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Thanks to Andit for coming up with this awesome idea! Andit created a contact card for us 😀

Inspired by her idea, I created a whole bunch of shopping related templates such as a Shopping List, Price book, member card and many more! I hope you like them!

Maroon Version

Less Ink-intense Version

If you’d like me to design other templates please let me know what template you’d like and I’ll work on it  😀

Note: These templates may only be printed and distributed for personal use and cannot be used to represent in an official way.

$299.00 PS3 Should You or Shouldn’t You??

*Please note that what you are about to read is purely the speculation of the writer and not to be taken as official advice endorsed by

Ever since Sony released the PS3 with the hefty price tag of $599.00 a lot of people have been waiting for a price drop, myself included, and finally it’s here! You have probably seen at least one post or advertisement this week about the great new price of $299.00 and you may be thinking ‘now’s the time’ (and your husband might be jumping up and down b/c he can no longer contain his excitement). But is now the time?? Here’s some info to consider; Sony has officially announced the release of the PS3 Slim for Sept.1, 2009 for the same price of $299.00. So now you may be thinking ‘ok so I can get a new slicker model for the same price, but I really want it now!’  So, consider this, the new model is going to be 120 gb while the old model is only 80 gb. A reasonable assumption at this point is that the new Slim PS3 is going to be a better value (and right now it is), so I pose this question – What will happen to the 80 gb when the 120 gb Slim is officially released for the same price? If one is clearly a higher value than we, as savvy shoppers, know that it will be a hard sell trying to convince people to pay the same price for them! So, in theory, a possible price drop in the 80 gb in the very near future??? *shrugs. I don’t know, but I’m going to wait just in case the real question ends up being; does size matter? 😉

The New Look

The New Look - PS3 120 GB Slim

It’s School Supply Time in Canada!

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Did you ever see the commercial where the lovely young lady is walking down the street just enjoying her summer when a leaf falls from the tree above her? She points, starts screaming, turns, and runs very frantically away, arms waving everywhere. I don’t even remember what the commercial was for but it about covers the sentiment in my house in regards to the countdown to September. It’s school supply time!!!!  For eight years now I have tried to figure out a creative way to fill the school supply list but usually at the last minute go running, arms a waving, to the biggest box store I can find and buy everything brand new and for full price. Well, at least it looks pretty, for all of about a day!

So, I’m looking for creative solutions here. How do you get your school supplies? Do your kids love it or hate it? Do you get them or early or late? Is there actually supposed to be a list for grade 9 and, like every newsletter from grade 8 it is at the bottom of some recycling bin, or am I truly on my own this year (yikes!)?

Let the wonderful ideas that will save me (I mean us) all kinds of money flow!


LCBO Strike – Stock up on your Liquor!

LCBO Strike

Looks like the LCBO strike is inevitable. LCBOs all across Ontario have been VERY crowded today. If you haven’t already stocked up now’s the time to do so before today’s midnight deadline! That’s if you’re lucky enough to find anything left.

Toronto LCBO outlets are a sea of empty shelves, as consumers brave long lineups to stock up ahead of the midnight strike deadline tonight.

‘‘I have never seen a lineup like this,’’ said David Ritter, as he walked around the LCBO at Lawrence Avenue and Don Mills Road, three lonely bottles of Robert’s Rock in his cart, this afternoon. ‘‘It’s amazing. It’s just incredible.’’

Scott Davison had five bottles of Smirnoff and a certain amount of skepticism an actual strike is coming. But the lone lineups and prospect of a summer without alcohol convinced him a government-owned liquor monopoly isn’t a good idea.

‘‘Just goes to show you that maybe they should sell liquor in private stores, maybe they wouldn’t have this,’’ he said.

Continue reading about LCBO Strike here

Sorry, I can’t tonight, I’m washing my hair. With cancer.

Cancer Canada

Here’s a website to scare the living Bejesus out of you, especially if you applied too much makeup today or washed your hair with any of the hundreds of well known Shampoo products out there.

The Skin Deep safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products pairs ingredients in more than 41,000 products against 50 definitive toxicity and regulatory databases, making it the largest integrated data resource of its kind. It then provides a hazard rating for each product. Skin Deep is managed by researchers at the Environmental Working Group and is a non-profit website.

You’ll be shocked by the number of reputable products that have a high hazard rating. Although Skin Deep is a US website, many products mentioned are also available in Canada and I wouldn’t be surprised if Health Canada is as bad as the US FDA in terms of taking any action towards reducing the amounts of carcinogenic chemicals in products.

Click here to visit Skin Deep

How I Earned 53000 Shoppers Drug Mart SDM Points for under $20

Well actually it wasn’t me but attheendoftherainbow who posted this in our Canadian Bragging Section. I stole her thread title 😛

Here’s what she had to say:

Okay I am so happy this worked. I have been reading all the posts about this deal at Shoppers Drug Mart and decided to try it out.

First I started with a price adjustment at Old Navy. Men’s cargo shorts. Got $13.38 back into my pocket!

So, in actuality it only cost me $6.62 to earn my 53260 Optimum points .

1. Bought a $55 SDM GIft Card (GC). Got the 100 coupon book. (550)
2. Used the GC to buy a Vanilla Master Card (VMC) and used the 10,000 wus 50 coupon. (5000 + 10000+ 540)
3. Used the $50 VMC plus $5 to purchase a new VMC and used the 5000 wus 30 coupon. (540+5000+5000)

This gives me a total of $10 spent and 26630 points!!!! Rinse and repeat one more time at a different Shoppers location

Viola 53260 points!

And…my cousin is gifting me her 10,000 coupon for tomorrow so I can spend one of my VMC plus 5 more dollars to get another 5000 + 10000 + 540 = 15540 points! I am so stoked cause that will bring me to over 75,000!!!!!!!


Click here for a discussion of this Shoppers Drug Mart Canada topic

No Frills vs. Food Basics vs. Price Chopper (Low Price Report)

No Frills Food Basics Canada

Ever wonder which grocery store has the lowest prices? Is it No Frills, Food Basics, Sobeys,  Price Chopper or Metro?

Well now No Frills has an interesting new website that compares the prices of items across these five grocery stores. Of course since No Frills is owned by Loblaws, they were too coward to put Loblaws and Superstore grocery stores into their comparison.

I love the idea of the grocery price comparison but I wish the website was not so biased towards No Frills and Loblaws grocery stores. I also wish that weekly flyer prices and coupons were also taken into consideration.

Which store do you like the most? No Frills, Food Basics or Price Chopper?

Click here to visit Low Price Report

Purse Hanger

Purse Hangers Canada

I saw someone yesterday using a tiny hanger/hook to hang her purse above the ground while having dinner at a restaurant. I had never seen anything like this before and it’s one of the neatest ideas I’ve come across in a while.  It’s a simple and practical way of keeping your purse off the floor and preventing it from getting dirty. I did some research and found that (not sells these cute tiny purse hangers for only $9.95.

I’m not sure where they’re sold in Canada but I’m sure you could find them at stores. Maybe Ardene? Accessorize? Nonetheless I love the idea. Now if men could only carry purses 😛

How to Get Discount at Zellers Canada: 30 30 Rule


Sorry guys I did not know this was on specific items! I did not read the forum discussion when I posted this (I should have). And I was busy for most of the day yesterday and didn’t notice there was a problem till I read the comments now.

Zellers Canada 30 30 Rule

Thanks freeplease for posting this extremely useful Zellers discount information in the Canadian Deals & Flyers

I was reading someone’s comment about asking for discounts at stores etc.

So I just wanted to let everyone know… because I used to work at Zellers, They have what is called the 30 30 rule.

Which means any store employee is entitled to give a 30% discount to anyone on any item without having to go to a supervisor or manager. They will say ” I’ll give you 10 % off ” because they are supposed to give you the lowest possible. Just say No I’ll take the 30%. Just remind them of their rule!

Click here for more details & discussion of Zellers 30 30 Discount Rule

Coach Canada 25% off Sale: Invitation Cards Exchange & Trading

Coach Canada

Coach Canada is having a 25% off sale from May 1st – 10th, 2009 at all Coach boutiques in Canada to celebrate Mothers Day. However to get the discount you need an invitation card which was only sent to select customers who had previously spent over a certain amount at Coach stores.

I thought I’d start this post to allow you guys to exchange invitations. Say you have a Coach invitation that you don’t need, you can offer to give it away in exchange for say a $10 or $15 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card or whatever value you choose. If you’re looking for an invitation you can find an offer you like and accept it. Use the comments system to communicate.

To make sure the trades go smoothly I can act as the middle man. The invitation and whatever the other party agreed to send in return can both be sent to Smart Canucks mailing address. Once I have both items, I’d then mail them out. I’m just trying to help and this is the best idea I could come up with.

If 2 people agree on a trade you can have Smart Canucks act as the middle man by mailing to:

Smart Canucks
PO Box 291
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 4V8

Shoppers Drug Mart Secret: Get Double Optimum Points with EVERY Purchase

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada

Here’s a little secret about Shoppers Drug Mart that you probably never knew! We’ve been discussing this on the Canadian Shopping Forum. You can very easily and legally double all the Shoppers Optimum Points you get at Shoppers Drug Mart 😉

Here’s the trick in 2 simple steps:

  1. Buy a Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card and get points on buying the gift card
  2. Use the Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card to buy anything at Shoppers and get points on your purchases AGAIN.

So here’s how this would work. You go and buy say a $100 (or $25 or whatever value)  gift card. You hand the cashier your optimum card, she swipes it, you get 10 optimum points per $1 as usual so that’s 1000 optimum points. You then use your gift card as a cash card to pay for your future Shoppers Drug Mart purchases and you get another 1000 points from these purchases! So you’d be getting double the points all the time!

The nice thing about Shoppers Drug Mart’s Gift Card is that it’s like a Cash Card which means that you can use it on multiple purchases over many days and months so it’s not something you have to use at once or on one purchase.

Note that this strategy does not work on x10, x15, x20 or bonus optimum point days.

How to Get Lady Gaga Poker Face Inspired Nails

Lady Gaga Nails

I came across this video on Youtube and thought it was pretty cool! Julie explains how you can get Lady Gaga Poker Face inspired nails using

Click here to watch the “Lady Gaga Poker Face Inspired Nails” video

Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada

Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada

Lipstick Powder N Paint have an article about the new Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada collection which aims at providing stylish cosmetics at reasonable prices:

Today, we want to share our excitement for Joe Fresh Beauty – a new collection of stylish and well priced cosmetics from fashion and design guru, and Creative Director for Joe Fresh Style, Joe Mimran. When we say well priced we really mean it. Every product is priced at $8 or less. It’s crazy!

The comprehensive range of face, lip and eye products were created to be comparable to prestige lines that are frequently used by makeup artists. Each item, from cheek tint to fine tip liquid eyeliner, is designed to have lasting coverage.

We love all the products, but if you asked us to pick our favourites we would have to say the Cheek Tint, Duo Concealer and the Brow Powder. The cheek colour blends so easily, and comes in six gorgeous shades. The concealer is like a magic wand, with a creamy stick at one end, and a liquid formula at the other. The eyebrow powder – available in four duo shades – creates beautiful natural brows for $6.

Now that is beauty for less.

Click here to visit Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada’s website
Click here for Joe Fresh Beauty Cosmetics Canada store locations

Pay What You Want Restaurants in Canada

Pay What you want Restaurant in Canada

The “Pay What You Want Restaurant” trend has finally hit Canada! Oscar’s restaurant in Barrie Ontario allows you to pay whatever you think the meal is worth.

Pay what you want Barrie!
Oscar’s Restaurant would like too offer you a very special offer in the month of March! Come in and enjoy our Lunch or Dinner prix Fixe Menu and… Pay what you feel it’s worth!

There’s also a simillar restaurant in Montreal, Quebec according to the Toronto

Crescent St. tavern hard hit by drop in business tries something new

Already stung by a slide in American tourists and a deepening financial mess that’s keeping business customers away, the Taverne Crescent, situated on one of Montreal’s historic party streets, decided to implement a new policy: Pay what you can.

So yesterday, lunch-hour customers were given the choice of an appetizer, plus either tagliatelle bolognese, salmon or braised beef, and coffee or tea, for whatever they wanted to pay. For a dollar even. Or nothing.

“Some people might pay nothing,” said owner George Pappas, “but maybe when they have more money in three or six months, they’ll come back and pay more.”

Looks like this whole Pay What You Want Restaurant concept will be taking Canada by storm very soon. I would personally never go to these restaurants because I know I would feel extreme guilt and overpay for my food. Actually, that’s sort of the idea. But I still think it’s a very neat concept. It’ll allow hard working restaurants with good service and high quality food to succeed while restaurants with poor service to run out of business.

You can find more about Oscar’s Pay What You Want Restaurant in Barrie Ontario Canada here
Read the Toronto Star article here

The Safest Banks in Canada, 2009

Global Finance

Global Finance magazine named the World’s 50 safest banks this year. These banks were selected through a comparison of the long-term credit ratings and total assets of the 500 largest banks around the world. Ratings from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch were used.

Here’s how Canadian banks ranked:

10. Royal Bank of Canada
14. Toronto-Dominion Bank
23. Scotiabank
33. Bank of Montreal
43. CIBC

KfW Bank in Germany topped the list as the safest bank in the world. Surprisingly, very few Asian banks made it to the top 50 safest banks.

Click here for the full List of the World’s Top 50 Safest Banks

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