Zellers Canada Facebook Printable Coupon 50% Off One REGULARLY PRICED Item


@ZellersOffers (Zellers Canada): Say “Cucumber” instead of “Cheese” to get in on this deal!  On most items (see coupon for exclusions) save 50% off one item until December 31st.  What an amazing offer from Zellers. 

Click here for the coupon on Facebook.

Click here for the coupon in pdf on our forum.

Thanks so much Manzervite for the awesome post.

*Wow, wheres the shovel Zellers? Your lies are digging you further your hole of failure. http://smartcanucks.ca/oh-zellers-canada-how-i-loathe-thee/ *

72 responses to “Zellers Canada Facebook Printable Coupon 50% Off One REGULARLY PRICED Item”

  1. janice says:

    thank you

  2. Terri says:

    Wow nice. Do you think Walmart would accept this?

  3. Shealee says:

    I’v called walmart and they are not able to accept this 50% off coupon 🙁

  4. TEN81 says:

    Awesome. Got my baby bedding for 50% off!

  5. Terri says:

    Thanks for checking for us Shealee!

  6. Ray says:

    a lot of difficulties redeeming this on the smartphone, even though the coupon says I can do so. You might want to print if you can!

  7. inkedmommy says:

    awesome coupon! unfortunately the cashiers in my area don’t seem to know anything about it, had to call the manager and void my order then do two separate transactions.

  8. angel says:

    thanks it’s working 100%

  9. ammi1 says:

    i used coupan from my phone with no problem at. Got a bedding set. Then a lady in store handed out same coupan to my husband so we got a crib mattress with that one…score!!

  10. Sally says:

    Well, they would of have to do 2 transactions as its one coupon per person for one item 🙂

  11. NewfBC says:

    Has Smart Canucks been authorized by Zellers to host this coupon? The coupon says it may be refused if obtained from an unauthorized source.


  12. carlyincanada says:

    Can you pricematch & use the coupon??

  13. jinedmonton says:

    Used this tonight at the southpark location in Edmonton. No problems the cashier knew exactly what to do. I picked up a kitchen aid stand mixer, $99 with tax!!! There are some great deals to be found. I’m heading back tomorrow night too!

  14. Donovan says:

    I took advantage of the flyer sale with this coupon. I got a 32 piece Tupperware set which was originally $17.99 and it was BOGO free, so I got 64 pieces of Tupperware for around $10! Great deal!

  15. mel says:

    I got a Tassimo and saved on Baby Formula!! Awesome coupon.Worked in Chateauguay.

  16. Kim says:

    I got a great deal on Lego yesterday. $50 down to $25. And as for price matching, I saw the lady in front of me price match (she had the other store flyer in her hand, and I heard her say “May I price match and use my coupon”, and the cashier said yes.) She used her 50% coupon for a vaccuum. Might want to call your local store and confirm though.

  17. IsabelT says:

    I just scored too! Got a memory foam mattress topper that was originally $219, on sale for $99, then 50% off and they took my SPC for another 10% off… $50 taxes in!

  18. Qponsaver says:

    I scored on a Olay and Gillette gift pack worth $15 and $20 normally, I got the first with 90 loads of fleecy for $0.11 and the second along with 3 Lacoups for $4! woo im going back today

  19. Tessa says:

    Just got a Kitchenaid Copperbottom cookware set for $112.00 it was onsale from $499 on for $224 plus 50% off. Also got a large wall picture for 15$ (reg 44.99) and a sleeping bag for 15$ (reg. 44.99).
    Forgot about SPC. darn. Has anyone else had any luck with SPC?

  20. mummyto2 says:

    will this work on innotab or leappad?

  21. Jonathan says:

    Used mine today to buy a Beaumark BM1155 BBQ, which was regular $499.99 but still had the previous week’s 25% off sticker price on it, which brought the BBQ down to $374.99…..so then I used my 50% off coupon which brought it down to $187.50 🙂

  22. RJ says:

    They have som nice winter shoes for the entire family @ 40 % OFF ..add this 50 % off coupon on top of it & its a great deal .

    They also have lots of clothes , jackets etc at 40 % – 50 % off ..add this 50% off coupon on top of it to get great deals 🙂

  23. Astrogal says:

    Does anyone know if this will work with video games?? I know it says it excludes “home electronics” but does that include video games too or more like things like TV’s?

  24. sfaraz says:

    Today i used my coupon on snowboats which are already 40% off cashier said you can take either 40% off or 50% , so i take coupon to custommer service , and they said you can use both and i get snowboats for only 9$

  25. skinnyminnie007 says:

    No, they won’t let you use it for video games. I tried today. She said they don’t include the home electronics in deals like these because there’s not much mark up to begin with. YEAH RIGHT!!!

  26. Sally says:

    Thats the main rule, no electronics…. that includes games, batteries, etc. I think its more then fair.

  27. tracy says:

    I got batteries with the coupon

  28. ksarra says:

    The coupon has been removed from the facebook page!

  29. Mandy says:

    We used the coupons at two different locations today. I walked out with a new cook set reg. $249 down to $89 and then 50% off. I had a “START THE CAR” moment. $70 winter boots for $23. yay! Thanks Zellers!

  30. Rose says:

    Got a tassimo coffee maker-$40
    Faux leather bar stools (original $80)- $17
    16 piece holiday dinner set – $9

  31. Rose says:

    Got a tassimo coffee maker-$40
    Faux leather bar stools (original $80)- $17
    16 piece holiday dinner set – $9

    Planning to go back for baby diapers – mega pack for $9 after 50% coupon

  32. Rad says:

    I was told by a Zellers manager that they won’t be excepting the coupon tomorrow as too many people are coming 3-4 times each day and they are looking alot of money.

    I got an Ottoman $130 on sale $85 coupon plus SPC $35 including tax

    Also, got a Pyrex set reg $45 for $10!!

    I took my bro and SIL with me but I seen many people going to different cashiers again and again and AGAIN!

    Will go back tomorrow, hopefully they will still except other Zellers locations.

    Wicked deal, thanks!:)

  33. Rad says:

    Whoops typo–>**loosing alot of money** (hate typing on my iPhone)

    Also, forget to mention! They stopped excepting the coupon on the smartphone because it was taken off of the facebook page.

    Only print outs were being excepted tonight!

  34. Amy says:

    I got an air padded iPad case (Just Air) for $1.34!! $22.49 regular price, plus 50% off and another 10% with SPC. I also redeemed 80,000 points for a $10 discount, woohoo!!

  35. xena_canada says:

    Snagged a wet dry vac on sale already half price of 74.00 for 37 bucks. nice 🙂

  36. christna says:

    I bought 10 piece pot and pan set for $50.00 GREAT DEAL!

  37. Nell says:

    I was able to get a LeapPad (last one in the store) for $62.15 taxes in!! Thank you Zellers 🙂

  38. vicki says:

    how do i print this coupon for 50 % off zellers

  39. Rad says:

    Zellers has now issued a correction notice for this week’s Facebook coupon. The Correction Notice reads: The offer shown online is incorrect. It should have stated: only regular priced items instead of “CAN be combined with our great flyer deals!”

    Limit 1 coupon per customer.

    It’s confirmed they have the notice sent from head office in the entrance and all over the cashiers!

  40. Sandra says:

    My Zellers has a correction notice saying that the coupon is not suppose to say on flyer items. I don’t think they should be allowed to do that if the coupon clearly states it. They should of thought of that before they supplied it to the public. But I was still able to use it on them even though they never said anything.

  41. Dillon says:

    I saw the correction coming because they were getting killed on this deal. Still there are deals to be had you just have to think more practical.

    $2.50 for a gallon of milk isn’t a bad deal.

  42. Jeff says:

    BS. Why did it take so long for Zellers to “see” this “mistake” on the coupon? Must’ve been losing too much money and decided to change it!

  43. NT says:

    Boooooo! I’m pretty upset. I spent a while in there collecting items (6 in our family), and most happened to be on sale so I couldn’t use the coupon. That is false advertising, so blatantly wrong to put in bold that it CAN be used on flyer deals, and then to change then to say it was a correction??!!??

  44. elisam says:

    Does anyone know how much a box of diapers are regularly?? Either brand?

  45. LisaM says:

    I missed out on this I guess, I went today and they wont honor it in Kingston. Only on full priced items. Checked out their facebook page and wow alot of angry customers because they wont honor their coupon even though some of the reps there said it was right. Like someone said “This Cucumber sure turned into a Pickle”

  46. coley3 says:

    I have the coupon but haven’t used it yet. Yikes. Whomever said this was the best coupon in 2011 I don’t agree with. It has been terrible.

  47. xXtiggerXx says:

    Well that was good while it lasted. I guess I’ll just the thankful for the deals I got yesterday.

  48. Kellyr says:

    The best is a big box of diapers for $17 😉

  49. Shall says:

    bed bath and beyond still accepts it!! RUN GO NOW!!:D

  50. Dana says:

    Hey they are retracting their statement about not allowing the coupon on sale items. You can call customer service at 888-226-2225, its all good they CAN be used.

  51. tina t says:

    well erin mills is no longer accepting it. i tried today and the cashier told me because my item was already on sale, i could not use it. spoke with the manager as well…he just stared at me with glassy eyes…apparently he had to tell a lot of customers the bad news today. i mentioned to him that when i arrived at the store this morning, there was no correction posted, and nothing at the cash desks, but he says well they are now. in the end i just left everything at the cash.
    i know i will likely get some flack for this but thanks to everyone who abused this deal and ruined it for the rest of us.

  52. 2saucy says:

    Oh Good thing I read this update, I was going to back and use the coupon tonight off of my phone. WE used the coupon on Tues and bought a TASSIMO for 40 bucks, what a sweet deal. 🙂

  53. Tamara says:

    Unfortunately, I was one who used the coupon twice. But the first time, the Cashier rang EVERYTHING at 50% off, the second time was only 1 pair of pants. Great deal though.

  54. maliha44 says:

    Another reason why I’m looking forward to the Target takeover. CANT WAIT!

  55. mel says:

    It was great while it lasted.Got some great deals.

  56. Amanda says:

    @ tina t: Damn rights your gonna get some flack, who the hell are you to reprimand people on a public forum for using a coupon more then once? It is not the consumers fault it is Zeller’s fault for having no way to track if the coupon was being used multiple times per visit.

    For the record I saw a uniformed Zellers employee abusing the coupon by using to to purchase 3 bed in a bag sets that were already discounted with the further 50% discount and guess what…THEY ALLOWED IT!

    The “greedy” customer is not to blame here, they are to blame for posting a deal they could not monitor or handle the demand for!

  57. Kristina says:

    hey guys i just called the 800# and spoke to a customer sales rep, well they said that the coupon has not been changed since this morning, and is still not valid on sale and electronic items. i asked if i could buy a full price toaster, and even that is to the stores discretion.

  58. Kristina says:

    btw, was the tassimos that some of you got at zellers for $40 on sale from $80 or were they regular $80. thanks

  59. Kim says:

    I tried to use this to buy a utensil set but because it was already on sale I was told that I could not use it. I spoke up and said nowhere on the coupon does it say that and there are no correction notices posted anywhere to make customers aware of this deal…and I got a “I’m just doing what I was told and we have a correction notice here at the cash (not visible to customers)”.

    the man behind me didn’t like the answer because he too was planning on using the coupon for an item that already was on sale and asked to speak to a manager and making comments like “Gee no wonder Target is taking over”. A “manager” came and would not give in. The man pulled out his phone and started filming her response to which she covered her face with the correction notice paper and kept angerly telling him to stop filming her and that she wasn’t gonna change her mind. He finally put his phone down and proceeded to ask for her contact information when she said she didn’t have a business card. I just turned around and said this is ridiculous I don’t want to buy anything anymore and left the store. I can buy utensils for the same price if not cheaper elsewhere.

    It’s one thing to print a correction notice or retraction but it’s another to no post said notice where customers in the store can see it and to be so rude to customers who question it (because this so called manager was). I’m not surprised though. There isn’t much for customer service anymore anywhere these days.

  60. tina t says:

    @ amanda, i think you may want to re-read my post. did i use the word “greedy”? if i was reprimanding someone, believe me, i would have used stronger language. yeah, maybe zellers did make an error, but does that mean we have to abuse that? (employee or not) i’m just someone who is very frustrated that my store did not want take the coupon at all. the cashier was very friendly about it. take it for what you will, amanda and best wishes for a CALM new year. (you seem very agitated)

  61. maureen says:

    i was so angry, i couldnt get the 50% off on sale items. most items were on good sale!! and there emoloyees were cranky and weired at zerrard square zellers.. must have had a lot of people asking the same q’s

  62. elisam says:

    Well that’s great people did it more then once, good for you. For me I have been working so today I was able to get vitamins for 7.80.

  63. Lisa says:

    I cannot believe they changed the coupon to only regular price items. It is boxing week…..almost everything in the store is on sale, what on earth would we use the coupon on?

  64. kurtfloyd says:

    went to a first store today and they were saying that they don’t accept the coupon anymore ( sherbrooke st east, Montreal ). went to another store ( place Versailles, mtl) and even though it was written near the cash register that the offer was for regular prices only, I managed to get a kitchen aid stand mixer at 189 instead of 299 plus the 50% rebate ! even better the cashier forgot to put the taxes on the original price! wouhou!!

  65. skinnyminnie007 says:

    They should of at least had it posted at the entrance to the stores that the coupons were only for regular price. I printed mine a few days ago and haven’t been back. I take my 5 yr old daughter into the store, look around for nearly a half hour to see what she wants only to get to the check out and have her burst in tears when i told her we couldn’t get what she wanted. Thanks Zellers!!!

  66. hibaxox says:

    square one zellers had it ALL OVER the shop, i was so mad! its still a successful marketing job though, coz it got us in the stores and browsing around (i almost never shop at zellers)…. i wonder if anyone had success in ‘persuading’ them to honour the original deal

  67. Sheila says:

    Please, please, don’t shot the messenger. I too think this is ridiculous. What kind of company issues a coupon and then changes the terms? But please remember this change comes from some ‘suits’ at head office. Not the poor cashiers and managers who are taking the abuse at store level. I doubt any of them think this is right or fair but there is nothing they can do. I feel so sorry for them. Let’s aim our disgust at Zellers head office.

  68. Rad says:

    I have gone everyday since this coupon started and I have to say Zellers employees are always so cranky! They were complaining about everyone using the coupon..wth are you loosing as in employee, is ur wage getting less or something?

    When I went today they all seemed very happy, Zellers employees and managers have the worse customer service.

    Except this young guy I found that let me use the 50% off deal with my SPC and manufacture coupons 5x today! I just has to get in line again and again.

    Thanks so much buddy! I was content that finally I didn’t have a cashier yelling at me with a stuck up attitude..

  69. LAURA says:


  70. Scott says:

    Looks like you can get 1 on ebay. Just look up zellers coupon.

  71. scampi01 says:

    I went today to the one at Centrepoint and the cashier was like you have to use your HSBC card in order to get the 50% off. The coupon was only given to HSBC customers. I was like what a load of crap. Its posted on Facebook

  72. Dylan says:

    I did an absolute killing today. I had no luck with the coupon on sale items at SQ1 Zellers location on Thursday. I figured I would try today at another location. Not only did they not even blink when using the coupon on 50% off merchandise, but I asked if I could tack on the 15% off for using HBC thinking that would never happen (as in past they always stated you can’t stack % off events), but she didn’t even think about it and just rang in the extra 15% off. So 50% off + 50% off + 15% off. Absolutely hot hot hot. And it was repeatable. I sent back for two more items on two more transactions with other cashiers.


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