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Featured Brag: sabadi Saves 57% at Atlantic SuperStore


We don’t get many Atlantic store brags but forum member sabadi did great in their first forum brag.

Pretzel M&M’s: Reg. $3.99, 50% Clearance = 1.99
Febreeze Set & Refresh refill: Reg. $5.99, 50% Clearance + $1 coupon = 1.99
Finish Quantum 20 pk: Reg. $7.99, Sale $6.99 + MIR = Free
Resolve: Reg. $5.99, Sale $4.99 + MIR = Free
Healthy Steamers x2: Reg. $4.29 each, Sale $2.99 each = $5.98
Activia Yogurt: Reg. $3.00, Sale $2.99 + $1 coupon (wyb Healthy Steamers) = $1.99
Danactive: Reg $5.99, Sale $3.99 + $1 coupon (wyb Healthy Steamers) = $2.99
Liberte 2% Greek Yogurt: $3.99, Free coupon = Free
Cracker Barrel Cheese: Reg. $8.59, Sale $5.99 = $5.99
Maple Leaf Bacon x2: Reg. $5.99, Sale $3.49 +$2 coupon (for portions pk) = $4.98
Oktoberfest Sausage x2: Reg. $3.99, Sale $1.39 = $2.78
Pears: Sale $1.69/lb = $3.51
Strawberries: Sale $2.50 = $2.50
Lady Speed Stick: Reg. $3.29, Sale $2.49 + $2 coupon wyb 2 = $2.98

Total Reg – $87.65, Paid – $37.68 (before taxes and after mail in rebate), Saved 57%

Click here to view their full brag and welcome them to posting on the forum

Featured Brag: CouponDawn Earns Big Points at Shoppers Drug Mart


We don’t all have hundreds of coupons to bring down our out of pocket costs at Shoppers Drug Mart, some people just are not into couponing, but you can still maximise your savings by shopping with bonus points as forum member CouponDawn did in this brag.

1x Pampers Cruisers Box Reg. $27.99 Sale $20.99 – $2 coupon + 3000 Bonus Points coupon
1x Pull Ups Large Bag Reg. $32.99!! Sale $14.99 – $2 coupon + 3000 Bonus Points coupon
1x Huggies Travel Wipes Reg. $2.99 – $1.15 coupon + 2000 Bonus Points coupon (weird amount, it was a SDM personalized email)
1x Orajel Toddler Toothpaste Reg. 3.99 Sale $3.29 – $1 coupon
1x Medela Disposable Nursing Pads Reg. $12.99
3x Life Brand Paper Towel Reg. $3.49? Sale $1.99 – $1.50 coupon (I thought it would only apply to one but it automatically came off all 3 packs!)
4x 2L Coke Products Reg. $2.49? Sale $1
1x Tassimo Pack Reg. $6.49
1x 2L Baxter Milk Reg. $3.24
1x Billy Bee Honey Reg. $4.99? Sale $3.99
1x Dozen Eggs Reg. $2. 79 Sale $1.99

Approximate Total Before Sales and Coupons $133.31
Total after Sales and Coupons $78. 42
Used 2x $10 GC that were gifted to me so Total OOP $58.42

Regular Points 750  +  Product Bonus Points 120 + Coupon Points Awarder 8000 + Transaction Bonus Points 18500
Total Points Earned 27370!

If redeemed at the highest level (95,000 points for $170) those points would be worth over $48 – and even more if CouponDawn waits until a bonus redemption!

Click here to view her full brag

Featured Brag: Steffigirl Saves 80% At Rexall


Forum member steffigirl managed to get everything pictured for just $13.15 including taxes (the Robax or eyeliners would cost that alone without couponing) and here is how she managed it:

Robax Platinum 18’s – $9.99-$10 coupon (from filling in Shoppers Voice survey)
Right Guard Deodorant – $1.99-$1.50 coupon
Lady Speed Stick – 4 x $1.99 = $7.96 – 2 x $2 coupons = $3.96 or .99ea
Covergirl eyeliner – $7.19 each – in-store BOGO – $2 coupon = $5.19 or $2.59ea

Total spent $9.62 plus taxes for a total of $13.15

Click here to view her full brag

What has been your favourite Shoppers Voice coupon? Do you receive them?

Featured Brag: How scbpooh Paid Under $10 For All Of This


Forum member scbpooh managed to score all of the items pictured above for less than $10 including taxes by combining clearance deals, price-matching, overage and coupons as well as using Canadian Tire money earned from previous purchases.

Canadian Tire:
4 x Green Works Dishsoap $2- $1.50= 50c each
3 x Palmolive $1- $1 (Palmolive vouchers)= FREE
1 bag Ziplocs $1- $1= FREE
Total= $13.20 (including $1.20 in taxes)
Coupons= $10.00
Total= $3.20 – $3.20 in CT money
Total spent out of pocket = FREE (made $0.05 in CT money)

4 Glade Sense & Spray @ $2.50- $5= +$10.00 in overages!!!!
4 Green Works Pmed @ $2- $1.50 = 50c
1 Apple Cinnamon Cheerios w/ DQ coupons $3.88- FPC= FREE (plus free Dairy Queen)
2 1L choc. milk $1.48
1 2L Fruitopia $1.55
1 Deluxe Easter Egg decorating kit reg. $4.96- 75%= $1.24 (for next Easter)
6 Campbells soup PMed to LD for 79c each
1 box Latex gloves $4.97
Subtotal= $37.34 (plus $2.39 taxes)
Coupons= $29.88
Total spent out of pocket = $9.95

Click here to view her full brag

Featured Brag: Alisa123’s Baby Item Haul


Alisa recently posted her Shoppers Drug Mart brag

All diapers are already on sale.
Pull ups $10.99 – 3000VIB points (I wish my $2off coupon hasn’t expired…)
Easy ups $10.99 – $3 coupon + 3000VIB points
Huggies box $14.99 – $1 coupon + 3000VIB points
Mother hen baby food $8.37 (price applies if you buy more than 4, I had 6) – 6x$5 coupons
So, $8.37 – $5= $3.37 each, 20.22 for 6 Plus they had an offer of 200 bonus points WUB2, so 600 for 6
To be honest, I think that Mother hen is ridiculously expensive, but with all the offers it finally came to an acceptable price

Bottom line:
$55.04 for $78.04 worth of products that were already on sale.
9600 bonus points
Paid for it with SDM gift card (double the regular points )
And of cause I got the $10 savings card.

The points would be worth $17 at the highest regular redemption level plus an additional $10 savings card so Alisa earned $27 back on her purchase too.  Click here to see her full brag.

Featured Brag: Shmeelady’s Walmart Haul


Forum member shmeelady managed to score all of this for just $34.50 at Walmart by combining coupons and price-matching.

5x Almond Breeze; $2.57 pricematched @ SDM 2/$4 – $1 coupons = $1 each
5x Natur-A Almond;; $2.57 pricematched @ SDM 2/$4 – $1 coupons = $1 each
4x Nourishtea Full Leaf Tea;; $5.99 on clearance for $2!!!!! No coupons
2x Bolthouse Smoothies;; $2 – $1 coupon = $1 each
2x Manns Veggies;; $2.47 on 2/$4 – $1 coupon = $1 each
1x Schneiders Pepperettes;; $8.97 pricematched @ SDM $5.99 – $5 coupon = $.99
2x Apple Chips;; $1.50 each — no coupons, but DS is obsessed with these!
6x Danone Silhouette;; $2.99 pricematched @ Sobey’s $2 – $5wub3 = $.33 each!
1x All Bran Flakes (with pin!!);; $3.97 – $2 coupon = $1.97
1x Kitten Chow;; $7.11 – FPC = free
2x Glade Sense and Spray;; $9.88 pricematched @ Superstore $5.97 – $5 coupon = $.97 each
1x Mina Extra Lean Ground Chicken;; $4.02 – $2 coupon = $2.02
1x Mina Extra Lean Ground Chicken;; $3.93 – $2 coupon = $1.93
1x Mina Extra Lean Ground Chicken;; $3.97 – $2 coupon = $1.97
2x Chocolate Bars (for DH);; $1.08 each

Total Before Pricematching/Clearance/Coupons $145.41
OP $34.50 ($3.38 taxes)
Savings $114.29 or 78%

Click here to see her full brag including details on how she stacked coupons at London Drugs to get Melitta coffee pods for free

Featured Brag: Ashoo’s First Brag


Forum member Ashoo posted her first brag this week and here is what she got.


2x sunlight (PM Food Basics) $2.88 each – 1x$2 coupon(insert) – 1x$1.5 coupon( = $2.26
2x veileda dish scrunge $3.00 each – 2xFPC(insert) = FREE
1x Family size Apple Cannamon Cheerioes $5.00 – 1xFPC( = FREE
2x Glades Sense & Spray Refills $5.87 each – 1XB1G1 Free coupon( = $5.87
Total After coupons = $8.13 / Taxes = $3.06 / TOTAL = $11.19
Saved $20.37 in coupons

No Frills:

2x Tresemme Shampoo $3.97 each – 2x$1.5 coupon(tearpad) = $4.94
2x Tresemme Conditionar $3.97 each – 2x$1.5 coupon(tearpad) = $4.94
Total After coupons = $9.88 / Taxes = $2.06 / TOTAL = $11.94
Saved $6 in coupons

A great use of a mix of coupons to stock up.  Click here to view her full brag

Featured Brag: sjw80’s Redemption Brag

SDM WiiU 1

Forum member sjw80 combined the Shoppers Drug Mart coupon for 25% off full priced items and a redemption to get a WiiU and Super Mario Bros. U game for just $133.75 including taxes (full price including tax would be $463.28).

Wii U Deluxe Set (including nintendo land game): Regular price taxes included $395.49 – 25% off coupon – $15 GC (that I got in a trade) – $170 (95,000 optimum points redemption) = OOP taxes included $111.61

Wii U Super Mario Bros. game: Regular price taxes included $67.79 (on sale this week $54.99) – $10 voucher (that came in last weeks flyer bundle) – $30 (22,000 optimum points redemption) = OOP taxes included $22.14

So the 25% coupons can be used in conjunction with redemptions.  Click here to view sjw80’s full brag.

Featured Brag: IRefuseToPayFullPrice’s Quaker Deal


Using coupons with  sales and other deals is the best way to use coupons.  Forum member IRefuseToPayFullPrice did just that when she found Quaker oatmeal on sale for $1 box and used coupons for a free Tropicana Juice when you buy three Quaker products.

  • 6 box of Quaker oatmeal at $1 each = $6
  • 2 cartons of juice at $4.27 each = $8.54
  • Total paid for items = $6

As you can see from her full brag (click here to see it), she also used coupons on her other items bought.

Did you know that you can get paid if we feature your brag on the blog? Click here for details.

Featured Brag: Saving on Produce by Buying Glade


It is not very often we get to see brags about saving on fruit and vegetables, but forum member d.ot scored this week when a multibuy deal meant she saved more than the item at Walmart.

Personally, I hate multibuy deals, you are never sure if the price will adjust and you end up buying more than you need, but it worked well for d.ot when a 2/$10 deal on Glade products with the price adjusting at the end meant that her BOGO coupon was rung up at the single item price of $7.34  and not the $5 adjusted price.  So d.ot used this overage towards taxes and other purchases and spent only $1.22 for her purchase (the apples alone were $1.49)

Click here to see the breakdown of her purchases (and do congratulate her on her first brag).

How do you save on produce?

Featured Brag: dlee Spends $21 to get 20x Optimum on $54 Worth of Items


I often hear that Shoppers Drug Mart is too expensive to shop at, even when you include Optimum points into the pricing, but 20x points days are the way to save and dlee cleaned up at the most recent 20x day.

Forum member dlee bought $54 worth of stuff (see the regular points, that is a great way to know if you have spent enough or if something was not valid for points, it needs to be 500+ for promos where you need to spend $50).  She then brought down her total with coupons, a promo card from a previous week (if you redeemed your points in the West, you got $15-30 back on a promo card).  dlee is lucky, my store will not enter FPCs as 2001 for promo days, but many stores will.

Click here to see what she bought and how she brought down her total to less than $50 and see the receipt to show that you really do get points when you use coupons to bring the total under $50

Featured Brag: Koolaid Uses Up Her March Expiries


We all go through this at the end of the month, the “Oh no look at this great coupon I never used” and run to the nearest store to redeem.  Koolaid is obviously more organized than me, as she redeemed her expiring coupons last weekend, combining her coupons with bonus Airmiles deals at Metro.

Koolaid bought a few items without coupons *shock* but her total for this haul came to $14.79 including taxes.  She redeemed 95 Airmiles for $10 (you get 25 Airmiles back when you redeem) plus earned 10 Airmiles on items bought.  A great way to combine ways to save to bring down your total.

Koolaid also scored a free fridge so she can stock up on more items!

Click here to read Koolaid’s brag to see the full breakdown of her purchases.

Have you used up your March expiries yet? Only a few days to go and the most stores are closed Friday & Sunday for Easter.

Featured Brag: Cocottee00’s Gain Tornado


Forum member Cocottee00 saw a tornado of activity around the laundry detergent at Maxi and found Gain detergent had been marked down from $3.98 (a decent price if you have run out, but nothing special for a SmartCanuck member) with a pink sticker making it just 1.99.

Cocottee00 bought 23 bottles and used coupons to save $2.50 when you buy two Gain and a $1 off Gain to save even more.  Laundry detergent for $1.16 with taxes included – I would have turned into a tornado of activity too!

Click here to read her full brag.

Did you know you can get paid if we feature your brag on the blog? Click here to find out how.

What has been your best “pink sticker” find (or whatever colour stickers your store uses for in-store specials)?

The One Month Spring Clean Plan


We are not all domestic goddesses, and with a busy work life, kids and other stuff going on, a Spring Clean can seem like a bit much.

Follow these steps and spend 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week to get your house sparkling clean again. (I cheat and do all 5 on the weekend when I have more time). Put on some music, get the kids to help with smaller jobs and try not to hate cleaning.

Week 1 – Entry, hallways, living room & dining room
General Tidy – if it doesn’t belong, move it to where it is supposed to be. Replace fire/smoke detector etc batteries
Dust everything (that includes the ceiling fans, window sills, over doors, including front door (inside and out) and vacuum/dust all electronics, their fans will spit back out the dust
Polish all wood, wipe down all other surfaces with cleaner (TV, phones etc)
Clean windows, pictures, ornaments and anything else
Vacuum / sweep floors then mop floors


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