SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 36

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Rough Ride

This week’s caption challenge comes to us courtesy of the wild world of mutton busting.  What’s mutton busting, you might ask?  It’s kind of like bull-riding, but for kids …and on a sheep.

Don’t be baa-shful.  Give us your best caption!

57 responses to “SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 36”

  1. CrazyQT says:

    “Can’t I just ride my bike instead?”

  2. TAOJ says:

    I got him, dad.

  3. HEATHER says:

    “Woody snuck out of the house this way, I wonder if it’s working for me?”
    …..(Toy Story ref 😉 lol)

  4. MamaD says:

    “Seriously dude?! Just give up now…”(from the sheep)…

  5. Eva says:

    IN YOUR FACE UFC! Who da champ?!!

  6. peter says:

    This is baaaaaa….d

  7. Teri says:

    Ahhhh Tough Guy Arn’t Ya??

  8. Chalene says:

    “Why do I always get myself into stuff llke this???”

  9. Valiant says:

    … And learned this particular move from “Quo Vadis”.

  10. Valiant says:

    And I learned this particular move from “Quo Vadis”. (from the kid)

  11. Mark Young says:

    You are making things difficult. Get in the oven!!!!!!!!!

  12. Pat says:

    Holy Sheep!! I’m going back to my bicycle.

  13. oudette says:

    Giddy up,,,we’re almost to the finish line!!!

  14. TallNFunny says:

    I’m sorry!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease take me back!!!

  15. hogama says:


  16. Lee says:

    “Thank God for velcro!”

  17. oh man why the sheep breaks r not working today.

  18. Jasminebed says:

    This is the last time Little Bo Peep.

  19. Christie says:

    Please don’t let me fall in the sheep poop! I’ll do anything!

  20. Judy says:


  21. Ashley says:

    Sheep: First they take my wool and now they take my dignity!

  22. Jay says:

    While his parents thought little Johnnie had rodeo potential, sadly it just wasn’t to be.

  23. Karen says:

    This sure isn’t making me sleepy – I thought I was suppose to ride the sheep not count it!

  24. Mike says:

    Sheep: Baa
    Kid: Ahh

  25. Theresa says:

    Damn, the things I do so Grandma can knit me a sweater.

  26. sasser says:

    okay b-ii-lly. time to go hooome

  27. golfglove says:

    Football Season Finally !!!!!!!

  28. Rob says:

    I thought this would be obvious:

    “I’ve got ewe! I’ve got ewe!”

  29. Damon says:

    Dolly the sheep was caught kid-napping baby goats and was on the lamb until officer Ethan tackled her yelling, “I got ewe!”

  30. Drew says:

    I should be the one wearing the helmet! This kid is nuts.


    You’ve got to hold your head up high. Even when life shaves you, rides you and kicks you in the balls.

  31. Amy says:

    You’re suppose to count me not catch me!

  32. ccg says:

    WAIT … I’m almost on!

  33. Cheap says:

    “Damn kids!”

  34. Kody n Me says:

    Listen Sheep…One more inch and your a gonner”

  35. Deb says:

    “I got him right where I want him!”

  36. Chris says:

    Geez this ride isnt that bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhd at all!

  37. pettyfan says:

    “I don’t care how cute Mary is… next time she can rescue the Lamb herself”

  38. Laurel T says:

    If this looks easy, ewe try it!

  39. Zahra says:

    Kid: “Ow puhleez doon leave love you sho mush”

  40. Matt H says:

    Don’t try this at home. Leave it to the trained professionals 😉

  41. tracey says:

    Does this kid make my butt look fat???????

  42. Paicebailey says:

    mutton ventured, mutton gained!

  43. Nayya says:

    Look Mommy! No handle bars!!!

  44. Iamarchemedes says:

    I guess that’s not the brake I’m stomping on down there,he keeps going faster,must be the gas.

  45. Julie says:

    “Are you SURE firemen start out training like this?”

  46. mary walsh says:

    They told me we were going to be best friends!

  47. Zeta says:

    Please just give me a hug..but don’t drop me or i will be in deep poop!

  48. mhk says:

    Hey, which way is up??

  49. nej2611 says:

    Hang on tight Baaaaooooyyyyyyyyyyy!!! We’re getting there. I’m going as fast as I can!

  50. Sue Ferguson says:

    Isn’t this kid abuse??

  51. Cindy says:

    Hello There! Like my ride?

  52. Footballmummy says:

    I am thankful for the sweater I swear!!

  53. Zay says:

    They should put some deodorant on these guys, this think stinks!

  54. Belise says:

    GREAT!!!! Another way to teach children to abuse & scare poor animals ….. You A$%HOLES!!!!!

  55. mightygregbig says:

    8-Seconds can’t come soon enough.

  56. donnabrook says:

    don’t go maaaaaaaaa

  57. Cinderella says:

    What boys will do for the women they want…saaad


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