How to Cheat At School Professionally – Part 2

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Remember that old post on SmartCanucks about cheating exams? Looks like there are 2 new methods that don’t need a water bottle. I still find the water bottle’s the most creative but here are the other two methods:

This is meant for fun only. Don’t try this at school.




21 responses to “How to Cheat At School Professionally – Part 2”

  1. operabob says:

    I run exams for the insurance industry.

    We check all water bottles and any food in wrappers must be open and inspected before starting.


  2. operabob says:

    Just after viewing I thought I’d add:

    We supply all writing materials, highlighters, erasers, calculators, paper, etc.

    Plus, it seems to me, all that effort to cheat on one or two questions with those tiny crib notes wouldn’t it be easier to learn the material instead. 😉


  3. G says:

    The second eraser one was a littttle silly…. I mean… couldn’t you just write those equations on the back of the eraser with a fine point sharpie? Instead of all of the other work that went into cutting out a piece, etc? I mean, as it is, he can’t flip it over anyways! (Not that I’VE evvvver done it before…)

  4. Lana72 says:

    Seriously – if the people who were smart enough to come up with the ideas put that much effort into studying…..LOL

  5. Muffyn says:

    You can fit almost no info on those tiny slips of paper. I wouldn’t cheat at all…especially since I already get A+. 🙂

  6. p says:

    really that was just plain dumb
    just learn the 2 sentences you are going to fit on that tiny paper

  7. Mel says:

    Do you really want people to think we’re only “Smart Canucks” because of cheating?! I actually spent a lot of time studying in school and suggest anyone who wishes to get ahead do the same! Plus, how is that information gonna help when you actually need it, and don’t have your “cheat sheet”!

  8. Ottawa says:

    lol i agree with the posts above. i can’t believe that much effort went into that tiny scrap of paper. we…..i mean other kids in school, not me lol just used to write answers on our jeans or something like that. these video’s seem like an awful lot of work instead of learnign something really simply.

  9. Chris says:

    Back in grade 5, which would have been in 87, we were doing that paper in the pen trick. We were using the shrink option on the photocopier in the public library to make our notes small enough though.

  10. thestickman says:

    lol, they put more time into cheating than studying… the water bottle is the best!

  11. Praetorius says:

    Why are these videos even posted here?! I have taught at Canada’s largest university for many years, have participated in seemingly countless formal hearings for cheaters and plagiarists, and have seen the full range of penalties meted out, from “no credit in the course and an annotation on the transcript of academic record” to suspension and revocation of student visas. Lots of tears and pleas and promises of reform, but in the end, nobody want a cheating engineer building the bridges we drive on, or a shady anaesthetist who needed to rely on his “spy eraser” to get certification, making sure we don’t die or wake up midway through major surgery. One interesting tidbit: about half the cheaters caught are reported by fellow students honestly trying to get ahead on their own merits.

  12. Boo Radley says:

    Praetorius, this is totally meant for fun. I myself am an Engineer, currently doing grad studies and might be a prof one day and I certainly do not endorse cheating. It’s much easier to learn 4 equations than take all this time and effort to write them down.

  13. Joel says:

    “One interesting tidbit: about half the cheaters caught are reported by fellow students honestly trying to get ahead on their own merits.”


  14. Carla says:

    lol, I just did my AZ road test I wonder if this would have helped me pass any easier? lmfao. Here’s the best cheat method for all kids, and all parents feel free to share this one is you children. STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. mik says:

    sad dude has no nails

  16. Spence says:

    I live in Canada and here we have to take French up until grade 8 and most collages/universities require you to have a second language. The water bottle trick is awesome for this because A: was the best out of the 3 and B: I don’t really give a crap weather I can speak French or not but I do care weather I get on the Honor Roll and my overall grades for the year. Yes this may not work later on in life but this is really good for a test or exam that you don’t really need to remember the info on later in life.

  17. Francisco says:

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  18. Bissett says:

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