McDonald’s Mondays: One Small Step for Man…

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God bless Google Images. I can’t imagine what my day would be like without coming across something utterly bizarre and hysterically funny in my travels.

It appears as though this image was originally tied to an article (now defunct) about the possibility of there one day being a McDonald’s on the moon. That’s arguably the most mundane sci-fi concept I’ve ever heard. Can you imagine? One day man gets to live on the moon — and even then someone still has to ask “do you want space fries with that?”

5 responses to “McDonald’s Mondays: One Small Step for Man…”

  1. nsangel says:

    wth are you talking about? everyone knows timmy’s will be on the moon long before mcd’s. after a long travel like need COFFEE!

  2. Jill says:

    I have heard that macdonald and starbucks are donating next 2 weeks profit to Israel,If its true i ll never return to them .they are helping to bomb 230 kids and 300 women,its ridiculus.

  3. Bigal says:

    …….That’s spaced out Man!
    Will the SpaceMac have less calories?

    Ya when cows fly or is it pigs? But then again they have to get the animals to the moon to slaughter them so potentially they would be flying…

    The Mcdonalds franchise is reflected in his face visor, he,she has the bag in their hands…Looks like they came to their senses and are returning their purchase….Nah,they forgot their hot-mustard dipping sauce…. :0

    A very sad day for humanity, now obeisity will reach beyond the stars.:(

    Would you like a large fry with that?

  4. Mike says:

    Sorry if this comes off offensively but try to fact check before posting serious claims like McD and Starbucks are funding Israel military operations. I have no love for either company but it’s a bold claim, and while the only reports saying the companies deny the allegation are not yet carried by major western news organizations (AsiaOne/The Staits Times in Asia do however) the only sources of this rumour seem to be txt messages and facebook…

    I feel dirty defending huge corporations but I’m no fan of rumours and urban legends.

  5. Ron says:

    The rumour has been disputed by press releases by Starbucks and MacDonalds.

    People with nothing better to do end up making these rumours to see who believes their bs.


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