McDonald’s Mondays: BAD sign placement


Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. This isn’t a post condemning, condoning, or commenting on abortion in any way shape or form. It’s not intended to offend or annoy anyone. It’s merely a commentary on some terrible marketing placement.

That being said, who was the genius at the billboard company that ok’d this pairing of signs? Maybe they were booked by different sales reps and nobody had the heart to call either client to break the strange news. Maybe they did call and neither client wanted to be the one to lose their spot. Whatever happened, it’s beyond bizarre to see these two images on the same ad block. I can’t imagine how many drivers stop the car and back up to make sure they weren’t seeing things.

33 responses to “McDonald’s Mondays: BAD sign placement”

  1. Bugga Bugga says:

    It’s not monday.

  2. Eric says:

    Monday comes early for those who wish it…. and for those who are masochistic.

  3. Emily says:

    What is Smart Canucks obsession with McDonalds? Why does this site always post things about McDonalds?

  4. mlongboat says:

    If I noticed that and thought about it for a second it might turn me off my mcmuffin for a while.

  5. TaraF says:

    lol that’s great!

  6. mmmbop says:

    mlongboat, you seem to be the demographic of almost all mcdonald’s patrons.. non thinking. i’m not saying that you’re’s implied. but if you think about that…oh yeah….

  7. Jackie says:

    LOL @ mmmbop

  8. Miss Sally says:

    McDonalds posts are Jims niche 🙂

  9. Cheap says:

    I will never eat eggs again…

  10. haha says:

    haha i got a good laugh out of that

  11. Emily says:

    Ah I get it, thanks Miss Sally!

  12. fullmetaljacket says:

    OMG that made me laugh so hard I had tears

  13. Stephanie says:

    So… I have a question.

    WHERE is this billboard?

  14. abbasgirl says:

    This kind of reminds me of my first apartment. Across the street there was an emergency veterinary clinic. Right next door to it there was a taxidermist.

  15. rebelinu says:

    Ha… I’m Mclovin’ it

  16. Randy says:

    I’m not sure I see the commentary – both seem pro-life to me, not contradictory at all. You have a pro-life sign for Pro-Life of America, and then another sign of the egg (the personified female egg) dreaming of its end result, the egg mcmuffin (baby). Both seem pro life?

    If it’s solely the strangeness of a McDonald’s sign next to a pro-life company sign, then I say: It’s America, anything is possible.

    I’ve seen “JESUS IS LORD. REPENT AND BE SAVED” billboard next to “Tom’s Adult XXX SuperWarehouse” on the freeway in Kansas.

  17. pacini says:

    thats hilarioussss lol…

  18. Kitty says:

    I really could do without the McDonald’s junk on here all the time. It’s bad enough I KNOW it’s showing up on Monday, but to get an extra dose on the weekend too? Well that’s just sucky. 🙁

  19. Cheap says:

    Randy, does cracking open an egg and frying it up seem pro-life?

    Maybe the egg is dreaming about hatching into a living chick or baby chicken?

    I fail to see how an Egg-McMuffin represents pro-life.

    By the way, without meaning to get political: I am pro-choice.

    I believe that a woman owns her body and should have the right to choose as to what she does with her unborn baby.

  20. SDAB says:

    i’m with you there 100% kitty

  21. Laurie says:

    Somewhat irritated by the fact that these anti-abortionists are allowed to post their opinions on billboards. Ugh, America. I’m stressed. I’m going to get a Big Mac.

  22. FunkyMunky says:

    yeah less McDonald’s, more other fun stuff 🙂

  23. madchives says:

    well, god, ok not god, someone, please, shield sarah palin from seeing this. she may change her mind from whatever she was talking about on friday.

    then again, maybe these are above the new palin macdonald’s franchise, selling the dead floating fish and freshly shot caribou &/or moose burgers,
    depending on how much gas is in the plane.

  24. abbasgirl says:

    Why all the stress and irritation? It’s just supposed to be a funny picture. This isn’t your web page, guys. The blogger gets to decide what he puts on it and no one is forcing you to look at it. If you’re really that stressed out about it maybe you should turn your computer off for a bit.

  25. JamsWife says:

    Ha ha too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Sarah says:

    Its a bad sign because the mcdonalds billboard is NOT pro-life… the egg was taken away from its mother and not allowed to be formed into a chicken…meanwhile there is a pro-life billboard over it for people saying abortion is wrong. They could be compared. Disgusting, i agree!

  27. missbobloblaw says:

    I have to say that I have come to love Jim’s interesting McD tidbits…we need to unite and start an online petition to bring back McPizza and Mustard dip!

  28. Stephanie (esbee) says:


  29. FunkyMunky says:

    abbasgirl – because once more people get irritated by McDonald’s “funnies”, more people will leave the site
    don’t forget a lot of posts/freebies are contribute by others, not by the owner of the site

    I say keep it down to 1 post McDonald’s post per week.

  30. Boo Radley says:

    It was published ahead of its time by mistake. sorry guys!

    It should’ve been published today 🙂

  31. Shelly says:

    Sunday or Monday, the McD’s stuff is an annoying waste of space.

  32. Ryan says:

    So what if its a waste of time! skip that post, that takes what 2 seconds to read the headline to know if you should skip it or not? Either way funny post, quite the stupid comment earlier about how the egg has reached its potential by becoming a mcmuffin! thought that was just as funny as the picture.

  33. Kitty says:

    I’m not at all sure where abbasgirl got that we were “stressed” by the early post, but I do know that I would definitely prefer to not have self-inflicted corporate branding in this blog…


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