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$299.00 PS3 Should You or Shouldn’t You??

*Please note that what you are about to read is purely the speculation of the writer and not to be taken as official advice endorsed by

Ever since Sony released the PS3 with the hefty price tag of $599.00 a lot of people have been waiting for a price drop, myself included, and finally it’s here! You have probably seen at least one post or advertisement this week about the great new price of $299.00 and you may be thinking ‘now’s the time’ (and your husband might be jumping up and down b/c he can no longer contain his excitement). But is now the time?? Here’s some info to consider; Sony has officially announced the release of the PS3 Slim for Sept.1, 2009 for the same price of $299.00. So now you may be thinking ‘ok so I can get a new slicker model for the same price, but I really want it now!’  So, consider this, the new model is going to be 120 gb while the old model is only 80 gb. A reasonable assumption at this point is that the new Slim PS3 is going to be a better value (and right now it is), so I pose this question – What will happen to the 80 gb when the 120 gb Slim is officially released for the same price? If one is clearly a higher value than we, as savvy shoppers, know that it will be a hard sell trying to convince people to pay the same price for them! So, in theory, a possible price drop in the 80 gb in the very near future??? *shrugs. I don’t know, but I’m going to wait just in case the real question ends up being; does size matter? 😉

The New Look

The New Look - PS3 120 GB Slim

Shoe Company Canada Deals

Shoe Company is offering $10 OFF women’s, men and kids shoes. 


-Save an extra $10 OFF every pair of women’s shoes $59.99 and up

-Save $10 OFF every pair of men’s shoes $79.99 and up

-Buy one pair of kids shoes and get an extra $10 OFF second kids shoes

Coupon is valid until Sept 7, 2009. 

Click here to print out in-store coupons and for more details

Canadian Freebies: Apply to for the opportunity for you and your friends to try New Herbal Essences!


Matchstick is currently looking for applicants to try the new Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner and share with friends!  For those who don’t know who Matchstick is there an awesome word of mouth company.

All you need to do is complete a survey to see if you qualify!  From what I can tell they are looking for people with their own blogs.

Should you qualify you will receive full value coupons to try out the product and share the coupons with your friends. What do they want in return?  Your honest feedback about the experience.

At the end of the survey it states that you will find out in 3-5 business days if you qualify.

Click here to go to the survey

Good luck!

Thanks Pink_Panda for posting this on the forum

Canadian Blogs: The Grandly Spectacular and Fantastically Phenomenal Fad Diet Experiment

n42133899682_4016Featured Blog: The Grandly Spectacular and Fantastically Phenomenal Fad Diet Experiment

Diets are a strange thing. Most people will tell you that a regular routine of healthy eating and exercise are the only way to maintain proper weight. But what do they know? 😛

Fad diets have been around for years, and SmartCanucks reader Dan Radice is going to try them. ALL of them. Dan is undertaking an 18 week journey into the world of wanton weight loss that he likes to call The Grandly Spectacular and Fantastically Phenomenal Fad Diet Experiment. During this time he plans to conquer 14 fad diets, all the while tracking his progress on a daily blog of the same name.

Before you worry for the poor lad, Dan assures us he’s seeked professional opinion before undertaking such a lengthy shock to the system. Advice from professionals is that he should come out of it in no worse shape than he is now.

You can follow Dan’s quest for the skinny gold on his blog, or join his Facebook group for regular updates.

Canadian Blogs: Yarn Harlot

Canadian Blogs 9 comments


Featured Blog: Yarn Harlot

Recent winner of the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards (second place went to SmartCanucks!), Yarn Harlot is the ongoing story of one woman’s adventures in knitting. Like any good story though, the knitting merely sets the stage for an adventure full of personality and good writing. Stephanie’s life outside of knitting is just as fun a read as her life inside of it.

Whether you’re a knitter or knot (see what I did there?), Yarn Harlot is a delightful yarn (did it again) for blog readers from all walks of life.

Canadian Tire Boxing Day Flyer Deals 2008

Canadian Tire Boxing Day Flyer

Canadian Tire’s flyer has been posted in the Boxing Day / Week Flyers and Deals 2008 forum section by scammaster and couponlady.

Click here to read the Canadian Tire 2008 Boxing Day flyer

Zellers Boxing Day Flyer 2008: Boxing Week Blowout

Zellers Boxing Week Blowout 2008 - Boxing Day Flyer

Another Boxing Day flyer posted exclusively on Smart Canucks :D

Zellers Boxing Day flyer is now avaialale on Smart Canucks and only here thanks to Tasamy for scanning it and posting pictures in the Boxing Day / Week Flyers and Deals 2008 forum section.

These flyer scans are pretty large to post on the blog so the easiest way is to read them on the forum.

Click here for Zellers Boxing Week Blow0ut Flyer Deals 2008

Future Shop Canada Online & In-Store Boxing Day (Week) Flyer Deals 2008

Future Shop Boxing Day flyer Canada

Yet another Smart Canucks Boxing Day 2008 special 😉

I have 3 complete Future Shop Boxing Day 2008 flyers, the in store flyer, a handout flyer you get when you visit Future Shop stores on Boxing Day and the online flyer! Thanks 999asd for posting these Future Shop Boxing Day flyers in the Boxing Day / Week Flyers and Deals 2008 forum section.

Click here for Future Shop  Canada In-store Boxing Day Flyer 2008

Click here for Future Shop  Canada In-store Handout

Click here for Future Shop Online Boxing Day Flyer 2008

Suzy Shier Canada Boxing Week Sale: Buy One Get One Free

Suzy Shier Canada Boxing Week Sale 2008

Thanks to the folks at for this Suzy Shier Canada Boxing Week promo!

Suzy Shier’s Fall merchandise are on sale during Boxing Week. Buy one item get the second for free. Shipping will also be free on orders of $50 or more.

Canadian Blogs: Everything Up Close

Canadian Blogs 0 comments

Featured Blog: Everything Up Close

Everything Up Close is a great little site not unlike our previous featured blog, Glimpse.  Everything Up Close features reviews and giveaways on a slew of products that would appeal to mothers and other female readership.

The main focus seems to be on fashion, though other items are covered on the site as well.  If you’re looking to get in on some great giveaways that are happening at an astounding frequency, Everything Up Close is a terrific site to check out.

Canadian Blogs: spiffykerms

Canadian Blogs 3 comments

Featured Blog: spiffykerms

Blogs are an interesting thing.  Sometimes they’re about a specific trend, topic or discussion.  Other times they’re about nothing at all.  While spiffykerms falls into that “nothing” category, it’s a delightful and refreshing read every day.

As a personal blog spiffykerms details the thoughts and experiences of it’s author in a way that everyone can enjoy.  I know nothing of the blog’s author save for what’s on the page, and yet I find everything she writes to be as interesting and entertaining as I would the conversations of a close friend.  If you want a fun read that’ll shake up your normal routine, make sure to give it a try!

Canadian Blogs: Glimpse

Canadian Blogs 3 comments

Featured Blog: Glimpse

Run by two moms with a love for Canadian parenting products, Glimpse offers reviews and giveaways on Canadian-made products that will appeal to moms and kids alike.  Everything from cloth diapers to chemical-free soaps are reviewed.  It’s a great resource for those of you looking to shop Canadian, and it seems as though there’s almost always a giveaway going on!

A blog featuring Canadian products is a great idea and I’m glad to see that it’s turned out so well.  My only complaint is that all of the products featured relate to parents and parenting — I’d love to see a companion site that showcased a variety of products that are Canadian made!  After all – who doesn’t want an Ookpik review?

Canadian Blogs: TorontoSportsMedia

Featured Blog: TorontoSportsMedia

Let me get something out of the way right off the bat –  I don’t like sports.  Sure I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional football game on TV, and every now and then I might even make a trip to Rogers Centre to check out the Jays — but for the most part I just don’t get it.  The whole “getting into a team and following it all season” bug just never bit me, so it’s surprising how much I enjoyed reading the TorontoSportsMedia blog.

TorontoSportsMedia doesn’t rehash the same sports news that you can read everywhere else — it offers an objective opinion on that news, which is exactly what a blog is supposed to do.  Even better, they do it with a certain humor and personality that makes their writing instantly likable.

If you’re a fan of Toronto sports (and even if, like me, you’re not) you’re likely to get a big kick out of what TorontoSportsMedia has to offer.

Canadian Blogs: Joe Girl

As promised, I’ll start featuring a Canadian blog on every now and then. I got a lot of emails so sorry I couldn’t reply to each one individually. But if you did email me about your personal Canadian blog rest assured it will be featured on here. I’ll usually pick blogs to feature randomly.

Joe Girl Canada

Featured Blog: Joe Girl

Daily observations and inspirations by Joanne T. Lauzon — freelance graphic designer and home decor consultant in Ottawa since 1995.

Joe Girl’s blog has a nice mixture of fun “sarcastic, silly or senseless” daily situations and practical tips and tricks on home design and decor. It’s always nice to read personal blog articles about home improvement from home decor professionals!

I noticed Joe’s going through a phase most of us bloggers are very familliar with; Lack of feedback and comments. I fiind that nothing’s more motivating than getting comments and feedback from readers and knowing someone out there reads and cares. I thought it would be nice if we checked out her blog and left comments with ideas and advice on what she can blog about 😀

Click here to visit Joe Girl’s Blog

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