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Shoppers Drug Mart Black Friday Weekend Bonus Redemption Tips and FAQ

First time redeeming your Shoppers Optimum points or just have questions about the upcoming bonus redemption? The upcoming Shoppers Drug Mart Spend Your Points Plus event is a change-up from their usual bonus redemptions and there are a lot of questions about redeeming.  Here are the answers to the most asked questions and some tips …Read More

Shoppers Drug Mart: Super Redemption Event September 6-7 *Now With Flyer Sneak Peek*

It is that time of year again!  Redeem your points for even more at Shoppers Drug Mart next weekend.    Shop on Saturday 6 September or Sunday 7 September and redeem your points at Super Bonus Redemption: Redeem 25,000 Optimum points and get $50 (regularly 22k for $30 or 28k for $60) Redeem 50,000 Optimum points …Read More

Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Beauty Redemption July 6-7

LuckyMe received this mailer from Shoppers Drug Mart and next weekend, July 6 & 7 will be a bonus redemption on beauty items.  Indulge in beauty and save: $90 for 40,000 points (usually $60 for 38,000) $200 for 80,000 ($170 for 95,00 regularly and $200 for 95,000 for bonus redemptions so a great deal if …Read More

Shoppers Drug Mart Redemption Flyer Sneak Peek *Updated*

We can now start to plan redemptions if you still plan to redeem at the lower amounts.  After seeing the flyer, I will hold onto those points for a future event or Boxing Day sales. Click here to view the Ontario Shoppers Drug Mart flyer including food and electronics

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Mega Bonus Redemption *December 1-2*

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada is holding their Mega Bonus Redemption from December 1-2, 2012! –30,000 points is worth $60 (extra $20) 38,000 for $70 (extra $10) -50,000 points is  worth $125 (extra $40) $105 (extra $20) -95,000 points is worth $250 (extra $80) $210 (extra $40) Mark this one on your calendars! Click here to check out the …Read More

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