Stay Classy Canada

Canada please stay classy

Out of all the things we could have legitimately rioted about over the past year, from metered Internet Caps to introduction of HST to G20 Police brutality, losing a hockey game is what got the riots going?

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  1. Sally says:

    I like the Sears one, because Sears is obviously the cause of this on.


  2. caroman says:

    would it have been much different if they won?

  3. cjunk says:

    What the??

  4. Samantha C says:

    People have NO respect. Ohh and there goes more tax dollars…

  5. Adele says:

    Ashamed to say I live in Canada…

  6. robert says:

    wonder if we could get alaska back and trade in british columbia..shame on them..

  7. infojoe says:

    NEVER be ashamed of CANADA! Those few idiots do not make a country! Vancouver made us proud during the Olympics and this shouldn’t be a reflection of the majority. Upsetting to witness, but charge those responsible and move on…

  8. Peppermint Patty says:

    Well, unfortunately whatever good name you made for yourselves during the Olympics just got trashed by a bunch of NON-FANS. WTG idiots.

  9. jaxx says:

    hard time explaining this to my kids who love hockey…they were very upset and dont understand. neither do I.

  10. Jugaholic says:

    Seems like a certain Quebec city had a riot when one of their star players was kicked out for the entire season. Lets dump them out of Canada too eh. Shoot we tried that but everyone voted no instead of yes. Well not everyone….robert definately voted yes.

  11. daredevil_23@ says:

    sports fans + alcohol consumption = lose a few IQ points! (part of the reason I don’t go to Buffalo Bills games anymore)

  12. Officiallyaddicted says:

    Ridiculous. What a bunch of losers…really….a hockey game?? People in other parts of the world are fighting for their freedom, and these idiots are angry because (they) lost a hockey game?

    How many of the Vancouver Canucks are actually Canadian?

  13. 3boysmom says:

    It makes me so sad to see this here in Canada. I guess I was either arrogant or naive enough to think this wouldn’t happen in Vancouver but was likely in Boston. While I know it was likely a small number of idiots who did this, it will reflect poorly on Vancouver and Canada in the media.

  14. Bare Bottoms says:

    It’s sad that those who have acted out have created a poor rep for the entire country. Canadians are now seen as poor losers, cry babies, fill in the blank…all because Vancouver choked. Trash the Team, not the City, Province, or COUNTRY.
    But really, whats the point in saying that here…do you really think those childish individuals will ever read these posts?
    Something needs to be done so that this doesn’t happen again.

  15. Kileyray says:

    The people who are responsible for this are not hockey fans. They were people who were waiting for an opportunity and found it. Either way, sadly it is a black mark on Vancouver.

  16. Natty iv says:

    This is typical of BC and Canuck fans. Only Montréal and Vancouver would embarrass themselves like this.

  17. TallNFunny says:

    Disgraceful! Can’t accept the alcohol defence here. Those responsible are a BIG shame to the NHL, Vancouver, Canada and the HUMAN RACE!

  18. Koonbaboon says:

    its just a game, geez. people need to calm down. thanks to those who are wasting our tax dollars, i appreciate it GREATLY.

  19. NT says:

    Disgusting and embarrasing! And it wasn’t just a handful. If you look at the CBC pictures, there’s one where a car is overturned and everyone in the crowd has their arm raised cheering. And why did the police take so long to control the situation?

  20. Natalka says:

    This has little or nothing to do with the hockey game – just a bunch of arses waiting for an excuse to cause trouble.
    Sad to see such a great city portrayed so badly in media around the world today….
    Please don’t blame the police!

  21. rudie75 says:

    Sick people! Real hockey fans don’t do disgraceful things like that, they just grin and bear their team’s losses.

  22. vibrantflame says:

    From what I’ve read, these were people looking for an excuse to act out. I hope the police find them and throw them all in jail where they belong. What disgusting behavior.

  23. Bytown says:

    I wonder how long before the media start reporting the first unsubstantiated claims of police brutality and how the hoodlums are the victims.

  24. jmac says:

    I hope all those videos and photos on people’s phones and Facebook are going to help the police catch these people like Toronto did after the G20.

    I do agree that it is not necessary a hockey thing – it is the opportunists who knows during that event on that night, they can do these disgusting things. Unfortunately, we do look like the pathetic sore losers now. Then there are the bystanders who pose themselves, flexing muscles or raising their hands, in front of the fires or shattered windows to have their friends take pictures – hope you are proud of your approval of the violence and looting.

  25. Natalka says:

    Bytown… I thought the same thing when I saw the coverage….

  26. dack06 says:

    This is why Vancouver does not deserve the cup. History repeating itself.

  27. The_Scarecrow says:

    As bad as this looks, it could be alot worse. Considering there were 100,000+ people expecting to be Cup winners at the end of the game there were bound to be a few people that would take it badly. Nucks fans should just look at the Leafs and see how good they have it.

    At least we don’t kill each other like they do for european soccer games.

  28. momof5boys says:

    Just stupid!

  29. LARRY says:

    true hockey fans don’t show up with bandanas to cover their faces. These people were there deliberately to cause trouble just as they were there in Toronto during the G8 Summit. And for Natty to categorize Vancouver and Montreal as cities that shouldn’t win the cup I say that is just wrong. Seems you have an attitude that where you live is the only Canadian city worth living in.VANCOUVER SHOWED WORLD CLASS DURING THE OLYMPICS LAST YEAR.
    If the Canucks would have won these same hooligans would have done the same. And I belive that some of them were actually from out of town and from back east and came to make a statement that they can move freely and riot any place in Canada. This riot was POLITICALLY MOTIVATED AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING A HOCKEY FAN.Lets wait and see where exactly these hooligans are from when they appear in court.Don’t be surprised if some are from Seattle area ie: PROFESSIONAL DISSIDENTS. Vancouver will never be open to the public again for a sporting event which is a shame to all of Canada.Where else in Canada does over one hundred thousand people show up to support their local sports team ??Throw the book at these A-HOLES. I’m MAD AS HELL

  30. Stephania says:


    It makes Vancouver look even worse. Glad that I’m on this coast…for a change! Would the same thing happen in Toronto?

  31. Mischa says:

    As a Vancouverite and Canucks fan, this is not me and most of the other citizens of the city and area. This was a small group of people (that did include some hockey fans) that knew they wanted to cause trouble, whether the Canucks won or lost. In a way, the loss meant people with families and young kids left right after the game was over.

    The people on the sides of the disruptions using their phones and cameras to record everything did not help the problem. If they had just moved on, the troublemakers would have been exposed as the real culprits of the damage and would have been easier to corral and control. People just had no sense of real harm they were putting themselves in staying in the area.

    And did anyone see the real hockey fans (about 16,000 of them) that stayed in the arena and cheered when Tim Thomas won the Conn Smythe and Chara hoisted the Stanley Cup, that is what the true fans of the game did, not the bulk of what you saw on TV.

  32. kingy says:

    this is the reason why pot shouldn’t be legal. you could smell pot blocks away hours before the game started and they were probably drunk by 2pm.

  33. mcminsen says:

    Hey, maybe this will bring down the cost of living in Vancouver because no one will want to live here or visit here anymore. Ya think? 😉

  34. Ellsie08 says:

    I agree with Larry. I think there was some kind of political motivation, perhaps something to do with the police, who no one trusts anymore. Not saying it’s okay, in fact I’m pretty disgusted by the whole thing. Why can’t we do a proper protest for things like HST and the gov’t taking lottery funding away from charities? Pretty spineless city if you ask me…

  35. Ellsie08 says:

    mcminsen – way to look on the bright side. But probably wishful thinking.

  36. Tiff says:

    I agree, it has nothing to do with the hockey game. These goons were just waiting for an excuse to be idiots. It would of happened even if they had won. I hope they catch them all and make them pay for the damage they caused. I’m very thankful for all the people that are in downtown Vancouver doing clean up this morning. I’m also very thankful for those that took the time to send the incriminating photos/videos to the police.

  37. Melissa says:

    It makes me SO upset to see so many Canadians saying horrible things about Vancouver and believing that this was only about a hockey game.

    People went downtown with bandanas and masks to cover their face obviously with the intent to start something. They were going to cause trouble whether we won or lost! Unfortunately, stupid people decided to join in. The 1,000 or so people that participated in the riot are not true Canucks/hockey fans and do NOT represent the amazing city I live in!

  38. Proud to be a British Columbian says:

    Totally agree with Larry and Melissa…….

    We should all be contacting our local MLAs to insist that people who cause or participate in riots get very stiff consequences.

    I am very proud of the Canucks!!!! Wow what a run……made it to the very end…..nothing to be ashamed of!!!

    I am also proud of our city, province and county!

  39. Linday says:

    Wow! So did no one in the riot pay attention to the fact that there are more Canadians on the Bruins then there are on the Canucks? And that since the Bruins won the Stanley Cup will actually spend more time in Canada then if the Canucks won? These people disgrace Canada!

  40. Faith says:

    This morning I saw a grown man scream out his car window at a young kid wearing a bruins jersey. There’s class for ya. The kid was nice enough to flip him off for his rude comments though – glad our youth know the proper response to @ssholes who yell things out car windows.

  41. silentbob1 says:

    Hockey sucks anyway

  42. DoodlesMom says:

    It’s just sad. I always thought we were better than that…

  43. slide says:

    I am proud of our Canucks and their run this season.

    Please don’t categorically lump everyone from Vancouver or BC with the few people who caused trouble downtown. Most Canuck fans are just happy for the chance to play for the Stanley Cup.

    Go Canucks Go!

  44. L6941 says:

    Stupid game, stupid people. The bigwigs are laughing all the way to the bank.

  45. SY says:

    I am still a proud, loyal and TRUE Canucks fan and Vancouverite. Please understand that the people that started the riots went downtown with that intent. As many have already said and as you can see in many photos/videos, they were prepared with bandanas and weapons.

    I heard people talking about the riots on the skytrain BEFORE the game, eagerly anticipating them which made me sick to hear.

    TONS of them were yelling on the streets DURING the game, so they were definitely NOT hockey fans. They were wearing Canucks gear as a way to hide with the crowd.

    Please don’t mistake this as Canucks fans being sore losers, these were people out to make trouble regardless of the outcome of the game.
    It is unfortunate that so many people joined in or did nothing. THEY should be ashamed of themselves, NOT Vancouver. Please look at all the photos of Vancouverites volunteering their time and effort to cleaning up our beautiful city starting from this morning.

  46. chloe says:

    Mischa is right a couple of posts up. It is a few dozens or hundreds of people causing trouble and they had planned on rioting whether we won or lose. The majority of Canucks fans and Vancouverites are classy and good losers; it’s a shame to see our reputation being torn down because of these rioters who are not real fans or proud Canadians. Not only so, they are making people look down on the youth, blaming them for all this although adults of all ages took part.

    As a youth and major hockey fan myself, this is very disheartening and the situation makes me want to cry. Although our boys did not win, I’m extremely proud of our team for getting so far and breaking all kinds of records this year, and I know many people feel the same.

    There are plenty of groups right now on facebook, tumbler, etc. helping to identify the looters and troublemakers (and report them to the VPD) and also to help clean up the mess left. I think that’s great and I encourage everyone to join the groups if they can 🙂

  47. Shalla says:

    This is absolutely sickening! Why would people have a need to destroy their own city?! Not to mention that a lot of those people probably work – well look where their taxed money is going now.
    A completely unproductive riot – these losers made us Vancouverites look like total poor sports. Boston is probably ROTFL at us and i’m sure other countries as well.
    I love my country, I love my city, I’m proud to say i’m a Canadian – A Vancouverite – but this spectacle makes us all look bad until some serious redemption is done.

  48. dee says:

    Those are not real Canucks fans at all. The real fans and good people of British Columbia are down there right now with gloves and garbage bags cleaning up the mess.

  49. Theresa says:

    G20 police brutality???????? Are you serious???!!!!!! Police brutality..HA…bet Syrians would give their right arm to have to deal with our police during their protests.

    As for Vancouver fans…..pathetic.

  50. Kyla says:

    This sadly just goes to show that sports are the only thing a lot of people care and are passionate about these days. -_-. Just sad, can’t even call them sore losers because they didn’t even play the game..

  51. Kyla says:

    Living in Montreal, I thought I saw it all, and these people give hockey fans a bad name

  52. SY says:

    THEY ARENT HOCKEY FANS!!! The media really needs to represent this situation better. These people came prepared with bricks in their backpacks, bandanas to use as face masks and crowbars and the like. They were well prepared and organized, ready to cause chaos. It had NOTHING to do with hockey. Real hockey fans are disgusted by this before. Go see footage at Rogers Arena and you’ll see the fans cheering on the Bruins and Thomas when he got the Conn Smythe.

  53. ThinkItThrough says:

    How can you be so hateful about your fellow countrymen and so self-righteous at the same time?
    The VAST majority of us took our loss with dignity and dealt with our disapointment without damaging anything or hurting anyone. I was very sad to lose the cup, I was shocked and embarrassed by the riots, and then I come on SC to feel better and some mean people are spouting hate about Vancouver, British Columbia, the Canucks, and their fans. Well, if it makes you feel better, I feel your hatred and disgust. I haven’t done anything to deserve it, but I feel it. Well done.

  54. maliha44 says:

    Seriously? They’re trashing their own city!

  55. jason says:

    its not canadians even loosing the cup its a mix of all countries . I am a sharks fan and i still think they have the most canadians on it . I didnt care who won we won the Olympics now thats a true canadian team. Now its garbage hockey with overpaid players

  56. Andrea says:

    Phew…takes the heat off of Montreal for a little while!!
    I have to say, it looks like a page right out of the “Idiots of Montreal” playbook! (I say in quotes, because clearly it was a minor few of the population who actually rioted…both here and Van, not to mention almost every other city in North America at some time or another).
    Montreal police have finally learned to be pro-active during big sporting events in Montreal – they send out the Mounted Police, create mini concerts, all sorts of things to divert people’s attention from rioting. It seems to be working, but alas, we will most likely always have to deal with a certain amount of destruction because those that destroy plan in advance…it’s no real coincidence, just a lousy excuse to be stupid, with a capital S.

    Stand tall all your Vancouverites who cheered on your team with good grace and enthousiasm!!! There are always the minority few who feel it’s their God giving right to ruin the fun for others.

  57. monkeymommy says:

    I have to say I am really truly disgusted! I was disgusted when the G20 happened and not just because of the riots but with the costs associated with that could have been put to much better use…..and now this. Really people WTF! Isn’t Canada supposed to be peaceful….rioting over a hockey game, makes me sick!

  58. M C says:

    SNOWPLOWS SNOWPLOWS SNOWPLOWS that will sweep their arses

  59. Diane456 says:

    I am disgusted & embarressed. Rioting over Hockey?! Are we as Canadian better than that? Sad…..

  60. Vancouver pride says:

    THEY WERE NOT RIOTING OVER HOCKEY….this was planned and making us hockey lovers look bad. its sad to see what a minor number of ppl can do to our wonderful city. Canucks had an awesome run this year and it was great to watch. please stop talking down on our city when you don’t have all the information and go by only what they want you to know

  61. Kathleen says:

    Reading all these posts is almost as upsetting as watching the riots on TV. As a few people have said, this riot was planned in advance & the ‘organizers’ knew how to take advantage of an emotionally charged event, fueled by lots of booze and testosterone(yes, I know that some young women were involved, too). Many people attempted to step in to prevent the looting. etc., and were beaten for their efforts. This morning, lots of people took it upon themselves to go downtown to help with the clean-up. We are all disgusted with what has happened & know that we have a lot of work to do to repair Vancouver’s image (and B.C.’s image,too)and it would be really nice if the rest of Canada wasn’t sneering at us.

  62. Mischa says:

    Although there does seem to be an understanding that these were not real hockey fans, there seems to still be a lot of people that don’t understand that the riot had nothing to do with the Canucks losing the hockey game, or even the hockey game at all.

    Police have confirmed that a lot of the instigators of the riot were the same anarchists that tried to shame the city by crashing a peaceful Olympic protest (with their hoodies and bandanas) and breaking the same glass at the Bay that they did last night! These anarchists aren’t carrying laptops in those backpacks you see many of them wearing. I’ve heard stories of people seeing the protestors pull crowbars and bricks from their bags in order to destroy the city.

    Again, the hockey game just served as the event for those people to hide in and use as cover for damaging our beautiful city.

    The influx of volunteers that came downtown with their own brooms and dustpans to sweep and clean up the broken glass and trash left by these anarchist was a way for us to stay f/u to those that did the damage.

    Please believe the hockey game loss had nothing to do with this event.

  63. ecliptic says:

    The clean-up efforts by hundreds of volunteers the next day is what everyone should also remember:

  64. VancouverGrownUp says:

    I find the comments that Vancouver is response for this event ignorant and hateful. Well the events of last night are horrible, to place blame on an entire population because of geographic location is horrible as well.

    I was downtown when the riots began for another event and those people that rioted would have done so whether the game was won or lost. They brought bandanas and tools with them and the trouble had started before the third period even started. This was NOT about a hockey game. This was an opportunistic group of parasites looking for an excuse to riot and get themselves on film. Yes, some very impaired and soreful hockey fans joined in but what the news did not cover was the thousands of people who got out of the downtown core before the riot began, the groups that joined arms to block rioters from getting to some businesses, making protective circles around the injured and the young, the riot police who responded swiftly and the HUNDREDS of volunteers who rallied this morning to clean up what surely was NOT their mess.

    I hope this never happens in your communities and if by some horrible chance it does, I hope the rest of the country rallies to your support not to your condemnation.

  65. carlyincanada says:

    I agree that it wasn’t about losing a hockey game…these idiots were looking for trouble & wanted their 15 minutes of fame on a Utube video! I hope with all the pics/videos they can round them up & they get the punishment they deserve! Thank goodness they didn’t bring guns with them or could be worse!

    What a great season Vancouver had & a great series to watch! It was nice to see the citizens help cleaned up the mess so fast!

  66. Lori says:

    It’s the few miscreants at various games/events that make me not like sports so much. I personally think the only people who should care so much about winning/losing a game are the people paid to play it. Rioting and looting is not going to change what happened.

  67. Robin says:

    Canada did not riot, it was the actions of a handful of idiots! Did Canada riot during the G20! No, Canada did not, again, it was the actions of a few who just wanted to do damage. DO NOT group the rest of us in with these criminals.

    Those of you that say they are so ashamed to be Canadian then please leave with my blessing because the thing about being Canadian is that you have freedom of choice to do just that.

    That is why so many of our soldiers have died, so you can have it.

    Riot damage can be cleaned up, anti Canadian attitudes and comments are permanent.

  68. Smyleybears says:

    It saddens me to see so many people that are Canadians themselves be so quick to jump all over the people of Vancouver. If you really took the time to view and investigate what happened here 2 nights ago you would see that the majority of those involved in the riot showed up there to cause desctruction no matter the outcome of the game. For those that say Canuck Fans were involved of course that is a possibility but we can’t be sure that those with jersey’s on actually bought those jersey’s. There was a ton of looting going on that night…much of which was Canuck product. People need to open their eyes and see what this really was… a bunch of young punks who were out to cause trouble and used the crowds as cover for their misbehaviour. You don’t show up to an outdoor game showing with masks, flame throwers, explosives and things of that nature unless you have a dark motive. It was so scary down here that police had to lock families that had come to enjoy the game in a theatre to keep them safe. People were hurt and all for what, so some young punks could have what they consider a good time. Our country as a whole needs to stop barring parents from doing their job and we as parents need to start disciplining our kids and keep them out of this kind of trouble. Young people are being handed everything, with no consequences for actions and its not teaching them the value of working hard for something and the personal cost once it has been destroyed. Instead of wasting your energies on blaming all of Vancvouer put your energies into helping a country work towards raising a different kind of youth so we can avoid riots of stupidity like this in the future…these people don’t only live in Vancouver…they live in your city too.

  69. pj says:

    Those of us who live in this beautiful part of the country are VERY upset by what happened after the hockey game. My son was there, but saw what was happening and left during the 3rd period. He said things were already starting to be out of control BEFORE the game even started. This was not like the Olympics when everyone was having fun! Even then there were a few people who tried to start something but they were stopped by the rest of the crowds. This time there were too many people to start which made things escalate to the level they did. We are all hoping that the people who really instigated this whole thing are found and charged!
    Has everyone forgotten what this town was like during the Olympics? That is what Vancouver is really about!!!

  70. Todd says:

    This was an organized riot, 25-50 who have nothing better to do but take advantage of the situation and give the city of Vancouver and its hockey fans a black eye.
    Once the few got all the drunkards whipped into a frenzy, the riot was on…

    embarrassing yes, but hockey fans.. no

  71. Mike says:

    Hockey is in our Blood!


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