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Over the past few years Greek yogurt has become very popular in Canada. But how does it differ from regular run of the mill yogurt?

Greek yogurt is creamier and thicker, due to a straining process seperating all the whey from the milk.  Because of this process Greek  doesn’t seperate, such as some cheaper regular yogurts do.

One serving (3/4 cup) of Greek yogurt contains appox. 20 grams of protein while regular yogurt contains about 10. There is slightly less lactose in the Greek variety  as well.

So in the end Greek yogurt has more protein and texture but both are still very good choices for your daily diet.

I prefer my regular run of the mill yogurt.  Greek tastes a bit too thick but I still will eat it.  What do you prefer?

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  1. SY says:

    Greek yogurt!! It’s like dessert, creme brulee-ish, and just plain yummy! The President’s choice greek yogurt with honey is very good! Also I find it fills me up quite well for a quick snack which regular yogurt just doesn’t do.

  2. tudorchick says:

    i always thought greek was for dips and cooking. i eat activia or silhouette,as you described if greek is thicker i most likely wont like it.i tried asana with a upc,my gosh i could not get rid of one liked it,it was too thick…if greek is like that i will stick to having it in dips and tzatziki

  3. erin says:

    ive never tried greek yogurt!

  4. ladiefannie says:

    not only is greek yogurt better than run of the mill, because it has more protein…but read the labels…it has less crap. It is a Whole Food if you buy a reputable brand. It might seem like you pay a bit more, but it is more nutrient dense, therefore, costs less in the long run.

  5. lavenderplum says:

    never tried it Greek yogurt….

  6. Canmore mom says:

    LOVE the Greek yogurt and I buy the president’s choice honey flavor all the time. This week the 500 ml container was on sale for .99 each if you bought 2…..hello! It is quite thick so I put a few tbsp in a bowl with a splash of milk, handful of oats, flaxseed and fresh berries. Let it sit for a bit and it makes an awesome muesli that will fill you up!

  7. Smileyshauna says:

    I use GREEK YOGURT for salads, such as chop cucumber, tomatoes, add some dill and GREEK YOGURT and it’s really good. But when I want yummy, sweet flavour I go for the REGULAR YOGURT for sure, strawberries, peach etc. : )

  8. Allie says:

    I use Greek Yogurt instead of Sour Cream in dips, on potatoes, and in my smoothies too. I can use half as much and double the skim milk… far healthier and you are less likely to snack because the fat-free or low-fat yogurt options contain much more sugar and can actually increase your appetite.

  9. Depirts says:

    When you are buying “Greek yogurt” read the labels because there are imposters out there called “Greek style yogurt” They thicken their yogurt with skim milk powder and contain about 1/3 the amount of protein.”Krema yogurt” is a greek style yogurt.

  10. CSLT says:

    Greek yoghurt is the best!! I love the 0% greek yoghurt because unlike regular 0% yoghurt the greek one tastes soooo creamy and rich! I too love the President’s Choice Honey Greek Yoghurt – that one really is the best!!

  11. Stephania says:

    I *love* KREMA brand Greek yogurt!!! It’s Canadian, has less crap – read the label, and the flavours are amazing. It’s just like eating ice cream…without much of the guilt!

    The President’s Choice Honey flavour – just bought it, it was on-sale – is GROSS. I’ve never tasted honey that had a chemical taste to it.

    After discovering Greek yogurt, I don’t buy regular yogurt anymore. Too many fillers and sugars. It makes you think that it’s healthy, but it’s not!

  12. Katty says:

    I definitely prefer Greek yogurt more! Though plain does taste a bit strong, heavy. I like to mix some fruits in it.

  13. king says:

    I agree about the PC greek yogurt with honey, it is gross! I couldn’t even eat it, had to throw it out, same with the passion fruit, strangely enough the blueberry was delicious!

  14. Del says:

    I haven’t had a Greek yogurt in Canada that I like yet.
    The one I get when I go to the USA … I LOVE
    It “Fage” OMG I would swim across the border for it!( I’m on Vancouver island ) I like that the flavor is separate on the ones I get and you can add as much or little as you like.
    Wish we had it here.

  15. glowworm2k says:

    I make my own yogurt and sometimes make greek by removing whey several times during the ‘cooking’ process. You can also just buy regular yogurt and strain it through a coffee filter overnight in the fridge; I’ve done this in the past when I was in a pinch and needed greek yogurt for tzatziki.

    Also, the reason that many of the ‘cheap’ yogurts don’t separate (e.g., ones by danone) is because they add gelatin to keep everything together and make it thicker. If you have a regular yogurt and it doesn’t separate, this could be why 😉

  16. Kim says:

    I’m usually an Activia girl but tried the PC Greek yogurt with honey and love it! Like others have said, add some berries and granola it’s a filling snack. I find I don ‘t eat as much as I would with reg. yogurt.

  17. olivercat says:

    I bought Greek yogurt for my hubby and he loves it!–BUT, I forgot to read the ingredients label first–lots of sugar even in the 0% type–if you are diabetic it is a NO NO–so far I have not found any no sugar added Greek yogurt!

    • Kathryn K. says:

      Greek Gods Traditional Plain organic greek yogurt doesn’t have added sugar…it’s pricey though, usually $5.99 at Zehrs Natural Value for a 500 g. container…it’s nice and firm, some greek yogurts are soft…and it has active bacterial cultures which means the cultures have been added after the milk has been pasteurized…if a yogurt brand doesn’t state ‘active cultures’ you won’t get the benefit of the probiotics.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Aside from the high protein content of the PC Greek Yogurt, another benefit is that it contains 50% of your daily calcium requirement per serving – woohoo!!!

    Not all Greek yogurts are created equal in this respect, so make sure you check the label before you buy.

  19. Eriluo says:

    In Finland, they have similar yogurt which they call Villi and is a staple in the Finn’s diet. I was delighted to find Greek yogurt and think it is the cat’s meow. Olympic Brand is the best and has an 8 pack that has 4 different flavors.

  20. Girl9 says:

    Olympic is yummy. It’s like dessert. I make my own yogurt too, straining in cheesecloth, you can do a lot of different things. It can replace sour cram and cream cheese and is much healthier.

    If sugar is an issue, why not just try dressing up plain yogurt with berries and things instead of using choosing yogurts with chemical sweeteners?

  21. stacey says:

    Liberte’ vanilla 0 fat with granola and blueberries.YUMMY!

  22. Mystick says:

    The Liberte 0% greek yogourt is a family favourite here. I love the texture and their peach & passion fruit flavour.
    I don’t buy any other kind of yogourt since we tried this one.
    and its versatile for recipes too

  23. sueshe says:

    I agree with the poster who love Fage yogurt. So good,no crap in it like so many of the Canadian brands. What is with the 0% fat yogurt. Why would anyone deprive their body of healthy fat? It won’t make you fat,sugar does that.
    I usually make my own greek yogurt and I make kefir too. If I don’t have time,I buy Greek God plain yogurt.Comes in a close second.

  24. Shannon says:

    I tried liberte, sobeys was giving samples… I couldn’t stand the taste of a big glob of sour cream in my mouth!! We do use it now on our tacos and with perogies but not as a yogurt snack!
    I might try the PC honey after reading everyones posts above!

  25. anisa says:

    take natural regular yogurt and strain it in the fridge for a few hours with a strainer lined with paper towel sitting in a bowl.

    voila, easy peasy and no overpriced fancy marketing to deal with

  26. newmom says:

    I love Greek Yougurt. I only get the plain one, as I am trying to stay as close to clean eating lifestyle as possible. I put it on top of my oatmeal, with some flax seeds, for protein. If you add good cocoa powder to it and mix it well + some agave or stevia, a bit of vanilla- it becomes a desert. Liberty is pretty good, had PC Plain and it was ok. I have a “yougurt cheese maker”, and most often just strain Stoneyfield plain through it. There are a few imposter yougurts there, so check for protein contect. It should be about 18-20 g per serving.

  27. Amy says:

    Greek yogurt is amazing, and you just can’t beat the protein content in comparison to regular yogurt.

    Unfortunately, like for so many other products, we’re missing out here in Canada.

    The two top Greek yogurt brands, Fage and Chobani, which are available everywhere in the US, are seldom found here in Canada. I think Fage has been seen on the West, but so far, I’ve yet to see it on store shelves near me.

  28. Nicole says:

    I’ve replaced Sour cream with Greek yogurt for baking and cooking. My favourite is with nacho’s – so delicious!

  29. Sally says:

    I’d rather stick with Canadian brands since the USA uses hormones and antibiotics on their cows so much.

  30. penny_lane says:

    I like my yogurt pre-stirred for a better consistancy and the only greek yogurts I have tried are all fruit on the bottom, so as a regular yogurt my first choice is asana, because i do love a thick yogurt. I use greek yogurt in smoothies though since it makes no difference where the fruit started off haha the protein is an important feature for me since I’m not a big meat eater.

  31. Liz says:

    Greek Yogurt for sure. So yummy.

  32. JEnn says:

    On a day-to-day basis I prefer a nice creamy regular yogurt which I make myself or I like Yoptimal or Activia. For cooking, baking, dips, etc. though Greek yogurt works way better. I bought a yogurt cheese maker (basically a strainer inside a container with a lid) so that I could easily make my own with less mess than the coffee filter method. I also made an amazing cheesecake for a diabetic friend of mine using yogurt cheese that I made from yogurt that I had also made. That way I could control everything from the fat content to the sugar content to make a delicious low calorie cheesecake.

    This is the yogurt cheese maker I use though I didn’t order it online since I felt the shipping was a little much:

  33. joline says:

    Hands down, greek yogurt is WAY better! SO GOOD!!!!

  34. Fork says:

    Silhouette is awful for the body because of the aspartame.

    I love thicker yogurt, especially with real honey or chopped fruit stirred in. So good! Greek yogurt is delicious, but we don’t have the good stuff in Canada yet.

  35. Anita Michalczewski says:

    Olympic Krema yogurt – is the best!


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