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I just came across this now and find it very interesting from a business perspective. Lululemon Athletica are expanding by releasing a new brightly-coloured, dance-inspired line of clothing for girls aged 6 to 12. The new brand is called Ivivva Athletica. Current Ivivva Canada store locations are:

  • 2123 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6K 1N7
  • Suite 120, 540 Johnson Street, Victoria, B.C. Canada, V8W 1M3
  • 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3A 0E2

I’m guessing that over the next year Lululemon will be selling Ivivva at more and more locations.

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105 responses to “Ivivva Athletica Canada by Lululemon: Clothing Line for Girls”

  1. Justine says:

    my cousin, whose 13 loves tna, and this line sorta has that type, bright coloured hoodies and stuff, I could see her wearing this. The whole tna craze blew up with younger girls anyway, like under 18.

  2. Princesstefer says:

    My soon to be 8 year old (in a size 6) already covets Lululemon. This will just make the goal more realistic to her. Thank goodness my other two kids don’t care about stuff like that! There’s no way I’ll be able to afford it. I only have a couple of Lulu pieces ’cause I got them for under $5 each at a garage sale… and I wanted them for their innovative properties, not just how they look. She’ll have to bug her grandmother for this one ’cause I’m not going to budge!

  3. Litesandsirens911 says:

    The sad thing Boo, is young girls already fell into the Lululemon branding trap…3 years ago, my girls all wnated one of these…well at 95.00 a hoodie, we couldn’t afford them…so instead, we got them each one for their birthday (so the cost of three at once wasn’t prohibitive)…sadly, where I live, kids are grouped at school by what they wear…and kids are picked on and bullied if they DON”T wear the name brands…very sad…and as a result of this, I refuse to buy into this and buy my kids these…

  4. Justine says:

    I wouldn’t pay $95 for a hoodie, not even for myself. But the quality is supposed to really good, so if you like that kinda thing, it was meant to be clothes to wear to yoga in the beginning anyway, lululemon that is.

  5. Sulkyblonde says:


  6. sickofit says:

    the problem is that kids are ALREADY being bought lululemon, and it’s ridiculous.

    if a tank top has a built in bra in it, you shouldn’t be buying it for your 8 year old.
    if you need to hem cropped pants in order to have your daughter wear them as full length pants, you shouldn’t be buying it for you 9 year old.

    … kids are way too spoiled these days. if they NEED to have the brand, then fine, get them a headband.. but the clothing is not built for a child and it just looks ridiculous.

    i hope this stuff catches on and is styled appropriately for CHILDREN so they stop wearing ADULT clothing.

  7. pittlett says:

    I’m a teacher and its crazy what I see kids wearing!! I see kids wearing brand names that I know their parents can’t afford to be buying. But I guess pressure to fit in takes over practicality.

  8. Kristina says:

    I don’t buy into that lululemon crap. I only have a pair of pants because my man bought them for me and he worries about images and having what everyone else has.
    You would think with all the money they’ve made off you sheep, (charging $95 for a hoodie or $89 for pants) they could hire an ad company that could write a correct sentence.
    “clothing for girls WHO move”

  9. Pauline says:

    My daughter has been a dancer most of her life, she is now in a dance program in university. She loves Lululemon for the quality and durability.
    I think the prices are insane. I bought her 1 or 2 pieces a year, when she was a teenager, not hoodies, but pants and shorts. As far as I was concerned a hoodie bought at another store for $30 or even $40 was just as good. I’m hoping parents use caution and don’t give in, esp if the children’s line is as pricey.

  10. Lynn says:

    Ya I used to have a teacher that wore Lululemon constantly because she did a lot of yoga/pilates and things like that and the clothes suited her. But then I often see teenagers in high school wearing it and it just doesn’t…suit them

  11. Sandy says:

    I do have two Lululemon pants myself… while the prices are a bit shocking $98 and $96 for a Groove and Hipster, but the quality and services are superior (except this one cashier! Arggguuhhh!! ). The pants fit amazingly well (FREE TAILORING =D) and for me, the process of buying pants is a mission on its own! Even though I am a size two, I have the most difficulty finding pants (not just jeans) that fit and even some of the Lulus do not complement my legs.

    However, that being said, I got my first pair with the money I earned during the past summer, when I was a freshman in University. It was a treat for myself after surviving the first semister with a decent average (lol my mom was proud of my accomplishments?, so she was kind enough to buy me a pair of Hipster). In no way do I believe an average, normal six years old or a twelve years old should be asking their parents for this kind of “luxury”. Can you imagine what they will be asking when they are older?! Actually, my roommate helped organize and celebrate her ten year old cousin’s birthday party this past weekend and the party goers had the audacity to ask whether the boots my roommate got for her cousin are Uggs, because “they aren’t real unless they are “Uggs”!!! O_O and these kids are ELEVEN!

  12. Jackie says:

    Kristina, the “girls that move” irked me too.

    I don’t like that this is being marketed to girls. But, it will make money, so what does the company care, right?

    The sad thing is that parents will buy this stuff for their children. Let’s be honest… this stuff may have started out as active wear or yoga gear, but now it’s mainly meant to show off tna. Isn’t that what the brand is called, after all? *Most* women, especially young women, buy it because they think it shows off their asses. And the hoodies are largely a status symbol. Why else would the branding be so blatant?

    I don’t like what this brand has become for women, but for kids? I don’t know… maybe I’m just a prude.

  13. Stacey K says:

    fashion is a statement when it should be a priveledge… my mom and dad never bought me “lulu” stuff when i was growing up… the whole fashion saga was with off the wall… and if you didn’t wear off the wall you aren’t cool. Well funny to say but i was always taught the value of a dollar and the needs and wants… i grew up with value village because my parents couldn’t afford this stuff Tna, lulu, true religion, 7 for all mankind, juicy couture… i would always get my birthday/christmas money and save to buy something “cool” such as a shirt from off the wall at that time… 10 years later i still save my money to buy something i like. Kids need to learn the value of earning their own money and buying it themselves instead of “mom i just have to have it, every one else does”… thats a sad excuse for children to come up with. I would know, high school and elem is tough but it’s what you make of it. This can be a good or bad thing because of how parents are going to treat it. It’s all up to you parents on weather you want your child to wear”trendy” clothes….

    and alteast lulu has plus size clothing, tna does not. tna is for small fitting people. I shop wherever my little heart pulls me to. I honestly think that kids need to be taught the needs vs wants… i may sound rude but i’m realistic. I have clothing i like because i work my butt off to get it.

  14. anisa says:

    I can’t stand brand names that are trendy. you look pretty stupid when you are walking around as a billboard. free advertising for them!
    when you think you are dressed well because you are wearing the trendiest brand names, and not because you are just wearing really nice quality, fashionable clothes, you have to give your head a shake, a big long shake!
    i don’t wear lululemon, never been in one of those stores, and don’t understand why ppl are so crazy for it. blah blah, yeah whatever don’t give me stories about quality and stuff, becuase they have ppl fooled, have ppl right where they want them. lululemon markets themselves using cult mentality theories, they are pretty out there with their strategies.
    am i surprised that they are coming out with a kids line? nope. there is gap kis, tommy kids, mexx kids, etc. just another in a long line of stores for kids being raised by brand name junky parents.
    if your kid just HAS to have the latest trends, that you can’t afford, but are buying anyways becuase you want your kids to fit in, maybe the kids should be leaders instead of followers.
    we are supposed to be saving money, setting good examples, teaching our kids to respect themselves, and be confident in their choices.
    if we teach our kids that wearing a tshirt that has GAP on it is the way to be valued, then we’re not teaching them anything that will allow them to succeed in life.
    bring it on! lol. ;p

  15. Jen says:

    Kristina! Yes! Girls WHO move! Seriously.

    I do not own any lulu stuff, and I do not plan on changing that any time soon. I remember when I was in elementary school and Nike was the big brand to have; it sucked for my parents and me because we could not afford it, and I got made fun of for wearing brands from Walmart. It made me wish I went to a school that required students to wear uniforms. I hate this whole branding thing in general. Bah!

  16. Boo Radley says:

    I think Lululemon (for adults) is an awesome brand because they are truly high quality and trendy. I love fashionable and stylish clothing that’s also comfy! I’m just not sure about bringing this to kids and having other kids suffer through not being able to afford it while their friends can. If you’re an adult and can’t afford Lululemon you’ll just suck it up and move on with your life but kids will feel bad and get made fun of.

  17. Lynn says:

    You guys know that Lululemon and TNA are 2 totally different companines, right?

  18. Kelly says:

    I shake my head at parents who buy this stuff for their teeny-boppers AS WELL AS bringing their under 13 year olds to the spa!

  19. Tessa says:

    This is ridiculous. I hate the kind of politics what kids wear already causes in the schoolyard. It takes it too far to have status clothing for kids and that’s exactly what this is. This is coming from someone who owns a whack of lulu stuff, but it was bought over a period of a good 6 years. Its still in great shape, which is why I initially bought the pants/etc in the first place. My most recent pair, however, is balling up after 2 wears, not even with a wash in between. I am not impressed. Also unimpressed with the gradual move from Canadian manufacturing of their products to outsourcing to China/India/etc and keeping the products at the same high prices. Increasing profit margin, decreasing quality, still hiding behind the same new age health & corporate responsibility mask… ugh.

    But why is this even posted on this blog? Because its a Canadian company? Its not exactly a deal, as everyone above me seems to be aware of… just wondering..

  20. Justine says:

    Lynn – perhaps I was the culprit for discussing TNA in here, I know it’s a different brand, but just looking at the stores in the picture, it looks like that kind of style (which I mentioned in my comment).

    @ Tessa – Why is this posted on the blog? it’s nice to have general discussion on here instead of just posting deal after deal, so I think that’s where Boo was going with this.

  21. brilliantblond says:

    I work at a school where some kids only have a jello cup and a pudding cup for lunch and yet there seems to more then enough moms who sport the lululemon logo. I have a few pieces myself and I don’t mean to knock the line but since when did we start to put a symbol on the back of our hoodies that says “look at me I have a $95 hoodie” before good nutrition? This goes totally against what I know lululemon tries to preach – but for the sake of profits…..why not start this messed up sence of priorities at an even younger age. If this line has the same price points that the senior line has I hope that enough parents with the money will make the right choice and not buy into the crazyness of it all to stop those who feel their worth can only come from owning something with a symbol sacrificing what they really need to spend that money on – an apple or a bannana.

  22. Stacey K says:

    brilliant blond- YOU COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER!!! but in that same point wouldn’t you as a parent rather have fashionable clothes and your child have fashionable clothes, and it’s okay that they suffer from malnutrition and don’t eat, but atleast they look good right?? to be honest… good for them to expand, i just don’t justify seeing children having clothes to brag about that mommy and daddy bought them but yet they have no food in their bellies… it makes NO sense to me… as i said i grew up with value village… i never had new clothes i always had hand me downs from my sister and cousins. Atleast i had food to go to school with instead of worrying about my size 0 clothing fitting me for years to come…

  23. Stephanie Lau says:

    This forum is clearly bias, frugal shoppers make up the majority. With that said, I want to defend lululemon. Capitalism is the dominate model of living now, and profit is king. I don’t agree with unethical means of production like slave labor or bad working conditions, but the comments revolving the brand Ivivva are quite uncalled for.

    As a consumer your vote is in your money, if you like the product, you can buy it. If you are unable or unwilling to purchase it for your children because of ideals or monetary reasons, please do not hate on the company for providing a product that others may want. Luxury clothing that speak to status have existed for centuries (refer to the colour purple for royalty only, fur for wealthy or embroidery on garments). This is nothing new.

    I love lululemon for its high quality garments and have purchased dance items with a low profile logo (non reflective), so its really not about rubbing it in other people’s face for everybody. If you are against luxury items for children, you should speak of all of them, not just Ivivva.

  24. Boo Radley says:

    Stacey K, I’m sure most parents who buy their kids Lululemon can also buy them healthy food 😛

    Stephanie, no this “forum” is not full of “frugal shoppers”. If you think we are biased against Lululemon then you have obviously not been reading my blog (this is not a forum). I’m a huge fan of Lululemon and so are many of the readers. Check this out:

    Most comments are discussing the ethical and mental factors behind kids wearing such clothes in school and its effect on other kids. It has nothing to do with the parents hating on the kids. As I said before I buy Lululemon and love it and I don’t care that other adults can’t buy Lululemon. They can just suck it up. But this discussion was about the mental effect on other kids who are pretty much helpless.

  25. Stephanie Lau says:

    1. I am glad people are fans of lululemon
    2. A forum is a place of discussion (please seek dictionary to clarify), so the comment section of your blog is in fact an area of discussion
    3. I never said parents hated on kids
    4. Being frugal is a wonderful thing, I am very proud that I am frugal
    5. Kids have dealt with a hierarchy of toys and clothes for centuries, I am sure they can deal with it. If anything those that don’t have as much learn. I was one of those kids without brand names on my back and thrived from it.

    On a last note, I hope I am not coming off as hostile. I just like to voice my opinion but also equally respect and value thoughts of others. =)

  26. emma says:

    Maybe you guys should look more into the brand then just bashing it right off the bat. Ivivva is for girls its more age approprate and is much cheeper then lulu. They also offer free heaming with a childrens hem so that it may be let out as the girls grow. As far as paying 95$ for pants there are jeans out there for over 250$ so why dont you wine about that well you are at it. If you dont like it dont buy it. You pay for quality. I have pants that are over 7 years old and still look as great as the day i bought them.

  27. Ashley B says:

    I am a fan of lululemon & Im 12, lulu isnt just aout high fashion and all that, maybe we like it cause its COMFY; have you ever thought of that? I just got a lulu sweater today & i love it because its very warm & comfortable, & If parents can buy there kids high fashioned clothing they probably can buy them healthy FOOD. like duh, some of you need to get your brains checked.

  28. KATA K says:

    lululemon and TNA are ok i have one tna hoodie i got it from my cuz hamie downs great and free love it.so get tna and lulu stuff free from relivtevs easy way to look goood cheap or go to winnes or ross look good for less

  29. monalisa7 says:

    I’m a 39 mom of two girls & I regularly run, do bootcamp & ballet. For running, Lululemon pants are the ONLY pants that don’t slide down at the waist on me; for bootcamp, Lululemon shorts are the only ones I’ve found that move with me & don’t pull or bunch up & hurt when we’re doing ab or leg work; for ballet, Lululemon bodysuits are the only ones that don’t ride up your behind due to the cut & the special hi-tech strip of material that keeps them in place…so the price tag may be high, but the benefits are even higher in my opinion. I only own a few of each of the aforementioned items, but worn & washed every week, they’re still holding up, some of them NINE years later, with no fading or thinning! I have tried many other brands for these items & nothing comes even close to the quality & definitely nothing compares in terms of comfort or staying in place. As for hoodies, I like many different brands, but my favorite hoodies are my 2 Lululemon ones for their thickness, durability & warmth. My 9 year old daughter has no Lululemon clothes, but owns 1 Lululemon headband which she only wears to ballet class. We checked out the Ivivva store when it opened in the fall, and my daughter loved their clothes but I told her they were very expensive (they’re cheaper than Lululemon though!). I let her try on a number of items to see how they fit (unmatched incredible fit but I kept that to myself!) & sneaked back into the store later to buy a pair of pants/leggings (her favorite item there & approximately $40) & a matching headband for her for Christmas. I notice many girls in her class wearing Lululemon hoodies but luckily it doesn’t seem to be an issue at our school in terms of the kids being accepted or not – mine doesn’t have any & doesn’t need any – I got some great ones for her cheap at other stores. I think like anything else, it’s okay to own a few pieces if they’re given on a special occasion & the child knows that it’s “special” & not just to be expected. It’s definitely up to the parents to decide what values to teach their kids. I don’t believe in buying them all brand-name items, but I also don’t believe it’s necessary to bash people who make that choice. If it’s so important to them to have a brand name, they may have a practical reason or else they may think they need that to feel accepted or secure. Do we really need to judge them for that? It just shows insecurities if it’s the latter, and people with insecurities just need more love, not bashing.

  30. Zoe says:

    Gosh, a lot of you people are just saying about how kids shouldn’t wear this stuff, well what if the parents are ok with buying this kind of stuff!? I think that Ivivva was aimed at the kids who ARE aloud to have Lululemon stuff, but the sizes sometimes don’t fit, so you have to get everything talored, and it can be a hassle… I’m 13, and I have been wearing Lululemon since I was about 11, and my parents really didn’t mind buying it for me, and I didn’t want it because everyone else was wearing it, I wanted clothing that I could use over and over again (for dance and track) without it getting wrecked, and all of my Lulu stuff is still in perfectly good shape, unlike the companies that resemble Lululemon, but all of those companies make everything really cheap, and it gets wrecked with in a couple uses, even my TNA pants did, they already have a hole in them! So, I think that Ivivva was aimed for those parents who want their kids to have good quality clothes that they can be active in, and not have to pay a lot for or get it hemmed! And, come on people about the whole misspelling thing, seriously get over it, I doubt you act like that when your kid gets a word wrong on a grammar test, jeez! GET OVER IT!!!

  31. ladygagabeiber says:

    you guys smell like dead barbies!


    (IT’S RAD)

    DoN’T bE JeAlOuS jUsT cUz’ Ya’Ll CaN’T wEaR iT!

    dont hate. appreciate.


  32. Shan says:

    It is too bad to hear so many upset people over these clothes.
    My daughter has about three full iviiva outfits and loves them all.
    There is a real demand for this line of clothing and it is nice to
    have a second option. Triple Flip was the only other brand to really
    choose from. The prices are a lot more reasonable than lululemon and
    just as high of quality. My kids like to play and play hard so it is nice that the first fall on the bike didn’t even make a mark on her new sweats. I am very excited about this new brand and for my one daughter will probably buy all her clothes from this great new store. They are cute and durable. They keep looking great no matter how many times they are washed.

  33. ella says:

    when it comes to it, the clothes (like lululemon’s) are being mass produced in china, likely by children the same age as the girls getting their parents to buy the stuff. They are adjusting the sizes to fit two sizes smaller which is already starting to cause self confidence issues with girls and their bodies. Also, they preach about how great the quality of the garments are and how they can grow with your child, but the colours you buy are discontinued within a couple months and your kid is at school wearing the ‘old’ version of the $79.00 hoodie and being made fun of for not wearing the colours that are in style for this current season! Does a 6-12 year old girl really need $70.00 pants or have you just fallen into the marketing trap that is lululemon?

  34. Sarah says:

    I find Lulu Lemon’s stuff is WAY too exspensive. They charge $100 for a hoodie that’s plain white. I understand if people do like yoga and stuff to get the yoga pants, but why do 12 and 13 year old girls need $100 hoodies, and yoga pants? They could spend that money on like 5 sweaters at Aeropostale. Doesn’t make sense.

  35. Jessica says:

    but sarah, the point is its good quality and it does suit some girls and if their parents can afford it let it be its’ their money, not yours

  36. imsosad says:

    LULU LEMON IS WAYYYY TO PRICEY FOR ME :'( … im 13 and i dont even have one TNA or lulu lemon sweater or ANYTHING!!! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SOOO PRICEY? i mean i LOVEE the tna sweaters but they are SOO expensive 🙁

  37. Joelle :) says:

    Well I’ve been wearing lulu and tna since i was in grade 3. not because everyone else did. no one i knew at the time did. and it was my mum that introduced me to those brands. im going into grade 8 now and i bought a pair of capris from lulu that used to fit like pants and now fit properly. They are still in perfect condition and i own 2 pairs of capris and one pair of pants & i wear them almost everyday. i love them because their so comfy. i think ivivva is a great idea. its MADE for kids that are active and the clothes are in style. im in cheerleading and the clothes are perfect and excatly what i need. and sure the clothes are a little expensive but u get what you pay for and when it comes to my clothes that i have to train in. i want them to be comfortable. im all for “bargin shopping” and stuff, its just active wear that im pickey about. and yes i do like the tna clothes but all my stuff from there are gifts.

  38. Laura says:

    I think that Ivviva is a great idea. They designed it in the first place so that girls and young children could wear the clothes that they liked from Lululemon. Kids have a hard time fitting into Lululemon, so they made a brand where they could wear durable, trendy clothing like LuLulemon. And why does it always have to be about parents buying the clothing? You can can teach your kids the value of hard work and money and encourage them to save up to buy Ivviva clothing on their own if they like it. My first pair of LuLu yoga pants I owned i bought for myself. My mom wouldn’t pay for them so I saved up. And I am still wearing them, 5 + years later and they are in great condition. The clothing is designed to be durable. My lulu stuff has lasted longer than any clothing I have ever had.

    The company is trying to encourage kids to be active and healthy by providing a product that allows them to engage in sports and active lifestyles. What is wrong with that? everyone values material goods differently. If you value Ivviva clothing, then you don’t care about the price tag. If you value expensive hair cuts or shoes, you spend the money on that. People should be able to have a choice to buy the goods they want without people bashing them. With the obesity pandemic in North America, especially now in kids, a company that promotes movement, health, and well being is a great idea to me.

  39. Booky4books says:

    This sounds cool to me! I absolutely love hese it may be expensive but ya know what?!?!? For this… heck yeah

  40. laura says:

    ya know what i am 12 years old and i wear lululemon! my parents love buying it for me because they dont like to spend thier money on cloths that get ripped when i put them in the change room when i go to play hockey! i have left my lululemon pants in the change room and when i come off the ice from hockey they can fall on the fllor and i wont notice and someone actually steped on the pants with thier skates and it didnt rip!!!! my mom and dad buy me these clothes because they are good quality and they dont rip like the pants from wal-mart and i dont ask for them because i want to fit in at school they buy them for me because they know they are not wasting thier money!!!!!!!

  41. llgirl says:

    What’s wrong with Lulu? I mean, honestly? Lulu lemon is a great brand, with good quality clothing! Yes, it may be pricy, but paying a little extra for something that will last you five more years then a twenty dollar sweater will be worth it in the long run. I own a couple things from Lulu, and they have lasted me a long time, unlike some of my other sweaters that I got a year ago, and that are already ripping at the seams!

    But the thing, I really don’t get is, why parents will buy themselves a whole wardrobe full of lulu lemon.. but won’t buy there daughter one sweater there. Does it really make a difference if your going to wear it on your morning jogs and if your daughter wears it to a soccer game?
    I don’t think so!!!

    So, honestly I think Ivivva, is a really great idea! Not only is it good for LuLu but it stops parents from avoiding walking into LLL with their daughter because it’s so exspensive! Ivivva is way cheaper, and I will definetly be checking it out!

  42. SamPucket says:

    Seriously people? Kids love these clothes not because they want to fit in, because they like the way they look. I dont know if you ever thought about but some schools dont care if you wear something they dont have, neiter do the teachers. I also know that some kids, unlike the people who have been commenting alot, actually do participate in yoga and dance, those kids want to like what they wear in their activities and they like lululemon! I understand the high prices but my mom lets me help pay for the clothes with my allowance. I figure skate and alot of the girls at my rink wear lululemon jackets, not to fit in, they wear them because they like them. I really exctited for this anyway because I can finally wear lululemon clothes that fit!

  43. K says:

    Are there any Ivivva items for $20 or less? My neice wants Ivivva clothing and yet Aunts and Uncles only spend $20.

  44. Victoria says:

    My daughter Julie, Is my princess I let her have whatever she wants! She currently has 10 lululemon/Ivivva shorts. 12 Ivivva jackets, 6 lululemon jackets 19 headbands. You see, our family can afford this. So parents,
    Don’t come up complaining about the prices cause the real thing is you can’t afford it! Its your fault parents!! Not lululemon’s, alright! SO stop compaining! Julie has 12 phones all smart phones. And so much more. She says she is so happy that she has these things but wants more! And of course I will say yes!!!!!

  45. Maddie says:

    Victoria you shall not spoil your kid like this!!!!!!!!! Even if your that rich! Donate to charity!!!!!

  46. Shainia says:

    Well I have to agree… The prices are quite high. Though it works very great I don’t have many Lululemon Pieces I have more TNA Pieces. But my daughter has quite a lot since she got many of them for her birthday. The other ones, she saves up and buys it with her own money. She is 10 and really likes the style and material, not to fit in, but she just likes the clothes.We get it for her only if she uses her money. So yes she is quite happy about Ivivva. Cause there are not many sizes that fit her that well for Lululemon. But I just want to say that Lululemon and Ivivva are quite good.

  47. Cadelirae says:

    Ivivva and Lulu are too much. Its not fair.

  48. hannah says:

    I have some lulu pieces and I love them! They are comfy and they last. Maybe they are more expensive then walmart but they dont rip in a year, they last a long time. I cant wait for Ivivva to come closer to me cause it sounds like a great idea and I want to fill my closet 🙂

  49. angeliana says:

    Ivivva’s prices are extremely high,though my daugter’s figure skating club, All the girls have either Ivivva or Lululemon. Usually the reason is the family can’t afford. But in my opinion I have lululemon jacket and it as $140 its really handy. And the design is great. So it depends. I’m still thinking about Ivivva and if I want to buy some pieces for my daughter.

  50. FAiry says:

    I’m still thinking about Ivivva and if I want to buy some pieces for my daughter.

  51. Danielle says:

    In my opinion the prices are way insane. I have no brand pieces. I grew up with Wal-Mart. You see, maybe these brand clothing lines are for people who can afford them. But everyone likes it and all want it. Kids are gonna want IVIVVA! No joke, no sweat. They have to start learning that you can’t have everything in life and its not your image that counts its what your doing! By example,
    A girl comes from this really rich family, she wears Ivivva all the time, but is really bad at gymnastics
    Another girl comes from a extremely poor family wears cheap clothing but is really good in gymnastics!
    Who do you think i going to the Olympics?
    See? It not what you wear its what you do!
    But sadly kids sometimes get bullied when they wear clothing that aren’t brand names. If you teach your children to be more generous, you won’t hit the problem when you child wants these cool brand clothes, you don’t wanna disappoint her but can’t afford them. So if you spend sometime teaching them about life, they won’t care about these fancy clothe until they earn money and buy it themselves.
    This is what I’ve done,
    I have a 24 year old daughter named Cathy and is a great doctor, and she buys brand clothes and even buys some for me!
    I have a 11 year old Amanda and even if her friends wear TNA, Ivivva, American Eagle, Guess, etc) she doesn’t care she just sucks it up and moves forward. And I surprised her with a Ivivva jacket for her birthday! 🙂 Its great!

  52. Danielle says:

    BTW Merry Christmas! I surprised Amanda with new Ivivva leggings!

  53. Livingthedream says:

    Lululemon, TNA, Bench and other brand clothes. There prices are high cause they are good material. But now comes IVIVVA. I don’t believe that kids shop for brand clothes while there parents are working to get the precious money. I often see little children (around 9-12)shopping at brand stores at Aeropostle and stuff finding Xsmall sizes! Kids are getting way to selfish… in a way of getting their parents to get them $100 jackets when they can’t afford them. Well I think Ivivva is a nice idea since its pertty durable. But I’m not agreeing with girls shopping at guess,coach etc) May be stylish but they’ll wait till they earn the money instead.

  54. cdamom says:

    AHA Boo Radley- now I know why lululemon was nominated as one of the Best Companies in Canada even though it was only mentioned once by people instead of Lush (mentioned 2 times or 3 I forget), Body Shop and Chapmans Ice Cream (mentioned 4 times). YOU CHEATED AND I KNEW IT.

  55. Lily says:

    My three dauthers do yoga once a week as well as dance soccer figure skating and gymnastics. And I told them that they could get one outfit. Like a a gift. Then the next week I got a letter from there ballet teacher saying they need new ballet clothes so my children wanted to go to ivivva. So we went there and I got them dance,soccer,gymnastics. Now if they ask me for something I think I might have to say yes. I have noticed what good fabric there is my children really do like there clothes and maybe I will get for there b-day.


  56. Lina says:

    Lily I do not agree with you why didn’t you say no yo your children? But with three kids you got to say yes to everything don’t you.

  57. Madlilyn says:

    Haven’t most of you ever heard the saying “If you have don’t have anything nice to say….don’t say anything?”

    It seems like a lot of you feel like because you “grew up on XXXXXX” clothes that lululemon and the rest of their brand are “insanely priced”

    I have several peices from lululemon and I still have ALL of them. The point? They are well made and as someone else mentioned, the pants don’t slip down when you run or are holding a yoga pose.

    I thought this was about the new children’s brand? I am excited about it and I saw a news story on it on a Vancouver station and this line is marketed to kids who are active. They had a girl on who was a figure skater, a gymnist, a ballet dancer and a hip-hop dancer and all of them looked comfortable, could move and were covered up.

    So….if people are willing to buy it and it is well made and will grow with the child wearing them (one of the pants were specially made that way) then why not?

    The issue of parents who can’t afford it or parents sending pudding cups to school and then showing up in these clothes has nothing to do with lululemon. That is a whole other issue.

    If you’ve never worn it – don’t bash it. If you have and have a valid point, then fine.

    I will continue to wear it and I will purchase the kids line for my daughter as well if it fits her well and she is comfy during her sports activities what’s the problem?

    and don’t hate me cause I can afford it. That’s not the issue here either. Geez people.

  58. Annalise says:

    I totally agree with you Madliyn!
    I can’t really afford this piece of clothing heaven for a kid. But in reality its worth it. I just got my daughter two Ivivva tank tops and a Lululemon headband. She was really happy about it!

    So I think the people that are complaining to STOP now.
    Maybe you don’t like this brand, just keep it to yourself. This blog isn’t meant for debates you people! Lululemon and Ivivva are two great brands that are hated by people who can’t afford them.
    I have some lululemon pieces and are still not worn out! I’ve been wearing them for years! I see children trying to get these comfort clothes by Lululemon and are having a real hard time finding xxsmall sizes. Then comes Ivivva I think its a wonderful idea! For a kid to get COMFORTABLE in their clothes!

    People gotta learn whats right for them and keep there mouth shut on insults and complaints!
    WOW… Whats with these people

  59. StarGurl142 says:

    Well i am a 12 year old girl and EVERYONE at my school wears fancy clothing lines like hollister, aropostale, tna and lulu lemon. I bought some clothes recently from areopostale and honestly the only reason i did was because if you don’t people think you aren’t cool or you dont have enough money. I was actually surprised because areopostal has really cheap clothing (i mean in the not so expensive way), unlike american eagle or tna. I am in a dance academy at school and every girl in there has short shorts or 2 sizes to small pants. I really need to get a pare because i got ones from walmart for $20 and they ripped. 🙁 so i’ve been trying to save up to buy a pare of pants for 98 dollars!!! It’s honestly really sad how people judge you based on the clothes you wear 🙁 most of my friends don’t but i want to because it’s some clothes are really good quality so I am going to save up and start being responsible with my money if i really want some lululemon pants. My mom can’t afford it, its such a shame that they are so expensive but again GREAT quality.

  60. StarGurl142 says:

    Also where is ivivva locations? I’ve looked everywhere cant find anything…

  61. Cammie says:

    To StarGurl142
    You can go to their website here’s the link,
    They only sell in some areas,

    * Calgary
    * Edmonton
    * Toronto
    * Vancouver
    * Victoria

  62. lola says:

    this crap on how lululemon isnt good quality is fake!it is amazing.i have a few shirts for close to decade.the prices are a little over the top but if you dont buy it very often then it is quite reasonable.you haters need to write your comments somewhere else!

  63. um says:

    I’m in 6th grade and all my dance friends wear lululemon, but my parents think it’s silly to buy things for so much. (it’s really hard because i don’t wear as much expensive brand name clothes as my friends and they don’t say anything but i KNOW what they’re thinking). i did buy a lulu jacket with my own money, and i love to wear it when i’m dancing cuase it moves with me. same with my ivviva pants and jacket. but i paid $100 for the jacket, nd my mom paid more than that for my ivviva. so there is the pros and cons of ivviva and lululemon!!

  64. Princessa says:

    Isn’t this in Toronto too?

  65. abcde says:

    Im 13. I got my first lulu jacket this year as a gift and i really liked it. Around Christmas time i wanted to use some of my gift money to buy a lulu hoodie. Unfortunately, i hadn’t thought about the good quality, i had just wanted the brand because some of my friends had it. However, once i tried it on, i realized it was actually really comfy and good quality. I have a couple head bands from lululemon and that’s it. Most people are saying oh, its sad, people buy it for their kids so they dont get bullied, blah blah blah. Some of the kids I know wear only brand names and yes it’s kind of annoying sometimes, but that stuff is really expensive. It’s really good quality and if you or your parents are willing to buy it I think it’s wonderful. If you can’t afford it, I don’t think it’s very fair to be mean about it. I love the concept of ivivva. However, I think it’s kind of over priced buying those things for little children considering the fact that they are still growing. I personally think it’s more practical for adults to buy that kind of expensive cloths. My lulu pieces are large and I chose to buy them that way so I didn’t have to buy new ones for a while. I love the concept of both stores, even if they are a bit overpriced.

  66. abcde says:

    I just want to tell all of the other girls not to just buy this stuff for the sake of having the brand. Buy these things if you need them. They’re too expensive to buy for the sake of buying.

  67. Addison says:

    I love the texture of lulu and I often see kids wearing lulu x small and stuff. I’m glad Ivivva’s happening, and it looks trendy and nice. I know there are complaints about how pricey it is. Yes it is. I can hardly afford but it could be worth it. I’m 13 and a lot of my friends wear like aeropostle and stuff or tna, lulu, hollister, abercrobie Whatever.. But someway I feel its annoying how people are so complaining. If you don’t wear it and stuff. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Stop comparing other brands and put yourselves together! They could still be pricey. But over all they are gr8 I have 2 lulu sweaters (one sports one) and another trend one.
    My favourtie swearter in my closet would be tna!!!! YEAHHHHHH 😉

  68. Sienna says:

    I am a 9 year old girl and i love IVIVVA, so i hope yuor store never shuts down because this is the only clothing i praticly wear plus Triple Flip. I wear a lot of dance stuff from this store.!!!! I am so happy they opened IVIVVA because it is just like lulu lemon but for kids!!! Thanks, Sienna

  69. Sienna says:

    I hope ya’ll agree with me!!!

  70. Joyne says:

    to sienna: I don’t really agree…

  71. Smile says:

    I agree! Its fab! Hey Sienna do we have homework?

  72. Princess says:

    i love ivivva it is cheeper than lululemon but i am absesed with lululemon and triple flip i love this new store it fits me perfectly

  73. Helena says:

    Heyy ivviva it’s helena one of your modles when will the photoshoot pictures be up?????
    Love ya


  74. :) says:

    Oh big whoop. If you can afford it then go for it!

  75. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some recommendations for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

  76. Abaha says:

    ooooooooooooomy omy

  77. Mimi says:

    Every one at my school wears Lululemon and I think its just plain crazy. I’m 11 and my friends are wearing Lululemon and it so big on them. I think Ivivva is a better idea cause they are getting alot of young costumers at Lulu and now they will be able to get some thing that fits and something age appropriate.
    I dance and the leotard I got at wamart is completely ruined after only dancing for a month! I’m sure stuff from Ivivva will be much better quality even though it would be more expensive, but it would be cheaper than buying new stuff that is lower quality again and again.
    I really want an Ivivva in my town since the only store we have in the mall is Gap kids, since La Senza Girl closed. I always have to go out of town to get clothes. But my town is a tiny town, so I don’t think we are getting an Ivivva any time soon. 🙁

  78. Kemmec says:

    I love that Iviva is made in Canada
    I love that there is athletic wear out there that is made for girls…and that I don’t have to shop the ‘boys athletic department’ to dress my athletic daughters.

  79. amyjo1002 says:

    Ok. So let me start off by saying I usually don’t post on these sites but feel the need to this time. I am a 30 year old mother of 2 and love lulu for their quality and wear ability. I work out 5 days a week and love that I can go from the gym to the grocery store without missing a beat. The clothing doesn’t pull or ride or even stick for that matter. My kids are 6 month and aged 7. My 7 year old is a competitive gymnast and swears by ivivva. I think its a great option and allows her to go from gymnastics onto her day without having to change. Their pricing is in line with gymnastiic wear apparel that doesn’t wear or wash the same. Or even stretch the same. My daughter is 8 and weighs 47 lbs so lulu was never an option. She eats like a horse and out eats me on a daily basis and eats all healthy foods. She wears the clothes cause they work for her. She eats what she wants and trainsa as much or little as she wants. She is a well mannered behaved little girl and I tham happy there is an option out there for kids like her.

  80. I love that them.
    lululemon clothing
    is so popular today. I love to have on of any athletic wear soon.. haha

  81. abcdefgh says:

    Hi! Not to burst bubbles but I am a 14 year old girl and I personally love lululemon and Ivivva! I don’t shop at lululemon that much because it seems to be a waste of money for young girls who will grow out of it in a year. Ivivva clothing is not as expensive as Lululemon and many of the clothing pieces are actually adjustable! Some have a folded up hem so if you grow, you can make it two inches longer! I don’t wear it to show off what I can afford and look like a billboard (unlike Abercrombie), but i wear it because it makes me feel really comfortable and confident in myself when I wear it. The clothes are so comfy that I never want to take them off when I’m trying clothes on in the change room! Also, a lot of the clothes are reversable so instead of buying two of a product, you get two in one! The clothes at Ivivva don’t stretch in the wash and the colors don’t fade. I think the clothes are worth every dollar!

  82. Jane says:

    I think that luluemon is great!!!
    Stop saying bad things about clothes!!
    Be happy that you have some !!

  83. me says:

    geez all parents just stop okay? leave lululemon alone! wtf

  84. Sara says:

    lol reading this is just sad… i am thirteen and i wear lululemon and tna almost every single day and i also do real sports (dance,soccer,runnig,cheerleader) and they are great brands what ever the price no im not rich but they are worth it and too all you people”ohh you shouldnt buy that for your kid oh dont do that” ITS NOT YOUR LIFE ITS THEIRS THEY CAN DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT IF THEY CAN AFFORD IT GOOD FOR THEM!!!!!!! and it does totallly last for five years i have one pair of shorts thats lasted 3years and counting!!!!!!!

  85. HELENA says:

    I think that name brands are tooo expensive.
    All you are really doing is advertising them with a logo while you feel “so” good. But I think lululemon and ivivva are very durable and extremely comfortable. I know lots of people are going to say then why dont you buy something cheaper? but i personally think lululemon and ivivva really are the BEST. before i was trying to find lululemon pieces in the smallest sizes. it would take a while to find. My friends were all sprting lululemon while i barely could because i was short for 11. (my FRIENDS were extremely tall.) I felt pretty bad. So when i found out there was ivivva i jumped for joy and spent all my money on it. and it was totally worth it>!!!

  86. Paige says:


  87. martha stewart lol jk says:

    There are pros and cons.

    very durable
    looks nice


    I guess thats my opinion.

  88. Someone necessarily assist to make significantly articles I’d state. That is the first time I frequented your web page and to this point? I amazed with the analysis you made to create this actual submit extraordinary. Fantastic job!

  89. aliyaculls says:

    i shop at lululemon im 12 and my mom is very concerned about how much they are and during the holidays all these shops are 50% off or buy one get one free yet no one is in them and then you see lululemon and is packed doesnt even have a sale going on i think if they have some sort of deals going on they would have a crowd coming in and buying lots more i also think that most of there pants get lint on them its so annoying

  90. Esther Jane says:

    My 10yr old bought a next to brand new lulu today at Value Village for $13.99. the most have paid for good used one was $40.00 & the least was $10.00

  91. texas dreamer says:

    hi everyonnee yall.
    doon’t hate guys.
    Lulu is soo much better than all those dumb brands that aadvertisee with their gigantic logos that are sooooooo pointless. even though it may be exepnsivee it can be useful for at leastt five yearss and counting. Its better than walmart ehh? I loved lulu ever since my boyfriend bought me a jacket from there. SOOO DONT HATE! THEERE AINT NYTHING TO HATE!~
    Love from,
    Houston 🙂

  92. ALICE MADRIGA. says:

    dont ya daree say thatt!~
    LULU is sooooo BAD ! BAD BAD!
    ITS BBADDDD………………..

  93. Selin says:

    I’m 11 Years Old.
    I Went To Ivivva Today And Got Shorts And A Tanktop It’s Expensive I Spent
    $80 But It’s Worth It.

  94. Selin says:

    I really love the stuff I got The shorts are so comfy and top is too !!
    It was expensive i admit it but I mean i spend all my money at Ivivva and i think it’s worth it 🙂

  95. singledad says:

    I’ve been waiting fo rsomething like this to come along for my lil girl (she’s 11 with special needs). She’s been described as a pixie because she’s so small and regular pants just fall off of her. I’m pretty sure this stuff will fit her properly and as she doesn’t grow all that fast it will fit her for a very long time. In spite of her challenges she really loves to look pretty and I have no problem spending the extra money to see to it that she does. And btw she in non verbal so she can’t even ask me for it, I just want her to have it 🙂

  96. Oriana says:

    Hi Everyone! I think its terrible about the bad working conditions that some of you speak of, but I think that buying in moderation will both provide you with quality clothing, and also stop you from overspending and supporting bad practices. I just wrote a letter to Lululemon telling them that its important for me to support companies with humane practices. I’m a dancer, and I love wearing things that help me dance, and also stay in good condition. Try not to buy all from one company, but buy from multiple, and buy in moderation, only what you need, when you need it (With a few exceptions!:)


  97. Candle Roygbiv says:

    hi guise so i totos think tht lulu and ivivva
    are soo $$$$ but u do realize its sooper cute and i do luv dis clothing, and its
    comfyyy too! u no>? so yea , as a guy dancer i hav the most trouble finding glamourous clothes 4 dance tht look good and fit like yoga stuff~
    so i think ivivva is relly good and stuff…

  98. Dadlovemeandmykid says:

    I don’t understand any of u I hate lulu

  99. Katrina says:

    I am 11 and honestly I wish I could get lululemon or ivivva or even tna or american eagle. My parents do make good money to get us nice clothes and good food but I honestly LOVE my current clothing. I have aeropostale clothing, old navy and garage and people are always asking me if I got it from an expensive store or something. I think it’s great if you get ivivva or lululemon but just get a bigger size one so at least you could wear it next year ’cause I do that and it saves my parents tons of money! If you do good chores or get good grades or won something I think you would deserve something from lululemon, ivivva, tna, or triple flip but if you’re getting it all the time and you’re not getting good grades or just being a spoiled brat then you should try getting american eagle or aero and see what it’s like to be in another girl’s shoes. But honestly I LOVE the brands and my parents get me only they’re jackets or sweaters for christmas or when I get good grades but only when they’re on sale. But my only question is : Why do they sell it for such expensive prices when they know that probably only 25% of people can only afford it???

  100. Maddie says:

    Is there a black leather one that’s still warm?

  101. Joe Mc Donald says:

    I just read many of the comments left by people. Do you think it’s any different know then when you were a kid an wanted the newest running shoes or whatever. Kids have a much larger selection today then before so what’s wrong with them wanting to wear brand name clothing? Is it because you never got it as kids or maybe your just too cheap? Get over it!! It’s here to stay and it’s a great line!!

  102. Katrina says:

    I was reading through some comments and kids my own age (10-14) were saying they’re buying the expensive clothing because it’s good quality and comfy! GET REAL! You’re paying for the logo and for compliments. If i were to get a hoodie from costco that was everything that a lulu hoody had minus the logo it’d cost me at the most 50 bucks! So you’re paying an extra 50 dollars for a DAMN logo! Our generation sucks right now. To be liked at school, you have to have uggs, tna, lulu, juicy, etc and a pretty face! While no one cares now if you’re nice or not! Ppl will only care if you’re wearing tna! I remember 1 day I was wearing these track pants from firefly and champion shoes and when I went to school, everyone was giving mean looks to me at track. But when I got these nikes shoes and got a jacket, shorts, hoodies, and pants from the lululemon sale, everyone was nice to me.

  103. ItzSoccer says:

    I Have So Many Things From Ivivva The Stuff There Is Great! Although it Is A Little Expensive What Ever I Use It All The Time!


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