SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 23


One small step for man, one even smaller step for Playmobil man.

The fourth and final Wednesday in May is upon us, and so we bid adieu to our little tribute to space with our little friend landing on a strange and beautiful alien world (better known as Miami Beach).

Thanks for participating, everyone! Caption Challenge should return to it’s usual non-spacey self next week. In the mean time, make with the captions already! 😛

15 responses to “SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 23”

  1. Scott says:

    “My god, it’s full of Leggo.”

  2. DiamondLil says:

    What the Deuce?

  3. fab40 says:

    “Take me to your leader.”

  4. RKX says:

    Get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty paymobil ape!

  5. Chantal444k says:

    Can someone help me get this off? … I gotta pee.

  6. x_kmac says:

    I’m sick of people making fun of ‘Uranus’ Let’s rename it! Let’s call it Urrektum…

  7. crystal says:

    What you are about to witness, ladies and gentleman, is one unsuspecting space man about to get swept away by the almighty wave behind him

  8. tashabing29 says:

    “Please, don’t be alarmed” said the spaceman to the beings from a distant planet…….. “I come in ‘pieces'”.

  9. Mamaelmo says:

    Help me I fated and it stinks in here, HELP HELP HELP Hel………………………………P

  10. CentrallyCalm says:

    I feel terribly overdressed for this occasion.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Lego-na Beach

  12. mydoglugnut says:

    …And they said the moon didn’t have any water…

  13. mickey53 says:

    I’ve been sent to find Boo to run today’s mini-contest, anybody know where he is today?

  14. Scott says:

    Aw crap! I can’t remember where I parked.

  15. Aaron says:

    I didn’t think Cuba had a space program. How’d all these Cubans get here first?


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