McDonald’s Canada Bring Back The Orange Drink!


First of all I’d like to thank commenter “Natalie” for the wicked awesome idea about this! 

This is the official Smart Canucks “Bring Back The Orange Drink Petition”  Simply leave a comment if you’d like the Orange McDonald’s drink brought back!  At the end of the month (September 30th)  I will email this to my McDonald’s contact and see what kind of response we get!

What are your memories of the Orange drink?  I remember for Brownies we’d get the McDonald’s red cooler jug with the Orange drink and run around with orange mustaches all day!

* Yes we all know it has 0 nutritional value 😛

221 responses to “McDonald’s Canada Bring Back The Orange Drink!”

  1. Jen says:

    Oh, I LOVE McD’s orange drink. I desperately wish they’d bring it back, or at least serve any other orange pop.

  2. pink_panda says:

    “oranga drink”? as in orange pop?
    or it’s something else?

    i want an orange mustache!

  3. LoveADeal says:

    Wow! it’s about time someone started this movement! McD’s is not the same without the Orange drink. Getting rid of their Orange drink was the biggest disappointment…had me stupefied at the drive thru…thinking, well what do i get now?
    The Fruitopia replacement doesn’t cut it….i can get Frutopia anywhere…but I could only get the Orange drink at McDonalds.

  4. wendy bensley says:

    I agree!!!!orange drink was my favorite!

  5. Christina says:

    I was so terribly disappointed when they replaced the Orange drink with Coke Zero! Big mistake!
    That was a huge childhood flavour and memory for me. I do have to say, I now have no reason to visit McDonalds.

    Please bring it back! We all miss it!

  6. LoveADeal says:


    There’s also a group on Facebook fighting for the same thing!
    Orange Drink-ers Unite! 😉

  7. MaryAnn says:

    yes, the orange drink…i really miss it…fruitopia isn’t the same…

  8. Sambots says:

    If you go to the movie theatre and get orange Fruitopia it pretty much tastes the same

  9. mlongboat says:

    mmm orange drink. I get nestea now but I’m not happy about it.

  10. Kaye says:

    Oh man, I remember this stuff!! We had it at our yearly school pizza parties back in elementary! I’d love to try it again!

  11. Melody Halls says:

    Bring the Pizzas back!

  12. Scarecrow says:

    What is Juice?

    I want some Orange Drink.

    Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Orange

  13. CaraMiaxxx says:

    Yes! Bring back the Orange Drink and while you’re at it, bring back the mini Chocolate Chip cookies!

  14. yes says:

    It’s funny, no one bought the pizza or the orange drink but as soon as they are gone it’s all everyone wants.

    The orange drink is still available in the big cooler thing, but I can’t see it coming out of a fountain ever again. Coke’s big names get priority over “Orange” 🙂

  15. Brenda says:

    We were really disappointed when we couldn’t get the orange drink! My one daughter won’t drink “fizzy” drinks, and it was the only thing she would drink there. I HATE Fruitopia, and the Iced Tea always is too watery. I don’t like drinking soft drinks either. So, PLEASE bring back the orange drink!!!!

  16. The McDonald’s orange drink tasted like nothing else in existence. It was the perfect blend of artificial orange flavour, and awesome fizziness. I used to gulp it down as a kid, and when I heard they were replacing it with Coke Zero… I was just depressed.

    If it comes back, I’ll drink one a week for the foreseeable future. 😉

  17. mle says:

    It’s called “Hi-C”.
    And it does have nutritional value, I believe over 100% of your daily value of vitamin C in a small drink! (lol ignore the sugar in it 😉 )

    And you may still be able to get it in your local grocery stores, in juice boxes or frozen concertrate.

  18. mle says:

    Oh and it’s owned by Minute Maid, which I believe is in turn owned by Coca-cola.

  19. Crateros says:

    Bring Back the Orange Stuff! What Childhood memories are made of!

  20. Jayne says:

    Yes, please bring back both the orange drink and the pizzas. They were the best anywhere!

  21. 7kids says:

    I agree there is nothing better then McD’s orange drink..

  22. Sally says:

    MMMMMnnnn Mcpizza and orange drink 😛

  23. saraL says:

    if you have an “event” you can get a keg of the orange drink. the national service dogs halloween fest rented some to serve with our hotdogs and humburgers. i think i drank a gallon of the stuff even though i was a volunteer.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Love the orange drink! I hope it comes back and yes! I have memories of the big red cooler at Brownie events as well. Anyone else miss the old style deep fried apple pies??

  25. maplegirl says:


  26. Jen says:

    I LOVED the orange drink. I would get it with breakfast because it wasn’t carbonated like pop. I shouldn’t drink pop because of my acid erosion, so the orange drink was a perfect substitute. I was so mad when it was discontinued.

    And there’s no more chocolate chip cookies!? WTF??

  27. Linda says:

    I have never had it but if they brig it back I will go to McDonalds just to try it.

  28. Lynn says:

    Please bring it back!!! Memories of my childhood (scouts, breakfasts for charities…etc…) Renting that big orange and white vessel and creating the most glorious, lip-staining ORANGE drink known to mankind (and womankind) lol I’m signing this petition!! Lynn Hulley

  29. Dominique says:

    Pour le retour du jus d’orange chez McDonald

  30. mjtjmom says:

    This tasty drink got me through my last pregnancy. Bring it back!!!!

  31. Gabriellr says:

    I had some at this grand opening of a dollar store, it was in a cooler and had Mcdonalds orange juice in it!


  32. raeanna says:

    It’s a one of a kind drink. Please bring it back!

  33. Gemini_baby0608 says:

    I couldn’t believe my ears when they told me they god rid of the orange drink! i was so sad 🙁 Bring it back!!!
    It’s the staple drink of McDonalds that no other fast-food place had!
    And then once that’s in place, bring back the McRib!

  34. Dixie says:

    Love the Orange Drink. We use to get it all the time at church. My Grandmother use to get the syrup and then make a dessert with pudding and fruit. It was so good. Please bring it back.

  35. eriluo says:

    So many service clubs used this to give refreshment to kids at different functions… It was the signature “drink!”

  36. Murielle says:


  37. heather says:

    love this drink

  38. Tonya says:


  39. Zay says:

    The orange drink was the best! Bring it back 🙂

  40. Maria says:

    Oh yes, I am so in. So many good memories from my childhood and elementary school…please bring back the orange drink!

  41. Mi says:

    Orange anything is good. Although I don’t remember it, Orange Drink sounds cool.

  42. Adam says:

    I’m not a huge fan of orange juice, but I loved this as a kid, maybe ‘cos it was the same colour, I dunno! Bring it back!

  43. Ssseth says:

    Like Tang but BETTER. Although I have a feeling some memories are better left in the past and shouldn’t be revisited. Might ruin the good memories if I try it again and realize it was actually crappy.

  44. chickendog says:

    I haven’t thought of that stuff in a long time but it was tasty 🙂
    I remember drinking it at those birthday parties they used to have. Yeah, I’d order the orange drink rather than soda with my meal if I could get it.

  45. Melissa13 says:

    YES!! Bring back the orange drink. I can almost still taste it. I also used to love those chocolate chip cookies in the box!

  46. Elish says:

    I love the orange syrup!!!
    So good.
    Love the mustache that it leaves…and the refreshing taste…

    As a kid it was great….and as a adult…add a little vodka…and it makes it even better!

  47. seylz_gurl says:

    Oh yeah, kids luv the orange drink…waaay better than diet coke.

  48. Angela says:

    Bring back the orange drink!!! And the chocolate chip cookies too 🙂

  49. kerry says:

    never heard of the “orange drink”I only go to a mcdonalds 5 or 6 times a year.

  50. WAKEFORSOUL says:

    Oh I miss the orange drink so much… we used to get it on Hot Dog day at school it was SO YUMMY!!

  51. Jennifer says:

    I miss the pizzas. I used to get them all the time.

  52. Shawn says:

    Boy’s do I ever miss the old orange drink!! I wish they would bring it back for old time sake! That juice was osome and I bet kids would love it and cry for more!


    I actually loved it too! agreed bring it back !!! plEASE

  54. Alexandra says:

    I want it back so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Jessica says:

    Bring back the orange drink please!!!

  56. ANNA says:

    OMG PLEASEEEEE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK THIS AWESOME DRINK!!!! its the mcdonald signature drink. everytime i go to mcdonalds, i WILL ALWAYS GET THE ORANGE DRINK!!!! now that this drink has been gone for awhile, i havn’t been to a mcdonalds since then. PLEAAAAASSSSSSSSSE BRING THIS DRINK BACK.

  57. nash says:

    I love the orange drink I was pissed when they told me they don’t carry it any more. They need to bring it back

  58. Val says:

    I was so sad to see the Orange drink discontinued. I love the flavour and ordered it every time instead of a carbonated beverage. It is just not the same without it.

  59. Kristen says:

    Bring back the Orange drink! It was always my favourite…I would go to McDonalds just to get it.

  60. Lisa says:

    I was sooooo disapointed when I ordered my meal and they told me there was no more orange drink. I absolutely love that stuff. I don’t eat at mcdonalds as often anymore because of this. If I had a choice of where to eat it was usually mcdonalds because I don’t like carbonated drinks. Orange drink was the best and every time I ordered that with my meal nothing else. Wish they would get rid of fruitopia or just bring back the drink.

  61. TaraF says:

    I remember the Orange Drink! And I also remember it being the drink of choice when we had our Schools Track and Field Days! You’d do your event and there was a LARGE Orange Stand up Cooler with McDs Orange Drink. Yummmm.

  62. missbobloblaw says:

    Please bring back the orange drink!
    And while your at it- put baked apple pie mcflurries on the menu! 🙂

  63. wayne905 says:

    whenever I went to McD’s I would only get the Orange Drink. Some times I went there only for the drink (no food). I for one vote to have it brought back.

    Also, I loved the McDLT’s. Let’s bring those back too! 🙂

  64. zeekid says:

    My husband just loves McD’s orange drink. There is a face book that he joined as well to bring it back. When we go to the States, they still have it and it is called “Hi C”. He always buys 3 ( 1 to drink at the moment and 2 to take home).

  65. dealsniffer says:

    oh yes the memories!! Yes I say bring it back! I loved reading through the responses and remembering having it as a child. oh it was good! I usually just get water now if I go to McD’s but would totally buy some if they brought it back!

  66. ElisaM says:

    bring ORANGE DRINK back, it reminds me of my mom as she loves it!!!

  67. CP says:

    Yuck!!! Let it RIP.

  68. Dave says:

    They always used to server the delicious orange drink at Sports Day in elementary school. I always looked forward to it!

    Bring it back!

  69. Nikki says:

    LOVED the orange drink. I remember having it in big huge thermos’ at school events. Why did it have to go away. Boo. Bring it back!

  70. Steph says:

    I miss it! I also had it at Brownies, and at the school dance-a-thon fundraiser in elementary school. Bring it back! 🙂

  71. Diana says:

    I’m in. Bring back the orange drink!!!!

  72. ChihuhauaLove says:

    I loved the orange drink..
    when I went to McDs drive thru and saw it was gone i was like uhmmmm now what? And I drove thru.. i used to go specifically to get the orange drink!

  73. shirley says:

    they took out the orange drink?!
    ah, that’s one of the only draws of mcdonalds for me!

  74. Kzod says:

    Barbarians. Don’t they understand that many people want something uncarbonated?

  75. Theresa says:

    Yep, I remember it at every school function. Can’t say that I remember it being any good, but I remember it.

  76. sampler says:

    Can we bring back the Harvey’s Chocolate shake (the way it was made before they changed it to real icecream) ?!

  77. AliKira says:

    Awww… yes, the Orange Drink! MMmmmm…

  78. Andrea says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm Loved the McD’s orange drink since I was a kid and miss it SO much!

  79. garry says:

    I have been told by a friend that is a manager that they still have the orange drink/pop but only in the coolers for picknicks so if your really in need of the drink you have to buy it in bulk

  80. JJAMES says:

    Please bring it back!!! The experience at McDonald’s is just not the same without it 🙁

  81. Janine says:

    I miss the Pizza and the Orange Drink. I got the Orange drink every single time I got a combo!

  82. ORANGE says:


  83. Sharon says:

    While I am all for nostalgia, “orange drink,” even though it may contain Vitamin C, has little nutritional value – like many of the products at our beloved McDonald’s. I don’t think most people, particularly parents unfortunately, pay much attention to the difference between orange drink and orange juice, resulting in far too many kids sucking down Sunny D rather than something that’s actually good for them. Let’s avoid the temptation to opt for cheap and sugary just this once.

  84. yummyant says:

    Bring back the original orange drink!!!!!! YUMMMY

  85. pateyface says:

    I absolutely LOVE the orange pop. I would be extremely happy for them to bring it back. It might even entice me to eat more there. Lol.

  86. glitter99 says:

    I loved it when I was a kid. 25cents a cup at school McDonald’s lunch day. I always looked forward to it.

  87. Jim Squires says:

    You people can have your orange drink when I can have my hot mustard. Oh McDonald’s, why do you keep taking away the things we love??

  88. Natalie says:

    Hehehe…. who knew what I started would become this? (By the way, I’m “Natalka” on SC, but it won’t let me sign in on the blog under that name any more…)

    Anyway, I absolutely LOVE the orange drink (and the rest of my family does, too), and I can taste it like I had it yesterday – but it’s been just ages!
    And, yes, for those who say there is no nutritional value and is all sugar, yadayada… yes I know, but who cares? If I’m already having a Big Mac and small fries, what does a hit of sugar hurt me to go with all that fat and salt? It actually helps make a balanced meal! It’s not like we would drink it daily.

  89. Simone says:

    Eating Mickey D’s is just not the same with the orange drink!

  90. Simone says:

    Oops! I meant “without” above!

  91. matt k says:

    Bring back the delicious Orange Drink!! Or at least let me buy 100 lbs of it!!

  92. Heather says:

    My first memory of orange drink: broke out in hives head to toe so bad i had to be hospitalized. No orange drink for me 🙁

  93. SarahG says:

    Bring back the orange drink!!! Love it!

  94. jess says:

    I LOVED the orange drink. I remember at my McDonald’s we used to have a train “Caboose” and you could rent it out for your kid’s birthday party. They would serve orange drink and the most delicious cake ever. Sadly, they rebuilt the McDonald’s and the “Caboose” was removed.

  95. VicW says:

    Please bring the orange drink back!

  96. Alex says:

    Bring back the orange drink and get out of Walmart stores.

  97. dilbrt says:

    I have a whole list of what I’d like to see them bring back. I do like the orange drink, but I’d rather see the chicken selects, and the pizzas brought back.

  98. Jill says:

    Ive stopped going to McD’s ever since they got rid of the orange drink. I cant understand why they have 3 kinds of coke now, and had to get rid of the BEST drink ever for stupid coke zero…UGH! Its ruining my life

  99. xRef says:

    Sugar is a nutrition! 🙂
    I like the Fanta Orange that they serve in European and Asian, but I think Fanta Canada only has Tangerine flavor?
    I haven’t tried the this legendary orange drink you guys are talking about, but I always love orange coloured sugar water! 😀

  100. JustMoi says:

    WHOOP!…….bring back DA ORANGE…who the heck is at Head Office?

  101. Dog Lover says:

    Its actual still available for purchase/borrow when you call for sports or events..they just don’t sell on the fountain. I just saw someone last week when I was in at one my local Mc D’s picking it up with a cooler for there ball game.

  102. Dog Lover says:

    but what about the whole mini pizza they use to sell? does anyone remember those? they would take forever for them to be ready and they always had to bring them out to you long after you finished your fries and drinks…that answers why they don’t do them anymore

  103. Amanda says:

    Yes!!! Bring back the orange drink! And while you’re at it, bring back the pizzas and chocolate ice cream. I want a twist cone!!!!!

  104. suzye829 says:

    That orange drink was pretty tasty! Please bring it back!

  105. sarahdrmt says:

    OMG! I LOVED that stuff. Yum, I can already taste it!

  106. ChristineMM says:

    Bring back the organge drink!!

  107. Sally says:

    I know Vanishy, but one just for Smart Canucks readers!

  108. Susan says:

    Bring back the orange drink!!!!

  109. Wally says:

    Yes,Yes,Yes !!!!!!!!!
    I miss that great orange drink, non carbonated and rich in flavour !!!
    Its what made the finale to a big Mac. Did they succumb to the Coco-cola congramerate ??? Please a choice – Frutopia or MacDonalds ORANGE.

  110. susan says:

    please please please bring back orange drink-i love it so

  111. Ashley says:

    yes yes YES!! I was JUST thinking this today. Why on earth do we need 3 different kinds of coke, yet no orange drink?? There was nothing better than a big icy cooler of this on track days in elementary school, and it was still my drink of choice at McD’s 20 years later!!

  112. Terri says:

    Thank you for posting this. My family and I have been talking about this for some time.

    Bring back the McDonalds orange drink!!!!!!!!!

  113. Burgertime says:

    How long has the orange drink been off the menu? It’s been awhile since we’ve had McDonald’s and my husband just so happened to try to order the drink tonight. YES!, It would be nice if the pizza came back. apparently it costs to much to run the ovens??!!

  114. Corrine says:

    We need the orange drink at McDonalds. It was the most refreshing cold drink there.

  115. Victoria says:

    My favorite drink! Discontinued! Bring it back, it was THE BEST!!

  116. Daynah says:

    Oh my goodness. I have so many fond memories of all of those things. The orange drink… just like some other people mentioned, in a big kegger red cooler at Baseball games when I was a kid. I love Orange pop now, and I think the orange drink is what started my aversion to Orange pop. I too also miss the mini chocolate chip cookies. I remember always getting those as a kid when my mom would go through the drive thru, and I would always plead for her to get me a box of the cookies. I also miss the hot apple turnovers. Ahhh… such warm fuzzy childhood memories associated with the oldschool McDonald’s treats 🙂

  117. mansakumi says:

    we want the orange back 😀

  118. Nicole says:

    McDonalds Orange Pop! Oh how we miss thee!!! I remember the moment of silence we held in your honor that faitful day we placed our order at the drive thru window only to hear you had been RIPPED from our exsistence. haha Seriuosly we miss you we want you back those other bevies just do not cut it. Orange Pop you are forever remembered in my heart.

  119. Irishmars says:

    I soooo MISS the Orange Drink!!!
    Some people don’t like drinking carbonated drinks (like me) and the iced tea and fruitopia SUCKS!


  120. Victoria says:

    Mmmmmmm… Orange drink! I can still taste it. I never get a meal anymore cause there’s no orange drink. Please bring it back!!!!

  121. Irene says:

    Bring it backkkkkkkk!!! So good, so tasty, so missed.

  122. Brian says:

    I can’t believe they got rid of it to begin with, it’s as much a part of McDonald’s as the Big Mac!

  123. izikavazo says:

    I remember having those awesome orange marks on the side of my face for hours afterwards. I looked like some trailer trash kid, it was great.

  124. notsobbq says:

    so EXCITED about this!!! thank you for posting this!! that was the only thing i would get from McDs!! ahhh… 🙂

  125. Christine says:

    Bring it back!!!

  126. J Carter says:

    I love the “orange drink”. Gives me great memories of elementary school when McDicks supplied the drinks for track n field day and hotdog day !!!

  127. Jasmine V says:

    Definitely bring it back. I don’t know why it was ever taken off the menu. Do we really need several types of diet coke???

  128. Kody n Me says:

    Bring it Back! Bring It Back! MMMMMMMM Loves it!

  129. chickstilldigus says:

    Absolutely bring back the best drink ever!!! Who’e idea was it to replace orange drink with fruitopia????? I almost cried when I found out!!! Orange Drink %100!!!! Bring it back please……….

  130. z3r0c00l12 says:

    I want it back, because it’s the best drink there and they removed it. I since then don’t take anything to drink at restaurants anymore. Even Quiznos has removed the Orange drink here. Bring back my favorite Drink! Bring back the Orange drink!

  131. Laviza says:

    Oh the memories…! Definately bring back the orange drink… PLEASE?!?!

  132. Graham says:

    I loved it and miss it. I think my kids are missing out!

  133. Mandy F says:

    Remember when you could rent a huge cooler/container from McDonald’s. It was big and brown and had a self-serve tap. It was filled with Orange Drink. Yum. I remember always having one around at big parties, community functions and soccer tournaments. BRING IT BACK….BRING IT BACK….

  134. Amy says:

    Please bring back the orange drink,it is so good,I sometime mix it with Sprite,it so good,I work at McDonald and I least get ask about the orange drink about 3 times a shifted,kids love the orange pop too,Please ,Please,bring it back,thanks

  135. Amy says:

    Please bring back the orange drink,it is so good,I sometime mix it with Sprite,it so good,I work at McDonald and I least get ask about the orange drink about 3 times a shifted,kids love the orange pop too,Please ,Please,bring it back,thanks

  136. Missy says:

    I hated sports days and I hated the orange drink. it gave me a sore throat.

  137. Missy says:

    the best drink now is the peach drink at la Belle Province restaurants in Quebec.

  138. Amy says:

    love the orange drink,please bring back,Iwork at McDonald and I get asked 3 time in a 5 hour shift,kids love it,everyone loves it,Somedays i mix it with Sprite,so good,Please bring it back,that was the only pop i drink,please,please bring it back,Thanks

  139. DJ says:

    Some McDonalds actually sell the Fruitopia Orange now and it tastes exactly like the old orange drink. I got it at the Union Station McDonalds the other week and the Ajax location has it too. Did they even replace it with anything?

  140. Peach684 says:

    Sometimes, good memories are meant to remain as such……

  141. Gina says:

    I want the orange drink back so badly! Nothing else tastes quite like it…

  142. JC says:

    Bring it back!!

  143. Samina says:

    The day I asked for it and they told me they replaced it with Coke Zero..I nearly started crying…..pllllllleeeeeeeeeeease bring it back!!! 🙂

  144. couponfreak says:

    i would love to be able to buy bags of ice at Mcdonalds (they made a mint on me when I was pregnat that was my only craving Mcdonalds Ice and yes it made a difference was all about size and shape)again it was so easy. I also loved when you could get the big mug of pop we use to buy a bag of Ice the big mug of pop and off to the lake. I also remember the yellow and red cooler full of orange drink (it ws really good poured into mini cups of ice cream at track and field day) When I worked at mcdonald’s(well over 10 years ago) they didnt have it on tap the orange was uncarbonized orange pop (I think they still do that at the ones here.

  145. Johnny the Matt says:

    Orange Drink and the McRib….. Utopic!

  146. erin says:

    wow do I miss the orange drink. When we lived in Fonthill we would go to the McDonald’s in Welland for birthday parties in the Caboose and would have the big jugs of the orange drink. So tasty and good, I was flabergasted the day I went into McDonalds and it was gone. It hasn’t been the same since.

  147. Jeni says:

    bring back the orange drink! it’s delicious 🙂

  148. Theresa says:

    Wow, someone actually said that they miss the pizza’s…………they were NASTY!!!!!!!!!! Probably took them like a week to figure that out.
    Bring back the orange drink so my kids can have a taste of my childhood…and maybe the McBLT too.

  149. Marta says:

    Yes bring back the orange. Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero is NOT a drink selection.

  150. Joel says:

    I work in the McDonalds supply chain. There is pallets in the M.B. ware house. Ask the store manager to order some.

  151. Eli says:

    Bring back the Orange Drink! Replaced by Coke Zero? really!?!?! Orange drink was the best drink ever!

  152. Kelsey says:

    The Orange Drink should be brought back!! It was the best!!

  153. benji says:

    They could market it to 30-somethings with memories of their youth!!

    I LOVED it… SO good!

    But folks, for those looking for an alternative, the “No Name” brand orange drink tastes IDENTICAL to it. Seriously! Try it!`

  154. benji says:

    They could market it to 30-somethings with memories of their youth!!

    I LOVED it… SO good!

    But folks, for those looking for an alternative, the “No Name” brand orange drink tastes IDENTICAL to it. Seriously! Try it!`

  155. laurac86 says:

    I LOVED the orange drink!! It was the only thing I used to drink at McD’s, as I am not a fan of carbonated drinks.

    A&W also got rid of theirs 🙁

  156. Jeremy says:

    I remember calling McD’s as soon as this happened last year, when Coke Zero replaced it at the fountain … I was soooo MAD!!! Since then I have seen some restaurants server Orange Fruitopia and it would be nice to see this replace Strawberry Fruitopia everywhere and be available everywhere … my whole McD’s experience is SUFFERING!

  157. Lori says:

    This is drink is what kids want when they go to McD’s, it amazes me that they no longer offer it, like they are saying we don’t want kids here anymore… It was the best stuff ever, I too remember that cooler filled with it.. I think that the pizza’s were the best too, wish they would come back, they were better than the Hut…

  158. Liz says:

    I definitely support this! Orange drink alone brought me into a McDonalds many times. I go there a lot less now that they don’t have it anymore.

  159. amyt0915 says:

    My cousin just had a birthday party for his daughter and had rented a drink cooler from them- and it was filled with orange drink! It cost 14 bucks!

  160. anna1982 says:

    I LOVEEEE the Orange drink and I was soooooo disappointed to hear that McDonalds wasn’t serving it anymore. I used to get a Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo and the orange drink and it MADE the meal for some reason. I can say for sure that its just not the same! BRING IT BACK!!!!

  161. Steve Taylor says:

    I NEVER even eat at McDonalds anymore, but if they brought back that orange drink, Id have to go back to try it again! I loved that stuff! I remember at my hockey banquets as a s kid, they always had a big cooler full of it.


  162. GGF says:

    I remember at Scouts having a huge canister where you could get orange drink. It was good stuff.

  163. Smitty604 says:

    Please bring back the orange drink!!

  164. Brad says:

    Bring it back, was a great thirst quencher, far better than anything currently offered

  165. shannon says:

    bring back orange pop and never do that again!

  166. Stina says:


  167. christine says:

    yes! orange drink!

  168. Mike says:

    Wow, this forum just shows how many people have bad taste. If you removed fast food from your lives completely you wouldn’t crave items that I cannot even qualify as “food”. Treat your bodies better.

    Instead of orange drink I recommend that people have a glass of cold water and a fresh orange. This way your calories contain vitamins and fibre that your body needs.

    The fact that kids are lured to eat fast food and orange drink with play areas and plastic toys that further corrupt them into lifetime consumers without questioning health or well being is very sad.

    This petition is eye opening, that’s for sure.

  169. Natty says:

    ^ Don’t be such a stick in the mud, Mike.

    You make it sound like everyone here drinks Orange Drink 24/7, 365 days a year. We just want something we grew up with to come back so we can enjoy it again.

    Just because you’re against indulging every now and then on fast food doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. I’m pretty sure parents would rather their kids drink fresh orange juice everyday then Orange Drink, but it would be nice to let them try it.

    I wish they’d bring it back. I used to have that stuff at bbqs and parties. Those were the days…

  170. Jen says:

    There are WAY too many memories of McD’s Orange…..I love the stuff! My son is 4 and I can’t get him to drink the funky Frutopia they changed it to. PLEASE….bring back the BEST orange ever!!! Track and Field days in grade school…..that’s when we got the large containers and we too ran around with the orange mustache!!!

  171. MaRy says:

    OMG “JEN” the red cooler jug!! sigh … one of my most fondest memories right after the track and field meets! Nothing like a fresh glass of this amazing juice! I LOVED it back then!! I think it would be AMAZING to get this back. PLEASE MCD’s!!! BRING BACK THE MCD OJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. CP says:

    Am I the only one who hated this stuff?????????????/

  173. Brittany says:

    OMG I loved the orange drink as a kid i remember our school sports days at the end of the year we would ALWAYS get it SOOOOO GOOD!! Bring it back!

  174. LoveADeal says:

    KNOW WHAT ELSE SUCKS? the fact that NO WHERE on the McDonalds website is there a place to voice these concerns…WTF is that about? Is it not 2010? C’mon McD’s…step your game up!

  175. Mike says:

    Natty: At least sticks are found naturally in mud. Considering there isn’t much left in the world that is found in nature.

    I can’t believe the amount of sugar kids eat these days – it’s so nasty.Those poor little children who trust their parents to feed them and don’t know that what is being put in front of them is a form of poison that will have lifetime consequences.

  176. Cherie says:

    Yes bring it back!

  177. honeydoo says:

    nevermind 0 nutritional value, it’s actually HARMING you. If they thought it was bad enough to stop selling, it must be god-awful.

    Mike is correct. Poor children. No one needs to “try” this garbage–then they’ll be addicted to it and want more and more, hence the problem. There should be some sort of “crap tax” for eating @ McD’s and the like.. we’ll definitely need it to cover the health care costs that will be associated with fast/processed food.

  178. Yes bringing back the orange drink would be great the kids loved it!! Also while we are at it how about bring back the good salads that they use to have… I would love to go to McD’s with the kids and get a great salad now I don’t eat there as the salads are awful!!!

  179. Ann says:

    Was great for a hangover!!! 🙂

  180. SmyleyBears says:

    I say…BRING BACK the ORANGE! It is a part of my childhood memories and now my daughter who is just 2 will never have the chance to taste its YUUMMMERRRIFFFIC goodness…unless you do the right thing and BRING IT BACK! We don’t need 4 slots devoted to Coca Cola…that is just ridiculous…especially for those of us with Crohn’s disease…the only things we can drink there is Fruitopia and Sprite…not as good!

  181. Brad says:

    I miss the old orange drink, was a great option when you were sick of coke

  182. Tara says:

    I say BRING IT BACK!!!!!!! oh how I miss the Orange Drink!

  183. Tara says:

    This is a different Tara than the one above. The orange drink reminds me of “Hot Dog Day” at my elementary school when they would bring big coolers full of Orange Drink. I guess they didn’t want to give us caffeine. Not to mention it was always what I drank with my McD’s breakfast.

  184. jenlively49 says:

    Would love the orange drink back, glad it didn’t get the ax before my dd was born it was one of my main “cravings”

  185. Scott M. says:

    Since the orange drink went away, I no longer get a trio at McDs. There’s nothing else I like on their drink menu!

    Bring back the orange drink!

  186. willowsprite says:

    Gross. I would never give this to my children. Why give them artificial colours and flavours instead of real fruit juice or milk? You may not see it immediately, but the food choices you make have long term consequences. People wonder these days why there are so many diseases like ADHD, diabetes, obesity, etc… We’re not treating our bodies right.

  187. Sally says:

    who said it was for our kids! Lmao!

    We all know it has 0 nutritional value, but it was yummy.

  188. Kathleen says:

    OMG, they cannot take away the orange drink!!!! Track and field days as a child always involved orange drink!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ;-(

  189. tara says:

    bring it back now. i miss that old orange taste. nothing washing a big mac back like the yummy orange drink

  190. Shemiya says:

    I miss it too! I’m so sad my kids (ages 1 & 2) won’t have the same fond memories of McD orange drink as I do! Coke Zero is a silly replacement!

  191. Eric says:

    Used to get this at school outings and a playgroup I was in every summer as a kid. I love it aznd would love it back!

  192. csingh says:

    the best part of my meal there. more so then the food, n u couldnt get it neeee where else. since theyve stopped ive stopped going there 10 folds. Mcds bring it back if u want me back!

  193. deedee says:

    we were discussing this at the latest event at our community center we always had the orange drink for the kids at the beef bbq this was our 20th year ah sad aww no orange drink for the kids?????????? please bring it back

  194. Ahoy says:

    Orange Drink in the Red cooler, orange slices $/or brownies epitomized childhood memories of soccer games! Kids these days are missing out!

  195. Megan says:

    YES! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!1

  196. sniffles80 says:

    Please bring it back! So thirst quenching on a summer day (lost of memories too). Never bother to get a drink @ McDonald’s anymore, all other drinks are terrible. When they first discontinued this here in BC I phoned up the regional head office in Burnaby and let them know how much I missed it! My friend recently returned from 3 years in Europe and was super annoyed she couldn’t get the drink she craved. (PS I miss “McDonald’s brand” Ketchup too! Heinz is flavourless!).Didn’t know it still may be ordered for an event. Will have to try this!!

  197. dori says:

    my son only loves drink orange juice.
    please bring back orange juice!!!!!!!!!

  198. Systemfx says:


  199. rick morrow says:

    bring it back frutopia sucks i miss it im 37 my little girl id 5 and she misses it too.

  200. Nahtasha says:

    What fond memories! Always used to drink it at school events.

  201. Natalie says:

    I was very sad actually felt stabbed in the heart when I ordered this the other day.The woman behind the counter sadly told me that orange soda was discontinued a year ago. Firstly I was kind of in shock becauseas obvious as it is I haven’t been to McDonalds that often BUT i was sad because like the mcdonalds sign the orange soda was unique to mcdonalds the era I grew up in and to all my childhood and teenage memories. I didn’t even get the chance to say good bye to an old friend. Hey any of you remember the shamrock shake?

  202. Shannon says:

    Bring Back my favourite drink! The Orange Drink!

  203. Dale Theroux says:

    I would love to see the orange drink return to Mc’D’s !!!
    I loved it as a kid, when I didn’t like soft drinks.

  204. Tricia says:

    Please bring back the orange drink MacDonalds!!! It was refreshing and thirst quenching and uncarbonated which was my favorite. It reminded me of the frozen orange triangular Lolas I loved as a kid! My family have stopped going to MacDonalds now because of this as we don’t drink carbonated products or juice, and Fruitopia … yuck! So please being the orange drink back and us as customers.

  205. Tricia says:

    Please bring back the orange drink MacDonalds!!! It was refreshing and thirst quenching and uncarbonated which was my favorite. It reminded me of the frozen orange triangular Lolas I loved as a kid! My family have stopped going to MacDonalds now because of this as we don’t drink carbonated products or juice, and Fruitopia … yuck! So please bring back the orange drink and us as customers

  206. ovide says:

    yea the orange pop was the best especially after a nite of drinking thn you wake up the next morning hung over all u want to do is get in your ride head over to Mcdonald’s get a super sized ORANGE POP maybe even 2 of them head home relax b/c u know your set for the rest of the day

  207. man this was ma fav drink at mc’ds.. hotdog day at school was always paired with a huge orange cooler filled with the orange drink and i would have glass after glass…thought about this the other nite only to discover its been yanked! now im craving this so bad lol. i used to get a cerry syrup in Winnipeg Man. that was like the orange but cherry flavor.. so good but cant find it anywhere. hope they bring it back

  208. AUBBIE says:

    yes please bring back the orange drink its my moms favourite and reminds me of track and field as a kid mcdonalds always donated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. alicia says:

    If you mix sprite and the orange fruitopia it tastes like it just carbonated obviously not as good but it is similar

  210. Isabelle says:

    I don’t care for Fruitopia. While we are here, I would also really like them to bring back The Angus Burger on ciabatta, Mcdonald’s Caboose birthday parties with an appearance from Ronald Mcdonald himself (felt like Disneyland), their birthday cake (best frosting ever!) and Mcdonald’s mini chocolate chip cookies in a box. Why would they take away cookies?! : (
    On a side note, I really like their new health conscious menus with the fruit smoothies and fruit breakfasts. Also love the new folk music on their website (indicating wholesomeness, lol)!

  211. Teresa says:

    I so agree with everyone !!! This was a part of my childhood growing up. Nothing beat the quenching taste on a hot day of the orange drink from Mcdonalds. My best memory was play day at school, the teachers would rent the big cooler from Mcdonalds and supply us the kids with the orange drink. Please bring it back 🙁 Just like the orange pop at A & W used to taste like bubble gum those were the good old days. Please bring it all back 🙂

  212. Julie Hughes says:

    I can remember at school we would have hamburger day and we could also have orange drink. Then best ever. Good with hot hogs too

  213. J says:

    Bring it back !!

  214. Adrian says:

    I was devastated when I went to a McDonald’s and could not order the “Orange” drink 🙁
    It has a good mix of flavour and texture on the palate that is not replicated by an soft drink or juice offered at McDonald’s.

    It was the same type of “Orange” drink from Dairy Land that we used to have on school hot dog days.

    Good memories of innocent bygone years.

    Bring it back!

  215. Tony says:

    How did it go ? Finally got it back ?
    I sure remembrer those big rented McDonald thermal jugs with the orange concentrate by the gallon for our boy scouts during our summer camps. Please ! Stop being too nutritional about this. Just bring this all back to us ASAP !

  216. Elliot Mundo says:

    there is no better cure for a hangover than McDonald’s orange drink, french fries and cheeseburger

  217. Kdperry says:

    Bring back original mcds orange drink

  218. Kim Gordon says:

    Hi-C orange is my favourite drink at McDonald’s it was so refreshing wasn’t sweet please bring it back to Canada soon as you can thank you

  219. Scott Jacobs says:

    BRING IT BACK!! BRING IT BACK!! BRING IT BACK!!!….it was guaranteed THE best drink on the menu pleeease BRING it back. why should the US customers have all the fun!!!


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