Pizza Hut Canada: VERY Thin and Soggy Crust

Tara F. posted on SmartCanucks forum telling us about her terrible experience with Pizza Hut. Having had an almost identical experience I’m posting this on here in hopes that Pizza Hut Canada will actually work on improving their pizza and customer service. Here’s what Tara F. had to say:

Okay I ordered 1 Lrg Stuffed Crust Meat Lovers Pizza and 1 Lrg Stuffed Crust Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza Hut tonight and it was DISGUSTING. The crust on both was VERY thin and soggy, so much in fact that the toppings slid right off and you could “wave” the crust. The total of my bill came to just shy of $50 for 2 pizzas and now I won’t eat them because they are NASTY. I called to complain and they will NOT refund my money because as they say, “they don’t do that with food” but they said they would give me a credit that I would have to use up within 3 months.ย They told me that this is now how their pizzas are made and that next time just make sure not to order it.

Well I had to take a video of the crap they delivered because it really was that nasty. Check it out below and tell me, have you ever received pizza from Pizza Hut like this?


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  1. anisa says:

    oh you’ve got the cutest voice ๐Ÿ™‚
    and yes, that’s just not right to be given pizza like that and be expected to just swallow.
    maybe they’ll appreciate all the free publicity and thank you somehow ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Natalka says:

    What happened to you, Boo? Are you two in the same city?

  3. Sue says:

    That is nasty! I wouldn’t eat it either. Maybe there is a reason we normally get our pizza from Dominos or Papa John’s!!

  4. Boo Radley says:

    No I’m one lol

  5. Boo Radley says:

    ohhh haha
    stupid me ๐Ÿ˜›

    Well my Pizza Hut story is a long unpleasant one… it involved everything from finding hair in the pizza to getting the crappiest pizza ever. Crappy wrong order pizza with soggy dough and hair

  6. Sally says:

    I had pizza like that last night from godfathers, its a bunch of teenagers thinking people like stupidly thin crusts.

  7. Brenda says:

    That does look rather nasty! How sad is it that it still looks kinda good to me just because it’s pizza? Pizza Hut sucks in general. We always do Pizza Delight…it’s greasy, but good (once you soak the grease up with napkins). ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Brenda says:

    Oh, make sure you write head office.

  9. protecteur says:

    I would email this to Pat Foran at He loves doing story on this expecially exposing consumer beware stuff and rip-off!

    I will never eat pizza hut now! Gross! I would also get a hold of theire head office and speak to them!

  10. Chey says:

    last pizza hut pizza hut pizza we had the crust was sweet and nasty
    i tossed for fear of food poisoning or something

  11. FatB says:

    Haven’t ordered from Pizza Hut in ages. Just didn’t like how their pizza was to begin with. Papa John’s FTW!

  12. Faeore says:

    That is so disgusting. Makes me glad I live across the road from a mom and pops style convenience store with a take out that makes perfectly fine pizza.

  13. The_Scarecrow says:

    $50? WOW.

    That one piece does look disgusting but the rest of it looks pretty good.

  14. newmom says:

    Stuffed crust PH pizza used to be my favorite pizza, and then about 2 years ago they started making them horrible like that. After getting a pizza that was only half baked I stopped using them altogether. Panago location near me is sooo much better, and so many choices

  15. Cheap says:

    Yuck!!! I am not going to order a pizza at Pizza Hut.

  16. sarah says:

    Wow, that does look bad. I agree with protecteur and think you should write to Consumer Alerts on CTV new telling them of this.

  17. Khristopher says:

    Ya, I haven’t had Pizza Hut in many years, because their food just isn’t good. Poor quality and overpriced. I’m all about Pizzaiolo now.

  18. kels says:

    pizza hut is my favorite pizza place to go to! whenever ive had pizza hut its been good….my favorite part is the crust, because its crispy, yet soft on the inside. I love it. However the video posted doesn’t look good….It definitely should not be that thin and soggy!!! Someone there must not be following the recipe for the company! Hopefully this is a one-off time.

  19. JustMe says:

    WOW! I have never had a bad experience with Pizza Hut. Their ovens are obviously not hot enough or the conveyor belt is running too fast.

  20. Francis says:

    Pizza are supposed to be somewhat that flexible. If you are expecting a thick rigid crust that stands horizontally when picked up, it’s not a good pizza. The real pizzas in Italy all have thin flexible crust and are the best and truest pizzas.

  21. Jen says:

    I ate at Pizza Hut once in my life and got a horrible case of diarrhea, as did my sister who ate with me. Neither of us has ever been back. It was the worst pizza I have ever eaten – slimy and greasy. We stick to local places and not chains now.

  22. Brenda says:

    “Pizza are supposed to be somewhat that flexible. If you are expecting a thick rigid crust that stands horizontally when picked up, itโ€™s not a good pizza. The real pizzas in Italy all have thin flexible crust and are the best and truest pizzas.”

    ^^^ This

  23. PPWorker says:

    I work in Pizza Pizza’s customer service department that we would never tell you to accept that pizza. If a pizza ever came like that (or with a hair) you just call us and we send replacements out right away. And it would only cost about $30 for two large pizzas including the taxes and delivery.

  24. mhk says:

    I make pizza out of Bisquick now. 2 cups Bisquick to half a cup of hot water, stir it up and then make into dough. Cut into half. Roll out and you get two crusts – I make pizza sauce out of tomato paste, a little smashed garlic and ginger and some sambal olek (hot sauce). Then you can top with anything you like. Bake at 400 for about 12-15 mins depending on how loaded it is. Makes delicious, fast and tasty pizza! (Cheap too) ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. AKE says:

    I always order thin crust pizza now at restaraunts…the crust is not soggy and floppy like that. Looks like the pizza needs more time in the oven so the dough firms up. I always bake my crust a few minutes first when I make pizza.

  26. Officer Bob says:

    I’m intrigued with the last two slices of pizza that was picked up. The toppings didn’t slide off…nor did it wave. You actually held the pizza perpidicular to the ground…and no sliding. And the bottom looked quite dry and crispy. It definitly didn’t bend in any fashion. ‘And the pizza comes like this from now on??’ Sorry little girly, I think you’re trying to pull a scam and get free pizza. Correction…you did scam the place for free pizza. Don’t worry, you’re not the first nor the last. If it was my guess, you probably soaked that waving slice in that chicken broth. At least hide the evidence. You can deny this but why wouldn’t you. Can everyone else see the slices in the box look normal? If they were soggy, you’d probably wouldn’t make out the markings from the roller. I’m not siding on Pizza Hut but against liars and scammers. Please please prove me wrong from the video.

  27. Litesandsirens911 says:

    @ “OfficerBob”…are you kidding? Why on earth would someone scam for pizza….were you there? The pizza clearly looks uncooked/too thin, etc…she wasn’t happy with her pizza, and that should be reason enough to complain…she isn’t a scammer…if she has ordered it before, and it wasn’t like that, then that is reason enough to deem a pizza gross…not your business, is it? And to be told by Pizza Hut not to order that kind again, is not good customer service…go troll somewhere else instead of demeaning people online.

  28. Litesandsirens911 says:

    by the way…she PAID almost 50.00 for that pizza OfficerBob…she never said she got it free

  29. Emily says:

    I will never order from there again – I thought I was the only one to get such crappy pizza!!!! Ugh it’s disgusting isn’t it. And so expensive, not worth it at all.

  30. Emma says:

    I think Pizza Hut is franchise. The one close to my place always lock the door early (even it was 3 hours before their closing time, & you can still see the people chatting & walking around inside) – you can only order by phone for them to deliver.

  31. V says:

    My husband and I remember Pizza Hut from when we were kids and we both hated it then (20 years ago) and we’re glad we don’t order from them now. We order from Domino’s (we tend to get the best luck from them if you count only the chain-stores) or from Panago’s (not sure if you have them in the East). Otherwise, we order from a few different local places.

    That pizza that you ordered looked digusting and I can’t believe it cost you $50!!! That’s a decent meal at a restaurant! o_O

    I would write to Pizza Hut telling them about your experience. Fire off an email, with the video, to let them know. We had one experience with a Domino’s pizza arriving quite late and we wrote an email and we received a coupon for a free large pizza, but when we wrote the email we let them know that we were not doing it to get anything in return. We just wanted them to know we were disappointed with our experience and we didn’t want it to happen again.

  32. Alsam says:

    Come on it’s just one slice that’s bad. It’s not like the whole pizza is like that. Relax…it won’t kill you.

  33. Sporeo says:

    To be honest, the rest of those slices look good to me. I find that the toppings will slide off most pizzas if it’s really hot because the sauce is slippery. How did all the sauce fall off that one slice though? That seems kind of weird.

  34. Jessica says:

    I hate Pizza Hut Pizza, Its super salty and the one by us is always really cheap with the toppings and its expensive!! They are a 5 minute drive away and can not deliver in less then 45 minutes or an hour usually. Ours does have far better customer service then that though.

  35. Officer Bob says:

    Fact 1: She did pay $50 for TWO pizzas Fact 2: She got a $50 credit Fact 3: She got to keep the pizzas. Fact 4: The topping on the two pieces she touched near the end of the video did not slide off. Fact 5: Neither of the these two pieces waved. Do we agree these are true?

    Litesandsirens911 you should learn to read. The only thing uncooked is your brain. The only slice that looks pathetic is the one she is waving all over the place. The pizza in the box looks like any other pizza. The edges browned, the cheese golden, the pineapple and onion looks like that when it’s been in the oven anyways.

    And she never said anything was wrong with the second pizza…but still got back $50 credit.

    Blondeandstoopid911 get your facts straight before you flap your gums again.

  36. TaraF says:

    Officer Bob you can have your own opinions here but I don’t think you should be reducing yourself to name calling and wild accusations even if you are a troll. In fact I wrote that both pizzas were the same way:)I will quote myself from above, “The crust on both was VERY thin and soggy.” I wanted them to come pick up their sorry excuse for a pizza and get my money back to take my business elsewhere but THEY chose to take my pizza, give me a credit and leave their crap at my house.

  37. TaraF says:

    ^^ Oops the above post should read, they chose to keep my money, give me a credit and leave their crap at my house.

  38. Justine says:

    I must be in the minority, yes Pizza Hut pizza is expensive, but it’s my favourite and I haven’t had any problems. I watched the video and the slice she is waving around looks thin, but the toppings did fall off and the rest of the pizza (as Office Bob) said looks fine and like any other pizza. If I were to shake any pizza slice like that, stuff would fall off, especially when it’s hot. Be happy that you got a $50 credit, cause that is very generous.

  39. Shadyman says:

    @Justine: Indeed, the only two Pizza Huts I’ve ever been to (Ottawa South/Greenboro, and Ocala, FL) have been excellent. Mind you, I don’t do stuffed-crust.

    If you’re in Ottawa, Gabriel’s pizza is good.

  40. TaraF says:

    Justine, I did post the the following in the forums but decided to post here just in case those that view this don’t venture into that area ๐Ÿ™‚

    To those that have watched the video, all of the slices were the same., the reason you didn’t see why they weren’t all limp was because they were still stuck together. The piece I was holding up was 1 individual piece, the other was the remainder of the pizza stuck together so it was the whole weight of the pizza versus 1 slice.

    Trust me when I pulled the rest apart they all were the same, and when I touched them they were soggy, it really is the nastiest pizza I’ve ever seen in my life and the dough wasn’t cooked either. I would have preferred they come pick their pizza up and give me my money back seeing as though I won’t be using the credit they extended.

  41. turtle-doves says:

    that’s a disgusting, Pizza Hut has lowered there quality of pizza

  42. Litesandsirens911 says:

    @ Officer Bob…wow, name-calling now? How immature…also the fact that you assume I am blonde and sad..I guess you just prefer to presume untruths about people…how old are you to be name calling? 8? Grow up…there was no reason to be name calling…and really, are you really an SC’er? I think probably not, because people don’t call each other names on this forum and tell people to “get their facts straight before flapping thier gums”..Did YOU gt your facts straight and verify that she indeed soaked the crust in the broth? Because is that not what you accused her of?Was THAT a FACT??..NO…I guess maybe you had nothing better to do than to troll the forums and the blogs to start crap with others.. and btw, my brain is fine…it’s yours you should be concerned about..I don’t think the synapses are firing properly…or maybe you have lack thereof…

  43. thewholeshebang says:

    I wholeheartedly agree Pizza Hut is the worst! I live on Vancouver Island, and the one near me has THE VERY WORST customer service and their food is so disgusting. One time my husband and I ordered 2 Large pizzas for delivery after working for 20 hours straight. After an hour of waiting, we called and they said they had been calling us over and over,(which is impossible, the phone was beside us the entire time we were waiting) and we must of given them the wrong address because the delivery boy said that address didnt’t exist when he drove to our street. After my husband had them call our number to check the phone number error on their part & assured them the address they had was correct, because in times past they found it fine, the lady told us how put out THEY were that they had to remake the 2 pizzas now because they had gone cold. Excuse me!!!!! What ever happened to the customer is right??? How put out you are!??? So then I yelled “they better give us a discount at least!”

    When my husband asked for some sort of discount, the lady refused and said they don’t do that. He asked for a manager, and she told him there was no supervisor or manager there right now. Being famished and ready to scream, he told her to forget the order. Then she gave him attitude and a flippant comment how we just wasted their time and perfectly good pizzas……….GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

    This is one of the worst cases of bad customer service I ever had and we both decided to never give one penny to Pizza Hut again. I still have not emailed head office, but am fully intending to!

  44. Bee says:

    Wow, officer bob is a real douche bag.
    He must of had one too many pizzas shoved up his a$$.

  45. Amanda says:

    I love Pizza Hut!!!

  46. Alsam says:

    This is starting to get out of hand. I suggest someone delete this blog. Everyone has their own opinion. What one likes doesn’t mean everyone else will like it too. We are all unique human beings.

  47. kekes says:

    You have to write head office! I have dealt with many “sub standards” and the only way to get best results is thru head office. For some reason, some (no all) local managers/owners are … well let’s say lacking customer service ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have always received good service from head offices, be cool, collective and business like (yeah I know you want to jump up and down and throw the pizza in their faces, but … they didn’t do it)

    They will however, normally try to correct the situation and don’t kid yourself they do contact that manager …

  48. Aris says:

    Stop complaining. other poor countries will eat that and appreciate that food…just return that pizza and don’t make it a big deal.

  49. kathyv says:

    I quit buying Pizza Hut Pizzas a long time ago. There customer service and their food are both sub-standered. Along with KFC. You can complain all you like and there response to complaints are as bad as there food!!!
    Just a poorly run franchise business. You can e-mail the head office, and you will see that they are as screwed up as their stores are. Good luck with that. I think Pat Foran would be a good route to go. Maybe they will listen then.

  50. Timmie says:

    @ Bee….what is a$$? why the dollar signs?
    @ Officer Bob…i can see and agree with your ‘facts’ but why b nasty?
    @ Tara F…why didn’t you order thick crust pizza?
    @ Litesandsirens911..this world ain’t all pink and rosy. there are scammers out there.
    @ Alsam…i agree.
    @ Aris…how right.
    And i’ve never had a problem with pizza hut. If they were that terrible, they would have been closed a long time ago. I’d have to think that sometimes things don’t turn out perfect.
    @ everyone…for everyone here voicing their hate for PH, there are probably 10 that do like it. and why so surprised at $50 for two pizzas? i gather you’re used to those 2 for 1 places.

  51. Natalka says:

    Peoples’ experiences with pizza places are so varied – I think it seems to depend upon the individual franchise in your city with which you have had experience. It also varies according to personal taste…

    In our neighbourhood, our Pizza Hut is great (mmm Canadian Pan Pizza!), but we only get it when they have the 5/7 bucks promo. We love the pizza from Family Pizza (not sure how much of a chain that is…), but it’s expensive nowadays. Some people swear by Dominoes, but we don’t like it at all…
    My family loves my homemade pizza, so that’s a bonus! And there’s nothing wrong with Delissio rising crust once in a while (or its fine store brand we can get here at the Co-op which is even better).
    Anyone else miss McDonald’s pizzas? Now those were awesome!!!

  52. Queen Sadi says:

    I love pizza hut’s pizze! I’ve never had an issue with them, actually their customer service is pretty great! They once got my order mixed up- I ordered a large cheese and pineapple but instead got a cheese and pepperoni. To my surprise, they offered me an extra large pizza at no extra cost.

    And please don’t say that the pizza is disgusting. There are millions of people out there who are literally dying for food. We are lucky that we’re not in that situation. Be thankful for that!

  53. mlongboat says:

    With your credit you should pass on the stuffed crust. As greasy as the pan crust is its so delicious. Maybe ask for thick crust, well done.

  54. mlongboat says:

    @Queen Sadi what does her pizza being disgusting have to do with people with no food? She paid nearly $50 for GROSS pizza. SHe shouldn’t have to be thankful for that. When you got the wrong pizza did you give it to the homeless? The two issues have nothing to do with eachother!

  55. TaraF says:

    While I shouldn’t be surprised I am that so many people missed the point of my complaint.

    1) I paid for something and got crap and they would NOT take the pizza back and refund my money.

    2) I ordered Stuffed Crust Pizza which anytime I (and anyone I know) has ordered it in the past has had a thicker base and well has been cooked. When I called about the issue I was simply told, “This is how they come now I suggest you just don’t order it in the future.”

    3) There are children starving in the world, yes but that has nothing to do with paying for 1 thing and receiving another.

    4) I will complain until the cows come home if I want to simply because I got substandard non edible food when I ordered what should have been good edible food. I spent over $50 on this food, that is 5 hrs worth of minimum wage work that has literally been thrown in the garbage because it wasn’t fit to eat.

    5) I’m sick of companies screwing up and simply saying, “well next time do or do not order this”. How about they put out a good product to start with and solve the issue at hand?

    6) Yes, everyone’s experience is different and some people here have had nothing but great experiences and others not so good.

    7) I won’t be thankful for being given a credit I don’t intend to use. I would have been thankful if they refunded my money and took my pizza back which they did not do.

  56. Queen Sadi says:

    @mlongboat: I was implying that you shouldn’t waste food or refer to it by such derogatory terms.

    I was never given the wrong pizza, my order was wrong. They replaced it with a new pizza. And yes, if I was given the ‘wrong pizza’ I would have given it to the poor or someone else!

    Her pizza looked perfectly fine except for the slice that was being ‘waved’ around sand he was reimbursed her $50.

  57. julyprincess says:

    This happened to me once at Pizza Pizza. The toppings actually slid off when I pulled out a slice. I was so mad considering I even told them to make it ‘thick crust’…sheesh.

  58. Queen Sadi says:

    @mlongboat: “be thankful for that” means that we should be grateful that we are not starving to death and does not refer to her paying $50 for her pizza. I’m just saying we’re lucky to live in a country where we can complain and have our issues resolved. But we should not take it for granted that we’ll always get our way. People make mistakes, it’s only normal. Nothing is perfect. I hope that she can get a pizza to her liking next time.

  59. jessep says:

    hi i had pizza like that last night from peiros it seems like all conmpanys are doing that now

  60. L. Wilson says:

    Wow… there is a lot of negativity here.

    I, too, have had bad experiences with my local PH, I’ve also had a few good ones. The customer service is not great – but that seems to be the standard EVERYWHERE these days. Several businesses in my town have gone bankrupt and there was an article in the paper about economic etc. etc. – but I think the real reason is that customer service is no longer a priority in many businesses – and then we try to complain, or do something about it, and people like “Officer Bob” tell us we are horrible people.

    Well, I stop shopping at places that give me an inferior product AND then don’t handle the complaint well… I’ll contact head office… and still when nothing suitable is done, I stop going there and tell everyone I know, like this person did… as consumers, this is our only ‘defense.’

    I’ve seen a lot of places go under because of poor customer service… not the economy.

  61. vibrantflame says:

    I refuse to buy pizza from Pizza Hut because it is just so inferior compared to other places and just so gross.

  62. Steve the Pizza Lover says:

    I love Pizza Hut & most other places depending on my mood. The Pan Crust is the way to go at Pizza Hut! Yummy! I don’t care for the thin crust pizza at Pizza Hut or anywhere else for that matter. I wish they would do a “stuffed crust Pan Pizza”!!

    I think they were rather fair with you, but hey, you don’t, so contact head office as has been suggested. Slamming them on here might make you feel better but won’t solve a thing.

    If the crust wasn’t done enough to your liking, put a few slices on a cookie sheet with the oven at 400 for 5 minutes or so. Might still not have been perfect, but might have improved things. We have recieved under cooked pizza on occasion & this solves things quite nicely.

    Donate the credit if you aren’t going to use to a homeless shelter, they willl appreciate & love it!

  63. Gene S says:

    GRECO Rules

  64. Brenda says:

    They gave you FIFTY dollars (yes we all know you’ll be using it, regardless of what you say), on top of letting you have the pizzas too (and we all know it was eaten, regardless of what you say) so what is the problem?? What is wrong with them telling you to not order that product next time? Are you in the habit of repeatedly ordering the same thing, after you didn’t like it? That would almost sound like a scam to get free food. Or do you think Pizza Hut’s nationwide should change the recipe to suit you?

  65. TaraF says:

    @ Brenda, I won’t be using the credit but thanks for assuming I will, the pizza is sitting in my organics bin but thanks for assuming it isn’t. The problem is I wasted $50 on food I didn’t eat because it was gross. Why would I want to order pizza from them again seeing as though it was so gross? My point is I’m sick and tired that as a consumer recieving inferior products and told by companies “well suck it up”, and it seems fellow consumers have that same attitude. I’ve ordered from pizza Hut Delivery 3 times in my whole life and the 2 other times I have the food has been fine. I don’t “scam” places thank you kindly, I just expect acceptable and edible food when I order it and a place to buck up and own up to their mistakes by refunding my money. I paid $4.50 to have this delivered to my house which is why I didn’t take it back to the store, I had it delivered for a reason:)

  66. mlongboat says:

    How do you KNOW Brenda? Do you stalk TaraF? Peering in her windows? Checking her garbage? You can assume shes being dishonest but you don’t KNOW anything?

    Boo you really opened a can of worms by blogging this:P

  67. Barbara says:

    Touche Brenda!!!

  68. Barbara says:

    I wondering if Boo thought about a slander charge against her when
    she posted this “can of worms”

  69. @Natalka I thought I was the only one that missed mcdonalds pizza!!! I remember having a couple of them as a kid. We don’t eat out much so the next time we went back and I asked for pizza they didn’t have it anymore and mcd’s was ruined for me. It was the only good food they served ๐Ÿ™

  70. Ewww @ Pizza says:

    I sent Pizza Hut an email with a link =P
    [email protected]

  71. Harriett says:

    I bet that she, and others, ate that ‘nasty’ pizza anyways. There was only one slice out of two pizzas she showed was ‘waving’. can throw it into the oven for a bit and get it nice and crispy. Where was that PH? I’d like to pull the same scam for free pizza.

  72. mlongboat says:

    It wouldn’t be slander it would be libel.
    Slander involves the spoken word. It differs from libel in the manner of delivery. Libel involves printed word or something that remains for a long time like a film. Both are defamation of character and you can sue for either. If the statement is true, it cannot be considered libel or slander.

    She described the events as they occured. She was displeased with her pizza. They didn’t refund her money. They offered her credit and suggested that she not order that kind of pizza again. I don’t know on what grounds you would consider any of that libelous.

  73. Sara F says:

    Hey pizza hut. I like your pizzas. Can I get a free pizza? I don’t want to scam you for a free one. That’s why I’m asking nicely.

  74. AL says:

    Had a problem with 241_Pizza. The original order is a large pepperoni pizza that is advertised as extremely loaded with 90 pieces of pepperoni. The finished product had much less. But Head Office fixed the problem immediately and gave me credit for another pizza. The second extremely loaded Pepperoni pizza (for the meat lovers) came out exactly as advertised and tasted twice as good. Thanks to 241_Pizza for the great customer service.

  75. Sally says:

    Tara, I would use the credit and try the pan pizza, not the stuffed crust and honestly if its horrible then just dump it but I would try again. I know what you mean about the “suck it up” I am so tired of crap customer service.

  76. kerry says:

    Usually if I have a complaint with a company,I will go to they’re website and click contact us.Then I write in detail what the problem is and usually I will get free products coupons in the mail.I have complained about certain products from kraft,chapmans,campbells and many others.

  77. Chase says:

    @mlongboat: It would be libel if it wasn’t true. We don’t know if it was true or not. Some of us believe it was, some of us believe it wasn’t. Seeing as it’s highly unlikely that a Pizza Hut employee who witnessed what happened is going to post their side of the story, it looks like we’ll never know. Dun dun dun…

  78. thewholeshebang says:

    This thread is hilarious!!! You would think she killed someone with some of these responses, or attacked someone’s religion! Seriously people, some of you need to get a life! It’s pizza. Nobody died or personally hurt you! Geez, when did it become okay to talk about someone you don’t even know or their life this way!!???-GET OVER IT!

    TaraF, I would be very upset if that happened to me as well. Quality and standards are just getting worse with food I’m afraid.

  79. findmel says:

    This is crazy because in Hong kong-pizza hut is actually good–its like high end pizza there and tastes great–not sure why the franchise here dont put that type of effort in their food.

  80. Ladybug says:

    Loving this thread. All this drama!

    I don’t think we even have a Pizza Hut in Winnipeg anymore. Which is pretty telling, since Winnipeggers love fast food. I always loved Pizza Hut as a kid in Newfoundland. I agree with findmel – I grew up considering it “high end pizza”.

    When I used to work in food, we always gave the customer what they asked for – it’s far more likely then that they will continue to be a customer. Saves trouble like this, and loss of business in the long run. It’s not rocket science to treat customers like their patronage merits.

  81. Jonathan says:

    Yuck. I will never go there again if that is the crap they are going to serve.

  82. radio says:

    The pizza is way to thin, unless they used the same regular dough and stretched it out to make it a stuff crust. All I can say is, that dosnt look like pizza hut pizza.

  83. Trish says:

    I worked at Pizza Hut for 7 years. NEVER order stuffed crust unless you actually can have it for dine-in, and can split it with 6 people…it becomes soggy otherwise. It’s actually really good right out of the oven and eaten right away.

    Every experience at pizza hut can be a different one. The dough is actually made fresh every morning…if the “doughmaster” is inexperienced, the dough won’t be as good. (They actually start work 4 hours before the store opens, because that is how long it takes to make and proof the dough).

    Stick with their PAN pizza, it is the BEST crust out there.

  84. Zak says:

    I dont get this, Whenever you buy pizza, first they show you the pizza before they charge you, and ask if that is okay? Isn’t that standard pizza practice?

    If you were to take the pizza, then you must of agreed to it.. If it was such a problem , why didnt you just not pay for it and say its not what i wanted. Theres no laws that say you have to accept it. Its the same way as you ordering fastfood.

  85. Adam says:

    Well I can tell you I never would never order from Pizza Hut.. Yuck.. My favorite place is Pizza 73. Never a problem with their pizza and always good prices. If you have a problem with the pizza they will either offer you another pizza free and deliver it to you or give you a credit the next time you order.

  86. Natalia says:

    Pizza Hut is franchised. The Pizza Hut i go to is DELICIOUS!

  87. TaraF says:

    @Zak, I actually had the pizza delivered at the price tag of $4.50 for delivery and when they showed up at my door they never offered to show me my pizza before I paid. On that note, I’ve picked up pizza from different pizza places before when I’ve ordered and never been offered to sneak a peak at what I’m paying for, so I’m not sure where you buy your pizza.

    Btw this will be my last post, seems to me there are more trolls on this blog than there are rational thinking human beings. Either that or more Pizza Hut employees that I’ve managed to offend than regular posters. Either way, it’s not worth my time just as much as Pizza Hut isn’t worth my future business. Adios ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Lily says:

    Once my family ordered thin crust pizza from pizza hut.
    It was also fairly expensive for both pizzas, and we complained.

    Luckily, the customer service was quite polite when we complained and we got 2 fresh pizzas (pan crust) remade for us and brought to us (delivered for free)

    They apologized and brought the pizza to us (30 or 45 minutes later…)
    We don’t live too far from them (driving wise) either.

    I was happy with their customer service, although I’m quite convinced that they spit in our pizza…

  89. Sally says:

    TaraF dont take the comments to heart, the blog is a rough place sometimes, trust me I’ve learned over the years.

  90. Brenda says:

    They didn’t tell her to suck it up, they gave her full credit for both pizzas, let her keep both pizzas, and suggested she order something different next time(FREE!!!) because that is how they make those. What more could you possibly want? In fact they gave her more then she paid for them!

    Can you not see what the problem would be if they gave a cash refund for a product like that they can’t take back? Look at all the threads on sc for products offering “guaranteed to like it” where people post it like its a deal to get a freebie, already deciding they’ll make a claim not to like it for a refund before they buy it. Those people would start threads “Heres how to get a free pizza dinner”

    Pizza Hut went ABOVE AND BEYOND giving a $50 credit.

  91. Steve the Pizza Lover says:

    @ Tara F., good idea on both counts. My family are “rational thinking human beings” & we have no affiliation with Pizza Hut other than that of, for the most part, satisfied customers. We have had issues & not every situation has been handled to our complete satisfaction.

    Not everyone is going to agree with your point of view. Many believe that you were treated quite fairly in this case, as you have described it. We made it a Sunday family Brunch topic of discussion. The vote was 4-0 in favour of your Pizza Hut. Sorry!

    Anyhow, it has made for a lively Sunday discussion on here. My wife pointed it out to me & said you’ve got to have alook at this, it’s hilarious. She was right.

    Good night to all you pizza lovers out there!

  92. Julian says: don’t need to school TaraF. I’m sure she knows all the ins and outs on getting free products..and free pizza.

    @TaraF..are you going to donate the credit note? since PH is not worth your future business.

    Stay tuned….next up…Domino’s.

  93. gman says:

    Wow you guys, don’t ever order a pizza in Saskatchewan then (i.e. Western pizza, Houston Pizza, Verns Pizza, etc.), cause all our pizzas are soggy with the toppings sliding off like that and it’s awesome!! We usually have much more toppings and cheese as well!

  94. sherbym says:

    I tell you, customer service in toronto is in the pits. i’ve had so many negative experiences…..this adds to the list.
    i wish someone would introduce some customer service training here…apparently here ‘customer is not king!’

  95. twinmommy says:

    Customer service anywhere has gone down the drain! A quick aside before I make my pizza comment. I was at Zellers over the weekend and the cashier couldn’t find the barcode for the towel I was going to purchase so she just re-scanned the last item and then gave me my total price. I said to her what exactly did you charge me for the towel? She said she charged me $7.97 and I said to her but the sign on the shelf read $5.99 for that towel. She gave me this long dramatic sigh and then changed the price. Can you imagine how many other people she’s done this to? Instead of just picking up the paging system and asking for help from floor staff? It was 8am and the store had just opened so it wasn’t busy at all!

    Ok…now for the pizza. I don’t order from Pizza Hut EVER! It’s way too expensive and the product isn’t all that great. If I feel like Pizza Hut I’ll go to the lunch buffet. We only order from Domino’s now. We were long time buyers of Pizza Pizza, but Domino’s crust is SO much better. It’s crazy to think that she paid $50 for two pizzas! Sometimes we just buy one of the better frozen Delissio pizzas (the Ultimate) and find that they can be just as good as delivery for a fraction of the price.

  96. Jason says:

    This isn’t actually a “new” rule from pizza hut. About 5-6 years ago a group of us were heading up to cottage county and stopped to grab a pizza on the way up. We ordered a large stuffed crust pizza and were quite disappointed that all the dough was in the crust and that it was next to impossible to eat. We asked for a refund and they told us the same story that their pizza’s are always made that way.

  97. Strider says:

    I live in the Smiths Falls / Ottawa region and I’ve never had a bad pizza from Pizza Hut.

    Thats pretty sick though!

  98. Chase says:

    @Brenda: I agree, I think people blame businesses a lot without realizing that many new rules/changes and bad service are a result of people taking advantage of the business. Case in point, the new SDM points that are worth less that everyone is mad at, I wonder how much of that is caused by people on sites such as this finding the cheapest way to “game” the system by buying gift cards etc, and making it much more expensive for the company than they predicted.

    No offense to the OP but there are a lot of people out there who do try to get free dinners by complaining (I know people who deliberately park their cars to block delivery vans in an effort to make the delivery guy a minute late so they can claim a free meal). You can’t expect the kids who work at places like this to have the demeanor of a professional concierge and not let it affect how they view complaining customers.

  99. dawndilinger says:

    If you live in Winnipeg…try Royal Pizza 254-0658….I’ve never had a bad experience…great pizza, wings and salad!!

    Pizza Hut pizza can be hit and miss…but they do have good wings.

  100. kerry says:

    I never complain about a product unless my complaint is genuine.I had chapman cones that were soggy,a frozen dinner missing a chicken piece,and a pannini that wouldn’t cook right and became all soggy.These are just examples of products that eventually sought some kind of compensation for.

  101. Hotari says:

    I have 2 crappy experiences with Pizza Hut. The first time we ordered 10 wings. One of which was pure dough. It was shaped like the others but there was absolutely no meat in it. It took us 15 minutes to flag down a waitress, but she just said.. oh it’s just stuffing, and walked away. The same thing happened with the second employee we flagged down. There was no apology or offer to replace the deficient “wing”.
    The second time we simply ordered take out. The crust was not cooked and the centre of the pizza had the elasticity of raw dough.

  102. Mark says:

    Once I got pizza hut and when I got home it was raw.The pizza looked cooked but the dough under was raw and slimy. I complained to the manager and got a credit for a free pizza. Pizza hut is too expensive. Pizza is really cheap to make and should never cost that much. Dominos is good pizza.

  103. RobynCD says:

    There is never an excuse for poor customer service. Period.

  104. Alsam says:

    I suggest you use the $50 credit towards Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Nestea..etc beverage since you don’t like their pizza. You can’t go wrong with soft drinks. ๐Ÿ˜€

  105. bemused says:

    what a strange thread.. if i were to go to all the trouble to warn people about an inferior product and service, it would be because i actually received an inferior product and service..
    also, the attempt to imply authority by choosing such an ‘official’ name as “officer” is rather telling, “officer”.. don’t taze me, bro ๐Ÿ˜‰

  106. Steve the Pizza Lover says:

    On behalf of Pizza Hut, thank you for thousands of $$$ of advertising for 50 bucks! They have come out of this one looking rather good. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Justine says:

      @Steve the Pizza Lover – it’s a win win I suppose, hence why Boo posted it on the blog in the first place. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  107. We’re so sorry and surprised to hear that your recent order wasn’t up to Pizza Hut’s usual high standards. As Canada’s favourite pizza restaurant, quality and great service are at the heart of everything we do. We definitely will follow-up with you directly to learn more about your experience.

    Thanks so much for taking time to share your thoughts about how we can improve. If you read this post before we have a chance to connect live, feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-866-664-5696. Look forward to speaking with you live and thanks again.

  108. TaraF says:

    @ Pizza Hut Consumer Relations, since I’m not sure if this really is Pizza Hut Consumer Relations or someone playing a joke, I’ll state the following: I have actually spoke with several people from the local Pizza Hut that I received the pizza from. The issue had been addressed, discussed and resolved. I don’t know if the site owner here will be amending the original blog post to reflect that or not. Thank you for taking the time to post here however.

  109. Hi Tara, this actually is Pizza Hutโ€™s consumer relations department. Weโ€™re glad we were able to talk and resolve the issue. Thanks again!

  110. J says:

    When are people going to get it? The “teenagers” you speak of have nothing to do with the quality of the food. A manager makes the dough and sets the oven temp. (wich is obviously the problem with this pizza). The way the pizza is then prepared is decided on by a long list of Pizza Hut “higher-ups”. They direct the employees to use specific cup sizes of each topping, mix the sauce in a specific ratio etc, etc. These overworked, underpaid studants DO THERE JOB! If you don’t like the way a specific company makes their food, stop whining and complaining to the people who don’t give a shit how much money the company makes and complain to the owners. And if you want to know why you get little to no credit from places like this, for obvious mistakes… ask the hundreds of people who call in regularilly and lie, just so they can save a few bucks.

  111. J says:

    oh and robyn.. tha’s just dumn. You obviously have never actually worked in a restaurant, so keep your crappy comments to yourself.

  112. Sherri Mills says:

    I just came back home from a horrifying dine in experience with 2 of my kids. We ordered lunch buffet plus i ordered a drink for me and was ordering one for my children to share. My server was very abrupt and said that I could not order a drink for them to share that it was per person, and if i did order she would not fill it up. She said i could purchase kids cup without refill for a buck. But my kids drink a little more then the kids size portion hence i was ordering the large for 2.59. I just found the service crap how a place can tell you what you can and can’t order and whom can consume what and when. I will not go back to the Pizza Hut in London ontario located at Richmond and Fanshawe. Kind of thought customer service was at the fore front of any business. Apparently not @ Pizza Crap, I mean Hut.
    Severely annoyed.

  113. God of War says:

    I totally agree those sob’s needs to learn their lesson for example look what happened to my corporation:
    On Saturday August 6th, ( 2 days ago), I made a purchase online for the $19 _

    tax deal to be delivered at 8:40 pm from 1770 Huron Church Rd
    Windsor ON N9L 2L4 STORE.

    -Called the local store number twice to confirm order
    -They promised my order will be delivered at 8:40 PM SHARP to my business

    -It got to 8:45 pm I called the store and no one picked up the phone

    -15 minutes later, the order came in late at 9 PM and it was disgustingly

    cold, the cinemon melt were spelt on the pizza, No bag, forks, napkins were

    offered. and the driver said “I’m sorry usually we bag it we didn’t with a

    smile on his ugly face.

    -The pizza tasted old, dry, toppings were not put on except cheese and a

    little 1/4 of the pizza beef
    -The pizza gave me and my business man a stomache ache
    -The cinnemon desert looked smooched and shitty
    -Attempted to contact the store yesterday (sunday) again they didn’t pick up

    my number and also attempted to call the customer service but they close on sunday.. Like do I need to get an army and shoot everyone that works in the location? SURE It’s only Pizza hut in canada in the usa we don’t get that.. Here it’s run by dirty trashy teenagers. But if they don’t resolve it they will need to pray for mercy because we got 10 lawyers involved with this and an attorney general.

  114. People are Clueless says:

    @OP – That pizza looked fine. You’re just angry that you ate the pizza while it was too hot and the toppings fell off. Officer Bob has it right. You tried to scam yourself new pizza or you’re so clueless you don’t realize what pizza looks like without toppings. Take any slice of pizza that you consider good, scrape off the toppings, and it will wiggle around like that. Unless of course you like a burned crust… then you’re even more clueless.

    @Sherri Mills – You were eating a buffet. Buffets are required to charge per person or else 50 people could sit in, order one drink and one meal, and all share. I don’t understand how you’d swear off a restaurant because you don’t understand the concept of unlimited food and drink…

    People are Clueless.


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