McDonald’s Monday: They’re lovin’ it


McDonald’s Monday has been a staple of SmartCanucks for a few years now, and whether you love it or you hate it you’ve got to admit we’ve found some pretty fascinating stuff. Sometimes we cover strange news, sometimes we post up wacky images, and sometimes, just sometimes, we like to sit back and remember how tasty it is to grab a Big Mac.

The photo above just struck me as somehow iconic. A dozen people sitting on the steps in Trafalgar Square, and everyone is enjoying McDonald’s. It’s a great photo that seems to capture our global obsession with fast food, our universal love for McDonalds… it captures so much. Not many photos can highlight both sides of an arguement. Kudos to Cliff Jones for such an amazing picture.

[via Cliff Jones Photo Gallery]

12 responses to “McDonald’s Monday: They’re lovin’ it”

  1. baggypants says:

    Sorry Jim, I find it a little sad that people visiting a landmark in an historic city such as London are eating on the steps or if they have to eat, not eating some great London grub and half the adults appear to be overweight (supersize that!!)….I guess that’s what you mean by the other side of the question….next it will be nuggets at the Tower of London….McFlurry’s at Buckingham Palace….

  2. c10a7 says:

    Mmmmmm, maybe I am due for a Big Mac…

  3. Jim Squires says:

    don’t apologize, baggy — that’s what I love about this picture! It seems to be able to say so many different things about our love affair with fast food.

  4. waffle says:

    I wonder if the guy in the grey shirt and hat is eating a french fry or smoking something he shouldn’t be ?

  5. Andrew says:

    Look at the jeans, ball caps and golf shirt… they’re all clearly North Americans. Just eating McDonald’s because it’s familiar and relatively cheap. If only they knew that there’s quite a nice Pret a Manger a few steps away – just as cheap and even quicker but far, far better food.

  6. benji says:

    “everyone is enjoying McDonald’s”…..

    How do you know they’re ENJOYING it? Maybe it’s all they could afford since London’s so friggin expensive!!!

  7. Nik says:

    That picture made me gag… and yes, London is pretty expensive, but if you could afford trip to London you should be able to afford something little better than Mickie D’s… London has so many great places, and from all those places they chose the most disgusting plastic crap.

    I think that we are referring to Americans, not Canadians… we don’t go to Mickie D’s whenever we go on vacation – at least I don’t.

  8. vibrantflame says:

    I find this picture sad because it does reflect our obsession with fast food. Honestly, it is just as cheap to buy a microwavable meal from the grocery store that is healthier. I can buy take-out Chinese for almost the same price as hitting up the local fast food joint. And yet, still we reach for the fast food because it’s there, it’s easier then having to walk into the grocery store, and it’s an easy decision (versus trying to decide what easy meal at the grocery store everyone will enjoy). I also find it sad that they’re all eating McDonald’s….the fries are good once in a while, but the burgers are so gross! I seriously refuse to eat there anymore because I just won’t waste $25 for my family to eat something we won’t even truly enjoy. I’d rather pay a few bucks extra, go to A&W and *really* enjoy my meal.

  9. Kitty says:


  10. Aneilia says:

    I don’t find this picture sad at all! I see mostly adults who made the concious decision to eat food that the enjoy…so be it McDonalds. Who are we to speculate what they eat in their normal life? I mean, someone mentioned eating far better food in London…really? Have you eaten in London? I am sorry, I would bet that McD’s uses FAR less re-used grease to create their food.
    What if the people featured on the stairs normally dont eat at McD’s….this is a family vacation and it is a treat for the kids?
    BAH so tired of people knocking the corporation for their own poor choices.
    I like this pic…to me, it shows what looks like a family actually enjoying some time together touring and exploting…off the internet…off the x-box

  11. Aneilia says:


  12. @yorktower says:

    This is what we call life, ppl


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