New fall shows on CBC? Don’t hold your breath.

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Over the past few years, Canadian television has really kicked things up a notch. The ball got rolling with Corner Gas, and since then people have been keeping a closer eye on homegrown TV. Everything from Little Mosque on the Prarie to Billable Hours has developed a surprisingly large audience. So what tricks does CBC, Canada’s largest and oldest network have in store for us this year?

Nothing. Nada. Bupkiss. The only changes in the fall line-up will include the addition of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Two CBC mini-series — Celine, the story of the Quebec chanteuse, and Everest, the tale of a 1982 attempt on the world’s highest peak by a Canadian team — will be popping up this year as well.

It may seem like a surprisingly negative turn for the network, but if you really think about it this may be a good thing. No new shows means that old shows are still performing quite well. CBC originals like The Border and Dragon’s Den, exclusive imports like Doctor Who and The Tudors, old favorites like The Nature of Things and the Rick Mercer Report — they’re all doing well enough to leave on the air. If their ratings were low they’d surely be switched out with something else.

Considering the major US networks will only be offering 16 new shows between them, it looks like 2008 is going to be the year of the established series. Anybody out there looking forward to anything this fall? Personally I’m frothing at the mouth for the US version of Life on Mars. The BBC original is in my top 5 all time shows, so I’m dying to see what they’ll do with it.

13 responses to “New fall shows on CBC? Don’t hold your breath.”

  1. L says:

    gah, I’m dreading the US Life on Mars! Did you see the follow up Ashes to Ashes? By the end of the series I’d almost convinced myself that a perm and blue eyeshadow would be good.
    However I don’t see how the US could possibly come close to recreating the greatness of Gene Hunt

  2. Helen says:

    What does the fall line up have to with a freebie site. HELLO

  3. Ray says:

    I’m glad to see Dragon’s Den back and Doctor Who is actually produced in partnership with the CBC so it’s not just an import 😉

    But I agree, why are all the blogs about entertainment and many ontario-specific musings appearing on a deals blog?

  4. jet says:

    The CBC will have nothing new for us this fall? THERE IS A GOD!!!

  5. Jim Squires says:

    Every now and then this question comes us so I’ll be happy to address it. Although SmartCanucks is primarily a Canadian shopping blog, a lot of our readers enjoy some additional Canadian content from time to time. That’s what I’m here for. If my posts specifically are seeming a little Ontario-centric at times I apologize. It’s where I live, so it’s where a lot of the knowledge I have is about.

    If you don’t enjoy the non-deals posts, don’t worry. You’re not getting any fewer deals posts because they’re here. Just skip them and wait for what you’re looking for — it’ll show up eventually. 😉

  6. Jim Squires says:

    @L — two words: Harvey Keitel. With him as Gene, how can you not want to check it out?

  7. Khristopher says:

    Aren’t Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune moving to CBC?

  8. Kenny says:

    Yes they are! but the work ‘moving’ doesn’t seem to be right…

  9. L says:

    @ Jim- oh, I’ll watch it all right but I really don’t think it’ll even come close to the original!

  10. Eri says:

    The Tudors has the CBC involved in some way too…There are a few familiar Canadian faces on the show as well..I can’t wait for the 2nd season!!

  11. willowsprite says:

    More Doctor Who? Woot! Is Corner Gas coming back with another season, too?

    Man, I’m such a geek…

  12. D says:

    What happened to Torchwood? I really liked that show.

  13. chas_m says:

    It should be noted that the CBC is listed as a co-producer of Doctor Who.

    As for “what happened to Torchwood”, it will be back for a third season, albeit a very short one — a five-episode, single-story mini-series.

    Barrowman is just as in-demand as Tennant, and so a break from the regular season was needed for both shows so as to ensure that they can continue in 2010.


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