What not to wear when meeting the Prime Minister

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  1. iamperfectforme says:


  2. jones03 says:

    …that’s kind of disrespectful. He wore a tux when he met Obama

  3. Safyre says:

    This picture makes me sick, I cannot put into words my disgust.
    My grandmother won this same award, which was handed out by our local MP during a beautiful ceremony held in our own community. I can say that each of our local recipients dressed more appropriately than this ‘idol’. I truly hope people do not believe him to be a representation of Canada, this picture is not MY Canada.

  4. M.J. says:

    I think it’s totally disrespectful and I cannot think of any reason why this kid deserves any kind of award from our Prime Minisiter …..it belittles the people that actually deserve it

  5. G.W. says:

    People care too much about clothing. I think if someone is clean that’s all that matters.

  6. karen says:

    its great!

  7. bhlombardy says:

    FIrst of all, Bieber gets a medal… for doing what, exactly?

    What has he contributed to deserve the Diamond Jubilee medal?

  8. Sweet Pea says:

    He should be ashamed- he is a Canadian role model- is this how our young people are to look when meeting dignitaries? What about a job interview? What a class-less brat- looks like he just finished painting his room.

  9. jael says:

    this kid is a total idiot. no respect at all. honestly, he wears a tux for obama.. and cant dress decent for canada!

  10. Peppermint Patty says:

    Obviously his handlers missed the mark on this one.

  11. katsy says:

    I guess he got the Diamond Jubilee Medal for his fashion sense!

  12. Kelly says:

    Who gives a crap? It’s only Justin Bieber and Stephen Harper. Since when do either of them deserve any respect?

  13. Amanda says:

    I just…wow. I don’t know what to say. We could throw around the “he’s just a teenager” excuse, but honestly, even if he didn’t know better, *someone* should have. Doesn’t he have people for this kind of thing? What we wear makes people form opinions of us, whether we like it or not. If he were some poor homeless kid who couldn’t afford something nice to wear, fine. But that’s not the case and really wearing what he did when you know he has much nicer clothes he could have worn really does scream disrespect. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion on Stephen Harper, there are times when one should dress respectably for the occasion, and this was one of them. Oh, look, I found something to say! lol

  14. Tiffany says:

    I believe he was dressed for a concert and was presented the award right before the concert. Probably didn’t have time to change?

  15. bhlombardy says:

    @Tiffany. I thought about that and dismissed it shortly after. I can change clothes in about 5 minutes… in and out of a suit. Even if it was 10 minutes, concerts rarely start on time, and no one would have noticed. He had time to change, especially out of a suit and into THAT. The only way he should have been dressed like that is if Harper came on stage during the concert… or while Bieber was harvesting potatoes. Either way, from the backdrop, he obviously didn’t do either.

  16. mod says:

    Oh please, I don’t truly believe that he showed up in overalls because he had no time to change. I don’t buy that… And this isn’t about him him in overalls or not, it’s about what image you present to others and rest of the country. If you were someone who dressed like you don’t care, then that’s what people would think, despite the million and one reasons of why he could have been dressed in that way. The image I get is that he doesn’t care enough. And what sucks is that some (not all) may actually applaud at that or think it’s alright. Sigh. There’s a time and place for everything honestly.

  17. larry says:

    he gives thre image of a 14 year old skate boarder no wonder Selena is dumping him he’s a kid with no respect for his country

  18. Jen says:

    So juvenile and disrespectful Obviously does not care about the award or the government of Canada

  19. wp says:

    First I do not agree with Bieber getting a “Jubilee Medal” but as for disrespecting the PM I cetrainly am of the opinion that Harper doesn’t deserve any respect. He First I do not agree with Beiber getting a “Diamond Jubilee Medal” but as for disrespecting the PM I certainly am of the opinion that Harper doesn’t deserve any respect. He and his “cons”have made a mockery of our parliamentary system and they were elected by cheating. This government is the most undemocratic government that Canada has ever seen and deserves no respect. and his “cons”have made a mockery of our prlimentary system and they were elected by cheating. This govenement is the most undemocratic govenement that Canada has ever seen and deserves no respect.

  20. Eric says:

    Harper and Beiber were in the same vicinity? Where’s a sniper when you really want one?

  21. Wendy says:

    This is from Stephen Harper’s twitter (‏@pmharper):

    “In fairness to @justinbieber, I told him I would be wearing my overalls too. #cdnpoli #beliebers”

    …Make of it what you will.

  22. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious says:

    Wow….kinda disrespectful. I’m not sure if I expected better from him (Justin)though.

  23. Amanda says:

    I can’t believe the comments here. I am not saying what he’s wearing is really acceptable but look who he is meeting. I wouldn’t cross the road to meet Harper.

  24. rk86 says:

    I wouldn’t have dressed up either if i was meeting Harper, But i would if i was receiving the Diamond Jubilee Medal

  25. :) says:


  26. Laura says:

    Gee! This picture makes me sooo proud to be a Canadian! (insert sarcasm here!) What the heck is up with the overalls?????? I think he does not deserve this—isn’t there protocol of what to wear?? Anyways, Never was a Bieber fan…this definitely doesn’t make me like him more….idiot!

  27. Karen says:

    What you aren’t seeing here is that he was clothed and ready for his concert….so in sense these are his work clothes. Just because you don’t like how he dresses or sings doesn’t make it wrong or bad.

  28. Carlotta says:

    No matter what your political stance is, Harper is our Prime Minister and deserves respect. The sniper comment above is uncalled for. If you prefer someone else use your vote to get rid of him. And if you are being presented with an honour like this you should have the good sense to dress with the respect that the award deserves. I don’t care if he was going onstage soon or not. I’m pretty sure he is used to making quick costume changes and if there was ever a time to do it, this was it. No excuse.

  29. Jakob says:

    All you people giving your political reviews and Harper opinions….WHO CARES?? The point is this Punk Bieber gets an award from Canada, and totally takes a crap on it by dressing like a douchebag. He is a little punk, and this proves he was undeserving. He shouldn’t have been given the award until he came dressed like a man. Show some respect, Harper hater or not, its very disrespectful to our country! Bieber is an embarrassment!

  30. K says:

    Please tell me this was photo-shopped LOL!!
    I seriously didn’t believe this was real for a second.

  31. Moonieya says:

    It is upsetting that so many of you have your knickers in a twist over what the Biebs is wearing, but no such outrage over Harper’s Conservatives pleading guilty to breaking election laws, their defiance of parliamentary procedure and their continued disrespect of Canadians and our democratic processes. Just b/c he is prime minister doesn’t mean he deserves respect. Respect is earned and reciprocated.

    • FallenPixels says:

      It is not about respecting Harper or respecting the PC government, it is about respecting the Honour of the Jubilee medal and everything you and the others who received them have done to get that honour IMO

  32. theresa says:

    I’m guessing all his “people” are Americans” who could care less about our country. Insulting to our nation.

  33. theresa says:

    Eric….you are a moron.

  34. mod says:

    Guy… harper aside, no matter if you think he’s a good or bad political leader (heck, i don’t even give 2 **** on politics), I still think the Diamond Jubilee award is important. It’s great prestige and Bieber made it look less important. How does that make the previous recipients feel? To those people it’s not just another award for them and they took it seriously. Bieber might have taken it seriously but his clothes says otherwise, no matter what other reasons there may be, this is what a lot of people will think. Maybe he was just making a statement I don’t know. And the tweet from Harper, I’m pretty sure it’s just to calm things down with some sense of humor (he certainly ain’t going to agree that he was disrespectful to add fuel to the fire…).

  35. Jason says:

    I dont like eithher of them but it doesnt matter what you wear . Long as you show up and accept it who cares what other people think . I could care less if he was in a bath robe .
    Now Mod sure its ok not to care about polotics but in the ennd you must as you are on here arguing lol and you said you care about the award . Now i am kinda lost on this i hope your not a real Mod on here that may be embarasing for you .

  36. saver says:

    I almost thought this photo was a joke at first. It is about respecting your country and the position. Jason, yes you are lost and learn how to spell.

  37. Julia says:

    Who cares. I wouldn’t have dressed up for Harper either. It’s funny how people are all made because of what a teen pop star wore instead of the terrible and dishonest things the other man in the photo has done. Unbelievable.

  38. Katherine says:

    Title of this should be “what not to wear, period”

  39. Brandon says:

    “Harvesting potatoes” ROTFL, dude @bhlombardy you made my day! You’re awesome!

  40. Jason says:

    hey saver good job lol on pointing that out. Good job missing the point .
    Julia you made the perfect point . 🙂 I am glad their are smart people in this country and can see things instead of blinders on .

  41. Jason says:

    hey saver tell me all the great things Haroer has done for this country . Since your the smart one i will wait . take your time its a tough one

  42. Benji says:

    This isn’t about “Harper”. It’s about the PM, period, regardless of which party he is a part of.

    Those that are dismissing this are a part of the problem of why kids today have no respect for anyone or anything.

    He can dress well for Obama but but his own leader? Unacceptable.

    And ftr, I like Bieber’s music. But this is not about music or political affiliations….it is simply about respect, manners and etiquette.

  43. Safyre says:

    This award was handed out by Queen Elizabeth II’s honour. Anyone have an issue with her political standing?

  44. Jason says:

    you have to show respect to get respect

  45. sarah says:

    ummm….since when do either of them deserve ANY respect?? Get a grip!

  46. vinters says:

    “Ummm This is another one for all the ‘Haters’ out there!”
    jeez both are rebels without a clue!

  47. Rocky says:

    How exactly is JB a role model? People are so ready to jump all over this kid for anything they can. He is only a role model if you want him to be, if you so pathetic that you actually think of him a a role model then your even more lame than his clothing. JB has proved on many occasions that his level of tact and intellect are very low. Teach your kids what is right and wrong don’t let them think JB is a role model, you should be the role model for your kids by being a good example..

  48. JB says:

    I am not really a fan of either but do echo those comments about respecting the office of PM. Shameful.

  49. Sandie says:

    Unfortunately, people are quick to rush to judgement and seemingly can’t wait to criticize before knowing the full story…..
    “The pic of me and the Prime Minister was taken in a room in the arena where I was performing at that day (sic),” he wrote, according to Entertainment Tonight.
    “I walked straight from my meet and greet to him. It wasn’t like it was like I was going into his environment we were at a hockey arena. Wow am I ever white trash (sic).”
    …….the media and public, so quick to criticize…seriously people, lighten up.

  50. Wayne says:

    He is an idiot ! Glad he was booed at the Grey Cup. Two complete losers and what has he done to earn the medal ? PLEEZZZ

  51. D.I. says:

    This picture was doctered … so sad someone has nothing better to do than post this and make something out of it ..

  52. M.J. says:

    I don’t care what he and his PR people are claiming about it being at the arena…..like someone has already pointed out, it takes minutes to change into respectable clothing…….I blame both Bieber and Harper for it….Bieber for not having the common sense to dress appropriately and Harper for thinking that Bieber deserves this medal. As I stated before, I think it belittles the people that actually deserve the recognition

  53. Jason says:

    hey sarah i didnt say one deserved respect and one didnt maby you need a hug or something or is it that time of the month . I give out free huggs yes thats right free hugs to grumps like you . Let me know when you want one . Thanks 🙂

  54. YoYOTO says:

    I agree with Sandie. Until you know the story do not be so judgemental. That being said, they are both ars___es and who the F#@$&^ cares!

  55. Jason says:

    Thanks sarah i have got a grip . Smiles are free

  56. Laura McCrate says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach to see how much Justin Bieber has disrespected Canada and our values. I guarantee if he will or has met the President of the USA he will or has dressed accordingly for the occasion. My husband will be receiving this award at our military base and he is expected to be in full dress uniform,so why should a Canadian civilian be able to look like a hobo on drugs ( actually I’m positive even a hobo would at least attempt to dress for the occasion )? I understand that he deserved a medal for his charity work,and I am not one of the people that thinks he didn’t deserve one in the first place. He did, but because he deserved it it means the P.M. deserved the respect of Justin being dressed accordingly. It also angers me that the P.M. sent a congratulatory tweet to Justin, while our serving men and women in the military received not a word from him. How’s that for patriotic Mr. Harper?


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