Smart Canucks Canada Free Giveaway Contest 9 Win A Bobble Head Figure Of Yourself

minime and Smart Canucks have teamed up to offer readers this fun and interesting contest!  All you have to do to enter is let us know what bobble head pose you’d choose if you won. There will be one winner who will receive a free bobble head figure (one character) based on your submitted picture, and free shipping.  The bobble heads are so cute, funny, eccentric, playful, sensual and so much more.  This would make a great gift for the hard to shop for boss, relative, friend etc.  Click here to browse to pick a pose.

When I announce the winner on November 1st I will also post a discount coupon code for all other readers who wish to order.

Here are the rules:

* One entry per household i.e. you may only leave 1 comment on the blog. If you want to discuss anything or share your thoughts please include it in that 1 comment.
*Age of majority only
*The item you choose cannot be a gift card
*Canada only
*You may only win a max of 2 contests throughout the whole giveaways event to give others a chance to win
*Contest ends on November 1st 2010 at 2pm (est) and the winner willl be announced shortly after
* You must use a valid email so I can contact you with details on how to claim your prize.  Persons who enter with an alias(fake) email will foreit their prize and a new winner will be drawn.

Are you a business who wants to featured in one of our giveaways? Email me at Sally@ (omit spaces)

** 1MiniMe has upgraded the prize to include a vip box and gift card as shown here. Retail value of $179.90, ummn how totally awesome is that!!!!

*Bumping for new traffic 🙂 Ends today.

455 responses to “Smart Canucks Canada Free Giveaway Contest 9 Win A Bobble Head Figure Of Yourself”

  1. sharon solomon says:

    this is so cute!

  2. K C says:

    This would be an awesome gift. Super creative!

  3. fei chai says:

    These are hilarious!!!

  4. yummyant says:

    These are so cool and would make awesome christmas gifts. If I won, I would choose the Bring the gifts bobble head!

  5. Melanie says:

    oh my goodness, my husband has actually been asking for one! Too Cool. I would chose the Too Easy For Him Pose and of course it would be of my husband. This would put me on his favorite person’s list 😉

  6. Paul says:

    I’d pick the Bow Tie!

  7. Doglover says:

    Modern girl 59.90 CAD

  8. gooniesguy says:

    I LOVE these.. Perfect gift!! I have to have the Blue guitar model. Thanks for this find.

  9. Janet says:

    I would choose the Baseball player 2!

  10. Ruth says:

    I’d choose the “he’s the real one” superman for my husband. These are so cool! Will have to keep it in mind for gifts!

  11. CaraMiaxxx says:

    Love It!!

    I’d choose the “Poker Player”

  12. starrynight8765 says:

    These are cool, I would get one for my Dad!

  13. This is hilarious. A great gift for Mom at Christmas.

    Guy in Victoria

  14. Renata says:

    These are great! I think my daughter would love a mini With her plush toy!

  15. Bride to Be says:

    I love the “Ring at the Church” pose! This would be hilarious for my upcoming wedding!

  16. Louise W says:

    I would choose Soccer white shirt for my Dad and modify it with red stripes to represent his football team Sunderland FC

  17. Kara says:

    I would get my daughter “With her plush toy”

  18. KayJai says:

    Haha, Cool
    Blue Fighter for sure!

  19. francine1985 says:

    i would choose the “Mommy and baby”

  20. christine says:

    I’d pick the pain in the ass one.. this one made me laugh

  21. Gladys says:

    These are so much fun — I’m tempted to get one for my brother for Christmas!

  22. JN says:

    The details sculpted by the artists are amazing…especially when all they have to go by is a photo. Win or lose, I would definitely get one of these as a “gift”!

  23. StephanieV says:

    I’d pick “show your T-Shirt!” 😀

  24. Gussy says:

    I’d pick the Chair Man…this is the one I like

  25. Mary says:

    My husband is a huge Superman fan…so I already know which one I’m going to choose. Great idea and great contest!

  26. Grace says:

    Love these! I would choose Catch a Fish. 🙂

  27. A Eger says:

    Chair man for sure

  28. ashley soulliere says:

    I would pick the spiderman one for my nephew; he loves spiderman! would look great in his room.

  29. Karen says:

    i want the Pink bumper car!!
    gd luck everyone 😀

  30. maxmillan says:

    I would get one of my favorite nephew with “My friend the dog” because he loved the dog I had that just passed away, which so happens to be a husky just like this one.

  31. Joanne says:

    I would want the ‘Wooooo’!

  32. raptorfan says:

    I would pick the basketball 11 pose or design office worker pose sitting at desk.Would also be neat to get one done of a pet

  33. tammy says:

    sooo adorable… Id pick the My Freind The Dog $64.90.. ty for the cute contest!!

  34. Darlene says:

    Wow, these are so cute!!

    If I was lucky enough to win I think I’d get “Poker Player” for my hubby!

    Thanks for the great contest.

  35. Katie says:

    If I won I would get the “Golf Ball” pose for my husband – it would be perfect!

  36. eric says:

    Bats! Totally.

  37. sean m. says:

    i’d get my boss in Chic Grandpa

  38. Gord says:

    I would choose the “Hockey” pose – very cool site!!

  39. jenny says:

    surf the wave for my parent as a gift on their anniversary would be awsome!

  40. Talimomali says:

    On the bike for me and my man! This would be tooo cute!

  41. Sunday says:

    These are adorable! I would pick “Classic Golf”. Thanks for a great contest!

  42. Stephania says:

    The 8GB USB KEY, please!

    I know that it doesn’t really bobble, but I don’t need anymore dust-collectors. At least I can put the gift to use, plus it’s pretty hilarious!

  43. Silk says:

    Cute! The rocker in me would choose the drummer pose!

  44. Irf says:

    I’d pick the “8GB USB KEY” too.
    Either that or “Show your t-shirt!”

  45. NT says:

    Too cute!
    I’d choose the blue business man, for my hubby.

  46. Chi of Steel says:

    Some of those sure are lifelike! I’d choose Show your t-shirt!

  47. cdnchk says:

    Hilarious! I’d love the Hands on My Hips.

  48. Zook says:

    I’d pick the Blue Guitar. Cool.

  49. Bernice says:

    Great giveaway!

    I’d pick “Ice Hockey” 😀

  50. Rainy says:

    has to be the by scooter…
    Great contest Thanks!
    what a cute idea

  51. anna warren says:

    This is an awesome prize. I’d choose the golf one for my husband.

  52. crazycoupongirl says:

    I love this! I totally would pick the “Night club girl” – I thought of a few other XXX ones.. but thought Id keep it clean! and if won i’d post what mine looked like for u all to see!! 🙂

  53. Pat says:

    I’d choose the Tibetan monk.

  54. misskitty_79 says:

    Definitely have to do “Hot hot!”

  55. caryn says:

    I would choose the kid superhero for my little guy he would love it! What a great gift idea that is truly unique!

  56. RickN says:

    Tennis player pose would rock! Awesome idea for a site!

  57. ASMDRANGON says:

    I ‘d like the Blue guitar. Pick me please!

  58. Laura W says:

    Though I really think my sister inlaw needs a bobblehead of me. The “Skateboarding” statue would be a perfect way to immortilize my son.
    Btw, what a cool website and what a great idea!

  59. tina says:

    I choose baby in blue. Perfect for my son 🙂

  60. coupondiva says:

    I love these! If I won, I think I’d choose the “ice hockey” one for my son. He’d love it to go with his collection of McFarlane Pittsburgh Penguins figures. Then again, I’d love to have myself in the “my dress flies” Marilyn Munroe one! Decisions, decisions! lol

  61. Ah, those are absolutely fantastic. If I win, I’ll most likely use it as a Christmas gift for my friend. If not… well I might do so anyway. They look awesome!

  62. Moj says:

    It’s huge is the best

  63. Carsmommy says:

    I would choose the “LOVE STORY” couple 🙂 My sister had got one of these for my dad for his B-day (Hockey dude) and its actually kind of scary how accurate the bobble head was!!! It was a great conversation piece!!!

  64. alrw says:

    I’d go with the rugby player, being one myself. too bad the uniform isn’t customizable.

  65. Wendy says:

    I would totally pick “So Sexy”!!! Great contest!!!

  66. missbobloblaw says:

    I’d have to pick ‘red dress” 🙂

  67. leela sookram says:

    I’d pick “pain in the ass”

  68. DSF2 says:

    great !

  69. Melody113 says:

    Pain in the Ass $59.90 Love it.LOL

  70. arwen999 says:

    I would pick superhero baby

  71. Ashley says:

    I would choose looks like a spider for my boyfriend…ahahah these are pretty awesome!

  72. coupon girl says:

    i would pick take my hand-so cute

  73. Koshposh says:

    I would probably pick the karateka is king

  74. Nancy says:

    I would pick “Ice Hockey” – thanks the great giveaway contests

  75. cw choi says:

    wonderful giveaway contest it’s big, not mini at all.

  76. Jeff says:

    Pure Awesomeness!

  77. Shannon says:

    Mom in Bathrobe! Too funny 🙂

  78. John R says:

    Something in the XXX category, or “Show your T-Shirt”

  79. zeekid says:

    These are so cute. I would choose street girl.

  80. Nettie says:

    LOL! Cute! I’d pick Red Dress.

  81. FDF says:

    i would pick the USB key or one of the Work ones!

  82. eriluo says:

    Most definetly “Catch a Fish” for DH!

  83. SmartyShopper says:

    My dad would look great as one of these, hahaha. They look really cute. I would choose “Relax” for him.

  84. Dayanara says:

    I would pick Street Girl for myself, although So Prude would be a fun gift for my hubby, lol!

  85. jmp says:

    OMG I would so go for the breakdance pose for my husband!!!

  86. Shocked says:

    Wow, these are pretty crazy cute!! Lovely! I like the idea of doing one of myself and “baby”… awwwwwww!!!

  87. Cindy says:

    These are awesome! I would choose Up to Date

  88. bowmeow3 says:

    I would pick the USB Key for my husband…he would never lose his head again!

  89. Maria says:

    Orange Golf please, the bright shirt will make it easier to see on the ‘green’. Too cute.

  90. Cmoody8107 says:

    I would choose Tamer me & give it to hubby for our anniversary!! lol

  91. astimegoesby says:

    It’s way tooooooooooooo cute.

  92. Kerri says:

    I would choose “Pain in the Ass”! These are amazing and great ideas for Christmas.

  93. Eraser says:

    I would choose Dynamic young man.

  94. Andre Q says:

    I would choose the “So smart” figure

  95. Nurse Jenn says:

    Ha I LOVE the site it’s too cute… and a great gift idea ( I will keep in mind for Christmas) I would have to pick the “Stinking rich” .. gotta love it! Good luck to all SC’s and thanks! for the awesome contest

  96. Charoo says:

    I would definitely choose the “musculor in the bath” because I want to be like the guy from the Old Spice commercial 🙂

  97. jennifer says:

    I’d choose the princess.

  98. Sarah says:

    this is so cute, I would either get the Little girl in pink or a princess

  99. Crystal says:

    So cute! I would pick the Too Strong.

  100. Shannon says:

    I would pick “take my heart” for my hubby. This would be a great gift for his new office.

  101. boyzmom33 says:

    I would pick the city scooter for my hubby…….since they don’t have motorcycles it’s the closest I could get……lol….he’d love it!!!
    Good luck everyone!

  102. Steph says:

    I’d like hot hot… might as well get a sexy one!

  103. deweybelle says:

    These are hilarious, what an original idea. I own Pearl the librarian..and she’s a hit on my desk at work. I would choose the psyschologist, she’s the only one with a book 🙂

  104. Megan T says:

    I’d choose Bats! (batman)

  105. spiritedside says:

    Pain in the Ass:):):) That’s me:):):)

  106. southchippawa says:

    These are GREAT! I would choose ‘Oh my horse’ as horses are my passion.
    This is a great contest. Thanks

  107. crazymama says:

    Super cute- this would make a great gift!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Melanie says:

    Long white coat!

  109. Billy says:

    Couple on a scooter 🙂

  110. Bytown says:

    Blue business man

  111. NASH says:

    Shoot Soccer

  112. Jason says:

    I love it! I’ve always wondered how to get one made since I saw Dwight from the office with his.

  113. brandonsmommy says:

    What a great gift idea for Christmas!

  114. Cassia says:

    I would choose the Japanese warrior!

  115. Aatlaantis says:

    I’d pick the With her plush toy, and get one made of my daughter!

  116. manju2311 says:

    I love this website…I will choose Mini skirt

  117. Zay says:

    So cute! I would pick the doctor at work for my brother-in laws 50th birthday gift.

  118. Diane says:

    These are great! I love the Hands on my hips.

  119. broccoli says:

    I’d choose Ice Hockey for my husband. These gifts rock!!!

  120. Cindy says:

    I woudl choose the cow one as my Dad is a farmer and would love that! Thanks!

  121. caroman says:

    these are hilarious!!! on the toilet is my husband for sure. love the x-rated ones.

  122. Jennifer says:

    I would pick “Drummer” for my boyfriend. He would absolute love one of those! Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  123. Jen G. says:

    I’d pick tanning! Super cute 🙂

  124. Gilly says:

    I would love to make a Customizable DIY one- I noticed all of the work related ones, but none were military, nor were there any sailing related- his ONLY two loves- I would LOVE to do a custom one for my husband either military, or sailing- 1 Person + Pack XL.
    AWESOME gift idea, I really hope I win, this would solve any gift ever!

  125. Vicki says:

    Ice hockey!! These are awesome

  126. hssyft says:

    These are hilarious…I would pick the babeball player for my son, he’d love it :-).

  127. Feihan says:

    I would pick “A tourist?”

  128. Parisa says:

    I love to have one!!!!! I would choose “This Way” figure(59.90CAD)!!!

  129. GalSavings says:

    This would be the perfect gift for my hard-to-shop-for dad!

  130. tanya3t3 says:

    I would chose the “boxer” and give it to my boyfriend for christmas!

  131. Juliet says:

    Awesome! I’d choose “Show me Your T-shirt” for my husband’s Christmas present – it’d be a winner for sure!

  132. Kayan says:

    So cute! Would choose super hero baby.

  133. Sherrybobins says:

    Rugby player for my hubby 🙂 What a great idea!

  134. Jenny says:

    I would definitely get my husband in the Mr Incredible pose, since that’s my daughter’s favourite movie… and I think my daughter would want to keep it for herself! 🙂

  135. Joy says:

    so cool!

  136. AL says:

    A killer! Classy and dangerous!

  137. Frugalmommy says:

    What a great Christmas gift idea! I would get “Cute Boss” for my cute hubby! He wouldn’t see something like this coming at all!

  138. Laura C. says:

    I’d get the Easy Pose for my boyfriend. It’s a classic.

  139. Natalka says:

    Wow, how cool!
    First choice would be the usb key bobblehead – 32/16/8GB, whichever would be allowed.
    If it must just be a character, then it would be “So Smart” (suit) for my son.

    Thanks so much!

  140. Stephanie says:

    I would choose the “I love you”

  141. Stella says:

    With her plush toy!!!

  142. noshie says:

    I’d pick the Modern Girl!

  143. Brandy says:

    This is EXACTLY what I need to get my dad for Christmas, he’s an avid bobble head collecter! I would have to pick the Jockey and Horse as horse racing is all he talks about, I’d probably get it to look like him during his ‘Mick Jagger’ hair days as he recently started cancer treatment and has lost all of his hair! This is great!

  144. guyincognito says:

    Baseball catcher!

  145. rhiannon1891 says:

    ice hockey

  146. Helen says:

    These are cool, I would get one for my husband! hahahaha

  147. angela m says:

    i would pick the Pink bag girl

  148. Melody Halls says:

    I like “Adam and Eve” it would be so cute!

  149. Sean says:

    Musclor in the bath

  150. Joseph H says:

    I choose the “Stinking Rich” pose. Helps with the visualization.

  151. Missy says:

    I love the “street girl” bobblehead. its so me !

  152. Shannon says:

    Wow, can’t wait for the coupon code, this would be a fun Christmas gift for my ex-in-laws, get some made up of the kids.

    For me, I want Mommy and Baby. (fingers crossed that I win!!)

    Thanks for doing these contests, what fun 🙂

  153. I would chose the SuperMom that says “She’s the real one”

  154. amber says:

    I like the “driving baby”

  155. Shauna says:

    Pink Bag Girl 🙂

  156. Nick says:

    Yeah, I want one !

  157. Danielle says:

    i chose the mini skirt pose!

  158. Lynn says:

    Please enter me… Bobble heads (all the way) oooh yah, baby!!!!!!!

  159. PINKROSE says:

    This way pose!!

    OMG soooooooo cute WOW 😀
    Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  160. booja says:

    this is very cool.

    I would pick the Muslim King pose…. 🙂

  161. T-bird says:

    The “Toilet” one. Thanks!

  162. SarahG says:

    I like the So Sexy? Great idea!

  163. Andie says:

    Oh! I think hubby might be getting one of those for Christmas!

    If it was for ME though, I’d love the Female Super Hero one!

  164. Melanie says:

    These are awesome! My husband as “The Thinker” or “Show your T Shirt” would be a hilarious gift!

  165. KoonBaboon says:

    The “Breakdance” one. They look so cool!!! Thanks :)!

  166. carolp8 says:

    I’d love to have the Guitar Player for my husband.He would love it!!

  167. Vero says:

    Soooo Cool!!
    I would choose the Woman Yoga!!

  168. Tina says:

    I would pick the shoot! soccer bobblehead

  169. Katherine says:

    I like the “Happy heart couple” for my husband for our anniversary.

    I’ve never seen these personnalized before, neat idea. Would make a different unique gift.

  170. Dominic says:

    This is a great little contest. I would chose the “To Work” body. My fingers are crossed for this win!

  171. Vikki says:

    I would get the “male nurse” for my guy. Glad they had it, I was worried they would only have the female nurse in the dress!

  172. Rimma says:

    This is such a great gag gift!!!! I would love the Flying dress $59.90 CAD
    Thanks!!! 🙂

  173. Kathleen says:

    I think it would have to be the Hand on my Hip for my DD, since that seems to be the only way she stands these days.

  174. Snoopy2020 says:

    I would chose the “ice hocky” one! My son would love it!

  175. Rob says:

    I would pick a wedding gift for my wife – “I am beautiful”

  176. hotdog says:

    not a bad idea, white flowers I think would be my choice

  177. MrsSunshine says:

    I’d love to get “Saturday night’ for Dh’s Retro bar. Perfect Xmas gift.

  178. freestuffforme says:

    For myself I think I would pick “Flying dress,” but I would probably actually order “Orange golf” for my husband or my father-in-law.

  179. Emily says:

    I’d love to get the drummer for my DH or the Daddy and me for my son and DH. This are really cute.

  180. Chamyu says:

    I love Boddy Head

  181. wendigirl says:

    i love them all..
    i would prb get one for my dad…hehe

  182. aeroplane says:

    I would choose with her plush toy.

  183. christinabay says:

    I would choose ‘Black Car’. 🙂

  184. gnorman says:

    if possible, I would get ‘HAPPY HEART’!

  185. Nelles says:

    Street Girl!

  186. Mike says:

    THese are hilarious! And not too pricey either! A greata Christmas gift. I would pick “white with flowers”!

  187. kicklegs says:

    lololol @ ‘sensual.’
    Clearly I’d have to go with “It’s Huge.”

  188. Jenn says:

    I would choose, In the Wind. So cute!

  189. miss says:

    really cute if I don’t win I’ll wait for the coupon to order one for my father’s birthday

    I like the ”easy”

  190. Laura says:

    If I win, I would get the one sitting on the toilet!

  191. Rob says:

    A mini me…. hmmm – puts pinky to mouth – mwoahahah!

  192. lazygal says:

    They’re so cool!

  193. Melissa13 says:

    These are really neat. “Relax” would be perfect for my dad. All they are missing is the remote in his hand lol.

  194. Cindy says:

    The lady dancer in blue for my sister-in-law. My brother says she dances like a bobble head. Would make an awesome gift.

  195. julie says:

    love the wedding church, that was so romantic.

  196. MandieSkyla says:

    I would pick the church request! It would look so cute on the top of a wedding cake!

  197. minimusiclover says:

    This makes a great teacher gift! Very memorable. I would choose the Long white jacket.

  198. annie says:

    I choose pom pom white pose.

  199. Jen says:

    ROFL this is just too fun! I would love the HOT HOT! one.

  200. Jon says:

    I’m all about the Muscle in Bathroom pose haha!

  201. Mommy7399 says:

    This will be a greta gift for my hubby’s b-day! Basketball white would be perfect! Thanks!

  202. Tammy says:

    I love it! I would pick Americal football green for my former sports star husband!

  203. Nicky says:

    I’d choose the pink wannabe.

  204. Yvonne says:

    I will choose the “China kingdom.”

  205. Laura says:

    Happens like that!

  206. mnyyoungs says:

    SATURDAY NIGHT…NO doubt for my 14 yo kid! He’s just all that and more…lol. Great business!

  207. Abby1 says:

    This is such a cool gift idea! Thanks for posting!

    If I won, I’d choose “Baseball player 2”

    Thanks for offering this contest!

  208. soniag says:

    i’ll pick “my dress flies”

    pick me! pick me! 🙂

  209. iloveshopping says:

    these are so cute! I would pick the graduated girl for my sister

  210. LIng says:

    I like the singer pose!!

  211. june says:

    Hehe they are sooo cute! I like the up skirt one.

  212. Ditto says:

    flying the plane! (:

  213. JANICE says:


  214. Ruzeel says:

    I love it.My son likes a lot.

  215. Cherie says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to win! so cool in time for Xmas

  216. Jen says:

    The “I Am Beautiful” one! 🙂

  217. SciGuy says:

    This is great! I warn my students to not be ‘bobble heads’ in class and to think critically! It would be fantastic to have a personal bobble head to show! The best one – check out “Too easy for him!” a great pose!

  218. bubbascuda says:

    OMG the “Poker Player” would be a perfect gift for my Bro!!!! Awesome gift!!! Loves it!!! 🙂

  219. Andrea says:

    I would pick “Brother and sister” for my kids. They’d love it!

  220. NO WAY says:

    Poker Player would be my choice.. what a great idea!!

  221. Laurie says:


  222. Dennis says:

    I’d choose Male super hero!

  223. Leff says:

    Blue soccer player

  224. Gill says:

    I would love the blue shirt soccer player of my hubby, as he is a huge Carlisle United fan and they wear blue shirts!!!

  225. freeplease says:

    Haha, that would be awsome! TY for the contest!

  226. a0n0n0e says:

    these are too cute! I like the wedding ones 🙂

  227. moose says:

    Lawyer bobblehead please.

  228. CouponMom09 says:

    I like the Formula 1 for my nephew (he’s a big fan). Thanks for the great contest!

  229. Jacquie says:

    I would choose the city scooter, sure is cute!

  230. yvonne says:

    I love the toilet one! Haha

  231. ssss says:

    Up to Date! ow ow ow! haha

  232. Marcia says:


  233. jane kramer says:

    i pick flying dress

  234. Jenna says:

    Pain in the ass

  235. Matt H says:

    Never knew you could get these customized!

  236. Raya says:

    I would like to get the Musclor in the bath–for my guy. Funny pose!

  237. cutielike says:

    I would go for the happy Couple

  238. Jackie says:

    I’d get “So Prude” =P

  239. PammieJ says:

    I think the “On the Beach” for my daughter – memories of a wonderful vacation we shared recently!

  240. shigamonkey2008 says:

    Definitely get “Japanese Warrior!”

  241. dareen says:

    With her plush toy 🙂 its adorable

  242. sampler says:

    This is wicked ! 🙂

  243. Neesci says:

    These are super cute:)

    Formula 1

    $59.90 CAD

  244. amycanada77 says:

    I didn’t know anything like this even existed – how funny – cute gift idea

    I would love

    Basketball number 11
    16 to 18cm bobblehead dolls based on your pictures
    $74.90 CAD

    for my hubby 🙂

  245. TheLikelyWinner says:

    My name says it all, really.

  246. Julia says:

    These are great 🙂 I would choose the “Show your t-shirt!” for my hubby.

  247. NavyWife98 says:

    I would get the blue guitar one for my nephew.

  248. Chris says:

    I would choose Policeman!

  249. Holly says:

    These are amazing!
    I would pick the Mom & baby as a keepsake for my daughter.
    So hard to choose though, they are all fantastic!

  250. Pennywise says:

    Blue fighter for me, please!

  251. Charlene says:

    I would choose the Aircraft Maintenance for my boyfriend as he has applied to join the Armed Forces to be a fighter jet pilot…

  252. Kate says:

    I love the “Poker player” for my Hubbie, OMG he would love it sooo much, hilarious, great gifts!

  253. Carrie says:

    These are great!
    I would pick “Ice Hockey Slapshot” for my hockey-playing hubby!
    Thanks! 🙂

  254. Veronica says:

    I would pick Blue Japan!

  255. jurassic says:

    I love ” Baseball player 2″

  256. FreebieChick says:

    Awesome contest! I’ve seen these before and have always wanted one but boy oh boy are they pricey! But you get what you pay for and these are a keepsake to be cherished!

    If i were to win, hands down, i’d choose the Mommy and baby
    $114.90 CAD!

    Thanks :O)

  257. Anita says:

    This is amazing! I would choose the Brother & Sister statue for my kids! Awesome contest…thanks!

  258. Cheap says:

    In the Wind.

  259. improperganda says:

    OMG this is the best contest ever!!! Hahahah I love this product. Even if i dont win I think i’m doing this for christmas

  260. M2G2 says:

    This will be the great gift for my husband.
    I will pick Blue Guitar.

  261. wew469 says:

    My hubby would love the “Musclor in the bath” one, LOL~~~~~

  262. DCronin says:

    love it! – I’d pick “One leg out”

  263. Amuse_easily says:

    Skirt in the wind one for me…

  264. Alia S. says:

    I would choose military camoflage, and ut my bf’s head on it. He’s in the military and it would crack him right up!!!!!

  265. Chris Hill says:

    Ahhh the xxx ones were to funny but if I won I would want to display it… To cool couple for me 🙂

  266. Karen O. says:

    I would pick the flying dress

  267. Becky S says:

    So many cute ones. I think I’d pick the Batman one for our 6 year old. Hard to narrow it down though!

  268. Kathy says:

    omg these are AMAZING! I’ve gotta bookmark this company to come back to at Christmas!
    I have to admit I gotta be selfish and say I’d get the “on a pig” for myself because I LOVE pigs.

    but I think I may have to go back around Christmas and get my brother the policeman one since he is a cop. How creative and inventive!

  269. Lori says:

    I love Pom Pom Black. And I would pick that.

  270. Kelly says:

    I want “On the Bike”.

  271. Grimmie says:

    I like “A Killer”.

  272. Amanda says:


  273. Rebecca says:

    Does City scooter come with a girl’s body? If not, Street Girl for me!

  274. donnab says:

    I would choose blue scarf for my son…nothing like a scarf to say I love you!!

  275. I would pick the “Pain in the ass” one just because my dad always calls me that.. so itd be nice to get his face on that one just to get him back! lol!!!

  276. Jackie says:

    I would choose the drummer for my husband

  277. Zeta says:

    These are awesome!
    I like the Camouflage rapper

  278. Tracy says:

    Wow, those are so fantastic and realistic…definately some serious talent doing those. I would want the firefighter for a friend of mine that his entire family through generations are fire fighters 🙂 *crosses fingers*

  279. Jonnie H says:

    I would choose Musclor

  280. Nicole says:

    Oh wow these are so awesome! If I had to choose, I’d like Looks like a spider… to match my spiderman bathroom. My boyfriend would totally love this. 🙂

  281. AMYT0915 says:

    These are great! I would chose the Too strong guy with my husbands head!

  282. Melanie says:

    I’d choose “On the beach”, cause that’s where I want to be!

  283. Amanda says:

    I would choose My Dress Flies… it is so unlike me that it would be FANTASTIC!!

  284. Krys says:

    I would choose “breakdance” or “wooooo”
    just having a bobble head of myself would be cool enough so having it in a crazy pose would be AMAZING!

  285. Paicebailey says:

    These are totally awesome, I would choose the ice hockey one for my son Thanks for the chance 🙂

  286. Susan says:

    I would pick “thumb’s up”!

  287. dphil says:


    I’d pick She’s Going!

  288. Cyrus says:

    I would most definitely want the Orange Golf guy.

  289. Anh says:

    Omigosh! The marilyn one. “my dress flies” super cute!!!

  290. Robi says:

    I’d love “She’s all that” — so cute~

  291. Jean Smith says:

    I would choose the Poker Player Bobblehead using the picture of the Love of My Life ,Brian. As we don’t exchenge Christmas Gifts(we sponsor a family at Christmas instead) it would be a great stocking stuffer.

  292. Abby says:

    Woman adventurer! 😀

  293. sam says:

    I would love to give this to my husband for Christmas

  294. sam says:

    And his front would great

  295. sam says:

    His front would look great

  296. Sandy says:

    I would definitely choose “THE PIRATE” for my grandson. He would just love it!

  297. pat george says:

    The natural bath one is so cute,,,for couples

  298. JIvy says:

    I think that I would choose either “Ada and Eve” or “Natural bath” Thanks so much.

  299. Juli says:

    The “Easy wedding 4” would be a perfect addition to my wedding! Nice!

  300. Cindy says:

    I would love “Dad & baby in the car”

  301. Wendy H says:

    My 5 year old son would go BANANAS for this, in the Ice Hockey Pose!! He’s starting hockey this week and I’d love to surprise him with this.
    What a fantastic idea!

    [email protected]

  302. Laura says:

    I would pick “Ice Hockey” for my husband, it would make a great stocking stuffer!

  303. Monica says:

    Chinese bride

  304. Dianne says:

    I would choose the male superhero for my grandson

  305. Jen says:

    Definitely “Flying Dress”! 🙂 I hope I win this one, what a super awesome prize!

  306. Trinh says:

    The chairman would be nice for my son! Great Christmas gift!

  307. Heather says:

    omg these are the cutest/funniest things ever! I would definatly choose the mommy and me one.

  308. Naturally says:

    So Chic

  309. Jordan says:

    I would probably pick the bow tie, but I like a lot of them.


  310. Amy says:

    The one on the pig! Cute!

  311. CaseysCoupons says:

    I’d pick the coffee couple for my brother in law who is getting married this summer… they both love coffee and it would be the perfect thing to mark the occasion. 🙂

  312. Karen B says:

    It’s a cool something for my living room! hehhee

  313. Gail Zoltenko says:

    The “Golf Blue Stripes” one would be perfect for my husband! 🙂

  314. Kerri says:

    I’d pick ‘show your t-shirt’!

  315. Tarob1313 says:

    These are amazing!! I’d pick Nightclub girl for my best friend. 🙂

  316. helpit says:

    “She’s the real one” is my pick… great gifts!

  317. Lisette says:

    I would choose the drummer for my Hubby for sure!

  318. Cathy says:

    These are great:D I just might have to order some for Christmas gifts. The page is bookmarked on my computer now!

    I’d especially love to have the “Let’s go get Married” piece as a topper for my upcoming wedding cake!

  319. Ajay says:

    If I won, I would pick the Ice Hockey pose. The reason being that as a kid my dream was to eventually play in the NHL, but I came across some medical issues that hindered my ability to play hockey. However, I am a huge hockey fan, and I’m a collector of hockey figures and bobbleheads and have always thought how cool it would be to have a bobblehead of
    myself.. So even though my dream of playing in the NHL is now gone, it
    would be really cool to have something as unique as my very own

  320. Joanne says:

    I would have the baby and mommy bobblehead done.

  321. Jaygrl says:

    I love the Modern Girl pose. Awesome gift idea!

  322. Lesli says:

    These are awesome! I’d choose the Knight 2 because my daughters LOVE horses.

  323. Kailyn says:

    I would choose the Golf blue stripes to surprise my friend for Christmas! He’s an insane golf addict and I’m positive he’ll be carrying it in his pocket and showing his “memorabilia” to every golfer – every chance he gets! That would be awesome!

  324. Matt says:

    Oooh, this is so neat! I’ve never heard of this site!

    If I won I would choose either the “So Smart” or “Man Adventurer” pose!

  325. opt2002 says:

    OMG, this is awesome, me & my boyfriend saw this in a store and was wondering how we could get one made. I would totally get him the batman one for him. “Bats”

  326. Melissa says:

    I would pick the “red car” model for my boyfriend as he loves fast cars!!

  327. Kris says:

    Awesome! What a groovy, playful gift! I would pick “The country house”. So adorable Ü

  328. Samuel D. says:

    I’ll take “Jeans and shirt”.


  329. Joe f says:


    definitly buying one, win orlose..these r too cute 😉

  330. Krystal says:

    I would choose “I am a Yo”..

    I just have to win this contest! It is (sadly) my best friends dream to be a bobblehead and this would make the perfect gift!

  331. WCK says:

    Wow this is so cool! I would choose “HOtHOT!”

  332. Amber says:

    OMG I have to get the Camouflage rapper for my BF!

  333. Jen says:

    That drummer is cute.

  334. Doug says:

    awesome stuff–would be poker guy for me

  335. lauren says:

    pain in the ass for sure. this is an awesome site!

  336. Sacha Rowe says:

    Its a toss up for me between the ice hockey body and the superman body.

  337. Vinh says:

    This looks quite funny.

  338. Robyn says:

    I’d totally get a baseball one!!

  339. Anne Murphy says:

    I would choose “With her plush toy” for my 2 year old daughter!

  340. Marie says:

    Soccer Yellow Black. $59.00 These would make great gifts!

  341. B Free says:

    For sure it would be the diver !

  342. Mitch Estrada says:

    I would Choose Baseball pitcher!

  343. Sunfire231 says:

    So many to pick from I would pick Paramedic for my daughter if I can find it!

  344. Luc says:

    I’d choose a Happy Couple as a wedding anniversary gift.

  345. mina says:

    oh I love the dancing one, so cute!

  346. smartypants_007 says:

    It’s Short

  347. Janetta says:

    “A Tank” or “Shirtless” 😀

  348. Habiba says:

    I would choose Street girl!

  349. laurac86 says:

    Haha, those are awesome!

  350. VicW says:

    This would be a great Christmas gift idea!

  351. noshie says:

    These are too funny!
    I would choose ‘On the bike’

  352. Emma says:

    Funny – toilets one! That would drive someone nuts, heh he

  353. Abigail says:

    Aww i love this 🙂

  354. Kit says:

    Oh I would looooove to have one! So cute!

  355. Margaret says:

    flying dress 🙂

  356. L. Wilson says:

    Um… IN A TANK???? AWESOME!

  357. George Nahal says:

    I like the sports – Soccer yellow black. But what I would really like is to get one done of my beautiful pregnant wife! I didn’t see that in the selection.. maybe this could be the first to add to the minime portfolio!

    Thanks so much!

  358. Max says:

    Pink Heart

  359. Wicked Soul says:

    i want ‘Smart and Chic’

  360. brianne sheppard says:

    Ice hockey 🙂 I might actually be able to top my husbands gift this year!

  361. Shan says:

    My Dad would flip for the golf one!
    These are incredible I could find one on that sight for almost everyone I know! What a fantastic unique gift idea

  362. Maggie says:

    Wow-so awesome! I would like ‘relax’ for my dad 🙂

  363. Glen Schol says:

    I want to be Superman.

  364. Kim says:

    I would pick the “Long White Jacket”.
    This is a very cool idea. I think I may have found some “hard to buy for” Christmas gifts!!!

  365. Suzy says:

    Wow! Love it.. Perfect gift 🙂

  366. Cristina says:

    This is awesome my husband loves bobble heads I would choose the one with the guy on the tiolet because it reminds me of my husband LOL

  367. Michael Bhadauria says:

    Smart and chic for me please

    Thanks for the great contest!

  368. Michael says:

    Smart and chic for me!

    Thanks for the great contest!

  369. DJ says:

    love the “Hot hot! “

  370. Martha says:

    American Football – for my husband 🙂

  371. fdf says:

    office worker

  372. Krista Martel says:

    What an amazing Christmas gift

  373. j says:

    I would choose the hockey pose!

  374. Jason says:

    Everything ok

  375. Sharilyn says:

    HILARIOUS!!!! I’d love to choose something funny – but the blue business man would be my choice – and I’d get my hubby’s face – too funny!!!
    Love it!

  376. Rocky says:

    This is perfect gift for my girl friend to celebrate our anniversary!

  377. crystal says:

    I would definitely get one for my parents! SO fun!

  378. Divine~Miss~M says:

    in the xxx section.

  379. jocelyn says:

    Brazilian Football player of my boyfriend since hes a professional football player

  380. Gary W says:

    The Relax one.

  381. Joana Brandao says:

    So cute! I would choose the “flying dress”

  382. Raptee says:

    I would get the doctor one!

  383. #JacqeR. says:

    I’d like Knight 2. Im going to get another one for me and my bf…lol

  384. Zip says:

    Too funny. Bubble me up 🙂

  385. Bargain Kitty says:

    I would choose Muscle Mom! Would love to win this fabulous prize!

  386. Paulina K. says:

    Undress me for sure! Hubby would love that one for Christmas!

  387. Ryan says:

    These are sweet! I’d go for “Almost a ferrari”

  388. Carrie says:

    I would choose “Golf Ball”. These are awesome idea’s for truley unique Christmas gifts!

  389. Billy Y says:

    Looks like a great gift idea. Good as Xmas present.

  390. BE says:

    It would be “From behind” !

  391. Tanya says:

    These are adorable!! I would choose a hockey player for my brother for Christmas. He is a HUGE Boston Bruins fan and doesn’t have many Christmases left 🙁 This would be an awesome reminder of what a bright and happy person he is!! Plus it would totally be a bobble head!!! His sense of humour is the BEST!! LOL

  392. as.if says:

    Too strong!

  393. Nush says:

    So chik – love these

  394. Jessica says:

    I think Ièd go with the under the palm one, but there are so many great ones to choose! What an awesome gift idea!

  395. Prabh says:

    I want this on my desk real bad.

  396. cait says:

    I’d get my friend the dog. I think it would be cute since my son loves his puppy.

  397. Jeanie says:

    This is so cute!

  398. Ro says:

    I’d love to get the Guitar Hero for my boyfriend!!

  399. Shaz says:

    Street girl

  400. worldgirl says:

    That is so awesome!!!!

  401. EL says:

    Awesome stuff, street girl definitely!

  402. Ashley says:

    “I Love You” or “Street Girl”

  403. didyeah says:

    lol this is amazing
    I’d probably pick musclor in the bath

  404. hurumi says:

    HAHA i love this… browsing this is so fun

    I’d go with Musclor!

  405. leeda08 says:

    Wow this is totally awesome and cute!

  406. Wendy says:

    I would go with the lawyer bobblehead.

  407. Roderick A says:

    I will choose Toilets.

  408. Noemi says:

    I like Cute Attempt

  409. buscadora says:

    I would pick the USB.

  410. sadiem says:

    Superman please :).

  411. freebielovingmama says:

    lol this is awesome! I would pick drop the towel. Too funny! 🙂

  412. 23edge says:

    I always wanted to do this

  413. momof2 says:

    I think this is the collest thing ever.. Good luck everyone=)

  414. wendleclarke says:

    I would like the Flying the plane good luck to all

  415. Evangie says:


  416. Angie says:

    Great Christmas gift idea! 🙂

  417. Steph says:

    This is adorable. I’d love to get a custom one made for my boyfriend. He’s an aspiring Beatmaker/DJ, So I would love to get one made of him doing something like DJing.

  418. JonJon says:

    This is a sweet idea!

  419. taramarie says:

    Love these! I would choose the I am Beautiful pose

  420. theigloobuilder says:

    I’d pick Modern Girl 🙂

  421. Jessica says:

    Hilarious bobble heads. I would choose “mom plays tennis 2”. Thanks.

  422. Mags says:

    I’d choose the “Black t-shirt basket” pose for my BF. What a great gift!

  423. johnny says:

    That’s really cool…I’d like one

  424. Noeil says:

    I would definitely pick the Show your t-shirt! pose!
    So coool!!

  425. Zerph says:

    Photographer would be awesome.

  426. Lexilighter says:

    I would pick the bottle opener, but if that one isn’t eligible I would pick the XXX maid!!

  427. Lonita says:

    I would pick the Couple Cute Attempt. So cute!

    cinderella25 at hotmail dot com

  428. Newfiecoupongirl says:

    Love the bobbles – would make a good gift for hubby this year and if given 3 choices they would be:

    In the Boat (favourite hobby)
    Military Camouflage (cause he’s in the military)
    Toilets (kinda self explanatory LOL)

    Great contest – fingers crossed

  429. Nadine says:

    I like the Happy Birthday child pose.
    Nice upgrade to the contest!

  430. Newfiecoupongirl says:

    Love the bobbles – would make a good gift for hubby this year and if given 3 choices they would be:

    In the Boat (favourite hobby)
    Military Camouflage (cause he’s in the military)
    Toilets (kinda self explanatory LOL)

    Great contest – fingers crossed

  431. Colleen C says:

    I would get the “Blue Business Man” pose and send in a picture of my brother because he would get such a kick out of it! Thanks!

  432. mlongboat says:

    Monkey People:) It’s gender neutral and I can get both of my monkeys on one:) These are so cute!

  433. Susan C says:

    What a great contest!! These are soooo cute!

    I would get the Blue Guitar pose and send in a picture of my new son-in-law. He loves to play the guitar and is so hard to buy for so it would make a great gift at Christmas!!!

  434. Sher says:

    I would choose “looks like a spider” for my husband!

  435. amymichelle2 says:

    I would choose the “I love you” couple 🙂

    I’m at work so I can’t check out the you-know-what category 😉

  436. amymichelle2 says:

    I would choose the “I love you” couple 🙂

    I’m at work so I can’t check out the you-know-what category 😉

  437. Puddin57 says:

    So many to choose from….ummmmm, finally decided on “It’s short”….good luck everyone

  438. shyshar says:

    Happy couple

  439. cw choi says:

    i like Golf red T-shirt. cool!

  440. Kasia B says:

    I would choose the nurse!

  441. Mo-D says:

    These Bobble Head figures are so unique and I like how they can be tailored to preference. The “casual-couple and “cool couple” poses are extremely chic. However, If possible I think it would be cool to customize a traditional Indian Sari-attire look for my sister whom is getting married next year.
    Thanx for the contest. Good Luck to All!!

  442. Marion says:

    Musclor in the bath would be perfect for either my husband or my son.

  443. Syed says:

    This is so lovely! Thanks for the contest!

  444. Julie says:

    Ok, this is an awesome site and I will definitely be ordering one. If I won I would get my Dad the runner bobble-head!

  445. monkeyincowtown says:

    “holding the bag” my DD would love to have a little bobblehead of DH 🙂 Good luck everyone!!!

  446. idroppedthadrink says:

    I would choose blue guitar for my boyfriend hahah he would LOVE one of these for christmas haha

  447. Derek says:

    I really like the toilet seat one! Hilarious!

  448. Matt says:

    Smart and Chic : )

  449. Alex says:

    I would choose baby girl bobble head

  450. Sandi says:

    So cute! I would choose “My dress flies”.

  451. Melodiem says:

    Wow, these are awesome…I LOVE the Happy Birthday and Brother & Sister…

  452. Anna says:

    So cute and funny, what an original gift idea !

  453. shirley says:

    I love these!
    I would do the Red rock star pose!


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