Troubleshooting Printable Coupons & Java

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With more coupons only being available to print and not mail to home, many forum members have mentioned issues printing SmartSource coupons recently.  According to SmartSource, often the issue comes from java updates on your computer.  Your computer asks for an update, you click yes, but it does not fully uninstall the old version and some browsers (especially Firefox and Internet Explorer) have issues when there are multiple versions of java installed.

The latest versions of Chrome are not compatible with many coupon printers due to issues with java so you will need to switch to another browser if you use Chrome.

If you have issues printing coupons requiring a coupon printer (SmartSource, Qples etc) try removing java and installing a fresh copy.

  • Go to control panel, choose Add/Remove Programs and find Java (it may be listed several times) – choose uninstall/remove
  • Java also offer a removal tool to ensure you have removed all versions if that is easier for you
  • Go to and install the most recent version for your browser
  • Go to their verification page to ensure your browser recognizes the most recent version

Many browsers also block java even when installed properly but you can authorize it for a specific site.


Go to each of the sites you use to print coupons and click the globe beside the URL. Click more information and choose permissions.  Click always allow on Java and you should be able to print your coupons.

That should help you print if you experience issues.  Personally I just print coupon from Opera as I find it has the least issues with the various coupon printer sites.

9 responses to “Troubleshooting Printable Coupons & Java”

  1. Antonia says:

    Great notes! Thank you! 😊

  2. Mary says:

    Still cannot install Java, not enough info regarding installing Java
    again after uninstalling. I am not that swift on this feature. Still cannot comprehend all these problems.

    • FallenPixels says:

      Mary, the site to uninstall java also includes the newest version to download

    • Nancy says:

      same problem here, just figured it out.
      at the top of your web browser go to ‘add on’s ‘ go to ‘ plug ins’ and scroll down to Java and click on ACTIVATE this will solve your problem. It worked for me as it took me days on end to finally figure it out

    • Nancy says:

      Mary, usually when you click on to install ‘java’ it would remove the old version and install the updated ‘java’. automatically.
      You can also manually uninstall ‘java’ yourself if you want. Go to ‘control panel’ from there click on programs and features once opened scroll down to java and you can uninstall it from there as well. Then you can install ‘java’ again try website and download from there. Another aid is ‘youtube’ if you still a bit confused, maybe there might be a visual for you to see 😉
      Hope this helps. (i am a visual person too)
      Hope this helps.

  3. Jessica says:

    It can get somewhat complicated…it’s probably better to just install and use Opera as suggested.

  4. mar ilkanaev says:

    does anybody know what to do with websaver coupons? chrome doesn’t support Java anymore and my window doesn’t get me in 🙁

  5. Nancy says:

    I just figured out how to enable JAVA… go to your ‘add on s’ located at the top right side of your web browser scroll down to JAVA and click on ‘ACTIVATE’
    Your coupons will print now from any coupon site. After many days and hours of installing and uninstalling java and adobe reader I finally figured it out, sadly, I did miss out on the International Delight coupon for $1.50
    Good luck and hope this helps


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