian Violet for a week, which did not fully work. I tried Nystatin for a week, which did not fully work. & then I tried all purpose nipple ointment for a week, which actually exacerbated the issue in both myself & my daughter. As a last resort, I went on oral Fluconazole for 2 weeks. This seems to have worked. I used Nystatin on my daughter as that worked the best for her & she seems to be free of it now. But in the meantime, my milk had dried up in my right breast to the point where my child was losing weight, so they said I needed to supplement with formula. I was devastated & felt like I had failed. The day after I took my first pill for the yeast/thrush, I got a very bad breast infection in 2 spots on my “good” breast that was producing milk. I had a high fever, chills, body aches, diarrhea, engorgement & extreme pain in my breast no matter what I did. I couldn’t even pick my baby up. My husband had to fully take over taking care of her. I had to go on antibiotics for a week. This was made me ultimately stop breastfeeding. I didn’t want to take the chance of breastfeeding while on these prescriptions, even though they say they are safe. Or risk constant reinfection between myself & my daughter of the thrush/yeast. In the 2 weeks of medication, my milk completely dried up & I am now on formula. I WISH I could have breastfed. If I didn’t have those 3 issues, I would have. I think everyone should at least try, but don’t make women feel guilty for choosing formula unless you are in their exact same situation. Everyone has the right to choose. Shame on you for passing judgment. Maybe YOU shouldn’t parent. I wouldn’t want a parent like you!

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  169. Swats says:

    Timothy, Tamara, April…

    You said the moms who fed formula do not deserve kids.
    Please mind your word sbefore you say anything.
    I am an adoptive mom. Induced lactation did not work on me.
    My baby would be with me in the next month and she will be 12 weeks next month, and what do you suppose I should do. It’s in India, finding the lady who could help my baby by breastfeeding is impossible. For me any good Formula that matches to breast milk would be like the greatest thing happening to my baby.

    You mean I do not deserve baby ?

    For God’s Sake– Don’t say this. I had waited for her for last 9 years. what if I do not lactate I m still going to give her the best, if it is a Formula, I will go for it ..

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  183. Shawna A. says:

    Nestle’s ‘Good Start’ baby formula made baby twins both very sick and I am angry. THE DAY we took them off was the day they felt better. It needs to be PULLED OFF THE MARKET!! There is something seriously WRONG with it!!!!!! I also heard that Nestle uses child labour when harvesting the Cocoa beans in the foreign countries. What a DISGUSTING company.

  184. Dennyrob says:

    that is what my daughter had when she was little and she was one of the healthies babies around. never needed medication for anything.

  185. Formulasucks says:

    if you breastfeed you do not have to worry about this. Formula is like giving your child fast food from birth… yackk

  186. Sherri says:

    I am formula feeding my son. I have many reasons for this of which “laziness” is not one of them. But I am not going to list them because I don’t have to justify my decision.

    Don’t feel guilty all you Moms who can not or choose not to breastfeed. I was formula fed in the 80s and I am slim with a gifted IQ. And formula is even better now than back then.

  187. Nadine says:


    Laugh off the ignorance of others – especially male pediatricians who spout such nonsense! (I am thankful that he included his whole name – Google him and stay away!) We all know what’s best for our children and nobody is going about being negligent, or lazy in any way.

    Ultimately, we don’t need to defend our decisions. People will have their opinions (some more close-minded and ignorant than others), but don’t let it get to you…just carry on doing the best that you can, with what you have. Children who are loved, thrive…and I’ve met a few breastfed babies in my time who had horrible parenting experiences and are a mess! Look at childcare more holistically and you will have a well-rounded, well-adjusted, healthy baby. Breast or formula-fed – it won’t matter significantly in the end.

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  192. Mary says:

    Haha…just reading the comments made me laugh. When it comes to these formula debates, everyone is either a pediatrician (with bad grammar – really doubt they made it through med school, let alone admissions…) OR, they know/were a bright child that made it through with formula just fine, and that makes it okay for everybody else. 😛

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  195. Kelli says:

    To all the posters that mentioned selfish moms for not breast feeding, or “partying is more important.. Here is a thought for your selfish pea brains! have you ever considered people such as myself that have had a partial mastectomy. a long with numerous breast surgeries from complications? A long with mother that like myself are on medication that is passed through the mothers breast milk? Tell me. Am I selfish? Or are you for your uneducated, thoughtless, selfish, rude comments. Use a brain cell. Not everyone is perfect like you nor has god given breasts anymore to feed our children! I suppose you think my little miracle baby that came as a surprise after all my surgeries is selfish on my part too huh?

  196. Kelli says:

    Pardon my bad spelling and grammar on my previous post. I was so angry when I responded, that I did not proof read before posting… But seriously. Before you insult strangers in posts or in person… When you do not know someone it is best to keep your mouth and opinion quiet. You have no clue how hurtful your uneducated thoughtless comments hurt many many women. Nor do you know any medical conditions she may have. I can’t wait to meet these types in real life and as my child grows up…There are so many now days.


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