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It’s been a little over a year since our last caption challenge, so we’ll forgive some of our newer readers if they make puzzles faces when we say the word “return.” The challenge (as well as it’s author, humble ol’ Jim Squires) has returned from a lengthy hiatus, eager to see what silly captions the SmartCanucks readers are ready to create!

And before you ask, sorry folks, there’s no prizing or winners here. The challenge is simply a weekly exercise in silliness where the suggestions of your fellow SmartCanuckers can quickly put a smile on your face. If you’d like to enjoy some of the past entries, feel free to explore the tag caption challenge.

This week’s photo challenge takes place at Washington’s Lincoln Memorial, where the famed marble man sits atop his perch, getting a much needed ear de-waxing. Far be it from me to advise the former presidents, but they really say you shouldn’t stick anything smaller than an elbow in your ear… Although I guess a cotton swab of that size is a bit bigger than the common elbow.

So without further ado, please give Mr. Lincoln and his swab swinging friend your best captions in the comments!

54 responses to “Return of the SmartCanucks Caption Challenge!”

  1. Jo Seff says:

    “Can you hear me now?”

  2. chamyu says:

    “Oh Baby, do it gentle please”

  3. Roger L says:

    The gunpowder is primed. Now you can blow out the other ear

  4. NIBOR says:

    Don’t tell anyone, I lost the other end in the other ear!

  5. Louise W says:

    Is this extreme makeover am I getting my hair done too

  6. Peter says:

    As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy.
    Abraham Lincoln

  7. Mandy F says:

    “Hold still Mr. Lincoln, just a little more. You would be surprised how much wax can build up over 90 years”.

  8. Lynn says:

    “Keeping a straight face while he’s tickling me, is very VERY difficult”
    — ——————————————————————


  9. Angie Q says:

    “Now wasn’t that dip in the reflecting pool refreshing?”

  10. Melody113 says:

    If I only listen to half of what the people want I will still be one of the Greatest Leaders of all time as the ones that shall come after me will listen to NOTHING.

    I’m not political this is just a caption be nice. : )

  11. Haleysmom says:

    To Boldly go where no man has gone before

  12. Hungry says:

    Lincon in thought: *Ummmmmmmm…. Now thats some guuuud Q-Tip*

  13. 23edge says:

    Glenn Beck filled my ears with so much nonsense, I needed to clean them after

  14. Mike says:

    Said by cleaner “At least this is better than having to do the annual Lincolinoscopy”

  15. Johnny the Matt says:

    This is too easy.. I better wait to the next one…

  16. Dellerino says:

    Buddy, i’m a statue.. violate your own ears please.

  17. Michelle says:

    Even the President uses a Q-Tip!

  18. seylz_gurl says:

    Mr. President, what big ears you have. The better to hear you with my dear…

  19. harleydonison says:

    Is that a giant Q Tip, or are you just happy to see me?

  20. aitrus says:


    That’s the spot….

  21. Alana says:

    Four score and seven q-tips to go

  22. A says:

    The “Q Tip”…what a great invention.

  23. momoforever says:

    “Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition”

    Abraham Lincoln

  24. jayshanny says:

    A little to the left please…I think I’m still a bit water Logged!

  25. garry says:

    with a black guy as president and this is the job I get

  26. TallNFunny says:

    Statue cleaning! HEAR! HEAR!

  27. Anne says:

    Relax! I’m a ninja.

  28. Craig says:

    (let’s try this again)

    Lincoln is thinking: I helped abolish slavery and this is the thanks I get. Hmmm…

  29. Sally says:

    welcome back JIm

  30. Hoi says:

    “I’m glad this isn’t the one at the wax museum, otherwise I’d be here forever.”

  31. Zia_Stephie says:

    You wanna put that WHERE ??

  32. Tre says:

    The less talked about assassination attempt…when cotton bullets were all the rage!

  33. Jimmy says:

    A little to the left…

  34. doglover says:

    Oh man I hate this job!!

  35. A says:

    Listenng to all the BS in the world makes my ears fill with wax daily.

  36. LeveledOut says:

    “Four score and seven years… and not to mention this will be the seventh decade I finally get my ears cleaned” – Abe

  37. Trasker says:

    “Four score and seven ears to go”

  38. Dobb says:

    “Can you please hurry… you’re getting heavy ninja looking man”

  39. kekes says:

    Harder harder !

  40. z says:

    Shut up Brain, or I’ll stab you with a Q-tip!

  41. mai says:

    You know what Mr Lincoln… this cotton swap is made in China… but at least my job can’t be outsourced…

  42. Spidy says:

    I have no idea how am I going to clean this tunnel with just one Q-tip.

  43. Insane says:

    Got to get spruced up for my hot date.

  44. Samm Shitzel says:

    “…now this is the life”

  45. Sara says:

    Pull out when you feel resistance

  46. Kiti63 says:

    “Hey, did you hear a gunshot?”

  47. Trish says:

    I hope you are doing this of your own free will!

  48. JasonWong says:

    Hygiene matters! Even if you’re an 88 year old marble statue.

  49. Julie says:

    “Gotta look my best for the Tea Party on the steps today!”

  50. Nicole says:

    “If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.”
    Abraham Lincoln

  51. Hexxio says:

    Okay, Abe… let’s see you wax eloquently now!

  52. Cinderella says:

    Thank you so much. I thought that thing would be stuck in my ear forever!

    No problemo Mr. Prez.

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