P&G Brandsaver Canada Flyer Insert This Weekend *Coupons Listed*


WOOHOO, P&G flyer insert in this weekends papers.  So excited.  All coupons expire on July 31, 2011.  Huge thanks to little_orch for posting all the coupons for us.  And without further ado, here is the list of coupons awaiting your scissors!

Save 50 Cents WUB any 1 charmin product
Save 50 Cents WUB any 1 Bounty towel product
Save 50 Cents WUB any 1 Puffs Product
Save $1.25 WUB 2 Bounty Charmin or Puffs Products
Save $5 WUB any 1 Pampers wipes and 1 Pampers Diapers
Save $3 WUB any 1 Pampers Easy Ups Underjams or Splashers
Save $2 WUB any 1 Pampers Baby-dry, Swaddlers or Cruisers
Buy any 3 Febreeze, Mr Clean or Dawn products and get a Febreeze NOTICables single warmer Free
Save $1 WUB any 2 Mr Clean products (excluding 1ct erasers)
Save $3 WUB any 2 febreeze products
Save $1 WUB any 2 Dawn products
Save $1.50 WUB any Cascade ActionPacs
Save $2 WUB any size Iams dry dog or cat food
Save 50 Cents WUB any Iams wet dog or cat food
Save $5 WUB any Swiffer Sweepervac starter kit
Save $1.50 WUB any Swiffer Sweeper or Duster starter kit
Save $1.50 WUB any Swiffer refills
Save $1.50 WUB any Swiffer Dust and Shine
Save $1 WUB any Duracell Coppertop or Ultra Advanced batteries
Save $2 WUB any Duracell NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Save $5 WUB any Duracell NiMH Charger
Save $2 WUB any Covergirl product
Save $1 WUB andy 1 Box of Nice’n Easy hair colour product
Save $3 WUB any 2 boxes of Nice’n easy hair colour products
Save $1 WUB any 1 Natural Instincts hair colour product
Save $3 WUB any 2 Natural instincts hair colour products
Save $2 WUB any 1 Venus Bikini Kit, Venus Embrace razor or Venus Spa Breeze razor
Save $2 WUB any Venus disposables razor
Save $1 WUB any 1 Satin Care shave gel
Save 75 Cents WUB any Crest paste
Save 50 Cents WUB any Glide Floss
Save $5 WUB any Crest 3D White Whitestrips product (except vivid)
Save $1 WUB and Crest pro health for me paste
Save $1 WUB any Crest Pro-Health For Me rinse
Save $1 WUB any Crest Pro-Health For Me manual brush
Save$10 WUB and Braun Shaver
Save $20 WUB any Clean & Renew shaver (Models 370cc,390cc,570cc,590cc,760cc,790cc)
Save $1 WUB any Old Spice product
Save $3 WUB any 2 Old Spice Products
Save $2 WUB any Gillette Fusion Proglide razor
Save $2 WUB any Gillette 3 bladed Disposable razor
Save $5 WUB any 3 Gillette products or a Gillette gift set over $10
Save $3 WUB any 2 Tide (26 use or higher) Downy (52 use or Higher) Bounce Sheets (80ct or higher) or Bounce Bar

37 responses to “P&G Brandsaver Canada Flyer Insert This Weekend *Coupons Listed*”

  1. theelsoms4 says:

    Does anyone have any idea what paper this will be in/what day in Calgary?

  2. masid says:

    What toronto paper?

  3. Lisa says:

    FYI . . the website is now back up and running, you can order P&G coupons again. New coupons for June.

  4. denise says:

    No Olay! Boo! 🙁

  5. mia says:

    Awesome!!! But one the sad side,…it’s 3wub tide or downy and not 5$ off and no olay ……….

  6. Lucy says:

    Which paper in BC should I be looking for this insert?????

  7. SuperMel says:

    All the Diaper Coupons have been removed?!?!?

  8. happy_me24 says:

    Hmmmmmm….. They are okay but I’ll miss my $5 Tide/Downy one.

  9. Jenny says:

    Darn no diapers ones on website!

  10. cookoo says:

    following links are still active, but i can’t guarantee you’ll receive these coupons:
    * brandsaver.ca/en_ca/portal/brandvoice/
    * brandsaver.ca/en_ca/portal/duracell/
    * brandsaver.ca/en_ca/portal/gain/
    * brandsaver.ca/en_ca/portal/iams/
    * brandsaver.ca/en_ca/portal/pampers/
    * brandsaver.ca/en_ca/portal/pampers_sensitive/

  11. misskitty_79 says:

    Only July 31st? That’s not even 8 full weeks! save.ca is better than that. :/

  12. iloveluca says:

    I sure hope that Canada Post isn’t on strike too long! Otherwise the coupons could be expired before we even get them 🙁

  13. Annatree says:

    iloveluca wasn’t even thinking about that. that if they strike is not for too long.

  14. rhonda says:

    I wish they’d come out with some different product coupons….seems to be the same products over & over that we can get coupons for….

  15. Ally says:

    hey does anyone know which Toronto/Mississauga newspapers will have this P&G insert?! 🙂

  16. Tams says:


    I’m unsure regarding the Toronto papers, still trying to find that one out. Saw someone post that they got the insert in the Mississauga Post today. I’m hoping someone will help us out. I’ve been having some trouble tracking down the inserts lately.

  17. Denise says:

    Hubby laughed at me for stock piling tide. Now seeing these new coupons, I’m really glad I did!

  18. Kyla says:

    I too wish to know what paper has these inserts in the York area (Toronto/ Newmarket)Thanks!

  19. marlene says:

    Does anyone know what Oshawa-Whitby Ontario paper these come in.

  20. Mindy says:

    Does anyone know what paper in Ottawa the insert is in?

  21. Audley says:

    I’m from Victoria, does anyone know in which newspaper the insert is in?

    -Many thanks.

  22. mia says:

    Ordered mine from the site and cannpt wait to get and picking inserts this week end,,,last time I went to the site too late so no good coupons:(

  23. Erica says:

    Kingston on paper? I don’t get any, so id have to pick one up! 🙂 thanks !

  24. smalltown says:

    for the list of paper for p&g,smartsource and redplum go to http://www.mrsjanuary.com and on the right side of the screen you will see the link for every provence and papers they are in, happy buying

  25. Susan says:

    I had the free Warmer coupon in my purse and couldn’t find the matching product in the store. They were all the double type. And then I noticed you have to mail in the coupon for a rebate.
    Not good.

  26. carlyincanada says:

    Got mine with my flyers yesterday & the Redplum too!! Will be clipping coupons asap!! haha 🙂

  27. jessica says:

    redplum coupon inserts come in the Edmonton Journal on June 4th and in the edmonton sun on June 5th

    smartsource come out next weekend

  28. kelly25 says:

    Here is a helpfull link:


    Does anyone have a link that gives out the exact dates??

  29. petunia says:

    Thats a great link, but I still don’t know what day to get the paper, I see it comes in the Toronto Sun/Star, but when, Saturday, Sunday? I often get my inserts in the Whitby local paer on Fridays, but not the last few weeks…so I’d like to purchase the paper to make sure I get my coupons.

  30. a1lexis says:

    I am drooling! So many of them! Does anyone know what paper this is in in the Ottawa area?? Redplum?? I dont recieve either in my local paper and I am dying for more coupons!

  31. smalltown says:

    dont have the link but here are the dates ssdates are june11, july 9, aug6, aug27, sept 24, oct15, nov 5, dec 3 and rp dates are june4, july2, aug 13, sept10, oct1, oct29, nove 26 opps for got dec sorry hope this helps…ss=smartsource and rp=red plum

  32. mia says:

    Good news!!! They are 4 babys coupons back on the site currently!!!

  33. mia says:

    -Save 3$ PAMPERS underjams easyup, or splashers
    -Save 2$ PAMPERS baby dry,swaddlers or Cruisers
    -Save 1$ any PAMPERS Wipes
    -Save 4$ any PAMPERS Wipes and PAMPERS Diapers

  34. MelHulme says:

    @ Jessica thanks ! Ill be getting the journal tomrw!!!

  35. kgm says:

    I am new to this couponing thing and I welcome your help. Can anyone tell me how to get coupons. Also will this be in the Nova Scotia paper particullary the Cape Breton Post.

  36. kgm says:

    I am new to this couponing thing and I welcome your help. Can anyone tell me how to get coupons. Also will this be in the Nova Scotia paper particulary the Cape Breton Post.

  37. Jess says:

    Where are the inserts in the Guelph papers???? There were none and I am soooo sad!!!

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