What Did You Buy In The Black Friday Canada Sales?

Are you shopping in Canada today or did you cross the border? Have you already been out to hit the early sales?  What did you buy?

Did you find the sales were worthwhile, they have obviously better prices across the border, but factor in a day off work, travel, maybe a hotel and taxes if you don’t stay long enough and it doesn’t seem as cheap for the few items I wanted.

The local news here showed a woman who was so happy to buy something 60% off only to pull off the red tag and find she had saved around 10% off the regular price – what were your big let-down in the sales?

54 responses to “What Did You Buy In The Black Friday Canada Sales?”

  1. Honestly, everyone is promoting it like all the Canadian retailers are jumping on the bandwagon, but I found last years BF deals to be a lot better. I did hit up American Eagle though, got a lot crossed off my list. They were one of the better sales this year.

  2. brandyzz says:

    I’m not too impressed with most of the deals myself this year. I did find my son 3 pairs of pants at the childrens place online sale(coupon code+free shipping) for $12.56 delivered.

  3. HALDTH says:

    2 skirts for $8 and free shipping
    $50 blazer for $15

    …waiting for the old navy sale on saturday 😛

  4. Andie says:

    the only reason i set foot in a store today is my office tower is attached to a mall and that it the only place to go at lunch. i bought a few things online at amazon.ca yesterday (got a keurig for $88, which we needed as the tassimo died earlier this year), and i bought a few things at the Body Shop 3 for $30 sale at lunch. that’s it. my shopping was already done, inexpensively, by watching for deals for the past few months. I agree about going over the border, with the gas, travel time, vacation day, etc, i can’t imagine you actually save anything (now, if you just think it’s fun, then, go and have a good time! 🙂 )

  5. Karen Williams says:

    I ordered a tv that was on sale from Walmart. They will ship it for $5,75….cheaper then driving to the store….plus I didn’t have to get up early and wait in line.

  6. M.J. says:

    I got a new Garmin for my husband online with Amazon on a lightening deal…..reg 349.99 for 99.99……….I’m almost done all my shopping by watching for deals all the time……just waiting for any deals on Cyber Monday to finish , I hope ! 🙂

  7. Lisa Smith says:

    Found some good deals at Canadian Tire that where still in stock with no line-up 😮 which was amazing. The staff was super helpful too!

  8. Yuki says:

    Sephora Canada was a bust.. 🙁 I wanted to buy something online but their Canadian site was down or something and then by the time it worked, all of the items in my basket were out of stock!!! Darn.

  9. kim says:

    Just the childrens place online hat mitts and pairs for $12

  10. melissa says:

    The sales are the same as usual or worse. If Canadian retailers really want people to stay in Canada for black friday they need to work on their game plan instead of offering the same deals I can get every other weekend.

  11. Sdleclair says:

    Got lots of great deals at Old Navy to give as gifts.

  12. Rob K says:

    “melissa November 23rd, 2012

    The sales are the same as usual or worse. If Canadian retailers really want people to stay in Canada for black Friday they need to work on their game plan instead of offering the same deals I can get every other weekend.”

    100% agree, i didn’t even bother going anywhere, and only did a little bit of online shopping

  13. Boo Radley says:

    i bought the Samsung 46″ E550 Series LCD TV for $497.99 from Future shop 🙂

  14. bekki3 says:

    Went to Wal-Mart at 9:30 for the camera they had advertised in their flyer. Salesperson told me each store only received 3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME… 3 PER STORE!!!! Why advertise it in the flyer. ARRGGHH!!!!

  15. Carrie H says:

    I’m trying save $$$ for trip for hubby and me and finish decorating the master bedroom. It has been very hard not to go shopping so i decided not to get dressed but The net just keeps calling me buy buy buy. Stay strong Carrie!!!

  16. bee says:

    The only deals I got were from American companies (online shopping, some offered free shipping to Canada)…the in-store sales here were pretty disappointing, the same sales you normally get.

  17. LD says:

    I totally agree with Melissa! I didn’t find any good deals when I went through the mall today at lunch. Until Canadian retailers can step up and offering better deals then I will still go over to the US to shop on black Fridays.

  18. nick says:

    Bought nothing, many just offered no tax

  19. Kristyn says:

    I got my mom a Kitchenaid Mixmaster for $198 – 20% discount = about $180 (with taxes). It seems like a lot but considering they are going for $399+ in the US right now, it really isn’t.

  20. Arteme says:

    Saw a camera online and talked myself into buying it for hubby – too late! It went out of stock just as I went to purchase it. Spent rest of day looking at other sites and couldn’t match the deal. Kicking myself for not snapping it up in a way, but in another way I think – whoa, that’s still a lot of money on a single gift. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

    I’ll be checking the Cyber Monday deals though. 😉 LOL

  21. jasmynflower says:

    It was my first time shopping on black friday and i found 1 good deal yesterday. my fiancee and i both have stretched ears and i got 2 pairs of earrings plus some star wars stickers for 12.83 including delivery 🙂 the stickers were for fun cause we love star wars but i just received a pair of earrings from another company in the mail on monday and i paid $25.00 for them including shipping so this was an awesome deal for us 🙂

  22. jasmynflower says:

    i also went to a forever 21 sale 2 weeks ago and got amazing deals so i didnt feel like i missed out today…like a blazer for $7 and a sweater for $5 and underwear for $1 each and a $2.50 bra 😀

  23. hijinx25 says:

    Walmart – got 2 Littlest Pet Shop sets for $5 each and used my Hasbro coupon, so FREE.

    Then I spent the rest of my money on Amazon.com and Walmart.com where the prices are more than 50% less than what it’s going for in Canada. Ridiculous.

  24. Vin says:

    I bought the 39″ Samsung TV yesterday from Costco. They had it for the sale price like everywhere else but you can’t beat the Costco warranty. Also today i bought a new mattress at sears and also a couch from there as well. They priced matched a Leons mattress for me, plus gave me free shipping and a free metal frame but i had to talk my way into that deal! Now i need bar stools and a dresser.

  25. Wendy says:

    I went to Cookstown with my daughter. it’s tax free day as well.
    lined up at coach… bought a beautiful handbag, product code: F19425 priced retail at $428 and i only paid $149… unreal, it was mark down to 419.99 then another 50% off and then another 30% just today and wait… they gave me another 10% coupon at the door. what a bargain!
    I love my new bag and I love Cookstown outlet. They close at 9pm tonight. 🙂

  26. Sakura says:

    Wanted to buy something on Sephora and by the time the website worked, it’s sold out. Nothing else on my list.

  27. Annie says:

    I set out this morning all ready to spend a lot on Christmas presents…but was very disappointed. There were no good sales at all. I ended up at The Bargain Shop and bought some nice slippers and enjoyed good help and banter from the staff – quite an enjoyable experience, actually. So I’m glad that I still have money in my pocket. Black Friday left my credit card in the black, and that’s always a good thing.

  28. ryandtysmom says:

    Costco.ca had a roomba on for $199.99 but did not have any in stock when I went to order it. Went to Canadian Tire – they hardly had any Christmas merchandise on sale. Walmart had run out of most of the sales by 2pm. Pathetic.

  29. mojo says:

    I bought 2 pairs of kids pants at children’s place. It only cost me $8.56 that includes tax and delivery!! That’s better than V.V. or Talize!

  30. adora says:

    I bought a set of 3 Delsey luggage from The Bay for 75% off. Total just under $250 plus a free $25 cash card to spend later. The large one alone is regularly priced $300. Too bad they didn’t have it in stock at the store, otherwise, I could get additional $10 off plus 30 bonus Air Miles! Still, free shipping. I’m very pleased! I’ve been eyeing these luggage for months!!!
    I also got Little Big Planet Karting for $29.99 at Best Buy. So much fun! I’m going to play it now! Bye. 🙂

  31. Jacki says:

    Stocked up on sweats, t shirts and jammie pants for hubby and 6 year old on old navy.ca for cheap.

    Got an Ergo on BabySteals for almost half price.

    Hubby checked future shop for a camera we want for my parents for Xmas and it was $179 yesterday on sale and even more on sale today for $119!

  32. Tobiwobi says:

    A nice large floor lamp from Bombay for $79. Original price much larger but I don’t pay attention to original price and buy cos it’s discounted by whatever %. present for my parents. I was feeling pretty good about this purchase when I saw similar size lamps going for a lot more in homesense and they’re not even as nice as the Bombay one I got. And that’s it, didn’t buy anything else although I was in quite a lot of shops today.

  33. Gwaiju says:

    i think i got some pretty good deals today… went to get three pet beds at 55% off.. turns out to b 8.99 each… then two pairs of puma casual shoes…40% off .. each around 45 bucks .. and a puma down jacket for 70 original 150 !

  34. Cheers says:

    Went to Sephora first thing in the morning, got everything I wanted from their BF selection. Gap kidd was also awesome (60% off really cute and practical clothes, can’t beat that), the few kids I buy prezzies for at Christmas = done!
    Biggest disappointment was Michael Kors. The one I went to had no sales – I knew it was different at each store but still… Boo!
    On the way out of the mall, found 2 pairs of boots at Naturalizer, 30% off.
    All in all, not too bad. I was out by 10:30, so no crowds!

  35. moom says:

    Bought an iPad 4 + Smart Case direct from the online Apple Store. It’s the only time of the year Apple give discounts on basically anything… Saved about 8% but because I went via airmiles I should also get 20x airmiles on the purchase to use to go have some fun as well…

    Only thing we were interested in this year really and definitely didn’t want to brave any crowds at the malls.

  36. picklehead says:

    I got some soap from bath and body (10 antibacterial soaps for $30) used a $10 coupon and SPC. Can’t complain.

    Went to William Sonoma and got sesame street sandwich cookie cutters for $11.99 that I had my eye on for a while.

    Other than that I find it was alot of hype for nothing. Best Buy lowered prices on all their video games to match EB games so you couldn’t get the difference.

  37. Kary says:

    The deals weren’t impressive at all. The deals that each store had were just their “best sales”.. like for example American Eagle had extra 40% off everything, they’ve done that before for no reason… I was expecting maybe 50% off. Same with Urban Outfitters, they did extra 50% off sales, they do that 4 times a year anyway, maybe 60% off would’ve been cool. Most other stores had sales that sucked, 20% off? No tax? Please. I think the best deals were some of Sephora’s $12 deals (Aside from electronics – I didn’t look at those)

  38. kerry says:

    Went to Petsmart,where they had bags of Iams dry cat food on for half price,at 5.99.I had two coupons worth $5 each that I applied towards the cost,bringing the end total to 99cents a bag.Also got some pouches of whiskas cat food for 25c,with coupons.Got a large bags of lays chips for 50c,with a 2 dollar coupon at price smart…

  39. vinters says:

    I wanted to order a couple of those micro sd memory cards. Those ones which are the size of a couple toe nail clippings? Mistake to be on the Canadian Computers web site. They wanted $32 to ship those little clippings.
    ….so I quit while I was behind! ….got nothing …but then neither did they! 🙂

  40. Olivercat says:

    I got a old tv series set on amazon.com for about 70% off. I had planned to buy it anyway when I had enough gift card money and the flash sale made it possible Friday. The lower price made it about 12% of the cost of buying it in Canada!
    There were other great sales, but my budget said look don’ t buy!

  41. Sue says:

    Reading the posts makes me glad I was working on Friday. Would have been a waste of time, money and vacation day.

  42. si says:

    2TB hard drive for 139.99 from future shop,,
    $8 baby tshirt, $17 baby skirt from baby gap,
    that’s it…

    tones of ppl not much sale…

  43. bluemoon says:

    i ordered from FS a 39 inch Samsung TV to be delivered.

  44. Danifish says:

    Nothing caught my eye this year…. Not really any good deals in my opinion. I just wanted to do my groceries in peace, LOL.

  45. jane says:

    got the phillips razor at walmart, on sale for $39 with $20 coupon paid $19…father in law will be happy.

  46. Shelly says:

    Bought the Kobo mini for my daughter at Chapters online. I stay away from the stores and do most of my shopping online. Got a lot of great deals on the Old Navy website today. I am going to check out the sales on Cyber Monday too.

  47. archiesantos says:

    Went to arapostle and they jacked up all the prices the night before by at leat 50 to 60% then they told you your getting 60% off . What a lie.!!!

  48. rrrr says:

    Went to FCUK, bought 2 weathers for little short of $100. Nothing special tho.
    And then went to H and M got winter hat for $5 X2, and a black jacket for $30. Not sure if my 5 hour was worth it.. Other stores I’ve been were already in chaotic state and the line was too long that I gave up.

  49. clover says:

    Canister vacuum cleaner for half price (I’ve been eyeing it since we don’t have a vacuum cleaner and it has lots of good reviews), winter boots (40% off & no tax), these are the sales % I’ve seen randomly during the year.. so nothing special. A jacket from roots (30%) only because I really like it, really warm for its weight. All online and free shipping. I’m eyeing a lot of $6 sweaters from oldnavy, not sure if I’m going to order because I’m trying to buy only what I need. haha.

  50. Mike says:

    Banana Republic and Browns Shoes online – didn’t have to leave home and got clothes at 40% off and shoes at 60% off. And free shipping….

    Better than Black Friday? Almost new items off Kijiji or Ebay for even cheaper.

  51. rk86 says:

    Well i did end up getting a few things. Two Monster Component 8ft cables at Can Comp, they had 2 prices poster 11.99 and 14.88 so i check their site and found out they were actually on sale for 4.88, glad i checked because i was going to get one of the in house brand iCan 6ft cables for $14. And the 32GB ADATA Memory stick $15.

  52. Sarah says:

    I got a new winter coat for my daughter at Gymboree for $20 and I got each girl a new night gown for under $10 each. I got a few pet shops and my little pony sets at ToysRus which I PM WM. I also got a couple other 1/2 price toys there that were on sale that day.
    I am pretty much finished shopping for my kids for Christmas. It feels great!

  53. Katherine says:

    Bought some clothing online from Garage on Friday. Spent $65 dollars and got 3 pairs of jeans, a pair of leggings, and 3 tank tops, plus free shipping. Today I went to home outfitters with the boyfriend and got a 16pc stoneware set for $29 (reg. $119.99). We were going to get a Tassimo too for $70, but the staff said they sold out of those at 9am on Friday so we were waaay to late for that one :p

  54. spomenka says:

    Utilmate score. I went to line up at 7 am at h&m and then by 8 am I got a fashion pass and won 300 dollars of free clothing for one hour of my time;)


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