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McDonald’s Mondays: Advertising in your subconcious

[youtube]2xPvYgTvr8I[/youtube] Ever think all of that talk about subliminal advertising was paranoid bunk?  Think again. An eagle-eyed viewer of Iron Chef America caught a McDonald’s image snuck into 1/30th of a second of the broadcast.  Inside Edition picked up on this and followed up  with both the network and McDonald’s.  The network says it was …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: Birth of a Hamburglar

It’s a little blue (hence the big black bar of censorship), but the guys got a point.  Who thought a masked criminal would be an apporpriate character to promote hamburgers?  It’s a weird combination to be sure. I’ll bet the Hamburglar is really just a street thug.  The real brains behind the operations?  Wimpy. [via …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: A religious experience?

God’s lovin’ it. [via flickr]

McDonald’s Mondays: McWedding!

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For years I’ve always joked that I wanted to hold my wedding reception at McDonald’s.  Buffet-style McNuggets and big red container full of orange drink for all!  Turns out this couple on Scottsdale Arizona must have been reading my mind.  Here’s a description from the flickr page; McDonald’s in Scottsdale hosts vintage car shows every …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: First Tomato, Now Turkey?

It’s been a rough summer for McDonald’s and food recalls.  First up we had the continent-wide tomato scare that left our sandwiches without that delicious red crunch, and now the Turkey BLT is off the menu until further notice. In case you’ve been out of the loop, let me get you up to speed.  Certain …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: Kickin’ it old school with Jason Alexander and the McDLT

[youtube]UTSdUOC8Kac[/youtube] Some of our younger readers will have no idea what I’m talking about, but for those of us that remember it, the McDLT was brilliant. Just like the ad says — it kept the hot side hot and the cool side cool.  Unfortunately it also created a ton of needless styrofoam trash and eventually …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: Canada’s recycling is good — Sweden’s is better

Over the last few years a lot of small tweaks have been occurring at McDonald’s restaurants across Canada. One of the most satisfying of these changes for me and my wife has been the inclusion of a recycling option rather than just trash bin. But while our McDonald’s offers seperate containers for paper, plastic and …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: Make McLove, not McWar

There are only three things in this world that are truly global — war, religion, and McDonald’s. Ok, ok — I admit, the word “business” probably would have been a little more apt than McDonald’s, but it’s still pretty accurate.  One can’t help but raise the question: are the global nature of war, religion and …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: Further compromising the integrity of the news

I’m a big believer in the term “newsertainment.”  Back in the days before CNN, television news was news.  It wasn’t meant to make a profit — it was a legal requirement for the station to have and it always ran at a loss.  Although that may sound like a downer, it also meant they could …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: Does the horse get a Big Mac too?

Stumbled across this one on the fascinating English Russia blog.  They have a fascination with all things Russian, and couldn’t help but post a picture of this horse and buggy hitting the drive thru. To the best of my understanding, in certain parts of Russia this is still a pretty typical mode of transportation — …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: Super Shrink Me

For all the bad press it gets in regards to health concerns and the obesity epidemic, McDonald’s still offers some healthy choices. Chris Coleson knew this and lost nearly 80 pounds eating nothing but McDonald’s since December! Coleson stuck to that healthier side of the menu, eating items like salads and apple pies. When he …Read More

McDonald’s Mondays: Classin’ the joint up a bit

[youtube]_UKLncvGxQ8[/youtube] Reader adora turned me on to this series of McDonald’s ads from Japan. They’re to promote the Tomato McGrand, a sandwich that we’ve never heard of over here (for more obscure McMenu items from around the world, check out this feature I penned over at fjetsam). Of course, you can’t have a classy sandwich …Read More

The return of McDonald’s Mondays!

[youtube]DQ_VKAooCjo&NR=1[/youtube] Ok, ok — so we’re not really bringing McDonald’s Mondays back. But I stumbled across this clip on YouTube today and couldn’t help but want to share in the silliness. The best part? Ronald is having nothing to do with it. Now that’s a clown who has his priorities straight.

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