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Look kids, another weekly community feature! Bargain-hunting has long been a past-time for many a SmartCanucker, so I thought it might be fun to put those bargain hunting skills to the test. Each week I’m going to present a new item to track down online and it’s up to you to find the lowest possible price. Once you find it, post a link to the item and let us know the price, and then everyone else will have an new target to beat!

Like the SmartCanucks Caption Challenge, the only real reward here is a smug sense of self-satisfaction. I just thought it might be a fun little game to play. ๐Ÿ™‚

And so, without further adieu, your first item is… a floor lamp.

(And yes, before you ask, this idea did grow out of my need for a new floor lamp.)

39 responses to “SmartCanucks Scavenger Hunt: Week 1”

  1. puddin57 says:

    hmmmm not my style, but Ikea has a floor lamp for $16.99

  2. Kturtle says:

    Do you have any specific requirements for this floor lamp? Size? colour? number of bulbs required? or is it just the cheapest?

  3. Jim Squires says:

    Just the cheapest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. L. Wilson says:

    If I was being really cheap, I’d post “floor lamp” on my local freecycle. It’s worked for me dozens of times. Can’t get much cheaper than free. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. brandy42 says:

    I’ll start it off with a floor lamp from IKEA for $9.99.

  6. izzyb14 says:

    How about free? ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s some I saw posted on (tacky, but free!) (you get a desk too!)

  7. columbia thorndale says:

    ikea as is center

  8. Panda Power says:

    So… you never need to comparison shop again?

  9. redmouse says:

    I could have sold you one this summer for only $3!! It was the last day of my yard sale and I was trying to get rid of everything. I did lower the price from $5 LOL.

  10. Super_E says:

    Whooops, found a cheaper one …

    NOT (I think that’s the brand)
    Floor uplight
    black, white



  11. silsan says:

    I have found this at Canadian Tire:
    Simplicity Torchiere Floor Lamp, Black for $15.59 (cheapest)
    but in terms of a good deal I found this one at the same store:
    Capri Swingarm Floor Lamp Sale:$41.99(Reg: $69.99)40%off

  12. kstonley says:

    Does it have to be from a Retailer, or can it be auction, or private sale?
    We need some guidelines here.

  13. Jim Squires says:

    I think we should stick with retailer. If anyone needs anymore clarification just let me know, and I’ll make sure the rules we come up with are all clearly identified in week 2’s post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. baggypants says:

    Using three criteria (not requested but supposed in search!!)

    Canadian source, in store and similar to photo (not torchiere or uplighting)

    I found the following

    Merton Floor Lamp

    Sale: $41.99
    Reg: $69.99

    Brushed steel finish
    White fabric shade
    Dimensions: 62.20″ (158 cm) tall, 14.02″ (35.6 cm) shade
    Replacement bulb: one 150W medium base trilight (52-5493) (not included)

    Wish I could post a photo its an amazing looking lamp!!!


  15. lala says:

    Bed bath and Beyond,
    Pink Combo Torchiere


  16. Joel says:

    Real Men buy Pink Lamps ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Sharon says:

    OK, mine’s not the cheapest per se but it’s a beautiful lamp and is 77% off. Reg price is $299.99 on sale for $69.99

    Here is a link to it. (hope the link works)

  18. Mellie says:

    I found my floor lamp at Ikea and after 5 or so years it is still is working fine. Not sure if this was the one I got but just remember that is was really inexpensive and was worth taking it as carry on from Toronto.

    Grundton Floor Lamp Base $16.99 doesn’t come with a lamp shade but you can pick one of these up a RIPE shade for $6.00 So for a grand total of $22.99 you can have a half decent lamp.

  19. Jade says:

    IKEA also has their NOT lamp on for $9.99 –

  20. meisagirl says:

    well the cheapest place is free cycle – but if you want to go and purchase one – xs cargo had a nice ones, silver with a shade that can be an up or down shade for $7.99.

    Also saw a decent looking one in the clearance section of walmart for $9.99 that looked like a Tiffany knock off.

    You should be very specific about what you want lol…would help us do the leg work for you oops I mean play the game (teasing)

  21. Mary says:

    I also found XS Cargo is the best/cheapest!! Walmart and Zellers both had some floor lights on clearance…but they are not going to be found in every store.

  22. Lana says:

    Just as a laugh Jim – I went searching for the most expensive floor lamp:

    $599.99 at and I have to say this is the MOST HIDEOUS creation (well 2nd – 1st hideous is the $549.99 one) I have ever seen. And if anyone on here has this lamp….Did I say hideous? Ummmm I meant eclectic : )

  23. curls says:

    ok – this has GOT to be the cheapest…. Ikea Wacky Wednesday…

    MAREK wall/floor lamp. Assorted colours. 96×25 cm.
    Wacky price, $7.99 each! Regular, $29.99. (501.208.11 or 001.162.94)

  24. babitos says:

    Hi,What is xs cargo????Is it a store?And is there one in Quebec?Thanks!

  25. Lana72 says:

    looks like theres one in montreal babitos and its like a discount warehouse

  26. babitos says:

    Thanks.Is it wrong to get excited:)?

  27. Jim Squires says:

    Not at all! XSCargo rocks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just make sure to get their in store warranty though. It’s mostly refurb products, and they WILL break at an alarming rate.

  28. Lana, I think I beat your most expensive lamp?
    On sale for 1.5 grand from 3.5 grand…

  29. Lana72 says:

    At least those lamps are somewhat worth the cost LOL Much more attractive then the ones I found

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