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Sears Canada new website design! Hunting for bargains made easier!?!? save 10$ off $100

searsold relaunched their website with a new design less then 2 weeks ago.  I seem to want to compare it to layout but a tad different. As of now I’m having a hard  time navigating since I was so use to the old layout. However I am finding a lot more information on one page and a lot more categories. I do like that I can view all the current promotions, and the deal of the day for the Outlet all on one page.

Right now there is 40% off selected housewares and Christmas Decorations as well as the Gift With Purchase for Clinique when you spend $26.50.  I need to order my Clinique soon before the promo is over.

Have you checked out the new yet? What are your thoughts?

  • Save $10 on your next purchase of $100 or more at!  Using bonus code 941 612 285!!

New Articles in the Canadian Reviews Section

Customer Service Canada

I went through my email and added a bunch of new compliments and complaints I had gotten over the past few weeks from SmartCanucks readers. Don’t forget to let us know of any good or bad shopping experience you have and I will post it in the reviews section.

Click here to visit the Canadian reviews section

Is Krusty About to Get Really Angry at The Burger King!?

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Here’s my review of Burger Kings new ad campaign:

Wha . . . !? and lmao! and huh? Are you angry? Are you fit for the angry Whopper!? This advertising doesn’t exactly make me hungry but I’m sure as heck not going to forget about it anytime soon. Oh, wait, yup -it did make me hungry! That is weird . . .  

Turn on your speakers and click here for the ANGRRROMETER.

Walmart Canada Inc. is Threating Me! Help! What should I do!??

I really don’t understand what’s wrong with Walmart! They send me an email making complemetly false claims and almost threating me to comply to their requests.

Click here to read the full letter Walmart sent me

Click here for the blog post they are referring to in their letter

Regarding their claims:

“…. Walmart has not approved the content of the Web Site, which has already given some consumers the patently false impression that it is approved by or somehow affiliated with Walmart.”

Note that the blog post they are referring to was posted on January 5th, 2009 and I clearly state that “Offer is valid on purchases dated January 1 to January 31, 2009.” Furthermore, it was a 100% legitiamte Walmart / P&G offer back then and the rebate form was located on Walmart’s website at  (they’ve removed it now).

“Walmart is also extremely concerned that consumers’ personal information is being collected in this misleading ways for purposes of illicit phishing and credit fraud activities.”

I find this sentence very offensive since I do not even have a form where people can submit their personal information. All I have is a comments section and this is for people to discuss the offers.

What’s more ironic is that Walmart Canada’s marketing department contacted me a couple of months ago about advertising on

Anyone with legal experience know what I can do? Walmart’s claims are false, they are bullying me and they are trying to confine my freedom of speech! Please help, I don’t want to get sued by Walmart!

Click here for Walmart’s threatening letter

Local Woman Detained because of SmartCanucks

Patty Smyth just messaged me about this. We desperately need London Drugs stores in Ontario and the Eastern provinces before this incident starts recurring.

Brong London Drugs to Eastern Canada

Purse Hanger

Purse Hangers Canada

I saw someone yesterday using a tiny hanger/hook to hang her purse above the ground while having dinner at a restaurant. I had never seen anything like this before and it’s one of the neatest ideas I’ve come across in a while.  It’s a simple and practical way of keeping your purse off the floor and preventing it from getting dirty. I did some research and found that (not sells these cute tiny purse hangers for only $9.95.

I’m not sure where they’re sold in Canada but I’m sure you could find them at stores. Maybe Ardene? Accessorize? Nonetheless I love the idea. Now if men could only carry purses 😛

HBO Canada: True Blood (Twilight Fans Will Enjoy This Show)

HBO Canada True Blood

I had the urge to post about this right after Jim’s weekly McDonald’s Mondays post. Don’t ask me why 😈

There’s a relatively new show on HBO Canada that I strongly recommend if you enjoyed reading the Twilight series. That show is called True Blood and is based on the Southern Vampire Book Series by Charlaine Harris  Thanks to a Japanese scientist’s invention of synthetic blood, vampires have progressed from legendary monsters to fellow citizens overnight. And while humans have supposedly been removed from the menu, many remain apprehensive about these creatures “coming out of the coffin.” Religious leaders and government officials around the world have chosen their sides.

This isn’t your typical story and that’s what I like about it. I’m also a fan of the Twilight series so this seems to fit in nicely. Season One’s over and Season Two starts on June 14th, 2009. You can get Season 1 from torrents or any DVD store.

Would you wear this Shirt?

American Apparel Shirt Canada

I was chatting with @roseofblack today and she suggested I get the American Apparel Shirt pictured above. She thinks the “sexy belly top” shirt is unique and fashionable; I’d rather jump out of a window than go out wearing that shirt.

Ladies what do you think of this shirt?  Guys would you wear it? 😛

Lululemon Canada Online Shopping Store: Shop Nude

Lululemon Canada Shop Nude

I hate admiting this since I’m a guy but I love Lululemon Athletica’s products! Although Lululemon seems to be focused more on women’s athletic, yoga and sports clothing I find their their men’s line consists of loads of top quality items and surpasses anything produced by companies like Nike or any other top athletic brand. I also like the fact that their company originates from Canada and their head quarters are based in Vancouver, BC.

I only had one tiny problem with Lululemon; whenever I visited a store I couldn’t help but notice that in like 90% of the cases I was the only guy shopping there. I didn’t really care but now I can shop online at Lululemon’s newly launched online shopping store if I preferred. Hey I could even shop nude if I wanted to! No no don’t panic it was just an assumption… or maybe not 😛

I know at this point you’re probably wondering if Lululemon paid me to write this article or what! But I swear they didn’t, I just love unique high quality brands that at the same time offer real practical clothing and not just size zero  clothes targeted at fake non-existent body shapes. All Lululemon’s photos are of “real women” and their product line targets “normal” bodies. I think the online store will give more people an opportunity to try out Lululemon’s products and maybe with time they’ll have promos and offers at their online store! Now that is something I’m looking forward to!

Shipping fees are a bit steep though in my opinion if you’re buying one item; but if you buy more they tend to get better. I hope they can find a way of reducing shipping costs. Current ground shipping fees are:

  • 1 items: $9.95
  • 2 items: $11.95
  • 3 items: $13.95
  • 4 items: $15.95
  • 5+ items: $17.95

With the launch of online shopping Lululemon have also redesigned their website. The new website has loads of new features including an Education section that has Yoga 101 info. All that being said I still think that if you do have a local Lululemon store then shopping there is also a great experience. You get to try on your clothes and make sure it fits perfectly and you also get a free complimentary yoga class. Lululemon also has one of the best staff members I’ve ever dealt with and I really can’t emphasize this enough! I’m actually very interested in finding out what their staff recruitment process is like because whatever they do, they’ve perfected it.

I’ll keep you guys updated of any promos or coupon codes that Lululemon come out with on their Online Shopping website. Happy nude shopping!

Click here to check out Lululemon Canada’s new online shopping store

Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada

Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada

Lipstick Powder N Paint have an article about the new Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada collection which aims at providing stylish cosmetics at reasonable prices:

Today, we want to share our excitement for Joe Fresh Beauty – a new collection of stylish and well priced cosmetics from fashion and design guru, and Creative Director for Joe Fresh Style, Joe Mimran. When we say well priced we really mean it. Every product is priced at $8 or less. It’s crazy!

The comprehensive range of face, lip and eye products were created to be comparable to prestige lines that are frequently used by makeup artists. Each item, from cheek tint to fine tip liquid eyeliner, is designed to have lasting coverage.

We love all the products, but if you asked us to pick our favourites we would have to say the Cheek Tint, Duo Concealer and the Brow Powder. The cheek colour blends so easily, and comes in six gorgeous shades. The concealer is like a magic wand, with a creamy stick at one end, and a liquid formula at the other. The eyebrow powder – available in four duo shades – creates beautiful natural brows for $6.

Now that is beauty for less.

Click here to visit Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada’s website
Click here for Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada store locations

Canadian Freebies: Mario Badescu Skin Care Free Samples Canada

Canadian Freebies: Mario Badescu Skin Care Samples

Bumping this since it’s still valid and hasn’t been blogged for over a year 😀

A lot of members on the forum have received these Mario Badescu skin care samples and they seem to love them 🙂

Here is the link to this awesome freebie:

Dollarama Canada: Prices Going Up in February 2009

Dollarama Canada Price Hike

Rockin’ Kitty posted on the Canadian Shopping Forum about Dollarama’s price hikes.

After 16 years of selling items at no more than $1 each, Dollarama’s executives say the chain is just trying to keep up with the times, and rising prices worldwide. Dollarama stores will be raising their prices come February 2009. The prices are going to be $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00 🙁

Dollarama’s probably too cheap to hire a designer to change their logo (they don’t even have a proper website) so I’ve updated it for them using my amateur design skills 😛

What do you think of this Dollarama price hike? Will you still be shopping there? Warehouse Deals Warehouse Deals

UPDATE: Warehouse Deals does not ship to Canada.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this post may have caused.

Rip-Off Report: Vonage Canada downgrade practices


Just a heads up for anyone thinking of dealing with/currently a customer of Vonage Canada. Before I continue, let me just say that as far as service goes I’ve been nothing but happy with Vonage. I’ve had them in my home for two years and every step of the way I’ve enjoyed it.

My wife and I have subscribed to their Unlimited Plan at $39.95/m since the inception of our service. Recently we realized that we weren’t even coming close to the 500 mins/m allotted by their $19.95 basic service plan and decided to downgrade. The service is billed a month in advance and we had made a payment yesterday for the upcoming month at our previous rate. No problem, we figured — they’d simply give us a prorate credit for the difference when we called to downgrade… right?

Nope! According to the customer service representative, Vonage has a no prorate policy. His argument was that Vonage sells service a month at a time, and that’s what we paid for. Ok — I can handle that. So I’m still on the Unlimited Plan until my next billing cycle since I’ve already paid for it, right?

Wrong again! The downgrade is effective the moment we request it. I asked what would have happened if we had wanted to upgrade in the middle of the month instead of downgrade. Would I be getting the upgraded service at no extra cost for the remainder of the billing cycle? Turns out the “no prorate policy” doesn’t apply in that situation. They’re more than happy to prorate when it puts money in their pockets, just not when it takes it out.

After all of this I was told I’d be charged a $12.99 fee for downgrading. Given that I’d essentially handed them $20 for free, you figure they’d at least wave the downgrade fee. Turns out they will, but not without a fight and not for the full amount. By the time I was done I ended up paying $3.83 to get the downgrade put through.

It may not be my happiest post, but I thought I should get the word out in case anyone here was on the fence about Vonage service. Like I said– I’ve enjoyed the service itself, but it’s best to know what you’re getting yourself into.

The Best Canadian Kids Channels, Part 3: PBS

pbskids.gifIf you’re a parent, chances are you have to sit through more children’s programming in a week than you ever would in your life if you had the chance. That’s not to say all of it is bad – in fact, some of it is quite good. In Canada, we’re fortunate enough to have a number of excellent channels at our disposal that commit part of their programming to childrens television. With each of these channels being so different, it’s hard to know which of these is most suitable for your family. Luckily, we here at SmartCanucks have the inside track, and we’re going to share it with you in our seven part series “The Best Canadian Kids Channels.”

Ok – so it’s not exactly a “Canadian” kids channel, but it is available in most of Canada, so I’d say it counts.  If you’re fortunate enough to have a cable provider that offers the American PBS network, then chances are you’re fortunate enough to be able to show your children Sesame Street in the way it’s meant to be seen. Sure, cobbled down version such as Elmo’s World and Play With Me Sesame appear on Treehouse – but to get the real experience you’re going to need PBS. After all, how else will your kids learn about Big Bird?

In addition to Sesame Street, PBS offers an excellent selection of original toddler-friendly programming — much of it from the Jim Henson Workshop. Between The Lions, Bear in the Big Blue House, and It’s a Big Big World all hail from the house of Kermit.

PBS has another big plus going for it — if you’re fortunate enough to have an HDTV, PBS is the only children’s channel that offers HD content. There’s nothing creepier than a crystal clear Boobah, trust me.

The period of time in which children’s content is offered varies from region to region. Where I am it’s a rather small window, but what is shown in that time is some of the best. For the parents out there, PBS evenings offers some brilliant original programming. If you want to check it out but don’t know where to start, let me recommend History Detectives. Like most things on PBS, it’s both entertaining and educational – a surprisingly fun combination. is the national website for children’s programming on PBS, but since each station has it’s own scheduling and selection of programs the website doesn’t really lend any direct help in finding the shows your looking for.  Still — it’s a good starting point if you’d like to learn more about PBSKids.  Most local stations have their own websites complete with schedules, so if you google the call letters for your PBS you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

This article was written by our very own Jim Squires. To check out more of his writing visit the pop culture blog Fjetsam, now updated daily.

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