GAP Canada: Markdowns + 25% Discount + $15 Savings

Thanks suziecute for the info.

GAP CanadaGAP is having an extra 25% discount on the lowest ticketed price. If you spend over $75 you can also use the $15 savings card (which they have in-store).

Combing GAP’s current clearance (markdowns) sale with the extra 25% off and the $15 off $75 and you can end up with sizzling hot bargains. You’ll leave GAP with a huge bag of quality clothes.

Happy Canada Day! GST Cut Starts Today!

Happy Canada Day everyone 🙂

Just thought I’d let you know that the GST dropped by one percentage. GST has been reduced from 7% to 6%! Cheers to all Canadian shoppers out there 🙂

Harper promised to reduce GST to 5% so let’s see if he keeps his promise. We’re waiting for the second percentage drop Stephen. 😉

Canada Day

Canada Day Sale: Free USB Drive from Future Shop

Future Shop is starting the Canada Day sale craze with a free 256MB USB. This USB drive usually costs $34.99 so I’m guessing that once the sale starts they’ll have some sort of instant discount as well as a mail in rebate which will bring down the price to $0!

Canada Day Sale

Future Shop will also have online discounts on almost all of its products:
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT 8.0MP Digital Camera, 2GB 80X Memory card & Bag Package: $999.99 (save $435).
Sharp 37” Widescreen LCD HDTV: $1999.99 (save $500).

Future Shop’s online Canada Day Sale

Web only (but you can probably order online and pickup from store)

June 30th 8pm EST until July 2nd 11am EST.

Here is more info about Future Shop’s online Canada Day sale.

Canadian Deals: XBox Video Games

Buy 1 Xbox video game from the real Canadian Superstore and get the second for free. A pretty good deal, but would have been even better if they had included XBOX 360 games into the deal.

Print out and redeem this coupon at the Canadian Superstore to get this deal.

XBOX Canada

This deal expires on June 30th, 2006. Sorry for the late notice.

Free Canadian Samples: Taster’s Choice

Taster Choice CanadaTaster’s Choice is offering a free sample of its coffee.

Get you free sample of Taster’s choice here.

Canadian Warehouse Sale: H&M

This is H&M’s first warehouse sale. Save 70% off everything at H&M (Men’s, Women’s & Kids’ clothes).
All lingerie is reduced to $2
Prices of everything else will range from $2 to $24

35 Hedgedale Road
Brampton, Ontario, L6T 5B3

Thursday, July 6th till Sunday, July 9th, 2006
Thursday & Friday: Noon – 9:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

H&M Canada

Costco Canada: $10 Cash Card with Membership

Costco CanadaSign up to become a Costco member and receive a $10 Costco Cash Card.

Although many of my relatives are Costco members I’m by no means a Costcoholic. I find that Costco’s annual fees combined its Costco’s bulky products and boring shopping experience drive me away. I prefer grocery stores like Loblaws. For cheap grocery shopping I usually choose No Frills or Food Basics depending on the one with better flyer deals. However, Costco is not a bad choice for larger families. Hopefully some of you will find this Costco membership coupon useful.

More details about the $10 Costco membership cash card here.

You can also find Costco’s flyer (saving coupons) here.

Loads of Canadian Freebies

Lesley (LKB) has posted loads (and I really mean loads) of freebies on SmartCanuck’s forum! I’m speechless! Thank you Lesley 🙂

I’m looking forward to receiving all of this free stuff! I just hope my mail box doesn’t get jammed 😉

Check out the forum freebies section here. Forum posters would really appreciate it if  you leave a message in the forum too giving your feedback and sharing.

Within the next few days I’ll work on blending the forum with the blog by changing the forum’s header so that it looks like the blog’s. Thanks Canadian Mark for suggesting this idea.

The Secret Behind New York Fries’ Delicious Taste

An anon poster posted an awesome story about NYFNew York FriesI just recently started to work at South St. Burgers. This is a fast food joint, and its owned by New York Fries. The burgers here are so delicious. Check out their website The store sells New York Fries, and I actually learned a couple of their secrets on how to make good fries. By the way, there are only two of these stores in the World. They are starting to expand their chain (its owned by NY Fries).

One secret that makes New York Fries taste so good, is because the potatoes they use have sugar in them. When the potatoes are harvested, and when they are being processed, they are soaked in Sugar. So basically there is some sugar in New York Fries. Also another thing is that, NY fries, cooks its Fries in three different stages. First they cut the fries, and then they scoop a basketful, and place it in low temperature oil, until the skin starts to wrinkle. Then, after that step, they put it in another oil which is slightly higher in temperature and they take the fries out when the fries start to turn a little yellow. And then they hang it. So when people come to buy the fries, they fry it in a third oil, which has an even higher temperature than the previous two oils. And finally when the fries turns golden yellow its ready to serve.

Also please go to one of the two South St. Burgers that have opened so far. One is around Finch Station and the other is around Eglinton and Laird (these are in Toronto).

Also check this website if youre in Search of the Perfect French Fry.

Free Canadian Samples: Fragnance Solodia

Fragnance Solodia CanadaFragnance Solodia is claiming to be a Canada-based company about to break into the fragrance/perfume industry. I have no idea if this is a legitimate company who is really giving out free samples. Solodia’s website looks very clean and professional so I decided to give it a try and hopefully they’ll send out free samples.

Get your free samples from Fragnance Solodia here.

Canuckian Recipe Swap

Canadian Mark posted this wonderful article on his blog as well as SmartCanucks’ forum. Thanks Mark!

You can visit Canadian Mark’s blog here for many interesting articles 🙂

CandyMark also earns 7 candies for posting a blog-worthy topic on SmartCanucks’ forum.

If you’ve been into (mostly) any major Canadian fast food establishment – or even greasy spoons for that matter, you’ll have discovered that a meal size plate of nearly anything goes for between $7 and $12 after tax.

Comparatively, a home-cooked meal worth the same amount will often provide 4 or 5 portions. What I’m suggesting here, is a good old fashioned recipe swap of frugal Canuckian cuisine – tried and true recipes from those college days, when Mr. Noodles was the main component of 90% of your recipe repertoire. You can mix up anything with those noodles, I swear.

I’m going for interestingly creative and fun here, but nonetheless practical – and certainly not limited to Mr. Noodles. Quick, cheap, inexpensive, obscure, yet gourmet recipes.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what this thread is all about. I hope.

I’ll even go first:

Andre’s End of the Month Spicy Fiesta


2 packages of instant oriental beef noodles
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1/2 White onion
1 – 3 of the hottest peppers your local grocer happens to sell. Ask if you’re unsure – I’ve never met a produce manager that didn’t love talking about food.
1 Package of fast-fry steak (thin cut)

You should be paying less than 5 dollars at the checkout for this 2 plate meal.


Prepare noodles as directed, meanwhile, slice the steak, onions, and peppers into strips. Saute the onion and peppers in a heavy skillet (or preferably a wok) over medium heat (using the vegetable oil, of course). Once the vegetables become translucent, add the fast fry steak.

At about this time, and depending on the peppers you chose, eye protection might be necessary, due to the possibility of mustard-gas-like fumes.

Toss this mess about for close to two minutes, then add the prepared noodles. Now is a good time to see if there’s any soy sauce packages laying about from the last time you got Chinese take-out. It’s not necessary, but it does add a little something extra. Toss constantly for about a minute, remove from heat, and serve immediately. Although the spicy-heat remains constant, this dish tends to lose its temperature-heat rather quickly.

Serve with bread or crackers – You’re going to need it – and much cold beverage of your choice, let’s not forget about that.

Free Canadian Books: Understanding Prostate Cancer

Prostate CancerFree book offer within Canada only: Understanding Prostate Cancer by Dr. Michael McCormack and Dr. Fred Saad.

Understanding Prostate Cancer is a comprehensive and compassionate guide written by Dr. Michael McCormack and Dr. Fred Saad of Centre hospitalier universitaire de Montréal (CHUM). The book introduces and explains the many issues surrounding risk factors and prevention of prostate cancer and provides answers to questions for those who have a diagnosis of prostate cancer, their families and loved ones

Get your free Understanding Prostate Cancer book here.

Future Shops Best MP3 Deal Ever – 1 Day Only (Webonly)

Canadian Deals & Coupons

Future Shop is having its best Mp3 Deal ever. And its ONLY 1 DAY! The sale ENDS TODAY. The Mp3 Player  has 1GB space. SanDisk 1GB MP3 Player (E100) – Web Only. Unfortunately you have to buy this online. The regular price of this is $159.99  but today only it’s $69.99

Mfr. Part Number: SDMX2-1024-A18
AM/FM Tuner Yes
Battery Life Up to 17 Hours
Battery Type 1 x “AAA”
Computer Interface USB
Connection Transfer Rate Up To 480 Mb/Sec
Cradle No
Digital Audio Format Upgradeable No
External Memory Up To 2GB
External Memory Format SD
ID3 Tag Display Yes
Impact-Resistant Case Yes
Included Headphone Type Earbuds
Included In Box See The Features Section
Internal Memory 1GB
Internal Memory Format Flash
Media Compatibility SD
Operating System Compatibility Windows 2000, XP
Product Dimensions 5.4(W) x 7.6(H) x 1.5(D) cm
Product Warranty 1 Year Limited Parts and Labour
Product Weight 110 g
Remote Control No
SDMI-Compliant No
Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N Ratio) >90 db
Software Supplied Real Rhapsody/Audible Manager/AudioFeast
Station Presets Yes
System Requirements Windows 2000, XP
Total Memory Up to 3GB
Track Search Yes
Voice Recorder No
Water-Resistant Case No

Our price: $159.99
Discount: -$90.00
Sale Price: $69.99

Sale Ends: 6/23/2006

Get this SanDisk 1GB mp3 player from FutureShop here

Disappointing Dior

After I posted about Dior’s free mini pouch and 3 make-up set I went to pick it up from Dior at The Bay (Kingston, Ontario) yesterday. I printed out the coupon which clearly stated “Bring in your coupon and receive a Mini Pouch with 3 make-up brushes” and it even had a photo of the set.

I went to Dior’s counter but there was no cosmetics representative there so I asked the Clarins rep. She said Dior’s rep is on vacation and that she (Clarins rep) is handling Dior until the Dior rep comes back in a few days. I inquired about Dior Fahrenheit and if they had any promos etc. and she was very friendly.

I then gave her the coupon and when she saw it she says “you have to enter the contest and then you might win the pouch and 3 makeup brushes” <– she is clearly lying

I reply very politely “I believe the contest is on a Dior Couture set which is worth $250 but the mini pouch is a gift as it clearly states on the coupon”

She then takes the coupon and reads it out:  “Bring in your coupon and receive a Mini Pouch with 3 make-up brushes” and then she suddenly changes her argument (which shows that she was lying in the first place); she says “Another customer brought in this coupon a couple of days ago before the Dior rep left and we discussed it and found out it is redeemable at large stores only.”

I reply “well it says Dior counters at The Bay which is where we are right now” (and this is the only The Bay in Kingston)

She replies very rudely “yes, but only in large cities like Toronto”

The argument was going no where and it was obvious that she wasn’t going to honour the coupon so I just left.

I feel very disappointed with the way this rep spoke and reacted. She was by all means rude and her words were deceitful and dishonest. I’m a huge fan of Dior products; I buy Dior Fahrenheit very frequently and always tryout any of their new fragrances. I’ve always had respect for their style and their line of products. What I don’t understand is why they launch a marketing campaign or why they offer a free set and then disappoint their customers! If Dior can’t honour the coupon why offer it in the first place? If this coupon hadn’t existed I wouldn’t have been pleased nor disappointed; but now  🙁

For your info this happened at The Bay, Cataraqui Town Centre, Kingston, Ontario yesterday (Wednesday, June 21st, 2006)  at about 6:00pm.

Canadian Coupons: Attractions Ontario Magazine

OntarioIf you’re going to visit any attractions in Ontario you can get loads of coupons from the Attractions Ontario magazine. This magazine is available at most Pizza Pizza branches. You can also access the magazine online and print out the coupons.

Attractions Ontario magazine has loads of coupons for Ontario attrations like the 1000 Islands Cruises, Casa Loma, Skylon Tower, Ontario Science Centre, Hockey Hall of Fame, Discovery Harbour, The Haunted Walk of Ottawa, etc.

Either get your Attractions Ontario magazine from Pizza Pizza or online here.

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