McDonald’s Mondays: Canada’s recycling is good — Sweden’s is better

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Over the last few years a lot of small tweaks have been occurring at McDonald’s restaurants across Canada. One of the most satisfying of these changes for me and my wife has been the inclusion of a recycling option rather than just trash bin. But while our McDonald’s offers seperate containers for paper, plastic and waste, Sweden has kicked it up to the next level.

Pictured here are the 8 seperate compartments of a Swedish Mcdonald’s recycling center: cans and bottles, drinks and ice, straws and plastic lids, cups, burger boxes + cardboard, trays, food leftovers, and everything else.

It might not seem like a big deal, but taking a peek under the lid of a Canadian McRecycler will show some people don’t know what to do. They’ll toss cups with lids and straws into paper as well as boxes with foodwaste. It’s great to see that kind of problem being solved somewhere.

And the microwave? That’s for warming baby food you bring from home. Yet again more proof that the Swedes are kicking our tooshies when it comes to the things that matter.

[via PSFK]

10 responses to “McDonald’s Mondays: Canada’s recycling is good — Sweden’s is better”

  1. Jerry Hung says:

    I do like McDonald Canada’s recycle option, albeit always confusing signs on where to put what. But it’s a good start

    Now it’s up to all fast food to do this
    and then try catch up to Sweden!

  2. Reader says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I know of two McDonalds locations that just throw all the recycling in the garbage. The recycling program just makes you feel better about all that waste. Only thing currently being regularly recycled is the cardboard. A lot of it still gets thrown out with the trash though.

  3. mememe says:

    how do you know they throw the recycling away exactly?

  4. maureen says:

    ummm – thanks for the information, but what does this have to do with coupons????

  5. Reader says:

    mememe, I spent some time working there.

  6. Unfortunately Employed by McDonalds says:

    I have worked at Mcdonalds for a year and a half and I am very disappointed with their recycling system. They claim to recycle but do not. There are separate bags for paper, waste, bottles, plastic etc. but when we collect the bags it is all put together. We don’t even have recycling bins in the back so therefore I am confirming what Reader said. Mcdonalds claim at recycling is a scam.

  7. Aly says:

    Hey guys, I’m a current employee of over 2 years and I can confirm that there are at least another 2 locations that do not actually recycle the bins in the recycling centre. I think it’s quite despicable greenwashing and I’m trying to do something about it- here’s hoping!

  8. Marlina says:

    I have been a McDonald’s employee for several years now, and have also worked at 3 other McDonald’s restaurants, and not one of those restaurants recycles properly. They have the bins for the customers to sort out the recycling, but when those bins get full, the staff have no choice but to put the sorted material in the garbage because local recycling plants do not come and pick up the trash that has been sorted.

    McDonald’s Recycling is a LIE

  9. Darlene says:

    I am glad I do not go to McDonalds. Is a matter of fact there are very few fast food places I go to.

  10. Darlene says:

    Very few people care or are willing to do anything. Just walk along your street on garbage day and glance at what people put in their bins and garbage containers. People lie about being dedicated to recycling. I have seen first hand what my neighbours put in their bins and find it very upsetting to say the least.


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