Starbucks Canada: $1-$2 off Breakfast Sandwich and $5 GC for survey


Starbucks was handing out these surveys when you bought a breakfast sandwich. For completing the survey (now through March 31, 2010) you get “$2 off on the Hot Panini” and “$1 off English Muffin or Artisan Sandwiches” (valid March 9-22, 2010) coupons and a $5 gift certificate, pretty nice for doing a short survey I think!

Thanks to coupnlady for sharing this deal with us!

Edit: This survey is experiencing some errors on and off, so if it doesn’t work for you, you know why. I won’t be bumping this blog post again. Also you need a ring code to do the survey, it’s not open to the public.

Click here to do the survey!

95 responses to “Starbucks Canada: $1-$2 off Breakfast Sandwich and $5 GC for survey”

  1. madryn_m says:

    Actually, every store got a shipment of cards to hand out to customers that are good for multiple uses. You can use the card all week next week all day. so get a sandwich at breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  2. AmberLab says:

    Odd, everytime I come in the blog now, I’m getting a Starbucks pop up on my screen – it wants me to log in, etc.. (I didn’t sign up either.)

  3. mjaas says:

    so do i! thought i was the only one having that.

  4. sam says:

    me three!

    • Justine says:

      thanks guys, I am going to remove the url for now and let me know if that fixed the error please. the starbucks thread in the forum is doing this as well, something on starbucks’s end.

  5. Clover says:

    Same here.

  6. Clover says:

    Maybe you should remove the entire starbucks post? That is annoying.

  7. amycanada77 says:

    It seems fishy … I don’t like random pop-ups

  8. sam says:

    the links still pop up even though the link is gone

  9. sam says:

    i mean, the password request*

  10. Caroline says:

    It is still coming up with the pop up as soon as you come to the site or when you open a new page….grrr…

  11. RT22 says:

    even after the link is removed still the password request is pooping up..

  12. iloveluca says:

    I have it, too… super annoying.

  13. laurac86 says:

    Yeah it’s still causing pop ups 🙁

  14. Sally says:

    It was the picture not the link 🙂 Pic removed.

  15. Jessica says:

    the link still not working, poor starbucks, they cannot afford a good website designer lol

  16. craftylady1024 says:

    They have this on there home page.
    Our Survey is experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize, and hope you check back again Monday.

  17. happy panda says:

    I’m not having a problem with the smart canucks site

  18. mizmeg says:

    you need a code?

  19. Christina says:

    Looks like we need a ring code; anyone have one?

  20. ShavenMaven says:

    is it a 3 digit/letter code ?

  21. kristin says:

    got a bunch of weird java error messages

  22. Abby says:

    Same deal here as kristin

  23. comeonguys says:

    why the hell don’t you guys just leave me a code? aren’t we here to share secrets and get deals!??

  24. ankj says:

    Can somebody please share the code

  25. comeonguys says:

    well its taking so long, how many days go by people are asking for codes.. and no one will post, this whole thread should be deleted,, why advertise u can get $5 and then there is no way to get it without running out to the store to get it, its ridiculous. .. either share a code or take this off the feed list its useless thread anyways.. and your the smarta@@ that made a comment about going out to get a sandwich in the first place.. so you got back what you deserved!

  26. over4omommy says:

    I need a code……Please……..

  27. FreebieChick says:

    We are currently conducting maintance on our site.

    Please try again in one hour.

  28. danielzmom says:

    My understanding is the code only identifies the sandwich type. so why not share it?!! i still can’t understand why?? i always share surveys! 🙂

  29. Matthew MacLennan says:

    This site is great. I appreciate the free access to all the details. In regards to this thread, if the codes are unique I understand the unwillingness to share, but if they are not, would someone share a code 🙂 Thanks.

  30. mnyyoungs says:

    Wow….some kids aren’t playing nice in this sandbox. :-s I agree, if the code is not unique then share it, otherwise anyone who is interested in getting the code needs to go to a Starbucks, period. Nothing in life is truly free. To those playing nice, you can have snack time; to those not playing nice, time out! 😉 Have a great day, all!

  31. Huh says:

    Ok so the purpose of this thread is to show that nobody has a code and if they want one go buy a sandwich, like worth more than $5 in the first place and the person that started it isn’t deleting it no matter what and you can’t make them….Wow, if we had a whole site full of this we could just call it dumbass canucks!

  32. trucks says:

    I really don’t understand what people are complaining about…yes you have to buy the sandwich to get the code, same as when you have to spend $$$ to get 40% at Sears or whatever store. They just don’t hand you free money, you have to spend some first! This is a great offer people who buy the sandwich. Others need to go buy it and try it out to take advantage of the offer. That is the point of the survey to tell them about the sandwich!

  33. trucks says:

    and I agree with Justine @comeonguys – since you asked nicely,someone will definitely post one now! Please Keep your rudeness off SC.

  34. findmel says:

    i just bought one to try and got the promo–worth a shot to try something new that i normally wont buy

  35. natasha says:

    @comeonguys & huh – NO CODES FOR YOU! c’mon, play nice. remember you’re on a deals blog. this was posted to notify you of just that, a deal. dish out your attitude where it’s deserved… not here.

  36. stasymipip says:

    Looking for code ( anyone wants to share or trade)
    Thank you

  37. danielzmom says:

    me too..if any one likes to”trade” i have lots of me

  38. Tanya says:

    the page says “Case 4,634 is in use”. can’t do the survey(

  39. Cat says:

    I am getting a weird code when i go to the survey site…it says “Case 4,634 is in use.”

    anyone else getting that?

  40. Cat says:

    lol Tanya..I must have been typing when you posted..

  41. Kait says:

    Strange codes 4,634 is in use unable to complete the survey. Will it clear???????

  42. Huh says:

    hey natasha…did I ask you for a code? No thats right I didnt and this thread is useless and if peoope wanted to spend money they wouldnt be on this bloody site!!!!

  43. Cat says:

    Kait….I’ve been trying for a couple hours now…hopefully clears up soon.

  44. trucks says:

    This isnt just a freebie site…Its a Deals/Flyers/Freebie/Contest site and this specific blog post is under the “Canadian Deals & Coupons” category not ” Freebie/Free stuff”

  45. trucks says:

    sorry that response was meant for Huh

  46. Sally says:

    I totally have this huge inclination that the rude ones are from RFD lmao. Chill, were Sc were friendly.

  47. trucks says:

    Lmao Sally, They are trying to cause a riot over here I guess.

  48. Cat says:

    So much drama for such a positive site.

  49. Huh says:

    The rude ones? They are the ones that feel feel the need to start crap by adressing people specifically with negative comments and expect they will be good little sheep and say nothing in return and Im aaware this is a site beyo9nd feebies Truck boy but thanks for the info you are siuch a swift guy

  50. itsjustmebub says:

    trucks when did you become a boy? 😛

  51. Huh says:

    sorry is trucks a girl, thats pretty feminine I should have known…what was I thinking

  52. trucks says:

    who the ? what the? oy oy is someone pretending to be moi!
    trucks12trucks is too long to type in.. =P

    Cat- Did ya get the link to work?

  53. Sally says:

    jet skis
    go carts

    Can u please tell me which are feminine and masculine words 😉

  54. Boo Radley says:

    Looks like the issue has been resolved. I updated the main post with the working link.

  55. trucks says:

    omg i just got that, dude I am not a guy, you would know if you were part of the SC community and not just trolling for deals and causing trouble!

  56. Huh says:

    and it takes alot of nerve to call people rude ones when there are many many…many people on this site that wouldnt pay a dime to get squat and happily Bullshiht on any type of survey whether they are qualified or not like depression and breast cancer and mediocal research…you wanna call people names, stick to the scumbags that come on here

  57. Huh says:

    the community…? are you kidding me, arre you saying I cant have a profile and be on here unless I know the sex of everyone? really?

  58. Boo Radley says:

    Huh, I can’t believe how seriously you’re taking this blog post. You need to get a life dude.

  59. Sally says:

    OK! Enough is enough. If you want the survey code Huh (aka doug and bunny40) go buy the sandwich please.

    Sc is full of great people not “scumbags” please keep those comments to yourself.

  60. Sally says:

    Oh hi Boo i’ll leave this to u 😀

  61. Huh says:

    you people are too much attack someone and when they defend themselves they are taking things seriously you need to get a life because you live on here so get a grip Boo and I never asked anyone for a damn code everyone else did are you high or something…read the comments .

  62. Huh says:

    and sorry but there are people as I described that use the freebies and other features incorrectly and no I am not referring to myself

  63. Boo Radley says:

    huh, this was your first comment on here:

    “Ok so the purpose of this thread is to show that nobody has a code and if they want one go buy a sandwich, like worth more than $5 in the first place and the person that started it isn’t deleting it no matter what and you can’t make them….Wow, if we had a whole site full of this we could just call it dumbass canucks!”

    You were unnecessarily rude. We’re providing a free and honest service here. We don’t expect anything in return from our readers nor do we scam them into signing up for useless deals just for our own benefit. You won’t like every deal posted on here and that’s expected and very normal. But there’s no reason to be rude. Just please ignore the deal and move on. It’ll save your time and ours and won’t hurt people’s feelings.

  64. Cat says:

    yes I did trucks…thanks much 🙂

  65. Huh says:

    hey are you atacking everyone that didnt like the commentfrom that personn? dont think so and theres nothing there still……………..about me wanting a code. people were being rude before I got there and for some reason we have all chosen to jump on my ass. I hurt nobody feelings pretty sure on that one and if you chose to continue the conversation PM me as opposed to making the big power play of Im the longstanding member and I’ll put you in your place show because Im pretty sure I can’t make you stop talking and I know I won’t shut up because someone told me to.

  66. itsjustmebub says:


  67. Boo Radley says:

    How can I pm you? I don’t know who you are?

  68. trucks12trucks says:

    look bub i got a picture too! 😀

  69. itsjustmebub says:

    Dino!!! 🙂

  70. Boo Radley says:

    huh, you can email me at

    I’d rather take the conversation offline too 🙂

  71. Sally says:

    *removed username* I personally think hiding under another name is pretty wimpy.

  72. mnyyoungs says:

    …..anyone want to buy Pop Tarts or Corn Pops or whatever that silliness was last week? :-s Zoinkies!

  73. Huh says:

    i figured you knew who i was from sallys message previously, and i havent looked at your profile truck so how would i see a picture?…unless you mean the little green thing in which case…nice!

  74. trucks12trucks says:

    can we drop the gender thing? It should really matter

  75. Huh says:

    doesnt, I just figured trucks was a male thing my error, not like Im the only one that could make the mistake, if I was skipping rope you ight think I was a girl…or not maybe its just me and I am always wrong and everyone else is right

  76. Weeeooojr says:

    cool avatar trucks! How do you get an avatar on the blog?

  77. comeonguys says:

    the reason we hide behind fake names on this or any thread is simple, so we can actually freely have a say at what we are feeling without .. MOD’s who think your better then everybody carrying on like you do, I wish there were more areas like this.. like I posted from the get go, and I’m glad “HUH” also gets my point, why post this deal and not share the code, it’s the same old code for a sandwich .. Isn’t it? so why not share with everyone on here, we’re all on here to get things for free & save, so? why hold out and not share it?.. that is what makes me so mad.. and justine I see you postin stuff all the time you always think your better then everybody and it frankly pisses me off and alot of other people who won’t stand up to you cause your the BIG MAD MOD! .. LMAO

  78. SO after all that, is anyone going to post a code ?????

  79. Boo Radley says:

    comeonguys, you’re being very rude and impolite. If you don’t like Justine’s blog posts please don’t comment on them

  80. kris10 says:

    i’d love a code to,if anyone wants a trade or something. if i had one i would totally post it on here,afterall thats what the website is for 🙂 . i don’t even have a starbucks in my city though so i can’t just run out and get one right now. i think we should all share with each other and are here to help each other out!!

  81. Mo Mo says:

    Ok guys to end the confusion here goes..there is nothing to it !

    Ring code is 615 for english muffins and artisans sandwiches, 616 for panini.

  82. Natty says:

    It doesn’t matter if you give them a code! You have to MAIL them the coupon from buying a sandwich in the first place.

    I picked up a sandwich this morning and did the survey. This is the message you get at the end.


    “Thank you for completing this survey! Your answers have now been submitted.

    To receive your $5 Starbucks card please mail us a hand written letter quoting the following reference number with your name, address and the original Starbucks coupon to ResearchByNet, 1220 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario, M2K 2S5. Photocopies or Facsimiles of the coupon will not be accepted.

    Please note: All coupons must be received by March 31,2010.

    Reference #: blah

    You may close this window at any time or click here to go back to Starbucks home page.”


    So they want the original coupon that you only get if you buy a sandwich.

    • Justine says:

      That’s why I said straight up that you needed to buy the sandwich to get the deal, that was the point, you had to buy the sandwich to get the deal. There was no confusion, except for the errors on starbucks’ end with the technical difficulties and then a bunch of rude, greedy people.

  83. danielzmom says:

    Thanks Natty for clarifying things..wish somebody posted that yesterday and hence no confusion or misunderstanding or quarrel happened..

  84. greenCurry says:

    Yes thanks Natty and Mo Mo for setting the record straight…..too many smug ppl posting the obvious and redundant ‘you need to buy the sandwich’ instead of the useful info you provided…

  85. Perry says:

    Ring code is 615 for english muffins and artisans sandwiches, 616 for panini.

  86. Perry says:

    To receive your $5 Starbucks card please mail us a hand written letter quoting the following reference number with your name, address and the original Starbucks coupon to ResearchByNet, 1220 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario, M2K 2S5. Photocopies or Facsimiles of the coupon will not be accepted.

  87. kris10 says:

    greedy? everyone on this site must be greedy then cuz theres a freebie section!! Somebody mentioned they could be used multiple times so i think we just thought why not then!

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